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KZN Covid-19: Churches Respond

KZN Covid-19: Churches Respond

By KZN Covid-19: Churches Respond
KZN Covid-19: Churches Respond: We are a broad and inclusive coalition of Churches, Christian Associations, Ecumenical Networks and Ministers’ Fraternals committed to using our extensive footprint across the KwaZulu Natal Province, in South Africa, to respond more effectively to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Lockdown and their respective impact. Our work is convened by the KZN Christian Council. The KZNCC is a provincial fellowship of churches and church-based organisations, established in and affiliated to the SACC (SA Council of Churches). Its purpose is to help the churches of KwaZulu-Natal develop a united Christian response to the many challenges of our province.This podcasts captures some of the webinars produced as resources for our LEANs (Local Ecumenical Action Networks). For more see
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Migrants, Refugees & Xenophobia: What is the Church's Prophetic & Moral Role?
We have all seen the media and heard the discussions in the communities we lead - non-South African citizens are the target of anger, disappointment and frustration for many South Africans who are facing unemployment, poverty and hunger. Violence is on the rise with Afro-nationals fearing for safety of their families and livelihoods. Is there a role for the church at this moment? Do we turn a blind-eye given how much else we are dealing with in this season? Scripture suggests a radically different path is needed . And so what is our course of action? In this panel discussion we were joined by Bishop Nathi Zondi (Executive, KZNCC) Pastor Robert Ntuli (Theology Team, KZN Covid-19 Churches Respond), Daniel Byamung Dunia (ASONET), Bishop Mataboro Samson (Key Ministries International), Zekhethelo Cele (Attorney, Lawyers for Human Rights), Pastor Tito Haguma (FORGE / UNHCR Social Cohesion Project), Solange Mbonigaba (Tearfund) and Peter Watt (SteerCom, KZN Covid-19 Churches Respond). Please be in contact to join future discussions -
February 15, 2021
Provincial Prayer Meeting 21.01.21
This is a recording from our weekly provincial prayer meeting. We haven't included the breakout room prayers, but have included the list of things we prayed for. Please pray along with us as you listen. Please also join us for prayers every Thursday from 9-9:30am via Zoom. Please email to get the links. Thanks to the Msunduzi LEAN for leading these prayers.
January 25, 2021
LEANs: A discussion
In this episode, Pros Ndimande hosts a discussion with practitioners from Gauteng, the Western Cape and KZN who have been supporting the work of LEANs (Local Ecumenical Action Networks) since the Covid-19 Lockdown in South Africa. We look at where the idea of LEANs came from, what some of the work they've been doing has involved and what some of the theological thinking behind the work is.  LEANs in KZN are supported by the KZN Covid-19: Churches Respond Project, a project which is convened by the KZNCC. For more info visit
November 17, 2020
Indlela enesizotha yokwenza Imingcwabongaphansi kwesimo sokhuvethe
Hlanganyela noMfundisi uSizwe Ngcobo kwi-webinar yokubonisana ngezingunquko eziphoqwa ukhuvethe ekwenzeni imingcwabo. Injobo enhle ithungelwa ebandla. This session is in Zulu and looks at the practicalities of holding funerals during Covid-19. For more about the project visit
September 03, 2020
Walking with a grieving family in the context of Covid-19
So many in our communities have experienced grief and bereavement during Covid-19. Walking with families pastorally is difficult because of the requirements around social and physical distancing. In this webinar from August 2020 we reflect on the ways that this could be done. Thanks to Prof Moyo from UKZN for being the keynote speaker in this session, to Rev Mervyn Singh of the Anglican Church for being the discussant and Rev Philippa Cole of the Methodist Church for facilitating this discussion for us. For written notes, please visit 
August 25, 2020
Developing a counselling plan to respond to the psycho-social needs in your community during Covid:19
Our communities are under enormous stress and anxiety as a result of Covid-19 and the related lockdown and economic shutdown. How could we as the Church respond and support? What could a group of local churches - a LEAN - do to intervene and offer support and love to communities with major psycho-social stressors and needs? This podcast is based on a webinar we held looking at how Churches and LEANs could respond and what some of the basic considerations for putting together a counselling and pastoral care plan are. Enjoy!
August 20, 2020
Funerals - the practicalities of running a funeral during Covid:19
This podcast is a recording of a webinar we held on the 23 July 2020 based around a discussion for church leaders needing to conduct funerals in the time of Covid-19. Panelists reflected on their experiences and reflections from hosting funerals together with the government regulations in these seasons and what these mean for church leaders. The conversation was hosted by Prof Kumalo of UKZN in leads this project's theology team. For the full session notes pop over to and look in the LEANs tab.  
August 18, 2020
Domestic & Sexual Violence during Covid-19: Where is the Church
This is a recording of a webinar held on the 11th August 2020 as a part of the KZN Covid-19: Churches Respond Project. The session was for local Church Leaders and members of LEANs asking questions around: Are you concerned about rising levels of gender-based violence (GBV) during COVID-19? Are you worried that survivors may not feel safe to speak to you about what is happening to them? Do you know what to do if they did? Are you grappling with biblical teachings to help address underlying drivers of violence, at home, in church and on the streets? Do you want to open up these conversations in your church, but worry about tensions it might cause? The webinar was co-hosted with the WWSOSA and the KZNCC. For more information on the project visit
August 18, 2020
Community food gardens for food security
What does food security beyond relief look like? Is there a role for community food gardens? In this webinar discussion we hear from three experts, Grace Nkomo, Lillian Moloatle and Marshall Rinquest on this topic before we start discussing the role...
July 20, 2020