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Stepping out beyond boundaries takes courage and the ability to dream. We are excited to share our new audio podcast called Kut2thaChase. The structure of this podcast embodies open dialog with friends, family, and professional colleagues talking about reality and things that impact our means to thrive. We hope that you will join our unscripted, unbridled podcast.
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E67 - Leave It All Behind
Kelly and Gregory explore how he was born and raised in one of Chicago’s poorest and most violent neighborhoods. His family moved from there into a public housing apartment, a.k.a. the projects. He mentions where he grew up because there seems to be some mystification with people who “made it out” of the ghetto. He has spent most of his life working in finance in one form or another. In 2005 while working in accounting, he started attending DePaul University, majoring in business and marketing. Every subject spoke to him; it was like all the abstract ideas, and one-off methods he has learned working in accounting and sales had finally given solid form, and now he was able to use them at will.  He immediately went to work for himself as a business coach. He would canvass the neighborhood shops and restaurants around the places he had grown up and ask questions about how they ran their businesses in exchange for marketing and business advice; this is where he learned one of the most important lessons about entrepreneurs.  Most of them had no genuine business understanding, and they were good at cooking to open a restaurant. They were good at fixing cars, so that they would open an auto body shop. Most had no marketing plan or expertise. No business plans. No financial plan. They were going what they knew and making just enough to avoid closing and would help in any way he could, mostly in Planning. It eventually moved him into assisting other people to start businesses.  Then a few years later, Ernst and Young. It was the same thing he had seen with the start-up businesses. Many of them were miserable; they had chased their dream down. They were supposed to be happy; but none of them were.  It led him to dig deeper. He wanted to know why these people were getting the things they asked for but were not fulfilled. The answers came when he went back to school for psychology. It opened a whole new world of understanding about people and their motivations. It turned out to be the case that the unhappy people were unhappy because they had not tapped into their root “why.” They had no idea what they wanted. They were too busy listening to outside sources and chasing money to know what was driving them. And that is what I do now with B.E. Consulting. I help people get to their root “why” so we can discover what will truly bring them joy and fulfillment.  Tune-in and listen to the full episode. #kut2thachase #unscripted #unbridled #episode4everyone #podcast #e67 #leaveitallbehind 
March 3, 2021
E66 - The Lover, E-Commerce
Vonleshia and Gregory explore her love for eCommerce. This episode provides insight regarding setbacks and resetting expectations when you lose everything. Our featured guest Vonleshia Davidson has worked on creative projects and events with names such as Kandi Burruss, Keke Wyatt, Lisa Wu, Radio 2 Atlanta, Ming Lee, Miss Conceited, April Love, Lance Gross, Kenny Burns, Charming Charlton, and more after losing everything in 2014.  She needed to figure out the best way to rebuild her business. Her salon and boutique were no longer. She could not afford to re-open another storefront, so she jumped into the e-commerce industry and has since successfully sold on multiple eCommerce platforms and built a six-figure business doing so. Vonleshia founded Dime Diva as an E-Commerce business strategist in 2012, where she and her team help entrepreneurs from setting up to operations. Individuals who are fruitful in business, particularly in eCommerce, need a specific drive; however, individuals who have been selling on the internet for quite a long time are bored.  Or for individuals who are merely beginning, the watchword is guaranteeing or recovering your MOJO.  For those of you who don't know what magic is, as indicated by the Urban Dictionary, it implies '..individual certainty and appeal..' Mojo likewise means wizardry or fascination.  That is what accomplishment in eCommerce takes; however, to radiate certainty and mystique and give your items a mysterious appeal and appeal, you need inspiration!   Tune in and listen to this amazing guest as she shares wonderful tips & tools of starting, running, and operating an eCommerce business.  
February 18, 2021
E65 - Bring It Home
For the first time in the history of Kut2thachase we have a father and daughter team; the talented Reena Friedman Watts and her father Wayne Friedman from the famous podcast, Better Call Daddy.  Reena, Wayne and Gregory explore a discuss regarding how life takes us to unexpected places. Love brings us home.  This  conversation embodies all of the things which a father instills into his daughter to keep her focused, grounded and motivated.    We also charted into how Reena has a God-given talent for connecting people and building communities, and she bestows her magic on people most selflessly and genuinely. Ideas for how people can achieve the fantastic flow out of her head as effortlessly as the breath flows into her lungs. Her diverse background and skill set allow her to seamlessly weave in and out of multiple markets and find her way through doors that don't open for others.  She coaches entrepreneurs on how to get unstuck and find their first clients, she gets blurbs from influencers for their best-selling books, and she even helps them grow communities of their own.      There is not much Reena has not done in her professional life which makes her father extremely proud of her accomplishment:   She has scoured the NPR newswire for stories.  She has combed through hundreds of small claims cases.   She has worked on reality TV shows such as The Jerry Springer Show, Court TV, and Nanny 911.  She has worked in Radio. She has planned mega-events for the telecom and finance industries.   She's worked corporate executive jobs, been involved with nonprofits, has booked and promoted events for a veritable who's-who of Entertainment and Internet fame. She has secured sponsors and emceed.  She has booked sensational, and hard-to-get guests such as Howard Schultz, Barbara Corcoran, Ken Coleman, and Derek Sivers on Cathy Heller's Don't Keep Your Day Job Podcast and boosted the downloads from 4M to nearly 15M. Tune in and listen to the full episode to gather an appreciation for how sometime, we forget how far we've come.  But life always has a way of nudging you to remind you about these important things - Cassia Leo, Bring Me Home.  #ku2thachase #podcast #episode65  #bringithome       
February 9, 2021
E64 - Amplify Your Voice, Manifest That Shit
Melanie and Gregory discuss how to take your gift, your voice and share it with the world. Our special guest today is Melanie Spring.  She is a brand storyteller, international keynote speaker, and speaker trainer. She is hell-bent on amplifying YOUR voice.  Melanie is one of those people who can walk into a room and light it up. She will make you want to be her best friend, yet when she gets to know enough of your story, she will find the perfect way to push you outside of your box. Her brand is Approachable Badass, and when you meet her, you will know why it fits her so well.  She even got out of her box when she went on a 7,000-mile road trip collecting stories on how companies lived their brand.  The Live Your Brand Tour was published in Entrepreneur Magazine, where she earned her title as a veteran brand strategist.  Now she's the host of SPEAK with Confidence - a public speaking training including an in-person retreat, a 90-day online challenge, and Set The Stage Summit.   She is also the ghost-writer for keynote speeches and TED Talks for clients around the world.  Tune in and listen to this motivational discussion.  #ku2thachase  #podcast #episode65  #amplifyyourvoice  #manifestthatshit
February 4, 2021
E63 - Sleep
Dr. Meeta Singh and Gregory discuss why sleep is often not taken too seriously by many people.  Even half the people who know they have a real sleeping disorder, like sleep apnea, still refuse to help themselves.  Sleeping is not something that only determines whether you are tired or alert. To put it simply, sleep can save your life.  That is how important it is.  Sleep is needed so everything in your body and mind can work correctly.  Without it, or the continuous lack of, you may be flirting with death. If you can sleep well, be thankful that you can over 50 – 70 million people in the U.S suffer from insomnia (can’t fall asleep well or stay asleep for long). To them, sleep is a luxury, while to others, it is something taken for granted or abused.  So just how important is sleep? Let us go over the long-term effects of not getting the proper sleep. She board-certified physician focused on the applied science of sleep.  Dr. Meeta Singh is a sleep doctor whose work and research focuses on “Coaching the sleep muscle” to help maximize performance in both individual athletes and sports teams. She also works with C suite executives to help with jetlag management and enhancing sleep.  She is the Service chief of the sleep medicine, and section head and medical director at the Henry Ford sleep laboratory in Michigan. She did her training in psychiatry at the Mayo clinic and a sleep fellowship at the Henry Ford hospital. She is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (under the American Board of Medical Specialties) as a psychiatrist and sleep medicine subspecialist. She is a member in good standing of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine the Sleep Research Society.  She has served as a consultant for multiple NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA teams. She has also worked with college sports teams. As part of this service, Dr. Singh performs athletic sleep assessments with personalized prescriptions for better sleep. She also helps sports teams and athletes with their travel management with a focus on addressing sleep deprivation and jet lag and maximizing athletic performance. Her passion is lecturing and educating teams and athletes about the benefits of sleep on performance.  She is also a speaker at national conferences aimed at educating sports leaders and business organizations about this subject. Tunein and listen to her principal philosophy regarding cutting through the hype and disinformation about sleep and provide an evidence-based guide TO GETTING your sleep right.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode63 #sleep
January 30, 2021
E62 - The Struggle
Amy and Gregory discuss and explore her background in the mortgage industry. Her experience ranges from managing a sales team as an in-house lender for a large real estate firm to opening a new branch for a national mortgage company. As a California born and raised in the Santa Clarita Valley she grow up enjoyed a wide variety of hobbies and sports such as baseball, bowling, gymnastics, and competitive dancing. As a young lady she became deeply passionate about acting. She has worked on a few national commercials for Nissan, JustFab, ThirdLove, and Google and TV series including 100 Humans, 911, and NCIS. Later in life, critical thinking skills mixed with perseverance helped propel Amy to become a contestant on the world-famous Wheel of Fortune. That drive, passion and winning attitude has helped steer Amy into a successful career as a high producing Loan Officer. She began her real estate career almost 20 years ago, obtaining her real estate license back in 2001.  In the beginning of her career in real estate, Amy worked at ReMax.  Soon after that she found her niche in the field of Lending and decided to become a Loan Officer. Amy knows how to deal with all types of clients and is always adapting to changing real estate market conditions. She is always focused on making the deals happen. Her specialty is repeat business and referrals from long-term client relationships. Amy always ensures that her clients and business partners have the resources they need to accomplish their goals and grow their wealth. This is what makes Amy a crucial player in the loan game. Her specialty is helping her clients save money on their loans and real estate investments. Tune-in and listen to the full episode.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode62 #thestruggle
January 28, 2021
E61 - Never Give Up
Zee and Gregory discuss her determination and willingness to Never Give Up.  Our special guest today is Zee Nkosi, a South African creative & social entrepreneur. Zee is a broadcasting graduate with over five years' experience in the media industry.  She has worked for all major South African broadcasting companies, which helped her understand the TV & film industry's culture. She produces content that aims to educate and inspire, as well as promote healthy or better living. Zee is also a commercial model, signed under one of the top agencies in RSA, Boss Models, attending social events to help people start to notice her and boost her NGO brand. She moved away from home (from a KwaZulu natal township - "the hood", to Gauteng, "the big city") to chase her dreams, and so far, all her dreams have come true. Although she still struggles with being lonely and not spending time with my parents as often as she would like to. Zee had an unfortunate time last year that hit her and her family; she lost her little brother. it was her first-time experiencing death. Her brother's death made her realize life is too short, so she did some things in her brother's honor. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode61  #nevergiveup
January 26, 2021
E60 - Unhappy
As business owners, obstacles are something we face every day, and we’ve all found our different ways of dealing with them.  Kim & Gregory discuss the most significant obstacles she faced were the emotional roller coasters she experienced from being a business owner. Sometimes your business sees a period of growth, and other times, everything comes to a standstill.  At the start of her journey, Kim took on projects that she wasn’t happy with and rates that were much lower than the standard price.  She shares with us that the only real way of overcoming this is selecting the clients you work with and pick projects you are genuinely passionate about working together. Our special guest today is Kim DelMonico, a lawyer who transitioned into the world of marketing. She is also an author, journalist, full-time digital nomad, and the Founder and CEO of  This innovative marketing agency helps brands with their social media campaigns and overall web presence.  She began her company,, six years ago, when she recognized a growing need for social media management for businesses.  BE INFLUENCE is a boutique marketing agency specializing in social media management, influencer marketing, live events, branding, website, and graphic design, coaching, and search engine optimization.  Kim and her team provide digital consulting services primarily for clients in the legal, medical, technology, lifestyle, health, wellness, nutrition, and mindfulness spaces. Kim is also the author of the forthcoming book Social Media Marketing: Learn Social Media in 10-20-30 Minutes a Day, which is geared toward helping smaller businesses and brands develop their online presence.  Tune -in & listen to just how she started her own business and having the guts not to give up. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode60 #unhappy
January 23, 2021
E59 - Regroup
As we look deep into our special guest Courtney Harring, we find she has been creating medical practices for several years. She has created 40+ practices, with her current project being the creation and operation of the business office for 4 psychiatric facilities. Courtney has been in the healthcare field for 20 years that influenced her growth from provider to a creator of healthcare practices and facilities. Motivated by personal crisis and powered by altruism and an abundance mindset, Courtney built a company that is aimed to help and support the healthcare community. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode59 #regroup
January 20, 2021
E58 - Tag Team
Lety, Joe, and Gregory discuss the husband-and-wife team passionate about what they do and are driven to learn and improve continuously. Together they bring unique skill sets that include leading groups, training and development, marketing, financial counseling, technical support, construction, and sales. They were high school sweethearts and have been married for 17 years. Their tag-team approach in life is essential for them to be good examples for their children and show them what hard work, passion, grit, and dedication looks like. They also pour their hearts into serving their community through volunteering, supporting local businesses, and joining local boards, making a difference. Having a partner who always has your back is essential to having a successful marriage, which is why this episode is a classic love story that everyone should enjoy. Tune in and listen to Tag Team.  Tune in & listen to this lovely couple as we explore what it takes to have a successful tag-team.   #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode58 #tagteam
January 15, 2021
E57 - I Saw The Light
As we look deep into our special guest Kathy Johanson, we find she is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry, medical device, property management, aerospace, and wine businesses. Kathy is an Independent Wine Consultant at Scout and Cellar with 34 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. She has been recognized and honored as an Innovator, Educator, and Philanthropist. Her goals have always encompassed support and positive change for pressing women’s issues whether it is health and well-being, education, or mentorship. She served as the owner, and co-founder of O Wines Winery where she and her business partner started The Opportunity for Success Scholarship Foundation, a scholarship established to fund educational scholarships for underserved females desiring higher education in the Western US. 95% of the students receiving these scholarships were the first in their extended families to get the opportunity to go to college. Kathy gets her inspiration from leaders like Gandhi who said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” She believes her philanthropic efforts have the potential to change lives daily. The key is making the extraordinary effort of time and hard work not for self but for others.  #ku2thachase #podcast #episode57 #isawthelight
January 14, 2021
E56 - Our Alternate Ego
Nina and Gregory discuss how having an alternate ego can bring forth much needed laughter and joy.   Nina better known as Lil’ Frijolita is the co-host for Bean & Chisme and the Director of Small Business Loans.  Discover excitement surrounding San Antonio's new rising star in this insightful but funny episode.     #ku2thachase #podcast #episode56  #ouralternateego
January 12, 2021
E55 - Max Out, Potatoes, Eggs, & Coffee
Sylvester and Gregory discuss Sylvester's life's challenge as a native of Columbus, GA, who grew up surrounded by gang violence in a drug-infested neighborhood.  A young black man was only expected to do three things, die, go to jail, or make it out by luck.  Instead of becoming a product of his environment, he decided to join the Military and invest in himself.  Beating the odds with no luck but all hard work and determination, he can now call himself a combat veteran, college graduate, self-published author, and business owner. He is a recently retired Army First Sergeant with 21 years of dedicated service in the US Army.  A combat veteran with multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, he has accomplished measurable results under extreme pressure while leading multiple personnel teams in dynamic, fast-paced, and hostile environments.  Sylvester has certifications in Advance and Executive leadership. He is a best-selling author that have written many books.  A Quick Cure to Successful Leadership, Resilience Winning the Battle Within and my latest The Compass.  In 2019 Sylvester chose to become a speaker.  He created Rising to the Top R2T to help others become game-changers that rise above their situation and achieve more by focusing on leadership and personal growth to magnify their excellence.  He has dedicated himself to sharing his universal blueprint to mental and physical success with youth and young adults.  Sylvester glorifies the understanding that no matter what you do, as long as you bet on yourself, put your best foot forward; the outcome will always reciprocate a positive result. He is an experienced leader who has empowered 100's of people by helping them reach their goals, both personally and professionally.  Tune in and listen to the full episode of this heroic story; this is truly a game-changer and uplifting story.   #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode55 #maxout #potatoes #eggs #coffee 
January 11, 2021
E54 - D & I
Dr. Olivia J. Cook and Gregory discuss how nowadays, you will likely hear the following words uttered at least once by everyone in the room.  D & I = Diversity and Inclusion. This phrase gets tossed around so much that it has almost lost its meaning. But when we talk about D&I, we're talking about people who feel marginalized and excluded daily.   It's also often confused with the idea of belonging, which is something else entirely. Diversity is like being invited to a party, inclusion is being asked to dance, and belonging is dancing like no one's watching." In other words, it's not enough to have more seats at the table for marginalized folks if they don't feel safe or believe they need to act like someone they're not to fit in.  I'm sure we can all agree that there is a need for a sense of belonging in the workplace & society. But let's dig a little deeper into why this is so important, what makes people feel like they belong, and how we as a whole can do better and be better. "By acting compassionately, by helping to restore justice and to encourage peace, we are acknowledging that we are all part of one another" - Rahm Dass. Tune -in and listen to the full episode and great insight towards D & I. #kut2thachase #podcast #episode54  #diversity  #inclusion
January 9, 2021
E53 - Past, Present & Future - Stop Worrying
Alex and Gregory discuss why people are overwhelmed by life's demands and those who are stuck in patterns that prevent one from having the life they desire to transform themselves easily and effortlessly.  Alexis, a forthcoming author, speaker, and certified transformational coach; she is fascinated with scientific research on the mind/body connection, she has developed a lifelong passion for examining how the subconscious profoundly affects the physical body, behavioral patterns, and overall quality of life.  Tune-in and listen to the full episode to gain tips on how to stop worrying and regain control of your life.   #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode53  #past #present #future #stopworrying
January 7, 2021
E52 - This Is It
Ana Maria & Gregory discuss her struggles with pride, hurt, resentment, codependency, and fear for so many years.  How she became a mother at an early age.  Her journey as a young single mother has taught her that ''courage goes where confidence dares not,'' and that path brought her to this point where her goal is to assist women in rising above whatever challenges they may be faced with the way to their goals.  As the Confident Executive Officer at "Confident Closers," her goal is to help Women build a Personal Brand to establish Influence and attract more opportunities to their lives and businesses. She believes in building solid, long-term relationships and the power of teamwork.  For her, there is an individual fulfillment that comes with serving others; that is the pathway to real significance.  Ana Maria hosts a podcast as well, where she inspires women to keep pushing forward.  Tune-in and listen to this episode of courageous determination to get her life back on track.  #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode51  #thisisit
January 5, 2021
E51 - Beyond the Chaos, Do's & Don'ts
Susan & Gregory explore how to manage projects or small business beyond the chaos. We discuss how she is the Chaos Eradicating Officer (CEO) of Beyond the Chaos, a consultancy helping small business owners simplify their operations and manage their projects to grow their businesses and get their lives back.  They also discuss her mission to improve American society exponentially.  Her passion is to help small business owners who are overwhelmed gain control of their growing businesses through process development, organization, and structuring business operations and projects.  From developing processes to coaching project managers to set up work-from-home environments to eliminating paper, Beyond the Chaos can help you feel less overwhelmed, more effective, and quite productive at the end of your day. Tune-in and listen to the full episode for insight towards managing your projects and avoiding the chaos.  #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode51  #beyondthechaos #dos #donts 
January 4, 2021
E50 - Beauty
Despite experiencing some technical difficulties Evita and Gregory managed to discuss motherhood, womanhood, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, multiculturalism, self-love, and beauty.  They also explore while as a writer, she specializes in email marketing, beauty, and curly/natural hair as it relates to writing for a hair company.  Evita started freelance writing and blogging professionally in 2015 and have been a contributing writer for  MultiCultiGirl  and Mygirlsquad.   After years of writing for other sites, she thought it was time to start her own blog.  In November of 2018 she published her first children’s book, The Girl with The Magical Curls, which was inspired by the Dove Love Your Curls campaign commercial and her own curly girl daughter, Tatiana. The premise of her book is to encourage self-acceptance and self-love amongst little girls and women.  Learning to love your curls is combined with a dose of fantasy in this poignant story that takes stance on social stigmas. Tatiana becomes a neighborhood superhero after stumbling across a mysterious bottle of oil that helps her hair grow long. Her love for writing began when she was in junior high school while writing short stories and poems, but before she started writing professionally, she was working in the higher education sector.  Her love for writing a book for children about mindfulness and spirituality from an ecumenical standpoint.  Evita provides quite an inspiring insight to her determination to break down the barriers of beauty.  Tune-in and listen to this relatable content for anyone whose is a parent with child.  #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode50  #beauty  
January 2, 2021
E49 - Don’t Beg & Don’t Fight
Alina and Gregory discuss what life was like in Armenia which it was part of the Soviet Union.  During the years of war in her country, she had to endure difficult living conditions with no water, no electricity, and bad quality food.  That part of her life makes her appreciate everything she has today, she does not take anything for granted.  Alina was struggling for years trying to find happiness while dealing with her conservative culture where men are dominant, and women have no right to make decisions. instead of partnership, women should be like a servant with no right to make decisions.  She was suffocating because her personality is completely different, and she had to play that role of “good” wife for years. A few years ago, her life changed completely due to a new concept called Reality Transurfing, that concept says: If you want something, don’t beg and don’t fight for it, just go and take it.  Tune-in and listen to the full episode and gain a perspective on life through lens of our featured guest.   #kut2thachase #podcast #episode49  #dontbeg #dontfight
December 31, 2020
E48 - Out of Frustration
Genesis & Gregory discuss her passion for Equality, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity.  Furthermore, she specializes in telling her story and getting others to step outside of their comfort zone.  They also explore how she advocates for others to live out their dreams, goals, and visions, and she encourages people to take a leap of faith and get out of their comfort zone.   Genesis is the author of Chocolate Drop in Corporate America: From the Pit to the Palace.  From the pages of her book, Genesis raises her voice for minorities in the workforce and anyone who has felt slighted, ignored, or undervalued along their career journey.  Tune-in & listen to discover the defining moments which set her journey and path towards life & respect.    #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode48  #outoffrustration
December 31, 2020
E47 - The Stress Guru
Janina and Gregory talk about that everybody feels occasionally stressed, yet what is stress?  How can it influence your general wellbeing? Furthermore, how would you be able to do to deal with your stress?  Stress is how the mind and body react to any request.  Any sort of challenge can be unpleasant.  Stress can influence your wellbeing.  It is imperative to focus on managing minor and significant stressors, so you realize when to look for help.  Tune-in and listen to the full episode for some genuine knowledge in regards to handling stress. #kut2thachase #podcast #episode47  #thestressguru
December 26, 2020
E46 - It's Our Duty
Our special guest today is Aviance, a Philadelphia-based R&B duo named Aviance. Aviance, fuses traditional R&B, urban-soul, and hip-hop, with a shared appreciation for acts like Jodeci, Dru Hill, SWV and TLC. Members Beyyond and Dominique Nicole, who are from different parts of the city, were put together by Ali Hyman and started making music in 2013 under Reel Boy Entertainment. The name "Aviance" derives from the word "Ambiance" replacing the “AM” with a “V” in which they create a beautiful atmosphere with their voices and energetic personalities. Beyyond has an unparalleled intensity and passion that cannot be ignored. Her voice is as captivating as her personality. Dominique Nicole, has both majestic and rugged beauty, upholding classic R&B vocals that put the "REAL" back in real music. Also known as the Bad Girls of R&B, this all lead singing group entice and continue to grow loyal and dedicated fans through “REAL” singing, implementing catchy hooks with vibes of yesterday and today. Collectively Aviance is well known for their dynamic and aggressive performances on stage. Hence, they performed alongside acts like SWV, Dru Hill, Faith Evans, Mario, Mali Music, Lil’ Mo, Silento and many more. Being the Bad Girls of R&B means singing the songs they want to sing, and going about things the way they want to, despite what other people think or how they judge them.  Tune in to listen to the full episode.  #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode46  #itsourduty
November 16, 2020
E40 - I'm Done, I Quit
Johanna & Gregory explore why we’re led to believe that the best approach to life is to “never give up.”  And while perseverance and “grit” are essential success, so is knowing when to walk away.  But how can you tell when quitting is the right thing to do?  After all, if you give in every time you feel like throwing in the towel, you’ll never get anything done.  They also discuss how Johana has been able to ignite fires in powerhouse people around the world. Her clients range from high-level executives at investment companies to politicians and the Hollywood movie industry for over 25 years.  Tune in an listen to the full episode, E40 - I'm Done, I Quit     #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode40  #imdone #iquit
September 8, 2020
E45 - Car Confessions
Deanna and Gregory create the most entertaining podcast moment with "Car Confession."  Deanna pioneer car confession almost 2 year ago. Gregory caught wind of this through Deanna's LinkedIn feed post; therefore, determine to have her on the show where the laughter is just down right infectious.  Tune in and listen to the full episode.  #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode45  #carconfessions    
August 29, 2020
E44 - Hitting the Wall
Julie and Gregory discuss when she realized she had been sleepwalking through her life, following a path that was not her own.  From that moment on, Julie began to recreate her life.  Her challenging journey led her to hot power yoga, where she found empowerment and inspiration.  Julie specializes in guiding people to create a life they love by developing high performance habits in the areas of career, relationships, emotions and health, so they have more time to create and live a life they love.  Tune in to gain insight regarding her ability to overcome adversity and triumph over hitting the wall in life. This is a amazing story you don't want to miss.  #kut2thachase #podcast #episode44  #hittingthewall 
August 29, 2020
E43 - Passion & Relationship
April and Gregory talk about her passion and what drove her onto to a life-long quest towards identifying with a culture that she wasn't able to explore as a child.  Her passion and intensity became her spiritual calling towards life's fulfillment.   Tune in and listen to the full episode.  #kut2thachase #podcast #episode43  #passion #relationship
August 29, 2020
E42 - Emotional Intelligence
Nadine and Gregory discuss emotional intelligence as it refers to a person’s ability to understand emotions and to use them productively.  In the workplace, emotional intelligence can help us collaborate with others, understand how others are feeling, and influence and inspire people.  A deep conversation between friends you surely don't want to miss.   Tune in and listen to the full episode.  #kut2thachase #podcast #episode44  #emotional #intelligence
August 29, 2020
E41 - Finding Your Way
Rachel and Gregory explore how through her camera lens, she has developed a unique perspective and now weaves her vision into words.  Now she is retired from photography. Through her learning to find forgiveness through it all and providing inspiration as a speaker on all these issues at the core of our humanity.  She is an eternal that keeps one goal in her heart: that her triumphant stories inspire and help out as many people as she can before she leaves this planet.  This is a warm heart-felt episode that truly touches your soul tune in and listen to the full episode.  #kut2thachase #podcast #episode41  #findingyourway
August 29, 2020
E39 - Importance of Leveraging
Andrea and Gregory explore the important techniques of leverage and how it helps in investing as it helps companies set a threshold for the expansion of business operations and personal growth.  Tune-in and listen to the full episode.  #kut2thachase #podcast #episode39  #importanceofleveraging
August 29, 2020
E38 - Ruthless Prioritization
Kim and Gregory explore the best way to make sure you complete your tasks is through ruthless prioritization.  That means deciding not to do things you'd really like to do.  It also means deciding what is the most important task even when everything on your list feels crucial.  Tune in and listen to this interesting conversation with Kim and Gregory.  #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode38  #ruthless #prioritization 
August 29, 2020
E37 - Acceptance, What Happens When Your Outside
Patrick and Gregory explore the topic of acceptance.  Understanding your life may improve by simply accepting the changes in your life.  Learn how to get rid of negative energy, look outside yourself and begin to help others.   Tune in and listen to this episode and gain the perspective of what happens when we accept differences in life and culture.    #kut2thachase #podcast #episode37  #acceptance #whathappens #whenyouroutside 
August 29, 2020
E36 - Addressing the Issues
Marie and Gregory explore her campaign efforts are good as she pursues City Council Seat for District 5.  This episode tackles how she will address the issues associated with San Antonio, TX oldest and rich in historic districts.  From reducing crime to improving infrastructure Gregory addresses the issues with Marie.  Tune -in and listen to this episode.  #kut2thachase #podcast #episode36  #addressingtheissues 
August 29, 2020
E30 - Young and Profiting
Hala and Gregory talk about her ascent from disappointment excursion and temporary position at WQHT Hot97 on "The Angie Martinez Show."  Likewise, discuss her initial start as a business visionary to dispatch a diversion news blog website called "The Sorority of Hip Hop." She drove an all-female group of 50 bloggers, and together they ran the mainstream blog, talked with famous people, delivered public broadcasts, and facilitated gatherings/shows. When the blog website blast eased down in 2014, Hala took a transitory exit from media outlets to get an MBA.  They also discussed her energy and inspiration to maintain her emphasis on the radio / "podcaster." #kut2thachase #podcast #episode30 #young #profiting
August 29, 2020
E35 - Making Dreams Come True
Denise and Gregory discuss the challenges surrounding buying a home.  For most of us it is likely the biggest investment you’ll make in your life, which can also make it your biggest risk.  While this may seem a bit scary, buying your first home should be an exciting time — in a bust-out-the-champagne.  Tune-in and listen to this informative episode.  Quote: “The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” — Maya Angelou #kut2thachase #podcast #episode35 #makingdreamscometrue
August 26, 2020
E34 - Everything Happens for a Reason
Judith and Gregory discuss when people have to cope with difficult situations in their lives, they sometimes reassure themselves by saying that everything happens for a reason.  For some people, thinking this way makes it easier to deal with relationship problems, financial crises, disease, death, and even natural disasters such as earthquakes. It can be distressing to think that bad things happen merely through chance or accident. But they do?  Tune-in and listen to this interesting conversation between two good friends.  #kut2thachase #podcast #episode34 #everythinghappensforareason
August 26, 2020
E33 - Brandpreneur
Dee and Gregory discuss how Dee has developed her career as proficient marketing professional by getting down to business and taking on difficulties head on.  She takes the audience through how to decide your branding attributes.  It's one thing for customers to know about your brand  yet recognizing what individuals think about your brand (or which brand they consider buying or partner with it) is equally important.  Tune - in and listen to this episode.  #kut2thachase #podcast #episode33 #brandpreneur
August 25, 2020
E32 - Do We Genuinely Care About People
David and Gregory explore the question of Do We Genuinely Care About People?  What if what you do/say (job, hobbies, general habits, behaviour, language) goes against others moral code and/or core values?  Understanding how people who care take the time to listen to others.  They don't spend all day talking about themselves because they are genuinely interested in what other people have to say. Tune in and listen to this interesting dialogue between to professional colleagues.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode32  #dowegenuinelycareaboutpeople
August 22, 2020
E31 - Anxiety
Bibinaz and Gregory discuss her journey when on the outside, she had it all and was living her best life.  Living in places like London, Italy and Vancouver and working as an Interior Designer for some of the most luxurious brands in the world.  But, on the inside, she was battling an extreme phobia of disease and cancer, also known as hypochondria/carcinophobia.  Discover what it's like to regain and recovery your life from anxiety and panic attacks.  Tune-in and listen to the full episode.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode31  #anxiety
August 6, 2020
E29 - Behind the Scenes
Discover what it's really like behind the scenes of marketing. Kristi and Gregory explore when you actively engage in social media marketing; valuable content is imperative.  You have to deliver the right message to the right people on the right page at the right time, but it doesn't always have to be so serious.  Keeping the 'all work and no play' attitude too long could send you on a rampage.  Tune-in and listen, we believe you will enjoy this episode.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode29  #behindthescenes
July 31, 2020
E27 - Tru-Spot AR
Tru-Spot founded by way of two childhood friends aspiring to improve the fan-based enjoyment via augmented reality. Will Sims and Gregory Proctor, both entrepreneurs and prior veterans, sought to develop augmented technology that would enhance the game of professional football. Rapidly after the pandemic befell, they each found out that their innovative ideas & thoughts should be increased in ways to reach a worldwide by means of sport fans & concert goers to take part inside the real-time sport or concert without leaving the comfort & protection of their home. All by way of virtual seating technology and the TRU-SPOT, augmented fan app. augmented fan experience from the viewpoint of an actual seat purchased in the arena. A virtual game time experience, with or without the sound effects. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode27  #truspotar
July 29, 2020
E26 - Not Afraid
Elizabeth and Gregory explore her 20+ years career in Human Resources and discover her ability to determine the evolution of an organization’s workforce abilities as well as her super skills for handling some of the most controversial issues faced in the Human Resources profession. Tune-in & listen to the exciting conversation.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode26  #notafraid 
July 24, 2020
E25 - The Journey
Gregory describes in a very authentic way why he created this podcast.  He also shares a token of appreciation to those who help him achieve this goal within a short period of time.  The Journey is what Kut2thachase is all about raw, unfiltered, unscripted and unbridled.  After all this is not your typical podcast.   We hope that you enjoy this episode.   #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode25  #thejourney   
July 20, 2020
E23 - The Boutique
Gregory and Linda discuss her passion and journey toward becoming a small business owner. Throughout her early stages, she realized that employment was not for filling her passion for helping others.  As she began to undercover some essential steps that would help alleviate small businesses, startups, and entrepreneur initial setbacks and failures, she decided to launch Tappa Consulting Group LLC.  An authentic story for anyone looking to go into business for themselves or simply gain better Business IQ.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode23  #theboutique
July 7, 2020
E24 - Failure Is Not An Option
Our discussion with Bernard Etienne CISSP CCSK CAP SEC ITIL CSM pushes the limits of genuinely understanding the importance of "Failure Is Not An Option" in one staggering episode. Find out how two youth minority business visionaries contracted their own way during the late 1990s era where innovation was blasting off, and the misfortune odds were not good for them having any achievement. These two pioneers will not surrender and keep on using the expression "Failure Is Not An Option" to keep their roused to push ahead with living out their dreams.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode24  #failureisnotanoption
July 4, 2020
Katrina and Gregory discuss her journey and transformation from being a full-time employee to becoming a small business owner. Her track, unlike many, was a positive experience fill with collaborative partners eagers to sow theirs on paths as small-business owners. This dialogue focuses on the determination and effort required to be a black woman and a black man in the business.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode22  #bmbwib #blackmen #blackwomen #inbusiness
July 2, 2020
E21 - Rewriting a New Chapter
Jennifer and Gregory discuss the book Resilience, It's Not About Bouncing Back, Chapter #10 Core Beliefs, Know What You Stand on & When You Need to Stand Up, which Jennifer co-author.  Their exchange brings a profound jump into understanding your confidence. Likewise, we investigate how it drives your flexibility alongside our decisions. We find how we settle on choices by shaping the premise of our capacity to face challenges and be true, pick our mentalities, let go of our attitudes, comprehend our motivation, and in conclusion accumulate a gratefulness for what achievement resembles. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode21  #rewritinganewchapter
June 24, 2020
E19 - Today is the Day
Lauren and Gregory discuss how leaving home at the age of 18 was a conscious choice to go at life alone. Leaving behind an unfavorable environment and overcoming the disability of PTSD was only the beginning of her journey. They also talk about what it takes to be brutally honest about the lines of discrimination, equal employment opportunity, and diversity.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode19  #todayistheday
June 24, 2020
E20 - Brothers
Jason and Gregory discuss a life long journey they have shared as brothers and colleagues in the business. Jason explains how his mindset changed when Gregory first introduce him to the world of project controls. They also talk about the importance of treating people right,  understanding how to listen and live up to expectations.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode20  #brothers  
June 18, 2020
E13 - The Qualities to Success
Keyonna and Gregory discuss the qualities to success empathy, compassion, patience and mental/emotional stability.  Also they talk about how passionate she is about supporting the next generation of young women.  She is honored to teach, guide, support and assist them with the use of her personal and professional advice as they embark on their future careers.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode13  #thequailitiestosuccess
June 18, 2020
E18 - How to Pick Up the Pieces
Madeleine and Gregory discuss how she overcame the hurdles of the story of being gang-raped as a teenager.  She recognizes she was a victim of a crime that left her silent for many years but has now found her voice and intends to use it.  Not just for her, but for so many who cannot find theirs yet.  She explains her inspiring journey of how to pick up the pieces in life is truly remarkable.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode18  #howtopickupthepieces
June 16, 2020
E17 – Run for the Ballot
Marie and Gregory discuss how she created her own way in life without a road map, when she was a little girl, her mother used to always tell her to “become a doctor or a lawyer” when she grew up her dream was to help people.  Now running for Candidate for City Council, she understands the feeling of not having a “voice” in society because you have less.  One of her goals is to empower citizens so that they know they have a voice regardless of socioeconomic status. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode17  #runfortheballot
June 13, 2020
E16 - It is Time for a Change
Grace and Gregory discuss how "change" is always just one decision away. But sometimes it can be hard to know when it is time to make a change. We can feel stuck, scared, or overwhelmed by the situation, which causes us to worry over whether it is time to make a change. We all have different ideologies that differ from your childhood to who you are today as an adult.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode16  #itistimeforachange
June 11, 2020
E15 - Health & Beliefs
Laura Ann & Gregory discuss health and beliefs.  Laura Ann who is a wellness expert specialized in nutritional education and healthy living.  She empowers transformation through personalized coaching and training programs.  Our dialogue explores her goal  to continue to helping others reach their goals and/or create an income to replace what they are currently doing.  They also discuss her true passion is to help change as many lives as possible through the health and wellness industry. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode15  #health #beliefs
June 9, 2020
E14 - Myths of Franchise Ownership
Teri and Gregory discuss the myths of franchise ownership.  Teri shares and provides guidance to the listeners for making an informed decision regarding franchise ownership, helping them to understand the pros and cons of franchising, costs and financing techniques, types of industries and business models, and the keys to effective research. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode14  #mythsoffranchiseownership
June 8, 2020
E12 - Organizational Culture & Behavioral
Dr. Frank Larkey and Gregory explore and discuss how all cultures inherently negotiate compromises between the already established and imaginative possibilities.  Culture, in its very nature, is marked by the contest for control the conceptions of reality.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode12  #organizational #culture #behavioral 
June 8, 2020
E11 - Unconventional Path
An unconventional, multi-faceted career does not reflect a lack of focus—quite the contrary. Success is not linear. You must take charge of your career, own your differences, and cultivate habits that will allow you to succeed in any environment.  Bailey & Gregory discuss and explore when Bailey first started to realize that her career was a zigzagging.  Bailey also explains some of her challenges, obstacles, and how she took ownership of her success even when it seemed to be a long way off. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode11  #unconventionalpath 
May 28, 2020
E10 - Building More Resilient Organizations - Why Resilience Matters
Lynnda and Gregory discuss how to increase the resilience of your organization. They also explore how an organization’s resilience capabilities and behaviors contribute to how an organization operates during “business-as-usual” times but comes to the forefront during a crisis. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode10  #buildingmore #resilient #organizations  #whyresiliencematters 
May 27, 2020
E9 - Overcoming
Lakrisha Davis, MBA and Gregory Proctor discuss in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. As we look deep into our featured guest Lakrisha Davis, MBA, we find that only a few years ago, she was feeling burned out – struggling to find happiness, purpose and confused about what she truly wanted (and how to achieve her goals). #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode9  #overcoming
May 22, 2020
E7 - It’s About You - Are You Happy
Christina, Nadine and Gregory discuss and explore the subject "Are You Happy".  The contrast between the two special guests and your hosted is quite relatable.  Regardless of your career struggles, pain points or challenges, Christina, Nadine and Gregory through their own personal experiences help the audience identify with the choices we make and asking yourself "Is this happening."   We structured this segment's dialogue to challenge us to create memorable podcast.  Truly a in-depth discussion which brings to light anyone trying to discover the answer to this question, are you happy?  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode7  #itsaboutyou #areyouhappy
May 15, 2020
E5 - Leaders are People Too
David and Gregory discuss how many leaders are experiencing the challenges created by the COVD-19 pandemic. We hope that when the podcast is over, listeners will have a better understanding of these leaders’ challenges, thoughts, and feelings and realize that they are not so dissimilar from those of other people.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode5  #leaderarepeopletoo
May 15, 2020
E8 - Life is Like Underwear, Change is Good
Casey and Gregory discuss her past career growth and also her ability to read the tea leaves.   #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode8  #lifeislikeunderwear  #changeisgood
May 15, 2020
E6 - Evolution of Project Controls
Wayne and Gregory are discussing the Evolution of Project Controls as it relates to how they met some 15 years ago. They explore the journey and successes they had working together for many Fortune 500 companies. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode6  #evolution  #projectcontrols
May 15, 2020
E3 - Recruitment Firms Recovery & Growth
Gregory & Kalee are wrapping up the third part of a part series.  Join in a listen to their dialog as they discuss some of their perspectives regarding recruitment firms recovery and growth in today's new normal.   #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode3  #recruitment #recovery #growth
May 7, 2020
E4 - #GRADPRODS 2020
Nadine Langlois and Gregory explore how this pandemic is impacting our high school seniors, a.k.a. Future college freshman. We probe into how we, as parents, have to be supportive of our children and acknowledge that things will get better.  We hope you enjoy listening to episode. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode4  #gradprods2020
May 2, 2020
E2 - Recruitment Do's & Don'ts
Gregory & Kalee discuss the top 3 most important things that all recruitment firms must remember during a pandemic. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode2  #recruitment #dos #donts
April 25, 2020
E1 - Recruitment Challenges
Gregory & Kalee explore some of the challenges recruitment firms are facing with COVID-19.  Also, they discuss how these types of organizations should adapt to the new normal. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode1  #recruitment #challenges
April 24, 2020