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Kulture Reclamation

Kulture Reclamation

By Sankofa Ra
Host, kreatress and mkunga (traditional black midwife) Sankofa Ra reclaims the cultural heritage of the American mkunga by connecting callings, knowledge, experiences, healers, narratives and literary authors to paint a vivid knowing, being and doing of who the mkunga was, why she is no longer a visible authority figure in the USA today, where she came from, the rituals she practiced, how she continued her legacy and when she will return from the shadows to the frontlines to heal and birth the black community locally, nationally and globally.
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Influential Power Of The Mkunga
This is a conclusive build up of the eight legs of intelligence the Mkunga possesses that has solidified her value, importance and respect within Alkebuan and the diaspora. Blessed with a tea chat with special community guest and mkunga Simone Marshall in Georgia.
December 15, 2020
Guided By Spirit
This episode delves into the science of the mkunga’s spirituality with special community guest Mkunga Asatu Hall.
December 02, 2020
Nurturing and Protective Wisdom of the Mkunga
The mkunga lived a life of rituals that provided the mother, baby and family a blueprint for self-care, healing, spiritual protection, preparation and rest. Community guest is elder mkunga Mama Shafia Monroe.
November 16, 2020
Adaptive Resilience of the Mkunga
Discussing the continuous resilience of the mkunga to adapt to changing political, socioeconomic, nutrition sources and resources to nurture and preserve mamas, babies, papas, families, communities and self.
October 17, 2020
Building Knowledge for Spirit, Mind & Body
In this episode, the Afrakan egun (ancestral) knowledge for wellness is defined and explored within the United States with a literary author guest Folami Irvine - discussing her self-care and journey of manifesting her herbal book.
October 01, 2020
Birthing Narrative in the United States
The our story of birthing among Turtle Islanders, enslaved, repressed and the enslaver. The truth of birthing is not known or discussed in American classrooms K-12 and rarely touched upon in higher education institutions. Listen, learn and redefine the art of birthing for you, your family, ancestors and community.
September 23, 2020
Literary Connector - Valerie Lee
We are all connectors of relationships to ideas, spirits, people, places and things. In this episode, we have a visit from a special guest literary connector who has aided in the cultural preservation and narrative of the 'granny' midwife. Learn about my literary work to preserve and elevate the mkunga culture and join in on the tea chat with cherished sage author and scholar Valerie Lee.
September 17, 2020
The Calling
The mkunga (traditional black midwife) adhered to an Alkebulan (aka Afrakan) spirituality that ordained her to practice her craft not by the authority of a human-made organization or government system but by the Great Primordial Source (Mother, Father, God, Most-High) and her egguns (ancestors) through visions, dreams, elders, seers and/or family member.
September 12, 2020