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A Nomad's Way | Travel Podcast

A Nomad's Way | Travel Podcast

By Kunal aka Hopeless Nomad

A NOMAD’S WAY is a podcast for all those who have committed themselves to the exploration. Every Thursday this podcast will connect you to the stories of fellow nomads stretching over the expanse of eco traveling , budget traveling , solo woman traveling and what not!
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Episode 3 - How to become a cruise ship nomad with Holly and Andrew
Hello World! We’re Holly and Andrew. In 2019, a crazy thought came up in conversation: What if we took a huge leap of faith, quit our jobs, and traveled the world for an entire year? We thought about it a little but didn’t pay much attention the rest of that year. Then another thought came to mind: What if we didn’t take that chance?.. We’re still young and healthy and haven’t settled down to start a family yet – would we ever have as good of an opportunity as we have right now? After lots of late-night conversations and considerations, we decided to just go for it and commit to this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Having already been to 38 countries, we set a goal of seeing 25 new countries during our year abroad! We’ve also given ourselves the rest of 2020 to plan and prepare everything that we’ll need for our epic adventure.~ Holly and Andrew Here in this lovely podcast, we are talking about the cruising lifestyle and how amazingly different it is from the other ways of traveling.  First 15 minutes - Becoming a cruise ship nomad Next 10 minutes - Our favorite experiences while we were on a cruise Last 5-7 minutes - Is travel the ultimate source of happiness to us?? Follow them on YouTube - Instagram - Sponsored by -
April 08, 2021
Traveling Responsibly and going to Cuba with Jules -
If you had listened to the first episode of season 2 you would have noticed a change in the format. The episode is now divided into 3 parts 1. The resources and the travel chat where we discuss different topics of traveling 2. The favorite country chat where the guest shares about their experiences  3. The philosophical chat where we talk about travel, peace, and happiness In this 2nd episode of season 2, my guest is an award-winning travel blogger who has been on the road for almost 10 years. He started at the age of 21 and has never stopped since then. With the travel blood running through his veins he has been traveling and preaching responsible tourism and adventure travel. His love for Latin America is never-ending and that's why we talk about in this episode about going to Cuba. Motivated by the idea that travel can broader your horizons to a lot of extents meet my guest Jules from You can also follow them here: Don't Forget To Move Instagram - Not So Bon Voyage - Not So Bon Voyage Instagram -
March 21, 2021
Episode 1, Lost in the ocean with Denisse (Camara con sal)
Hey nomads we are back with our second season of new adventures, travels, and crazy stories, and with this first episode of today, we have an amazing guest with us. She is an ocean enthusiast, environmentalist, hangs out with sharks, and loves to spend most of her time underwater. She started her journey when she was a little kid on the beach of Cancun. The water, its calmness, and the world down beneath always fascinated her and that's what made her choose her profession and her life was never the same.  She'll tell you about the places which are best suited for diving, the misconception related to sharks, and why the ocean has become such a great part of her life. So come with me on this journey to Cancun to discover the depth of the oceans and getting lost in it with my guest Denisse, Camara con sal
March 12, 2021
A Nomad's Way Season 2 teaser
I guess our adventure never stops!!
March 01, 2021
Episode 17, Living your dream life through house sitting with Sam - Alternative Travelers
Hey nomads coming towards the 17th and the final episode of A Nomad's Way travel podcast season 1. It was super amazing to hang out with you all, and we will be coming back shortly. For today's episode, we have a special guest with us. She has been a travel enthusiast and loves traveling sustainably. She started her journey with her partner Veren back in 2016 and since then they both have been living on the road.  During their travel journeys, to find out the cheapest way of traveling, they explored the idea of house sitting. House sitting offered them a whole new style of traveling, and they have been doing it since ever. So in this episode, we are going to have a  masterclass on House sitting way of traveling.   Since domestic travel will be the first one to open, we are sure that house sitting will gain much more traction. So listen to this podcast if you want to explore this dream of traveling through house sitting and all the tips and advice my guest Sam from Alternative Travelers has to give.  You can find them here :
August 06, 2020
Episode 16, Conquering high altitudes and ice-creams with Sarah-Obligatory Traveler
The guest of today’s podcast is Sarah, an ice cream fanatic from Philadelphia who talks about discovering her autoimmune disease’s symptoms while traveling and her commitment to future explorations. She got bitten by the travel bug on her trip to Panama and since then, she ain’t looking back. While traveling and doing a hike on one of her trips she felt some inconveniences and on reaching home got diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder of pulmonary hypertension. But there is nothing stopping Sarah since the travel bug had already bitten, and she was now smitten with exploring the world, she has sworn to travel despite altitude restrictions, taking all the necessary precautions. She talks about her favorite place Cape Town with beaches on the left and mountains on the right. Sarah describes her experience of sitting on the table mountain at sunset which seemed like it was sitting on the horizon, with just the perfect amount of everything, she almost made us forget that we are in a pandemic for a moment! She tells about her pilgrimage visit to an ice cream parlor in Jersey, that she and her husband visit at least every 6 months. She talks really passionately about some delicious ice-cream flavors and some highly exotic ones too. Her spontaneous and adventurous nature once ended her in an altogether different country from the one she planned. So,  If you are into mouth-watering ice-cream and passionate about traveling, meet Sarah you zealous nomad! Follow her journey here -
July 30, 2020
Episode 15, Culture, Language and Beers of Ireland with Borders and Beyond
Hello there you lovely nomads, today is another great day for me to introduce you guys to another great travel couple.  Today we take a trip to one of my favorite countries that is Ireland. My guests today are the travel vloggers of Ireland and what they aim is to give insights to all the people that out there about Ireland. They want people to explore their culture, their music, and of course the beers. With me today is Leah and Lou from Borders and Beyond and with these Irish explorers in this episode, we literally have created a 2-3 week itinerary for you to visit the land of beauty, history, and magic. Lou started out her travel journeys around her college days and Leah was the one who encouraged her to start a Vlog. So later in this episode, we also talked about vlogging and how it is kind of important for a traveler to share their experiences without any filters! You can find them here Vlog: Instagram :
July 09, 2020
Episode 14, The travel industry, Istanbul and Beers with Christopher Mitchell
Hello all the nomads, today I am excited to bring you the 14h episode of Season 1 with Christopher Mitchell where we talked about the travel industry, how it is holding up right now and what the future of the industry looks like.  Everything seeming to be uncertain Christopher tells us to be humble, patient, and be kind towards everyone.  Christopher Mitchell is a travel content creator and Co-founder of the Toronto Bloggers Collective. He's the founder of the website and brand, "travelingmitch," as well-being the Co-founder as "Ultimate Ontario." He's lived on 3 continents, visited 80 countries, and continues to have a passion for exploration and curiosity for the places on the map he's yet to visit. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, or in his Facebook group, "travel talk with travelingmitch." We talked about his love for the beautiful country of Istanbul, the culture and the places that you should visit. Istanbul for him became a base for around 3 years from where he found ideal flights to just go about everywhere. We get to know about his travelling process from booking the tickets to living in a new place. Facing all the culture shocks, he is always fascinated to go to new places and in the end, his love for beers also took him to Prague, where he discovered the religion of beers.  Hear out his stories of discoveries and exploration and travel with the "Travelingmitch". 
July 02, 2020
Episode 13, Nomads are not super humans with Debbi
Coming onto our 13th episode, I am excited to introduce you all to one amazing soul Debbi from  Debbi started her journey in 2013 inspired by Lord of the Rings she moved to New Zealand on a working Visa, after leaving her dream job at Disneyland. After the first trip, the travel bug bit her and since then she has never stopped. Having covered 6 continents and 75 countries thus far, she calls herself lucky that she got out and started exploring the world.  She's not the type of girl you would see posing for the 'Gram' instead she's the complete opposite. She has climbed glaciers in Iceland and New Zealand; worked on the largest cruise ship that sailed through Antarctic glaciers; bungy jumped in four countries; backpacked through Europe and the UK; ate her way through Japan; been to the “end of the world” (Ushuaia, Argentina); snorkeled with sea lions in Chile; paintballed in Uruguay; saw the Northern Lights as part of “work;” threw axes in Alaska; risked her life to see puffins in Iceland and many more things.  Calling herself a mental advocate, in this podcast we talked about the mental health problems and pros and cons of social media, hiking, dogs, foot,etc. She is here to inspire you and tell you that all nomads are not superhumans.  Follow her one 'Deb'stination at a time on -
June 25, 2020
Episode 12, How to start living your travel dream with Absolutely Lucy
Hello, fellow nomads, today might be your favourite/lucky day because we have Lucy talking about adventure, solo female travelling, budget tips, and how she started travelling, and if this is not enough she provides you with the inspiration to get started with your dream. Lucy is originally from the United Kingdom, she has been travelling now for almost 6 years and might be your go-to as well as favourite person after listening to her speak about travel with such joy. She went to university, got her job, and was never free to travel but her term was coming to an end at her job as a journalist and found her perfect opportunity to roam around the world.  She started her journey with her first trip to Thailand which was solo and now she prefers that way only. Her reason being solo travelling already puts you out of your comfort zone and now approaching people and exposure to new culture becomes one step closer and easier. Well, to be honest, some trips might never happen if it were left to our friends? Travelling for so many years she feels like a completely new person now, with lessons that formal education could never provide. Lucy tells that as you step in you get familiar with this lifestyle and it's addicting, and she has created a free resource for everyone out there telling how to manage resources basically a good luck charm for beginners. Lucy’s real and transparent suggestions are all the resources and inspiration you need today! If you want to find her and
June 18, 2020
Episode 11, Being greedy to explore more and doing it on a budget with Kez
Our guest today has travelled to 90 countries and still is craving for more, I am very glad to introduce you to Kez. Kez is currently teaching and living in Hong Kong and swears by it, to live here as it offers her the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world along with loads of eastern and the western holidays! She likes to travel to offbeat places as contrary to her family’s conventional choices. She has been traveling ever since she can remember and cannot imagine herself doing anything else! She loves to explore different cultures and how people are all the same yet so different in the most beautiful way. She recalls her favorite trip to Africa where she was not only wholeheartedly welcomed but even invited to dinner. Kez prefers mountains over beaches any day and feels it's the best way to keep oneself fit. She is one of the go with the flow types and a very reliable person amongst her friends and family for some wild adventure story! So let us all have an amazing time and hear this tête-à-tête with kez ! Follow her story tales here : Blog - Twitter - Instagram -
June 11, 2020
Episode 10 - Travel a hobby, a profession and an escape with Ximena
We are so psyched for all the love that you guys have been pouring at us, and with utter joy, we would like to tell you about the guest of our 10th episode Ximena. Ximena is a travel influencer/blogger from Mexico. She works with the Mexican government and promotes tourism. Ximena studied in France and her education abroad made her realize the limited time she has to explore and exploited it to the fullest. Coming from Mexico, Europe was interestingly different and the very fact that everything was so near that weekends could be in another country! It was a thrilling thought and adventure to live in itself. What was her hobby to travel, her friend made her realize it could be her profession too. Coming back to Mexico after her education was a completely different experience everything was changed and now she longed for the weekend travels, so she made it to travel her own country! The emotional overhaul of coming back to your familiar place with all unfamiliar situations was made easy by traveling. So traveling was a hobby, profession, escape from the dark times, and gave her utter bliss… She grew up traveling. Ximena has some real tips for you all to realize that you don't have to visit every country to quench your thirst to travel and to do no matter what the surrounding people are telling you not to… :P You can find her here:  Instagram - Website -
June 04, 2020
Episode 9, Language, culture and getting lost with Carlos Lopez
We are so glad to introduce you to our next guest of ‘The Nomad’s Way’ podcast, Carlos, our warm Dominican man! Carlos, born in the Dominican Republic, travelled to France for his education and preaches us to embrace the opportunity of exploring and just existing in a new country! He proudly speaks of the blue beach heaven that his country is and cherishes the snow-covered mountains of France for skiing, mountaineering and thank god he found beaches here too! He tells us some hilarious anecdotes of his travel adventures and how he landed himself in trouble in the middle of a mountain and his mistrust in Google Maps. He talks about the challenges he experienced due to the cultural shocks and still cannot stop admiring the beauty and cultural gift of a different land! His refreshing Spanish accent will not only make you rejoice but put a wide smile on your face! And he still manages to give us some tips too. How can he even put all that in one podcast episode? We are amazed. So it’s time to give yourself a wholesome cultural refreshment from our Latino friend!
May 28, 2020
Episode 8, The inspiration for traveling (A journey from the start)
I learned Spanish and then I wanted to visit Spain with much more curiosity, and so I went on learning French and opened my getaway to a new country and this was for my thirst of learning about a new culture, I saw my parents Polaroid and the letters they sent on their journey overseas, I met a stranger in Vegas, to whom I confided I wanted to travel, and he said just do it! I wanted to help people and went to different countries on my mission! An insane university memory, doing a semester on a cruise ship, trotting the globe with a thousand people for 4 months! We realized the uncertainty of the future and that was our carpe diem to live retirement plans early! I wanted that last adventure before settling into my life… These all are our nomad's stories spanning the whole world but it's not complete, the last line of all of them was, BUT THERE WAS NO GOING BACK, ONCE I HAD EXPERIENCED IT! Bringing to you all, a compilation of all the ridiculously inspiring stories of our nomads, so brace yourself for a huge hug from the travel community! This podcast is like cardio for a nomadic heart!
May 21, 2020
Episode 7, Volunteering, A classic nomadic way of traveling with Tom Parry Jones
With such a good response we are thrilled to introduce you to our next guest Tom. Tom is the backpacker of this era. Tom was a biomedical student at Cardiff UK for 3 years. He has lived all his life with the love of traveling and going to countries in Europe but before settling into the life of science he wanted to break free and have that one trip, to make and keep memories for life. Australia was on the cards for Tom, but we all know once the travel bug has bitten there is no going back! Tom went on to become a classic nomad, with no permanent address for life. Going penniless to Hong Kong and not having a single thought of going back home, the life of a nomad has been surely rewarding for him. Follow his stories on - Stressing on the importance of volunteering and being wise with expenses, he is sure going to give you a lot of hacks and take us on a journey we all want to experience!
May 14, 2020
Episode 6, Taking a trip with a RV family to the National Parks with Roger and Cyndi
Travelling as much as associated with the adrenaline rush, the adventures’ smell and the rustling of boots on the ground requires the courage to pursue it. Roger, Cindy along with their son Brennan, realised the uncertainty of tomorrow and went on to seize every day of their life by selling everything they owned and shifting completely to the RV life! They are the RV family not just discovering but also preserving the National Parks of the USA. Together they participate in all the junior ranger programmes and are amazed how close to nature Brennan is spending his formative years. They emphasize judicial financial planning and describe the wholesome beauty of nature to us! The memories they make every day, the good, honest and helpful people they meet, the time they spend together has not only fulfilled their travel desires but also restored their faith in humanity! Our travel community, we can’t wait to see you guys fall in love with this inspiring and amazing family !
May 07, 2020
Episode 5, Establishing a travel culture with Stephanie Parker
On our 5th episode of a Nomad’s Way, we introduce you to our guest, Steph the Creator and Editor of Big world small pocket, who discovers and re-discovers offbeat places to make this beautiful world a little more accessible to everyone. Steph went on her first adventure when she was just 19 to South of Africa, and she came back with a longing to go again! Traveling with no technology, calling home once a month to publishing her blogs, and winning Best British Travel Blog, Steph has stories to tell for sure. She tells us about the balance of off-grid and on-grid a blogger needs to maintain including the non-glamorous part too :P Being a solo female traveler she says now she has made the world her home and traveling alone her natural habitat. During this time of the global pandemic, she stresses the need to diversify your business and remember that when all doors are closed, a window is still open! So peer through your window and feel the blessings of the wind with this podcast!
April 30, 2020
Episode 4, Learning languages and saving the world with Emmanuel
The world of nomads is bold and yet intricate with vulnerabilities which makes it this beautiful and fragile, much like our modest guest Emmanuel on this 4th episode of A Nomads Way. Emmanuel is from Nigeria and is now a student in the South of France. He centered the aim of his life on solving problems and helping others to do the same. He learns new languages not just for the thrill but seeks it as an opportunity, that more the language you know more people you can help! He tells us about some funny cultural shock he experienced in France and drops some wisdom that is sure going to make you think and reflect on the purpose of your life!  The guy will make you miss your home and yet seek the wonders of the world, so tune in to this wonderful episode with this wonderful man.
April 23, 2020
Episode 3, Alexis - How can I travel 7 continents on a budget? with Alexis - The soul traveler
We are back with episode three of ‘A Nomad’s Way’ with Alexis -The Soul Traveler. Currently, teaching English in Indonesia, Alexis has been to all the 7 continents, 51 countries and still counting! Her expedition into the unknown began with her family moving from Canada to the USA, and then it seems crafted into her destiny to unfold the adventures of the world. She took a semester at sea, a university on a mini cruise ship, for 4 months circumnavigating the globe!. The world was not the same for Alexis after this experience, and she went on to pursue the cravings of her heart. Being a solo woman traveler she has faced the odds of almost everything when people asked her to even not visit a supermarket at night “unprotected” without a man, Alexis learned to say No, and went to ANTARCTICA! With the insight of knowledge and amazing tips on budget traveling Alexis' story is surely going to make you set foot on your own adventure and seek the beauty of the world!
April 16, 2020
Episode 2, Living a travel movie with Casey Ann Brown
As we take another step into our journey of ‘A Nomad’s Way’ we have our 2nd episode with our Australian Nomad, Casey Ann Brown.  Casey is a lover and student of art who thinks a nomad what others might associate with homeless is nothing but freedom! Travel is given to Casey as a part of her legacy and her fairytale story is both very exciting yet full of humbling experiences. She goes to Vegas and life is never the same. She dares to step into fears and then Morocco gives her memories that she looks back on and cherishes. When I caught her struggling to speak French in a Montpellier café, Little did I know that this woman is healing emotionally and liberating her soul. Be it exciting or a closer look into self, traveling has been always rewarding. You cannot miss Casey and her warm giggly vibe, which will fill you with a hope of a positive world and unite us all for the love of travel.
April 09, 2020
Episode 1, A journey of an entrepreneur with Parker Henry
Hello and welcome back to my channel ‘A Nomad’s Way’. I am back and today I am here with one of my nomadic bud to kick-start my first ever podcast. Parker Henry, a student from Kentucky, USA, and a huge admirer of varied cultures, came to South France to not only realize his love for travel but also to learn that he forever wants to live life on the edge, but safely. Here, we find out why Parker can never do the usual 9-5, his life-changes and a lot about how his brain revolves all things travel. A 180-degree turn in his food habits to his lifestyle, see how Parker wins at all of it. Also, you do not want to miss his personal mantra to live by.
April 02, 2020
Launch of A Nomad's Way podcast with Hopeless Nomad
Hello, Hi, Namaste, Bonjour, Hola and Hey you all beautiful people. This is your host Hopeless Nomad, or Kunal, welcoming you to my first Podcast ever, A Nomad’s Way. I might not go long back to days of struggle to reach here, but I do have climbed a lot of the mountains, trippy roads and stairs of hard work to present my audience, my people with something that is clearly a piece of my heart. In this podcast, listen to me talk about myself, my purpose of starting this channel and how I urge to introduce all your listeners to amazingly diverse travelers around the globe. Staying in might be getting tough for us right now, but I cannot wait to see everyone come out with their passion levelled up with gratefulness in the right amounts. But until then, what I need is, for you all to jump in every Thursday, with hell lot of excitement and just steal cheat codes from these crazy travelers and explorers. Come, HOP on with HOPeless Nomad, let’s make it worth it.
April 02, 2020