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Kyle Meredith With...

Kyle Meredith With...

By Consequence Podcast Network

Kyle Meredith With... is an interview series in which WFPK's Kyle Meredith speaks to a wide breadth of musicians. Meredith digs deep into the artist's work to find out how the music is made and where their journey is going, from legendary artists like Robert Plant, Paul McCartney, U2, and Bryan Ferry, to the newer class of The National, St. Vincent, Arctic Monkeys, Haim, and Father John Misty.

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Kyle Meredith With... U.S. Girls

Kyle Meredith With...

Kyle Meredith With... U.S. Girls

Kyle Meredith With...

Kyle Meredith With... Kathleen Edwards
Kathleen Edwards speaks with Kyle Meredith about Total Freedom, her first new album since 2012’s Voyager. The two discuss her need to leave music and start a coffee shop called Quitters, her barista abilities, and making foam butt cracks. The Canadian songwriter also talks about singing about her comeback within the new songs, taking inspiration from The War On Drugs for her sound, and appreciating the work that Cracker’s David Lowery is doing for copywriting. Edwards also takes us back to her early days of touring with My Morning Jacket and tells us why she keeps a Louisville Slugger beside her bed. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
September 18, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Joe Bouchard
Former Blue Öyster Cult bassist Joe Bouchard speaks with Kyle Meredith about his new solo album, Strange Legends, which finds the songwriter embodying several strange characters. Bouchard discusses the lost art of the rock instrumental, covering The Kinks, and his ability to make happy songs sound dark. He also discusses "Don’t Fear the Reaper" as an anthem for the apocalypse, its use in Stephen King’s The Stand, and the Cowbell Edition of this new LP. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
September 16, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... G.E. Smith
Legendary guitarist and side-man G.E. Smith speaks with Kyle Meredith about his new album with Leroy Bell called Stony Hill. Smith takes us through how he met Bell, what prompted the album, writing music with a message, and the duo’s concern for our country. The former Saturday Night Live band leader also talks about playing alongside greats such as David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, and Hall & Oates, covering Buffy Sainte-Marie, and writing a song that stretches back to his time with Jean-Michel Basquiat. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
September 14, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... The Front Bottoms
The Front Bottoms hop on the line to talk with Kyle Meredith about In Sickness & In Flames, an album that finds the duo thinking about getting older while still making sure to laugh at themselves. Brain Sella and Mat Uychich discuss the need for a song to change along with the listener’s experience, going back to basics for recording, and finding resolution in hindsight. The Jersey duo also take us into the destruction of memories within the song "Montgomery Forever", their love of including Easter eggs within the records, and if there is a rock opera in their future. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
September 11, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Suzanne Vega
Suzanne Vega connects with Kyle Meredith about her new live album, An Evening of New York Stories and Songs. Recorded in the legendary Cafe Carlile, the new set of songs paint a fading picture of the Big Apple -- her longtime home. Together, the two discuss the loss of famous rooms across the city, coming up in the '80s folk scene, and how her relationship with the metropolis has evolved over the years. Vega also talks about the darker side of community that led to the passing of her brother and how nostalgia reveals the ghosts left behind, one of which includes her friend Lou Reed. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
September 9, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Yes co-founder Jon Anderson
Yes co-founder Jon Anderson gives Kyle Meredith a call to talk about 1000 Hands: Chapter One. The new solo album took 30 years to finish, and Anderson revisits its epic journey. He also discusses the origins of the tracks, working with Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, where he gets his sense of melody, and the vocalizations he does each day. The legend also discusses the four new songs to be written for the album, their themes of living in the now, and his quest to figure out where music comes from. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
September 7, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Chicano Batman
Chicano Batman vocalist Bardo Martinez catches up with Kyle Meredith to discuss their new album, Invisible People. Martinez also digresses on larger topics such as being Latino during the Black Lives Matter era, challenging racial identifiers, immigration, and geographical privilege. Martinez also discusses the importance and impact that Daniel Quinn’s book Ishmael has had not only on his outlook, but also the lyrics for the new record and his love of Black music. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
September 4, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Harry Shearer
Comedic legend Harry Shearer gives Kyle Meredith a call to talk about The Many Moods of Donald Trump, a new album that finds The Simpsons voice talent getting into character as our current president. Shearer discusses how he chose to parody which events, singing about Jared Kushner, the hurricane map, and the Very Stable Genius moment, the motion-capture videos he’s been making, and having members of The Meters and Dumpstafunk help out.
September 2, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Harvey Mason Jr. and Milana Lewis
Harvey Mason Jr., chairman and interim CEO of the Recording Academy and Grammys, and Milana Lewis, founder of Stem, both join Kyle Meredith With... to discuss how the two companies are spearheading new ways to make sure artists get paid for their work. First, Harvey Mason Jr. takes us through the Recording Academy’s Summer of Advocacy, namely how they're bringing aid to the music community and their efforts to lobby Congress. Mason also discusses activism in the pop world, partnering with the Color of Change organization, their continuing efforts with MusiCares, and the 2021 Grammy ceremony. Milana Lewis takes over in the second half to tell us about founding Stem in 2015 as a way to help artists navigate a new digital and streaming industry and to get paid for their work. Lewis also talks about the importance of monetizing an artist’s core fans, giving $100,000,000 in artists advances earlier this year, the importance of good investments, the harm of bad ones, and how 2020 is ultimately an opportunity for musicians to get creative and the industry to reinvent itself.
August 31, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Ani DiFranco
Ani DiFranco speaks with Kyle Meredith about her collaboration with the Prison Music Project on Long Time Gone. DiFranco takes us through her team up with Zoe Boekbinder, who brought in songs from inmates incarcerated within New Folsom Prison, and how it’s set to be adapted into a stage play. The legendary musician and activist also weighs in on capital punishment, citizen journalism, her hopes for Joe Biden, and the importance of voting in November’s election. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
August 28, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Liza Anne
Liza Anne speaks with Kyle Meredith about her new album, Bad Vacation, and the Instagram Live series she’s been leading called Emotional Health 2020. The Georgia-born Nashville resident discusses the crossroads of heart and politics and using 2020 as an opportunity to change for the better. She also meditates on her own success with antidepressants and therapy, balancing joy and sorrow in her writing, and how this all comes together on Bad Vacation. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
August 26, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Chrissie Hynde
The Pretenders' legendary singer-songwriter Chrissie Hynde gives Kyle Meredith a call to talk about the band's new record, Hate For Sale. Hynde talks about writing with her touring guitarist James Walbourne, looking back to the '50s and '60s for their sound, and the return of original drummer Martin Chambers. She also goes on to speak about hate as a strong word, love as a drug addiction, and her Bob Dylan quarantine covers series. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
August 24, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Bob Mould
Bob Mould speaks with Kyle Meredith about his politically-charged new album Blue Hearts. The former Hüsker Dü frontman discusses the diversity of the Minneapolis scene during his band’s early days, what it’s been like to watch his old town during the George Floyd era, and the differences between '80s politics and today. He also reminisces on his then-struggles as a gay man and how they informed the band's iconic Zen Arcade. Mould then goes on to to talk about the upcoming presidential election, how helping trans people is the current focus in the LGBTQ+ community, and how his new song “Forecast of Rain” reflects on his religious upbringing. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
August 21, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke jumps on the line with Kyle Meredith to discuss her debut album, Blush. Hawke charts her path to what she calls “an accidental record" and shares why she finds songwriting as a way to communicate with others. She also tells us about the folk, rock, and jazz she heard around her house growing up, the biggest differences in writing poetry vs lyrics, the similarities between how she approaches songwriting and acting, and the importance of a great soundtrack. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
August 19, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Kansas
Kansas lead singer Ronnie Platt gives Kyle Meredith a shout to discuss The Absence of Presence. This is the second Kansas album with the former Shooting Star frontman, and Platt speaks about his new confidence going into this set, in addition to how the new music speaks to their legacy. Platt also talks about his lyrics behind the song "Circus of Illusion", which unintentionally speaks to an isolated world.
August 17, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Collective Soul's Ed Roland
Singer-songwriter Ed Roland sits down with Kyle Meredith to give an update on the new music he has ready, including two Collective Soul albums and an EP for Record Store Day, a solo set, and a new band that's inspired by The Cars. From there the two discuss Craft Recordings' 25th anniversary deluxe edition of 1995’s self-titled LP, touring with Van Halen, and the crushing legal woes with their management. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of 2000’s Blender, and Roland shares why he’d love to remix it one day, covering Morphine (“You Speak My Language”), and dueting with Elton John (“Perfect Day”). Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
August 14, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Bootsy Collins
Bootsy Collins calls Kyle Meredith to talk about “Stars". The new single finds the legend collaborating with EmiSunshine, Cornel West, Bela Fleck, and a “collage of cultures” from around the world. Together, they discuss how the collaboration was created during quarantine, donating to MusiCares, and the way it sets up the new album out this Fall. Collins also discusses global themes of togetherness, the tragedies that bring us together, and how we’re missing “the hippie side of things.” Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
August 12, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Buzz Osborne
Buzz Osborne gives Kyle Meredith a call about Gift of Sacrifice, his new King Buzzo album with oft-collaborator Trevor Dunn. The Melvins frontman talks about working with an acoustic bass, a modular synth, and his ever-growing alternate tunings. Osborne also discusses the ever-looming influence of Miles Davis on his writing, how The Melvins continue to be underestimated, dealing with bad criticism. Towards the end, he dives deep into his philosophies of science, evolution, and religion. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
August 10, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Jarvis Cocker
Jarvis Cocker gives Kyle Meredith a ring to gab about Beyond the Pale, an album that finds him with a new band called JARV IS. The Pulp frontman tells us how many of the songs were finished live on stage, taking inspiration from Leonard Cohen, the fine line between direct inspiration and mimicry, and writing about human statues. Cocker also draws the line from his themes to our current need for communication and briefly revisits Pulp’s “Like A Friend” from the Great Expectations soundtrack.
August 7, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Tanya Donelly
Tanya Donelly speaks with Kyle Meredith about her new covers collaboration with The Parkington Sisters. The collective gives a new spin to classics by Paul McCartney, The Go-Go’s, and Leonard Cohen. Donelly discusses the art of a cover song, her love of Split Enz and Echo & The Bunnymen, and why most of these picks are culled from the '70s and '80s. The Breeders and Throwing Muses co-founder also talks about raising money for COVID-19 relief and Black Lives Matter organizations, activism now versus the '90s, the chances of another Belly album, and a project she’s working on with Dylan In the Movies. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
August 5, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Lianne La Havas
Lianne La Havas speaks with Kyle Meredith about her self-titled LP. The concept album tells the story of a relationship from beginning to end, and the songwriter discusses how the meaning of those songs changed as they were written over a long period of time. La Havas also weighs in on her cover of Radiohead’s "Weird Fishes", particularly how it fits within the album's story; the importance of moods in songwriting; and the inspiration of the '70s on her recording process. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
August 3, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... jxdn
jxdn gives Kyle Meredith a call to talk about the seemingly overnight success of his music career after making a name for himself on TikTok over the last couple of years. The rising star discusses how seeing Juice Wrld in concert inspired him to be a songwriter, signing to Travis Barker's new label, and writing/recording with the pop-punk legend. Texas born and Tennessee raised, JXDN also talks about pushing against the judgmental Southern environment that he grew up in, having supportive pastor parents, and the stories behind "Angels & Demons" and "So What!". Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 31, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Phoebe Bridgers
Phoebe Bridgers speaks with Kyle Meredith about Punisher. The sophomore album finds the singer-songwriter taking on a bigger production with a balance of themes of disconnection. Bridgers discusses having to trick herself while writing, being “coffee shop famous,” producing Christian Lee Hutson’s new LP, becoming a fan of My Favorite Murder, appreciating true crime, and how this album could be the score to a “Midsommar-style divorce drama.” Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 29, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Jon Batiste/Nabil Ayers
Jon Batiste, band leader of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Nabil Ayers, the US general manager for 4AD, both join Kyle Meredith to discuss how Black Lives Matter has affected their work and the entire music industry. Batiste talks about leading protests on the streets of New York and the importance of voting in the upcoming election. While Ayers discusses his recent New York Times article about Ed Eckstine, the first black person appointed president of a major U.S. record label, the industry's approach to Blackout Tuesday, and the autobiography he’s working on about his own history in the business. Note: This episode was originally recorded as part of Kyle Meredith’s new video series that premieres every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 p.m. EST on Consequence‘s Instagram channel.
July 27, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Billy Hardison/Tyler Williams
With the COVID-19 pandemic putting upwards of 90% of independent venues in danger of closing forever, it’s become vitally important for Congress to pass a relief bill to aid our most beloved rooms and the music community at large. To get some insight on the matter, Kyle Meredith speaks Billy Hardison, Kentucky’s precinct captain for the recently formed National Independent Venue Association, and artist Tyler Williams, drummer for The Head & The Heart. Together, they discuss what it’s been like to run their respective businesses during a global quarantine and pandemic, and what the dangers of our present and future could mean for live music in the long run. Stream the episode above and head to to find out ways you can help. It should be noted that this episode was originally recorded as part of Kyle Meredith's new video series that premieres every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 p.m. EST on Consequence's Instagram channel. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 24, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Jesse Colin Young
Legendary founder of The Youngbloods Jesse Colin Young speaks with Kyle Meredith about re-recording the '60s anthem "Get Together" to help feed hungry people through a partnership with SongAid and Why Hunger. Young tells us about tapping his friend Steve Miller to join him on the new version, the meaning of releasing the track on Juneteenth, and how the song speaks to now as much as it did during the original counterculture era. The songwriter also discusses last year’s comeback record, Dreamers, and how he's continued to write about injustices throughout his 60-year career. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 22, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... The Jayhawks
The Jayhawks lead man Gary Louris speaks with Kyle Meredith about XOXO. The new album finds the Americana legends heavily collaborating and features each member on the mic for lead vocals. Louris discusses the album’s artwork; themes of depression, anxiety, and the 24-hour news cycle; and life in Minneapolis since the murder of George Floyd. Louris also says the band could have recorded 30 records if the industry allowed them, but teases a finished solo album.
July 20, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Jehnny Beth
Jehnny Beth calls up Kyle Meredith to speak about To Live Is To Love. The Savages frontwoman discusses working with Nine Inch Nails’ Atticus Ross and taking inspiration from Carl Sagan and Henry Rollins. Beth also dives into the LP’s themes of guilt, sexuality, and religion, while noting that “the core of the record is my shameful faults.” The French multimedia artist also talks about how her many projects intersect, including the record’s companion book, CALM: Crimes Against Love Memories. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 17, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett sits down with Kyle Meredith to talk about Life On the Flip Side, an album that found the legendary performer at No. 2 on the album charts behind Lady Gaga. Buffett discusses balancing heavy subjects with humor in his songs, the influence of Bob Marley, how the melting pot of the Gulf area plays such a big role in his work, and the importance of music as a part of social change. The Margaritaville author also speaks about writing about royalty checks in a new track, playing live stream shows for front line workers and how fans are still tailgating for the quarantine performances. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 15, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Wang Chung
Wang Chung founder Nick Felman spoke with Kyle Meredith about the band’s involvement in last month’s Back to the Basement fundraiser, which found several '80s stars live streaming to raise funds for frontline workers. The duo also rewrote one of their biggest hits -- re-dubbed "Everybody Stay Safe Tonight" -- to not only reflect the pandemic, but also speak to the BLM protests. The new wave legend also weighs in on how their songs have soundtracked Hollywood, last year’s Orchesography, more orchestral live shows, and the release of their long-awaited Clear Light Dark Matter for later this year. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 13, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... My Morning Jacket
After a brief hiatus, My Morning Jacket have returned with their first record in five years, The Waterfall II. Frontman Jim James calls up Kyle Meredith to discuss why they sat on this other half of songs for so long and how the world has changed in the interim. One of the songs, "Magic Bullet", was originally released in response to a 2016 gun-related killing, and James discusses what the song means today with his hometown of Louisville at the center of a similar story involving the murder of Breonna Taylor. James also talks about the water concept that flows throughout the set, producing S.G. Goodman’s record, and -- get this -- the news that the band have finished an album of all new songs. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 10, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Washed Out
Washed Out mastermind Ernest Greene speaks with Kyle Meredith about his fourth studio album, Purple Noon. Green discusses a return to his early sound, how sunsets factor into the visuals, and finding inspiration to make '80s-style ballads after hearing The Cars' "Drive". The Georgia native also talks about the album's concept on the affairs of love and how working with Sudan Archives on her most recent record gave him a way forward in his own writing. In fact, Greene lets us know that he’s consistently writing with other artists, a first for him, and plans to release a collection of ambient music in the future. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 8, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Jeremy Zucker
Jeremy Zucker calls Kyle Meredith to discuss Love Is Not Dying, a concept album about being in a relationship with someone battling addiction and mental health. Zucker speaks on the therapy of writing, coupling overwhelming beauty with the apocalypse, and balancing love and death. On the music side, the 24-year-old New Jersey native discusses using guitars meaningfully, teaching himself piano as he was writing the songs, and the success he’s found around the world. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 6, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Dreamers
Dreamers frontman Nick Wold calls into Kyle Meredith With… to talk about the band’s latest single "Heatseeker" and the alternate version that features their friend Grandson. In fact, it’s not the first time the two have collaborated, having teamed up earlier this year for Grandson’s "Whole Lotta", which inspired Wold to take a more philosophical and political turn within his own lyrics. Wold discusses what this new phase for the band means for his upcoming songs, taking influence from Nirvana and Royal Blood to go heavier, his love of sci-fi, and learning to play piano during this downtime. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 3, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Paul Weller
Paul Weller rings Kyle Meredith to discuss his 15th studio album, On Sunset. The Jam singer-songwriter talks about his ability to write in multiple genres, enjoying the freedom to experiment in the studio, and the importance of not repeating himself. Regarding the lyrical themes, Weller dissects how people change but the systems stay the same, how he keeps positivity in the face of extreme turmoil, and how a trip to LA’s famous Sunset Strip resulted in a rare moment of nostalgia and looking back. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
July 1, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Jefferson Starship
Jefferson Starship member David Freiberg jumps on the line with Kyle Meredith to discuss the 45th anniversary of the band’s sophomore album, Red Octopus. The singer and multi-instrumentalist talks about the variation of styles heard on the record, how the band kept a family environment amidst a revolving door of members, and how "Miracle" became an unlikely hit. Freiberg then goes on to give us a scoop on the band’s upcoming album, Mother of the Sun -- their first since 2008 -- and its first two singles: one of which was written by the retired Grace Slick and the other a tribute to founding member Paul Kantner. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
June 29, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Jamie Kennedy
Jamie Kennedy speaks with Kyle Meredith about hosting the eighth season of Coming To The Stage, now on Comedy Dynamics, in addition to his new Tubi standup special, Stoopid Smart. Together, they discuss an artist’s journey to get their 10,000 hours, how comics find fame sooner today than in the past, self-depreciation, and the art of the callback. The Scream star also talks about impersonating Matthew McConaughey, his respect for Hannah Gadsby, and his work in the Tremors franchise. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
June 26, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Marcus King
Marcus King calls into Kyle Meredith to speak about his new album, El Dorado. The South Carolina-born singer-songwriter discusses the album's production by The Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach, leaving home for a life on the road, the loss of style and character, and finding a strong metaphor in old Cadillacs. He also talks about taking inspiration from Willie Nelson, his Grand Ole Opry debut, what Beatles song he listened to every morning before school, and singing about whiskey. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
June 24, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Whitesnake
Whitesnake singer David Coverdale speaks with Kyle Meredith about the band’s trilogy of new compilations called Red, White, and Blues, and how the series was inspired by restoring old art. Coverdale dives into being influenced by Marc Bolan, The Who, and early Pink Floyd for the 2000 song "She Give Me", how knee surgery led to the new song "Always The Same", and what we can expect from the series, particularly a new ending for "Is This Love". Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
June 22, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Alec Benjamin
Alec Benjamin speaks with Kyle Meredith about his first full-length album, These Two Windows. The Phoenix singer-songwriter discusses how there's enough leftover songs to make a second album and how being bilingual may lead to writing in Mandarin in the future. He also shares his appreciation for Leonard Cohen and explains how he's been co-writing and collaborating on songs amidst quarantine. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
June 19, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Avi Kaplan
Avi Kaplan speaks with Kyle Meredith about I’ll Get By, his first album since leaving Pentatonix in 2017. The California-born songwriter discusses the anxiety of quitting a successful group, why the early part of his life near the sequoias was an important touchstone in his writing, creating experimental textures in Americana sounds, the tradition of Sweet Adeline, and running an acapella summer camp for high schoolers. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
June 17, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Steve Earle
Steve Earle speaks with Kyle Meredith about Ghosts of West Virginia, his new album inspired by the 2010 West Virginia mining explosion that killed 29 miners. The songwriter/activist shares how the album has its roots in a theatre production called Coal Country, why he wanted to make a record for people who don't vote the same way he does, and his thoughts on unions being the common ground between county factions. Earle goes on to discuss the task of taking all of this information and making it a musical, why he enjoys using ghosts as a writing tool, and the stories on ghost-based movies that he enjoyed in his youth. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
June 15, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Ocean Alley
Ocean Alley guitarist Mitch Galbraith speaks with Kyle Meredith about the Australian band’s new album, Lonely Diamond. The record comes on the heels of their single “Confidence” topping the Triple J Hottest 100, which put some pressure on the group going into this new set. Galbraith discusses the record’s themes of exploration, escapism, and creating a dreamworld, especially using landscapes to paint the lyrical picture. The guitarist also talks about the space cowboy surf rock vibe they were going for and how Eric Andre inspired the single “Hot Chicken". Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
June 12, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... REO Speedwagon
REO Speedwagon singer and guitarist Kevin Cronin jumps on the line with Kyle Meredith to talk about all of the big events surrounding the band. That includes their involvement in Ozark, which has since placed several of their classics back on the Billboard’s charts. Beyond the Netflix series, Cronin also discusses his weekly live stream Camp Cronin, his upcoming memoir, and the stories behind 1990’s The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog, and A Chicken, an album that found the band without longtime member and co-songwriter Gary Richrath. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
June 10, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Joywave
Joywave mastermind Daniel Armbruster calls up Kyle Meredith to discuss Possession. The new album finds the artist writing about subjects bigger than himself, particularly topics like gun violence and the nonstop news cycle. Together, the two discuss how quarantine has allowed for more self discovery, how his Big Data collaboration “Dangerous” helped inspire Fortnite’s direction, and a new side project that has yet to debut with Jason Suwito from Sir Sly.
June 8, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Car Seat Headrest
Car Seat Headrest mastermind Will Toledo calls in to Kyle Meredith to talk about Making A Door Less Open. Together, they discuss the need to find a style and sound, working with existing samples to create something new, and customizing the vinyl, CD, and streaming editions to be their own unique listening experience. Toledo also discusses the invention of an alternate persona named Trait, how theatrics in rock music has become a lost art form, and the ways new single "Hollywood" speaks to class divide and being an outsider. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
June 5, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... X
Legendary LA punk band X gave us the surprise release with Alphabetland, their first album in 27 years, and first with the original lineup in 35 years. John Doe speaks with Kyle Meredith about what it took to get the band back in the studio, their ensuing tradition of writing about culture on the edge and moments of crisis, and taking on class divide and gentrification. The singer/bassist also describes why the band used a racial slur in their landmark debut Los Angeles as a stand against racism, and why they don’t sing that word now. Doe goes on to talk about how he and co-vocalist Exene Cervenka influence each other, how a trio of older cuts made the album, and what the future of X may look like.
June 3, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Mark Duplass
Filmmaker Mark Duplass speaks with Kyle Meredith about Volcano, I’m Still Excited, the band he fronted in the early 2000’s whose debut EP has been re-released on Polyvinyl Records. Duplass takes us back through the history of the group, which found him switching to keyboards after spending the '90s as “an overly earnest singer-songwriter." He also discusses his influences, his classical music upbringing, and ultimately his decision to leave it all behind to make movies. Even so, Duplass shares how he applies what he learned during those years to film projects that he’s worked on over the past couple decades. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
June 1, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... The Sounds
Jesper Anderberg of The Sounds speaks with Kyle Meredith about the band's first album in seven years, Things We Do For Love. Anderberg discusses the importance of taking a few years off to keep the band going, contending with fans' expectations, and nursing their legacy. The guitarist/keyboardist also talks about how vibe plays a big part in their songwriting, citing the Blade Runner soundtrack as a favorite, and using darkness as a writing tool. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
May 29, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Steven Page
Barenaked Ladies singer-songwriter Steven Page gives Kyle Meredith a call to discuss his new single "Isolation", in addition to Here’s What it Takes, the musical he’s been working on for the past seven years that was about to open right before the global pandemic. He also dives into his history of theatrical writing, recently teaming up with Broadway stars for an online collaboration, and performing a show with his own son. Page also talks about the success of his home shows over Zoom, and says he has an album’s worth of songs that could hopefully see the light of day sooner than later.
May 27, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Gerry Cinnamon
Gerry Cinnamon calls up Kyle Meredith to discuss his sophomore LP, The Bonny. The Scottish singer-songwriter, who is seeing massive success in the UK, talks about what it’s like to achieve this kind of fame in his 30s, the DIY road that he follows, and how he sees songwriting as a lost art form. Cinnamon also goes on to talk about how Reservoir Dogs, Neil Young’s Powderfinger, and his bouts of insomnia have influenced his career and songs. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
May 25, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... STRFKR
STRFKR frontman Joshua Hodges speaks with Kyle Meredith about the group’s surprise new record, Future Past Life. The Portland-based singer-songwriter discusses how the record finds the band taking a more acoustic-led direction, the raw honesty in the lyrics, and the dark stories that make up the set. Hodges also talks about having an astronaut fan who took their music to space and how they repaid the favor with a few Easter eggs. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
May 22, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Indigo Girls
Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls give Kyle Meredith a ring to discuss Look Long, their latest record that finds the folk rock duo reuniting with their lineup from ‘99’s Come On Now Social. Ray and Saliers discuss finding new sonic territory and how the lyrics take stock of their past. As social crusaders, both still find the activist fire burning strong and take a moment to speak about the environmental opportunity the world currently has with everyone staying at home.
May 20, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne gives Kyle Meredith a call to discuss her new single "Warriors". The Canadian-French pop star shares why she rewrote the anthem as a tribute to frontline workers, and how she’s able to keep anthem-sized ideas personal. She also retraces the journey behind her latest album, Head Above Water, which found her dealing with Lyme disease and nearly quitting music.
May 18, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Interpol's Paul Banks
Paul Banks calls up Kyle Meredith about his latest collaborative project Muzz. The Interpol frontman takes us through his history with his new bandmates and explains why trios seem to be his sweet spot these days. Of the lyrical content, we’re told many of the songs deal with mental health and its relationship with art, and were inspired by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young. Finally, Banks says he wants to make another record with RZA and confirms more Interpol records in the future. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
May 15, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Perfume Genius
Perfume Genius mastermind Mike Hadreas speaks with Kyle Meredith about new album Set My Heart On Fire Immediately. Together, they discuss how movement informed the record and its connections to the dance and music collaboration The Sun Still Burns Here. Hadreas also weighs in on writing songs with big changes, themes of masculinity, guitar sounds that recall My Bloody Valentine and Motown, and his dream-team backing band of Jim Keltner, Pino Palladino, and Matt Chamberlain. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
May 13, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Soundgarden's Kim Thayil
Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil jumps into the Delorean with Kyle Meredith to revisit the Screaming Life/FOPP compilation, the "Room Without a View" single, and how the Seattle band found inspiration in The Melvins, Malfunkshun, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and The Beatles. The guitarist also recalls writing page-turner music for the Encarta 95 program, the label issuing the Alive in the Superunknown CD-ROM, and forming The No WTO Combo alongside Krist Novoselic and Jello Biafra. Upon their return to the present, Thayil also says he was about to do a tour with The Blasters’ Dave Alvin before the shutdown, and then considers the prospects of a future solo album. Follow on Facebook  |  Podchaser  |  Twitter
May 11, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Tei Shi
Valerie Barbosa, aka Tei Shi, calls up Kyle Meredith to discuss her new single "Die 4 Ur Love" and her upcoming EP. The Columbian-Canadian singer talks about the difference in writing in Spanish vs. English, how this new set of songs came together in six days, and what to expect from the tracks we haven’t heard. She also discusses the mood during her last handful of pre-quarantine shows and the artistic chemistry she finds with collaborator Blood Orange.
May 8, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Alison Mosshart
Alison Mosshart jumps on the line with Kyle Meredith to talk about her new solo single "Rise" from the Facebook Watch series Sacred Lies. The Kills vocalist goes on to discuss her fondness of writing for film and TV, working with Alain Johannes, her recent obsession with making her own videos, and the upcoming B-side to "Rise" called "It Ain’t Water". Mosshart then goes further into the year to let us know about the Third Man Books re-release of Car Ma, its accompanying spoken word companion (“weird shit inspired by the book”), in addition to a small update on the next record from The Kills.
May 6, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Tori Amos
Tori Amos speaks with Kyle Meredith about her new book, Resistance: A Songwriter's Story of Hope, Change, and Courage. The second biography for the legendary singer-songwriter dives into her work amidst both collective and personal crises. Amos discusses her responsibility to speak out, how call-to-action songs come to fruition, and how her lyrics can be interpreted differently whether you're reading or singing them. Amos also talks about having to completely rewrite much of the book after losing her mother last year, and how the pandemic has changed the direction of the album she’s currently working on.
May 4, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Courtney Marie Andrews
Courtney Marie Andrews speaks with Kyle Meredith about Old Flowers and how it documents the end of a nine-year relationship. The Arizona-born singer-songwriter talks about the album’s journey, exposure through vulnerability, taking inspiration from a Jack Gilbert poem, and how a bottle of wine can help you come up with a pretty great melody. Andrews also recalls her multiple duets with the late John Prine, the most recent of which was this past New Year’s Eve during her debut Grand Ole Opry appearance.
May 1, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Oh Wonder
Oh Wonder singer-songwriters Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht give Kyle Meredith a call to discuss No One Else Can Wear Your Crown and the Home Tapes series, the latter of which they started writing, recording, and releasing soon after the pandemic shutdown took hold. The duo discuss the benefits of being so immediate, how "Lonely Star" speaks to our isolation, their collective burnout, and the importance of recognizing your own success and dreams.
April 29, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever singer-songwriters Fran Keany and Joe White give Kyle Meredith a call to discuss Sideways To New Italy. The two share what it was like to play Vic In the Park right before the worldwide shutdown and if releasing a record during this pandemic has changed how they regard the LP. Keany discusses how it's an album about their feelings of disconnection amidst life on the road, while White talks about leaning on love songs to help move forward.
April 27, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Sparks
Sparks lead singer Russel Mael gives Kyle Meredith a shout to discuss the band’s new record, A Steady Drip Drip Drip. The two dig into how some of the songs have already found new relevance during the current pandemic, how one song in particular speaks to an older classic regarding climate change, and the band’s excellent use of swearing. Mael also gives the scoop on an upcoming musical starring Adam Driver that the band wrote as well as a documentary on their history filmed and produced by Edgar Wright.
April 24, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... HAIM
HAIM gives Kyle Meredith a call to discuss their forthcoming third studio album, Women In Music Pt. III, due out this summer. The LA trio detail the confidence they had going into the studio, how their subconscious manifests into their own songwriting, and the importance of their sisterhood. Daniel Haim also speaks about giving Lou Reed a songwriting credit on first single “Summer Girl", creating a record that sonically feels like you’re in the room with them, and their ensuing collaborations with Paul Thomas Anderson.
April 22, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... AJR
AJR singer-songwriter Ryan Met speaks with Kyle Meredith about the band’s new single “Bang” and last year's Neotheater. Met discusses the brotherly trio’s ability to produce musically adventurous sounds, the fun of being self-referential, and their penchant for writing about growing up. He also weighs in finding emotional depth in pop culture, be it The Office or Beats by Dre; how they've sampled everywhere from the NYC subway system to David Lynch's Eraserhead; and their aversion to what they call homogenized music.
April 20, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Gavin Rossdale
Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale gives Kyle Meredith a call to discuss the band's upcoming album, The Kingdom. The alt-rock leader talks about the album’s central theme of self-improvement and how many songs stem from feelings of loneliness and searching for connection, all of which coincidentally line up for many people during the pandemic. Rossdale also discusses his penchant for using electric guitars for ballads, his continuing relationship with film composer Tyler Bates, an upcoming Bush live film, and his love of Louisville band Slint.
April 17, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Waxahatchee
Waxahatchee singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield gives Kyle Meredith a call to talk about her new album Saint Cloud. Crutchfield details how Lucinda Williams, Jason Molina, and the women of classic country leant a big influence to the record, how changing styles also changes how she writes, and the importance of places in her music. The Alabama-born artist also discusses her complicated relationship with the South when it comes to ideology and politics as well as being in a relationship with another artist when you know you’re writing songs about each other.
April 15, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Laura Marling
Laura Marling speaks with Kyle Meredith about her latest LP, Song For Our Daughter. The British singer-songwriter discusses the importance of challenging herself on the new set of songs, distinguishing the author from the product, her role in arming the next generation, and taking a bit of inspiration from Paul McCartney and Paul Simon. Marling is currently studying psychoanalysis and explains the impact that it's had on her songwriting, and later digresses on her live stream guitar lessons. And to top it all off, she even confirms the next LUMP record is complete.
April 13, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Sparta
Sparta mastermind Jim Ward gives Kyle Meredith a call to discuss the band’s first record in over a decade, Trust the River. The former At The Drive-In member talks about the tightrope of making old fans happy with new sounds, the importance of therapy and mental health, and staying optimistic in trying times. Ward is also a restaurant owner and dissects the struggles he's currently experiencing amidst the COVID-19 epidemic.
April 10, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Nicole Atkins
Nicole Atkins gives Kyle Meredith a call to discuss her new LP, Italian Ice. The Nashville-based songwriter talks about being an artist in a city that was hit by a tornado right before COVID-19 crept in and the impact that’s had on her career (Nicole also lived in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina). Born and raised in New Jersey, Atkins also talks about how the album reflects growing up on the boardwalks of Asbury Park, the scary stories her dad would tell, and recording in Muscle Shoals alongside the great Spooner Oldham. Speaking of guests, Spoon’s Brit Daniel, My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel, and Hamilton Leithauser also make appearances on the album, and Atkins tells us about those collaborations as well. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
April 8, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Ed O'Brien
Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien sits down with Kyle Meredith to discuss his debut solo LP, Earth. Topics include working with producer Flood, taking inspiration from Foals' Holy Fire, his love of gospel and soul, and dueting with Laura Marling. Within the record, O’Brien talks about the darkness of our environmental, political, and technological times, the importance of balancing that with light, and how a trip to Brazil was able to show him both sides. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
April 6, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Real Estate
Real Estate singer-songwriter Martin Courtney jumps on the line with Kyle Meredith to gab about new album The Main Thing. Courtney shares how he tried out new sounds to get invigorated about writing music again and called in outside collaborators like Amilia Meath from Sylvan Esso. He also explains how parental anxiety plays a big role in the songs as he at once sees his own childhood through his children’s eyes while struggling with a potentially harmful world that they’re growing into. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
April 3, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... All Time Low
All Time Low singer-songwriter Alex Gaskarth rings up Kyle Meredith to get into the details of Wake Up, Sunshine. Gaskarth discusses how the new album returns to the band’s roots and is a cathartic flip against the themes from last year’s Simple Creatures. He also waxes on about pop punk and how he’s taken inspiration from both Foo Fighters and Britney Spears. The lead singer also discusses having Blackbear and The Band CAMINO guest on the new LP and how COVID-19 has forced artists into creative marketing plans. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
April 1, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Stephen Malkmus
Stephen Malkmus talks to Kyle Meredith about his latest record, Traditional Techniques. The former Pavement frontman discusses using '60s and '70’s acoustic music as the inspiration, specifically the lighter side of Led Zeppelin. The legendary rockers have been on Malkmus’ mind after tweeting his track ranking of the Zozo album, so this interview gives him a chance to defend his lineup. Malkmus also talks about the generational bickering that arrives in the song “Flowin’ Robes” and Generation X’s ability to be lost in those conversations. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 30, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Best Coast
Best Coast returns with Always Tomorrow following a five-year gap that found Bethany Cosentino struggling with a creative block and dealing with her mental and physical health. The Los Angeles singer-songwriter calls Kyle Meredith to detail how she finally found her path forward. She also shares her deep love and appreciation for '80s-era Fleetwood Mac, her fandom for the Deftones, and what it’s like to play a Bernie Sanders rally. To top it all off, she even gives a quick shout out to White Reaper, who she calls “the best band in the world.” For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 27, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Wainwright speaks with Kyle Meredith about Unfollow The Rules, his first set of pop songs since 2012’s Out of the Game. The two discuss what he’s brought back to the genre, after spending the decade in classical and Shakespearian sonnets, and how he sees this as his second act with parallels to Leonard Cohen and Frank Sinatra’s late-career releases. Wainwright, who now lives in Los Angeles, also talks about the magic and history of Laurel Canyon, and its inspiration on the new songs, befriending and paying homage to Joni Mitchell, and how his many famous friends would make for a fine dinner party. The singer-songwriter also gives us a taste of what could come next, which involves a hard left turn from this current sound, and possibly a concentration on all things French. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 25, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Archers of Loaf
Archers of Loaf frontman Eric Bachmann gives Kyle Meredith a ring to talk about the first new music from the Chapel Hill band in 23 years. Bachmann takes us back to the first reunion shows that happened early last decade and the specific character that he must inhabit to write for the group. On that note, he discusses single “Raleigh Days”, which tells the story of the '90s scene that helped birth so many of their peers. Later on , Bachmann details their plans for an ongoing singles series before taking us back to 1995’s Vee Vee for its 25th anniversary. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 23, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Phantogram
Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter give Kyle Meredith a call to discuss their fourth LP, Ceremony. The duo explain how the album is essentially a rebirth for them after 2016’s Three, which dealt with the suicide of Barthel’s sister. The two share how they've been working on their own mental health, especially within a touring life that pushes many artists to depression and substance abuse. The trip-hop revivalists also talk about co-writing with Billy Corgan, being named as an inspiration by Billie Eilish, and the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough debut, Eyelid Movies. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 20, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Soccer Mommy
Soccer Mommy's Sophie Allison joins Kyle Meredith With... to unpack Color Theory. The Nashville singer-songwriter explains how the album is sectioned into three thematic colors: blue for depression, yellow for mental and physical illness, and gray for mortality. She shares how all three colors make up the stories of recent hurdles she and her family have faced amidst tough times. She also discusses her bouts of loneliness, why she relates water to sadness, taking inspiration from '90s music and '00s production, and her contribution to The Turning soundtrack. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 18, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Des Rocs
Des Rocs is a man on a mission and that mission is called Rock And Roll. The New York native speaks with Kyle Meredith about his quick rise to prominence and a history that stretches back to the band Secret Weapons. Rocs explains how he uses loneliness as momentum for writing, shares how he's taken inspiration from David Byrne/Talking Heads, and tells an embarrassing story about opening for The Rolling Stones. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 16, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Circa Waves
Circa Waves frontman Kieran Shudall speaks with Kyle Meredith about Sad Happy. The Liverpool-based singer-songwriter dives into the quick turnaround, his writing process, and how he sees this LP as a set to find out who the band really is after blasting off just a few years ago. Themes of class divide work their way into the music as the band becomes more politically vocal, siding with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in the recent UK election and comparing his platform to that of Bernie Sanders in the US. Shudall also weighs in on being a new parent, striving for more artistic choices over more safer sounds, taking inspiration from The Weeknd, and what to expect from the band’s upcoming Circa Fest. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 13, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... U.S. Girls
U.S. Girls creator Meghan Remy speaks with Kyle Meredith about Heavy Light, the new LP that finds the Toronto-based artist looking back at her childhood for answers. Remy discusses the importance of having a voice conductor on her team, which allowed for a pallet of harmonic wizardry and also gave the record depth through spoken word pieces that weave between the songs. Along with tour stories of rude tour managers and working in a patriarchy, Remy also throws some love to classic girl groups, which lent their own inspiration to the set. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 11, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Kodaline
Kodaline’s Steve Garrigan brings Kyle Meredith up to speed on everything going down in 2020. That starts with the new single “Where you Are”, which sets up their yet-to-be formally announced new album. Garrigan takes us through the reasons they chose to self-produce this time and how they recorded the entire record in a kitchen. He also discusses how the album takes a hard look into anxiety and mental health, two areas the frontman has been raising awareness on with U2's Adam Clayton and his Walk In My Shoes charity. Finally, though, Garrigan shares a charming story of a trip Kodaline recently took to India that involves a freeway chase by a super fan. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 9, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... King Krule
King Krule singer-songwriter Archy Marshall calls Kyle Meredith to discuss his latest album, Man Alive! The experimental songwriter details the effects of recently becoming a parent, writing about depression in the past tense, and getting inspiration from French film aliens. We also hear about collaborating with Nilufer Yanya on “(Don’t Let The Dragon) Draag On” and how, as he says, he just properly heard The Beatles for the first time while producing this LP. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 6, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... of Montreal
Of Montreal singer-songwriter Kevin Barnes calls Kyle Meredith to detail the outfit’s latest record, UR FUN. Together, they dig into its '80s influences, especially the sounds of Cyndia Lauper, Janet Jackson, and the mid-decade pop era. Barnes also connects the political climate of that time to what’s currently happening in Congress, and how those bigger themes find their way through many of these songs. The psychedelic-pop wizard also talks about combining references of art and pop culture into biographical moments, living with dissociative disorder, and simultaneously producing Locate S,1’s new album, resulting in a sister record to UR FUN. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 4, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Psychedelic Furs
After 29 years, The Psychedelic Furs have returned with a brand new album, Made of Rain. Co-founder Tim Butler speaks with Kyle Meredith about the reason for the absence of new music, finding new fans while catering to older ones alike, and gathering influence from bands who were originally influenced by the Furs. Butler also talks about this new set having more band input than ever before, bringing Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus to co-produce, and looking toward David Essex as a touchpoint for one of the songs. March 2020 also marks the 40th anniversary of the band’s self-titled debut, and Butler takes us back to 1980 to discuss what it was like coming from the punk era into a post- world. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 2, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Caribou
Caribou mastermind Dan Snaith speaks with Kyle Meredith about his new album Suddenly. The songwriter discusses the differences in where he left off musically on 2016’s Our Love to produce a set inspired by Alternative R&B and classic soul. Snaith also details how the album began by whittling down over 900 draft ideas, working with his best friend/sounding board Four Tet, and creating an album with loss as a central theme without creating something sad. We also get a preview on what to expect from the forthcoming tour, which will feature some grand visual elements. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
February 28, 2020
Kyle Meredith With... Nathaniel Rateliff
Nathaniel Rateliff rings up Kyle Meredith to discuss his latest album, And It’s Still Alright, which finds the “S.O.B.” artist returning to his singer-songwriter roots. Rateliff details how much of the writing came after the latest Night Sweats LP where he could look at his recent divorce with the clarity of a little more time. It was around then that his friend and longtime producer Richard Swift passed away, which gave the resulting songs even more weight. Still, Rateliff says that the main attraction of the new record is hope and dissects how to find the light in songs draped in darkness. On the much lighter side of life, we also hear about him teaming up with WIllie Nelson on their own cannabis line, as well as what opening for The Rolling Stones is like. For information regarding your data privacy, visit