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Community conversations lead to action and action leads to results!

Join us on the KWest podcast for conversations about social action, community and more with local residents and the people who work in communities.

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What about the Children?

Knowle West Podcast

Volunteering through Lockdown
Welcome to episode 5 of the Knowle West Podcast. If you weren't aware, this week the nation celebrates Volunteers' Week. If we're to take away one positive from the COVID pandemic, it is has to be people's willingness in coming together to help each other and those who the most vulnerable in our communities. In this episode we speak to Aileen McCoughlin and Gordon Astley-Cooper, two local residents who have given some of their free time to volunteering in our community of Knowle West. For up to date information about everything happening in Knowle West, visit and also Knowle West Alliance on Facebook.
June 03, 2020
Mental Health & COVID-19
It's Mental Health Awareness week so what better way to raise awareness than to have the conversation. Today's guests are CASS Networker Dan Lewin, based at Knowle West Healthy Living Centre and local Yoga instructor Kellly Sheldrick. In this episode we talk about how we can all stay mentally fit and healthy. Links Cass Yoga with Kelly Youtube Website Facebook Instagram
May 20, 2020
Square Food Foundation
Welcome to another episode of the Knowle West Podcast!  In episode #3, we talk to Barney Haughton, founder of the Square Food Foundation, a cookery school based here in Knowle West and based at The Park on Daventry Road. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, Square Food Foundation have been working hard to provide meals for families here in the community. We speak to Barney to find out what they've been doing. You can find more information about Square Food Foundation here: or email them:
May 01, 2020
What about the Children?
Hello and Welcome to episode number 2 of the Knowle West Media Podcast! The Coronavirus doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. One major disruption has been to children and young people, with their educational and after school routines being thrown into chaos. Today we speak to Rachel Stoyell, an early years teacher at Knowle West Children's Centre and Dot Baker, Young People's Project Manager at Knowle West Media Centre. We find out how organisations in Knowle West are managing to keep up engagement with their service users whilst under the dreaded "lock down".
April 03, 2020
The Impact of Covid-19 and Knowle West
In this episode we talk about the impact of the current Coronavirus crisis on the community of Knowle West and how to tackle it.  Today's guests are Lucy Holburn of Knowle West Alliance and Gail Bevan; of Knowle West Media Centre who is also a local resident.
March 27, 2020