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Kwentong Creatives

Kwentong Creatives

By Gio Puyat
A podcast to get to know creative Filipinos in different fields. We discuss the strategies and beliefs that help us stay centered amidst the challenges of creative work.
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10: Music Collaboration w/ CRWN & August Wahh

Kwentong Creatives

10: Music Collaboration w/ CRWN & August Wahh

Kwentong Creatives

11: Comics w/ Rob Cham
Rob Cham is an illustrator, comic book creator, artist, and friend. He received the National Book Award for his first graphic novel Light and the National Children’s Book Award for the follow-up, Lost. He is part of the core team of Unnamed, a South East Asian Comics Collective. Former web designer, teacher, art director, and editor for Abangan: The Best in Philippine Komiks.
September 26, 2021
10: Music Collaboration w/ CRWN & August Wahh
CRWN is a music producer and August Wahh is a singer/songwriter. Together they put out the highly-acclaimed Labyrinth EP in 2019, and have continued making waves in the local & international music scenes ever since. They're musicians at the top of their game, still finding ways to be creative with music amidst a pandemic. In this collab episode, we cover a span of topics that can benefit  any creative who's had to work with another person or within a team. So all of that, plus many colorful stories from their journeys as artists. 
August 22, 2021
07: Food & Branding w/ Jake & Toni of Kodawari
Jake Aycardo is a cook and entrepreneur who's opened up many food concepts since his stint at MasterChef Asia in 2015. Toni Potenciano is a brand strategist and writer who works for the design studio And-A-Half. Together they make up the team that brought Kodawari to life - a cloud kitchen concept that serves glorious Gyudon and Shroomdon. We get into a lot in this episode: the business of running a cloud kitchen, how to have your brand adapt under these new pandemic rules, learning to trust other creatives and collaborators, anime and manga recommendations  - all these and so much more. This is also the first of our Kwentuhan series - casual roundtable discussions between myself and other creative partners or collaborators.
April 30, 2021
06: Food w/ Nicco Santos
Chef Nicco Santos has owned restaurants like Your Local, Hey Handsome and now a cloud concept called Sambar. In this episode we get insight from the mind of a chef - a job that requires one to be an artist, an entrepreneur and a leader. 
March 14, 2021
05: Comedy w/ Victor Anastacio
Victor is a stand-up comedian and comedy actor. He's also the host of the Sabayan with Victor podcast. We get into a lot of interesting stuff like the history of Comedy Manila, the fluid career path of an entertainer in this country, and a lot of great advice for aspiring comedians. This episode features a unique kind of creativity, but anyone who's ever had to perform, or write and produce anything creative will definitely find these conversations not only useful, but funny and relatable too.
February 7, 2021
04: Content Creation w/ Jazmin Reyes
Jaz is a content creator, host and radio DJ. She's also 200% Asian. You'll find this episode useful if you make a living with creative work from home, either through an online presence or work portfolio. We talk about things like finding your voice, building relationships & working through rough patches. This episode also has a lot of insight on influencer culture and the creativity behind content creation. Check out Jaz's Instagram @_jazreyes
December 19, 2020
03: Music w/ Roberto Seña
Seña is a creative who pursues music full-time. He’s the vocalist of local indie band She’s Only Sixteen, a producer known as Lazy McGuire, and a DJ under the name of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. You'll find this episode useful if you want to get into the headspace of the freelance creative, and see what it's like from a musician's point of view. We get into practical insights on how to treat your creative work like an actual job.
November 13, 2020
02: Photography w/ Karen De La Fuente
Karen AKA @rocket has made a name for herself as a photographer in the local music scene, creating striking images for acts like Ben&Ben,  Sandwich , IV OF SPADES  , tide/edit and Autotelic — just to name a few.   We cover tips on photography, reflections on the culture of local music, and personal advice on mental health amidst the pressures of creative work.
October 22, 2020
01: Directing in Advertising w/ AF Benaza
Direk AF shares the wisdom he's picked up from two decades of experience as an advertising director . You'll find this episode valuable if you're into the craft and business of filmmaking. For anyone with the title "Director" attached to their job, we also go over crucial advice on leading a creative team. 
October 9, 2020
INTRODUCTION: What is Kwentong Creatives?
This is a podcast to get to know creative Filipinos in different fields and the stories behind their unique journeys of growth. My hope is to create a resource to other creatives, with clear, concise & crucial advice that I wish I had gotten much earlier in my career. We discuss the strategies and beliefs that help us stay healthy and centered amidst the challenges of creative work.
October 5, 2020