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Pastor Fred Diaries

Pastor Fred Diaries

By Alfred DaCosta
Diaries of Pastor Fred is the life of a youth pastor in a post-Christendom COVID-19 cultural context with all of its growth pains and glorious failures. Power packed with audio bites infused with personal struggles and interviews that are taboo to the stereotype of clergy. #mentalhealth is real and so I pause for those who have silently traveled this road before me alone and are now resting in peace. There must be another way. The mission has not changed. The methods will have to. We will explore that in this Podcast.
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Stay With Me
A sermon, a poem a song.
February 1, 2021
The song is an airplane crash of emotion The meeting is a board meeting with the staff of my heart.
January 17, 2021
All We Do is Fight
A song about fighting the battles of life. Today is a doctor visit that could change the trajectory of our lives. 
December 22, 2020
Advice Pt 1
Diary Entry about bad advice.
December 10, 2020
A day of bbq beef ribs and awkward exchange.
October 18, 2020
Why are you a Protestant? Christian? Adventist
If you are a listener outside of my class and have questions or concerns hit me up by text. I can clarify.
September 3, 2020
Tick Tok Body Image and COVID-19
This is a current events post for my Bible Class to choose for a topic of discussion tomorrow
August 26, 2020
When Love Grows Cold
Podcast in response to the recent acts of hatred in our country
June 2, 2020
Mother's Day 2020
This is a short interview of myself and my wife talking about the joys of motherhood.
May 11, 2020
Adversity is an invitation
December 12, 2019
Debt to Self
Pastor Mike is preaching this Sabbath from Exodus 36:1-7 and the title of the message is “What could God accomplish through us if every member were debt free?” So I began to imagine. To owe no one, avoid no one, fear no one. What a feeling! In this episode, I explore the concept of a phrase I  call “debt to self.” It is a condition that makes debt collectors blush and can only be remedied in Christ, “death to self.”
November 8, 2019
Lifting Up Karen Galindo 🙏
We go way back to Wichita. If you know her, give her a shoutout. If you don't, do it anyway 😁
October 1, 2019
Little Choices
Mishap at the grocery store that almost costed me dinner
September 26, 2019
Lifting Up Mabel Today
Comes from 2 John 1:6. If you know her or don't know her, call into the station and send some positive words, I'll add it to the podcast
September 25, 2019
Colossians 3:23
Verse of the day where customers can chime in and share what the verse means to them
August 5, 2019
This is a Sabbath School class.  I recorded the responses of the students and do some improv to demonstrate the principle driven home. 
July 28, 2019
Pile Freestyle
Number one hit single Pile. Based on Psalm 55:22
July 25, 2019
To Itzel
Snap streak shout outs
July 18, 2019
To Marriie:
Snap streak shout outs
July 18, 2019
To Yareimi
Snap streak shout
July 18, 2019
To La Parce:
Snap streak shout outs
July 18, 2019
To Gisselle:
Snap streaks shout out
July 18, 2019
To Mariah:
Snap streak shout outs
July 18, 2019
To Vania:
Snap streak shout outs
July 18, 2019
Snap streak shout outs
July 18, 2019
To Chrinta:
Snap streak shout out
July 18, 2019
To Sandra:
Snapchat streaks shout out
July 18, 2019
To Bribri:
Giving snap streak shout outs
July 18, 2019
To Dariel:
Giving shout outs to my snap streak friends
July 18, 2019
To Valeria:
Giving shout outs to my snap streak friends
July 18, 2019
To Carlo:
Shout out to my snap streak friends
July 18, 2019
To Bibyanaaa:
Giving a shout out to my snap streak friends
July 18, 2019
To Alejandro:
Giving shout outs to my snap streak friends 🔥
July 18, 2019
Giving shout outs to my snap streak friends
July 18, 2019
To Kelly
Giving shout outs to my snap streak 🔥friends
July 18, 2019
To Oscar
Giving a shout out to my Snapchat streaks 🔥
July 18, 2019
To Camila
Giving shout outs to my Snapchat streaks
July 18, 2019
To Jojo
Giving shout outs to my Snapchat streaks Jojo and I are on day four
July 18, 2019
To Xiara Ep 1
Just a personal message to my new friend I met at camp. We are five days strong in our 🔥 streak
July 18, 2019
Newsletter Ep 2: Telepathy
I write the newsletter for the church a time or two per month. I thought I would make it in audio for since no one reads it lol. Its about Elon Musk, creativity and what that looks like in eternity. 
July 18, 2019
To my son: Ep 1 Story Time
Moses usually gets up early and we have a devotional before your school but since summer woke up around now and we are just reading about Sodom and Gommorah
July 16, 2019
To Mike: Ep 2 History of Baptism
Preparing for pastors meeting and reading articles assigned
July 16, 2019
To Mike: Ep 1 How the doctrine of baptism changed
I meet every Tuesday with two other pastors at the church and we cover topics that green pastors such as myself need to know as we gain experience and learn how to manage a Church. We pick a topic in this particular one has to do with baptism and it’s pretty interesting to see how the form has changed. In the very last segment I give my feedback on what I think of all of it so stay tuned
July 16, 2019
To Denis: Ep 1 Inside Out
Dennis is one of the head elders at my church and is an exceptional leader. He was a former CEO that climbed the wrungs of success using a different model. He has assigned me some reading as we will take the journey together and glean from his experience.
July 16, 2019
To Lori Ep 1
I met Lori and Nebraska City the town of 7000 people out of small Adventist church. She was always very down to earth. We always would have spiritual conversations at the park after potluck and time and distance and circumstance have put us in different places in the world. I sent a text after scrolling through my messages and remembered our friendship. Reschedule the time and give each other a ring and it was good to reminisce and talk about the condition of the world we’re living in today and how it is affecting us in real time. She asked me to send a book and I thought I would read the chapters out of victory in Jesus as the piece de resistance
July 16, 2019
Message to a friend going through a hard time at 11:09 PM
Couple of stories the talk about relationships
July 16, 2019
Earthquake Aftermath in California July 4th
Celebrating July 4th with an earthquake is not fun. A 6.4 Earthquake registered yesterday in California near Bakersfield in Ridgecrest near Kern County.  Today's episode talks about the aftermath. Everything from what insurance will cover, logarithms, and earthquakes in the lives of the people we love. It all makes the same request David does in Psalm 6.4.
July 5, 2019
How Bad is a 6.4 Earthquake on the Richter Scale?
A 6.4 Earthquake registered today in California near Bakersfield in Ridgecrest near Kern County. According to the United States Geological Survey, the quake struck at 10:33 a.m. Pacific time with the epicenter 7.5 miles southwest of Searles Valley at a depth of 6.6 miles.  Stop Googling  Richter , Charles Richter died a long time ago. Try the "moment magnitude." Looks like this is a more accurate way to measure these seismic events. Today's episode describes this in more detail and asks a question based on Psalm 6.4
July 4, 2019
June 29th Newsletter
This is the Women's World Cup Edition of the monthly newsletter I write for the church. Gives some insight for the nonfluent to be able to carry a conversation in the self checkout line.
June 30, 2019
Game On Part 1
I want to talk about gaming on a whole other level. Gamification in life, in play, with purpose. Makes learning fun. This will be perhaps 1 of 4 in  series.
June 27, 2019
Utmost Reflections
June 21, 2019
Utmost Reflections: Called
8:26 am • 8:26 am • Coffee Shop • My plan • Let’s transition • For now • Wife sent text • Text Message • Christ Calls • Called • Secret disciples life • Discipleship
June 19, 2019
How to change a Culture
Featuring Siri in a hyper literal definition of Culture and a student from my Junior Bible class. The combo is the beginnings of change.
March 6, 2019
Day in the Life of January 15th
Another Day
January 16, 2019
Day in the Life of Monday Fourteenth
A series of events taken place this day.
January 15, 2019
Christmas Cheers 🍻
This episode is a combination of warm Christmas wishes and the old Sitcom Cheers. It is an attempt to open a series dedicated to the theme of "belonging."
December 21, 2018
Episode 101: Colossians 1:20 Pt 1
September 18, 2018
Episode 100: Men vs Women
This is a silly 11 min introduction to an inductive Bible study coming from Colossians chapter 1:20.
September 10, 2018
Episode 100: Keto Troubles
September 2, 2018
Episode 01: Morning Reflect 1 John 4:13-15
Was reading 1 John 4:13-15 this morning and this is what came to mind
August 9, 2018
Episode 98: What are you Living 4 Today?
Todays Episode is about 3 things. An awesome app I found called Apartment List An awesome software at A connection with a fellow Anchor friend that was missing in action for a while.
July 7, 2018
Update: Miss You
This is into planned podcast it is an update of all of my recent activity that has kept me away from doing what I love the most and that is podcasting. In this episode I talk about new ideas I’m playing with four podcast ideas some new technology have been playing with and an upcoming demonstration of those things at work
June 7, 2018
Moon Shards
On a quest for moon shards. This is also a quick check-in for our progress on day 4 of the Keto Challenge. Wife reports noticeable changes.
April 20, 2018
The Tavern
The hardest thing to do is take a break. Join me in the tavern. 🎧Use headphones for a steriophonice multimedia experience 🎧
April 11, 2018
The Foe Called Fear
March 24, 2018
March 24, 2018
March 24, 2018
Hidden Treasure
This weeks challenge is based on a true story about a hidden treasure that changed my son's day. Call into the station or comment in the link in the profile. I would like to share your experience.
March 16, 2018
What are your water habits?
One of the hardest things for me is staying hydrated. I am using gamification at the present. How much water have you had today?
February 28, 2018
Defeating the Dehydrator
Siral is lost wandering in the desert. He runs into what he believes to be a mirage. Her name is Rhonda. In the end we find she is a foe that every one of us battle daily.
February 27, 2018
What is your baseline?
February 23, 2018
Afraid \ud83d\ude31
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 L4H Podcast Inspiring me to Say Goodbye to Fear in 2018 \u2022 L4H Podcast Inspiring me to Say Goodbye to Fear in 2018 \u2022 Voice \u2022 L4H Podcast Inspiring me to Say Goodbye to Fear in 2018 \u2022 Living 4 Him \u2022 L4H Podcast Inspiring me to Say Goodbye to Fear in 2018 \u2022 Fear \u2022 L4H Podcast Inspiring me to Say Goodbye to Fear in 2018 \u2022 2018 #yearnofear \u2022 Yearn of ear \ud83d\udc42\ud83c\udffb \u2022 L4H Podcast Inspiring me to Say Goodbye to Fear in 2018 \u2022 Thanks \u2022 Me saying goodbye to fear
January 20, 2018
Amazing Journey \ud83c\udf36
Amazing Journey \u2022 A Plan \u2022 What are you Living 4? \u2022 Amazing Journey \u2022 Something to live 4 \u2022 Amazing Journey \u2022 Love \u2764\ufe0f Circle \u2b55\ufe0f \u2022 Amazing Journey \u2022 Spouse Prayer \u2022 Amazing Journey \u2022 Anxiety \u2022 Amazing Journey \u2022 Chili \u2022 Chili \ud83c\udf36 411 \u2022 Preparing chili \u2022 Chili ambience
January 16, 2018
Glitchy Blessings
Accidental recording \u2022 Figured it out I think \u2022 Figured it out I think \u2022 Figured it out I think \u2022 Hello! \u2022 Hello! \u2022 Figured it out I think \u2022 Hello! \u2022 Hello! \u2022 Figured it out I think \u2022 The journey is vital \u2022 The journey is vital \u2022 The journey is vital \u2022 The journey is vital \u2022 You nailed exactly what's on my mind today... \u2022 You nailed exactly what's on my mind today... \u2022 Hello! \u2022 You nailed exactly what's on my mind today... \u2022 You nailed exactly what's on my mind today... \u2022 Spiritual glitches
January 13, 2018
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 \ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udfff\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffe\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffc\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffb\ud83d\udc4b \u2022 \ud83d\udc42\ud83d\udc42\ud83c\udfff\ud83d\udc42\ud83c\udffe\ud83d\udc42\ud83c\udffd\ud83d\udc42\ud83c\udffc\ud83d\udc42\ud83c\udffb \u2022 Pieces of me? \u2022 Shoutout to The Book of Revelation \u2022 Shoutout to Go Local \u2022 Shoutout to Improv Is Life \u2022 Living for... Kiddos \u2022 Genius of the day \u2022 Shoutout to Victoria Bacon \u2022 Genius Confirmed \u2022 \u270b\ud83c\udfff\u270b\ud83c\udffe\u270b\ud83c\udffd\u270b\ud83c\udffc\u270b\ud83c\udffb\u270b\ufe0f \u2022 #hand.... \u2022 \ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffe \u2022 The Salad Story\ud83e\udd13
January 11, 2018
Saying Goodbye to Fear in 2017
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 24 anchorthon is coming \u2022 Living for at the MOMENT \u2022 Me saying goodbye to fear \u2022 Goodbye \ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd Fear
December 29, 2017
School Status Currently
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 School \u2022 What about you? \u2022 Harry Fonda and performance anxiety \u2022 Harry Fonda and performance anxiety \u2022 Semester complete \u2022 What about you? \u2022 School pt1 \u2022 School pt2 \u2022 School pt3 \u2022 School pt4 \u2022 School (fin)
December 29, 2017
Ferdinand Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Ever read this book growing up? \u2022 Ferdinand \u2022 What about you? \u2022 Thanks for listening
December 29, 2017
Purple Colored Dreams
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Purple Commercials \u2022 Commercialism \u2022 Your Brain on Drugs \u2022 Restless Nights \u2022 Purple Mattress \u2022 What about You? \u2022 Mattress stats
December 29, 2017
My Emmisivity Constant
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 A little about heat \u2022 My Emissivity Constant \ud83d\udc4e \u2022 Value Place \u2022 Thanks for listening
December 29, 2017
Working In Groups
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 At Arby\u2019s \u2022 Today\u2019s show \u2022 Personality types \u2022 Ice Breaker \u2022 Listening \u2022 \ud83d\udcbc \u2022 Stupid Q & A \u2022 McDonald\u2019s ambience \u2022 What am I living for
December 18, 2017
The Pee Pee Dance 💃 🚽
Back for a bit \u2022 Pee Pee Dance \ud83d\udc83 \ud83d\udebd \u2022 Interview \u2022 \ud83d\udc7c\ud83c\udffb
December 15, 2017
What Trinna is Living 4 Today
What is Trinna living for today???? \u2022 What Trinna is Living 4 Today \u2022 1 Peter 5:8 \u2022 Saving grace! \u2022 Good Morning and a REQUEST \u2022 Shoutout to Brightbeautifulworld
December 14, 2017
Meet Slangsmith Radio 📻
Found this station \u2022 Slangsmith Radio \u2022 What Slangsmith does \u2022 The Hair Cut \u2022 How He started writing \u2022 What are you living 4? \u2022 Shoutout to Slangsmith Radio
December 14, 2017
3 Ways to Die 💀
Never die?!? \u2022 Second Death \u2022 3rd Death \u2022 Ambience \u2022 Drink \u2022 Back to the story
December 13, 2017
Oral Hygiene song
Now you\u2019re family \u2022 Brush and Floss (Not in that order) \u2022 What I had for lunch part 1 of 3 \u2022 Cauliflower Rice \u2022 What I had for lunch part 3 of 3 \u2022 \ud83d\ude33 \u2022 Living \u2022 Trinna!!
December 11, 2017
Morning Musings 12/5/Tue
Morning Musings
December 6, 2017
Living 4 Jess I the Flesh
Morning Musings \u2022 Accidental recorded ambience \u2022 Never let go \u2022 Jack! \u2022 What are you Living 4 today \u2022 Jess in the Flesh! \u2022 Thanks for the Shout Out!!
December 5, 2017
To Azriel
Local Shops \u2022 Azriel at the Paper Kite \u2022 Thanks Azriel \u2022 Cindy @ Pattino \ud83d\udc5e Boutique \u2022 Break Time
November 29, 2017
Living 4 Azriel
Good morning \u2022 Starbucks Urine \u2022 Just Breathe \u2022 Hiccups \u2022 \u2615\ufe0f Shop ambience \u2022 Time for work \u2022 Local Shops \u2022 Azriel at the Paper Kite \u2022 Thanks Azriel \u2022 Cindy @ Pattino \ud83d\udc5e Boutique \u2022 Break Time \u2022 \u23ee \u2022 Starbucks Urine \u2022 Starbucks or urine? You left us hanging\u2026 or Urine big trouble? \u2022 Why?!?!? \ud83d\ude2d
November 29, 2017
Living 4 Mowhawk Momma Soul
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Mowhawk Momma Soul! \u2022 What are you living 4 right now? \u2022 Healing Water \ud83d\udca7 \u2022 What I am living 4 at the moment \u2022 Healing Lungs \u2022 How are you? \u2022 The good side \u2022 Sweet Potato Bites \u2022 Healing Food \ud83e\udd58 \u2022 True Activism starts with me \u2022 For my Sister in Law \u2022 Energy Drink \u2022 Choices \u2022 Healing Water Full Circle \u2022 Shoutout to Mohawkmomma Soul
November 24, 2017
Living 4 Bboy MarioKart
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Bboy MarioKart! \u2022 What I miss \u2022 Community \u2022 What are you living 4? \u2022 Foster Care \u2022 Youtube? \u2022 Break yo neck \u2022 Bboy Mario Kart Out \u2022 Thanks \u2022 Shoutout to BboyMarioKart \u2022 \ud83e\udd32\ud83c\udffe\ud83c\udf60\ud83d\ude4f\ud83c\udffe\ud83c\udf60\ud83d\udcaa\ud83c\udffe \u2022 Tofu
November 24, 2017
Living 4 3ONE8 Radio 📻
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Shane from 3ONE8 Radio! \u2022 What is Shane living 4 today? \u2022 What are you living 4? \u2022 Not a big fan \u2022 Bragging Rights \u2022 The Switch \u2022 Wii U \u2022 Living 4 Camay \u2022 Scent of liberation! \u2022 WWII and Camay \u2022 Irish Spring \u2022 Favorite body soap \u2022 Liquid or bar? \u2022 Liquid & Bar Soap \u2022 Charcoal \u2022 Siblings \u2022 Shoutout to 3ONE8 Radio
November 23, 2017
Living 4 Zakia
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Zakia Ringgold! \u2022 What are you living 4? \u2022 Living 4 Camay \u2022 Soap \u2022 A little about Zakia \u2022 Irish Spring \u2022 Thanksgiving \u2022 Website \u2022 About \u2022 Soap \u2022 Soap for days \u2022 Favorite Dish soap \u2022 Favorite hand soap \u2022 Favorite body soap \u2022 Liquid or bar?
November 21, 2017
Living 4 Positive Vibes
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Positive Vibes! \u2022 Rejected \ud83d\ude45\u200d\u2642\ufe0f \u2022 No Name \u2022 \ud83d\ude2d \u2022 Don't Judge A Book by its Cover \u2022 PV \u2022 What PV is all about \u2022 Dinner? \u2022 What PV is Living 4 \u2022 Closing \u2022 Shoutout to PositiveVibes
November 21, 2017
Living 4 Jase
\u260e\ufe0f \u2022 Jase Live! \u2022 On Hold LOL \u2022 What are you Living 4? \u2022 Carry vs Take \u2022 Getting Ready to vs Fixing To \u2022 Eat on it \u2022 \ud83d\udc18 \u2022 My Pride and Prejudice \u2022 Examples \u2022 Prayer with Jase
November 18, 2017
Living 4 Travis Moffitt
Travis Moffitt Live! \u2022 \ud83d\ude33 \u2022 At Walmart \u2022 Travis talks business \u2022 Sales \u2022 Roblox \u2022 Noah Live!
November 17, 2017
Water 💧 Accountability Partner
Tag!!! \u2022 \ud83d\udca6
November 17, 2017
Living 4 Just Jenafer
Just Jenafer Live
November 17, 2017
Living 4 Josh Newton
Josh Newton Live!
November 17, 2017
Living 4 Kap_Wildn_
Kap_wildn_ LIVE! \u2022 Kap_wildn_ Response \u2022 Shoutout to Kap_wildn_
November 17, 2017
Living 4 Innovation Timing
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 The Innovation Intern! \u2022 What Emily is Living 4 \u2022 When is the right time? \u2022 My answer \u2022 Lemonade not Orange Juice
November 15, 2017
Living 4 All Things Glam
Good Morning \u2600\ufe0f \u2022 All Things Glam! \u2022 All Things Glam! \u2022 What Are you doing this morning? \u2022 Surgery \u2022 Fish for days \u2022 God's Timing \u2022 Application
November 15, 2017
Rest in Christ Perla 😞
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Bad News \u2022 Murder \u2022 Cain \u2022 Potluck
November 14, 2017
Living 4 Victoria
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 What are you living for? \u2022 Victoria Bacon LIVE! \u2022 Victoria Bacon LIVE! \u2022 4him \u2022 Everything Glam
November 14, 2017
Oceans 🌊
Song \u2022 Oceans \u2022 Oceans
November 14, 2017
Count On Me
Time to count \u2022 \ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Burt? \u2022 Jase! \u2022 You are appreciated \u2022 Times tables \u2022 Count on Me... not me Jesus \u2022 Count on Me... not me Jesus
November 7, 2017
Reverse Idolatry
Good Morning \u2600\ufe0f \u2022 Squirrels \u2022 Snuggie \u2022 Unstarring you \u2022 Brain hack \u2022 Credit Card \ud83d\udcb3 # \u2022 B N W I T O E F T L A D F E \u2022 Jesus \u2022 Jewelry \u2022 Back up! \u2022 Pop lock and stumble block \u2022 Lord of the Ring \u2022 Reverse idolatry \u2022 Light and glory and grace \u2022 \u2764\ufe0f
November 3, 2017
The Can Opener
The Can Opener
November 2, 2017
Body image
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 \ud83d\udcaf \u2022 \ud83d\ude34 \u2022 \ud83d\udc42 \u2022 Eric and Victoria \u2022 Um disclaimer \u2022 \ud83d\ude07 \u2022 The plan for this show today \u2022 1st question \u2022 Kim Kardashian's Butt \u2022 \ud83d\udec0 \u2022 Moving Fast \u2022 \ud83d\udc4d \u2022 \ud83d\ude15 \u2022 \ud83d\ude01 \u2022 Time \u2022 \ud83e\udd21 \u2022 Hoes and Nuns \u2022 Reconciliation...
October 27, 2017
J 12:20
John 12:20-27
October 13, 2017
Ms Butterworth or Aunt Jemimah
Mrs Butterworth or Aunt Jemimah \u2022 Mrs Butterworth or Aunt Jemimah
September 21, 2017
Ethical Miracle Whip Pt 5
\ud83d\ude2c \u2022 \ud83c\udfc3\ud83c\udffc \ud83d\udca8 \u2022 \ud83c\udfc3\ud83c\udffc \u2022 Aaaah! \u2022 \ud83d\udc6e \ud83d\udea8 \ud83d\ude97 \u2022 \ud83d\ude10 \u2022 \ud83d\udc81\ud83c\udffd\u200d\u2642\ufe0f \u2022 \ud83d\udc69\u200d\u2696\ufe0f \u2022 The dead Samaritan \u2022 \ud83e\udd14 \u2022 \ud83d\ude2c \u2022 Nudnik \u2022 \ud83d\udc4f \u2022 Hello \u2022 \ud83d\udc42 \u2022 Ayn Rand \u2022 Positives \u2022 1 \u2022 2 \u2022 More later \u2022 End
September 19, 2017
Ethical Miracle Whip Pt 4
\ud83c\udf32 \u2022 \ud83d\ude34 \ud83d\ude33 \u2022 \ud83c\udfc3\ud83c\udffc \u2022 Aaaah! \u2022 \ud83d\udc4d \u2022 \ud83d\udc6e \u2022 \ud83e\udd1a \u2022 \ud83d\udc7d \u2022 \ud83d\udc42 \u2022 Dead Dreamer \u2022 \ud83d\ude2d\ud83d\ude12\ud83d\ude29\ud83d\ude24 \u2022 Hello \u2022 \ud83d\ude43 \u2022 Ayn Rand \u2022 \ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Ayn Rand \u2022 There's a problem with objectivity \u2022 Kurt in the \ud83c\udfe1
September 14, 2017
Ethical Miracle Whip Pt 3
\ud83c\udf3d \u2022 7x7x7 \u2022 \ud83c\udfc3\ud83c\udffc \u2022 Aaaah! \u2022 \ud83d\udc4d \u2022 \ud83e\udd17 \u2022 Coming Up \u2022 Ayn Rand \u2022 Bye \ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd
September 12, 2017
Ethical Miracle Whip Pt 2
\ud83d\udc4f \u2022 \ud83d\udcb0 \u2614\ufe0f \u2022 Rain Dance \u2022 \ud83d\udc83 \u2022 Novella \u2022 Run \u2022 Aaaah! \u2022 \ud83d\udc4d \u2022 Stay tuned \u2022 Ethical Miracle Whip Pt 2 \u2022 Watch out! \u2022 Coming up next \u2022 James 1:3
September 9, 2017
☔️ 💃
\ud83d\udc4f \u2022 \ud83d\udcb0 \u2614\ufe0f \u2022 Rain Dance \u2022 \ud83d\udc83 \u2022 Novella \u2022 Run \u2022 Aaaah! \u2022 \ud83d\udc4d \u2022 Stay tuned \u2022 Forecast \u2022 Ethical Miracle Whip Pt 2 \u2022 Watch out! \u2022 \ud83c\udf5b \u2022 Coming up next \u2022 James 1:3 \u2022 \ud83c\udfc1 \ud83d\udcb3 \u2022 \ud83c\udf83 \u2022 Next \u2022 Psalms 120:1 \u2022 \u270c\ufe0f \ud83d\udc76\ud83c\udffc \u2022 Up n...
September 9, 2017
Ethical Miracle Whip Pt 1
\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd\ud83d\udc4f\ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd\ud83d\udc4f \u2022 \ud83d\udcb0 \u2022 \ud83d\ude34 \u2022 \ud83c\udfc3\ud83c\udffc \u2022 Aaaah! \u2022 \ud83d\udc4d \u2022 \ud83e\udd1d \u2022 \ud83d\udc42 \u2022 \ud83d\udc4f \u2022 Apple \u2022 \ud83d\udca8 \u2022 \ud83c\udf0e \u2022 \ud83e\udd14 \u2022 \ud83d\udc4e \u2022 \ud83d\udd25 \u2022 \ud83d\ude07 \u2022 \ud83d\udca1 \u2022 \ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffd
August 30, 2017
Bitter Dulcet
Hi \u2022 Missed you all \u2022 Mashed potato scoop \u2022 Ethics \u2022 Word \u2022 Dulcet \u2022 Forecast
August 25, 2017
Left at the Fork 🍴?
\ud83c\udf1e \u2022 \ud83d\udd2a \u2022 \ud83c\udfc3\ud83c\udffc \u2022 \ud83d\udde3 \u2022 Aaaah! \u2022 Me \u2022 Forecast \u2022 \ud83d\ude4f\ud83c\udffd \u2022 \ud83c\udfde \u2022 \ud83c\udfc3\ud83c\udffc \u2022 \ud83d\udd25 \u2022 Praying for you\ud83d\udc4d \u2022 \ud83d\udca1 \ud83d\udca1\ud83d\udca1\ud83d\udca1\ud83d\udca1\ud83d\udca1\ud83d\udca1\ud83d\udca1\ud83d\udca1 \u2022 God's \ud83e\udd1a \u2022 Providence? \u2022 \ud83d\ude33 \u2022 TBH \u2022 \ud83d\udc4f
August 23, 2017
Super Lullaby Power
\ud83c\udf1e \u2022 \ud83c\udfe0\ud83d\udcb0 \u2022 \ud83e\udd1a \u2022 \ud83e\udd58 \u2022 \ud83c\udfc3\ud83c\udffc \u2022 Aaaah! \u2022 \ud83d\udc4d \u2022 \ud83d\ude34 \u2022 \ud83d\ude33 \u2022 Word \u2022 Nocuous Challenge \u2022 \ud83d\ude34 \u2022 Sermon Clip Pt 1 \u2022 Sermon Clip Pt 2
August 21, 2017
Introspective Birthday 🎉
Special Edition \u2022 Warning \u2022 Thankful \u2022 \ud83d\udd25 \u2022 \ud83c\udf82 \u2022 \ud83c\udf81 \u2022 \ud83d\ude4a \u2022 \ud83e\udd87 \u2022 \ud83d\ude0e
August 19, 2017
\ud83c\udfe1 \u2022 \ud83c\udfc3\ud83c\udffc \u2022 Aaaah! \u2022 \ud83d\ude33 \u2022 Me \u27a1\ufe0f\ud83c\udfc3\ud83c\udffc \u2022 Forecast \u2022 \ud83d\ude44 \u2022 \ud83d\udc79 \u2022 \ud83d\ude35 \u2022 \ud83d\udcf8 \u2022 \ud83d\ude42 \u2022 \ud83e\udd1c\ud83d\udc1f \u2022 Foodeatcook \u2022 \ud83d\ude4f\ud83c\udffd\u23f1 \u2022 \u2693\ufe0f\ud83d\udc6a\ud83d\udc68\u200d\ud83d\udc69\u200d\ud83d\udc67\u200d\ud83d\udc66\ud83d\udc68\u200d\ud83d\udc69\u200d\ud83d\udc66\u200d\ud83d\udc66 \u2022 Shoutout to Popcorn Finance \ud83c\udf7f \u2022 Bro \u2022 Kindermare \u2022 To...
August 18, 2017
Crock Pot Tater Tot 🌮 Heaven
Good morning \u2022 Crock \u2022 Requiem \u2022 Living for something \u2022 Aaaah! \u2022 \ud83d\ude33 \u2022 Join me \u2022 I'm driving \u2022 I passed! \u2022 What I am wearing \u2022 Do you know this song? \u2022 ? \u2022 KT \u2022 \ud83c\udf2e \u2022 Thank you for improving my day \u2022 R...
August 16, 2017
Church Ambience
Just Ambience
August 13, 2017
Dirty Mammals
Good Morning \u2600\ufe0f \u2022 Take 1 \u2022 Take 2 \u2022 Take 3 \u2022 This Show \u2022 Extra \u2022 Dayngr Zone \u2022 Dirty mammals \u2022 Prayer Minute \u2022 Left Neighbor \u2022 The News \u2022 That's all you need to know. \u2022 The Ski...
August 12, 2017
Goodbye world 🌎
Good Morning \ud83d\ude03 \u2022 Goodbye \ud83c\udf0e \u2022 Broken \u2022 Detox \u2022 Harping Pun intended \u2022 Still \u2022 Smule Challenge
August 11, 2017
Perfect 👌🏽 Promise
Good Morning \u2600\ufe0f \u2022 Today's Show \u2022 Definition \u2022 Coffee \u2615\ufe0f Black \u2022 Covenant Types \u2022 Adhesi\363n \u2022 Covenant Types \u2022 Grrrrrrreat! \ud83d\udc2f \u2022 Hebrews 8:6-13 \u2022 Face Tat \u2022 Old Commandments? \u2022 Found my Flow \u2022 Just chee...
August 10, 2017
Promise Part 1️⃣
Good morning \u2022 Choppy \u2022 Bad anticipation \u2022 Rude? \u2022 Promise \u2022 Studying Galatians \u2022 Improv \u2022 Hagar for hire \u2022 Consumer review \u2022 Kombucha \u2022 Prayer Minute \u2022 Dad \u2022 Dr Ambience \u2022 No words \u2022 Thank you Jes...
August 9, 2017
A Busy Day
Good morning \u2022 Word Picture \u2022 Glad that worked out \u2022 So cool \u2022 He's awake \u2022 \ud83d\ude48 \u2022 The Answer \u2022 Prayer minute \u2022 Mom \u2022 My favorite \ud83d\udcda \u2022 Siri Racha \u2022 Preprayer for everything get it? Prepare?!? Ya! \u2022 Gue...
August 8, 2017
Blind Spots
Good morning! \ud83d\ude03\u2600\ufe0f \u2022 Acappella scripture song challenge \u2022 Psalms 61:2 \u2022 Today's Consumer Review \u2022 Coming Up \u2022 Practical Living Tip # 6543.1 \u2022 Man candles?! \u2022 Man candles !! \u2022 Part one \u2022 Part 2 \u2022 Part...
August 7, 2017
Preparation Day
Preparation Day \u2022 Ambient Sounds of Coffee \u2615\ufe0f \u2022 Coming up next \u2022 Philippians 1:6 \u2022 Digging Deeper \u2022 More ambient cleaning sounds. \u2022 Receptacle Depurgation Chief Executive \u2022 Driving to Walmart \u2022 Wha...
August 5, 2017
Confidence \u2022 Guess my Favorite \ud83c\udfa5 \u2022 Shoutout to Leah Clevett \u2022 Dedicated to Leah \u2022 Shoutout to Rachel B \u2693 \u2022 Dedicated to Rachel B \u2022 Shoutout to Jess In The Flesh \u2022 Dedicated to Jess In The Flesh \u2022 S...
August 4, 2017
Christ Tough
Today's Show \u2022 Role Models \u2022 The Challenge \u2022 Shots All Around \ud83d\udc89 \u2022 Coming up tonight \u2022 Freestyle for Wednesday
August 3, 2017
The Big Test
Multiple Choice Guy \u2022 Motivational music, I might market this stuff \u2022 Epic Cleaning \u2022 Test Results \u2022 Kurt is in the House \ud83c\udfe1 \u2022 Deja Vu \u2022 0000000000000000000000000000000000000
August 2, 2017
A Family Feud
Good Morning \u2022 Bonafide \ud83d\udc33 \u2022 Shout outs vs replies \u2022 Ephesians 6:10-13 \u2022 Strong \ud83d\udcaa in Who? \u2022 \u2694\ufe0f Battle Strong \u2694\ufe0f \u2022 What is Strong \ud83d\udcaa Today? \u2022 Army Strong \u2022 Another Strong \u2022 Strong Black Woman \u2022 Black Wo...
August 1, 2017
The Big Meeting
Good Morning \u2022 Pray with me Requests below \u2022 Parked at the \ud83c\udfe8Facing the \ud83c\udf3d \u2022 Education Prostitute \u2022 Morton Salt Girl \u2022 The Move \u2022 My Precious \u2022 Asking the Why \u2022 The End \u2022 At the Crossroads so you won...
July 29, 2017
News You Can Use
Good Morning \ud83c\udf1e \u2022 News I can Use \u2022 What do you think \ud83d\udcad? \u2022 And she's not even embarrassed \u2022 Good Night
July 28, 2017
The Spirit of 💥 , ❤️ & a 🔊 Mind
It's \u2614\ufe0f \u2022 Kurt is in the house \ud83c\udfe1 \u2022 Previously on Living4himPodcast \u2022 Mc Christ Ephesians 2:4-6 \u2022 Christian biases \u2022 A Disclaimer \u2022 The Bottom Line \u2022 \ud83d\ude4f\ud83c\udffd \ud83d\ude4c\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Pray with me Requests below \u2022 Coming Up N...
July 27, 2017
Divine Appointments
Divine Appointment this Morning \u2022 \ud83d\ude4f\ud83c\udffd\ud83d\ude4c\ud83c\udffd \u2022 Pray with me Requests below \u2022 Interview Coming Up Next \u2022 Interview at Mc Donalds Part 1 \u2022 Cheese \ud83e\uddc0 Cake \ud83c\udf82 Factory \ud83d\ude29Fail \u2022 \ud83e\uddc0 \ud83c\udf82 \ud83d\ude2b 10 Year Anniversary Dinner \u2022...
July 26, 2017
Goodbye Maureen
The Menu \u2022 Prayer can be Wierd \u2022 Pray with me Requests below \u2022 Remember Maureen? \u2022 Maureen the Baptist \u2022 Miracle Mistake? \u2022 SKIP my rant \u2022 Miracle or Mistake Pt 2 \u2022 Terminator \u2022 Tree \ud83c\udf33 House \ud83c\udfe1 Plan...
July 25, 2017
Living Dead 💀
Walking Dead \ud83d\udc80 Walking Live \u2022 Mc Christ Ephesians 2:4-6 \u2022 Thank you! And a question... \u2022 You are welcome Victoria! \u2022 Homeless people holding font type Helv\351tica signs \u2022 2 Special guests: 7 Week old...
July 21, 2017
Forgiveness is a choice
It's \u2614\ufe0f \u2022 Coming up Next \u2022 Part 1: Premature Twins \u2022 Coming up next \u2022 Part 2: Significant Dreams \u2022 Coming up Next \u2022 Forgiveness is a Choice P1
July 19, 2017
What are you Living 4?
What are you Living 4? \u2022 My sister in law just Amazoned this to me \u2022 Check my Chicken \ud83c\udf57 \u2022 What are you Living 4? \u2022 Are you fidgety? \u2022 Focusaid review: Drinking it as we speak....
July 18, 2017
I Sabbath So Hard
I Sabbath So Hard \u2022 Shaving Cream Hack \ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\udc4d \u2022 I Sabbath So Hard Part 1 \u2022 What my Wife thinks about me in the Kitchen \u2022 Wife Interview \u2022 1962 Fresh \u2022 Deodor...
July 17, 2017
Woman at the Well
Synchronized with 808 Mix Plate \ud83e\udd58 \u2022 808 Plate Rant Part 1 \u2022 808 Plate Rant Part 2 \u2022 To be continued \u2022 Perfect \u2764\ufe0f Love \u2022 Previously on Living 4 Him \u2022 Jesus Gets to the heart \u2764\ufe0f \u2022 Tell of a time you we...
July 14, 2017
Reaching the Unreachable
I got a thingy \u2022 I have to \ud83d\udce2 this Sabbath \u2022 I feel like I can \ud83d\udc26 \u2022 Sermon Face \ud83e\udd24 \u2022 Jacobs's Well \ud83d\udca6 \u2022 It's Hot \u2022 Jamaica \ud83c\uddef\ud83c\uddf2 Mountainside Hot \u2022 Changed Her Life With 4 Words \u2022 Re...
July 13, 2017
The Closest Ones are the 🎯
Time to switch \u2022 The Premise \u2022 Today was... \u2022 \ud83d\ude34\ud83e\udd24\ud83d\ude34 \u2022 Significant other \u2022 Don't Faze me \u2022 More support \u2022 Task orientation \u2022 \u270c\ufe0f Steps ahead \u2022 Closing thoughts
July 12, 2017
Intro \u2022 Manic Monday Premise for Today \ud83d\ude33 \u2022 Chapter 1 Overcoming Temptation \u2022 Chapter 2 The \ud83d\udc76\ud83c\udffc sitter. \u2022 \ud83d\udcfa Commercial Break \ud83d\udcfa \u2022 Moldy \ud83c\udf46
July 11, 2017
Sunday July 9th 2017
Another adventure
July 10, 2017
July 7, 2017
Good Morning • The Essentials • What are the top two essentials for you? • Kori Unlocks the 🗝 • 🐱🐶🛁 • 👂 to destination #1 • She read my mind 😳 • Don't judge me • The #1 Choice • The moment you been waiting for • Utilities: $115.08 • There is something terribly wrong with you • Coming up next 💧👏 • Don't do it, swipe left • Coming up next • Morning essentials. • What are you?
July 8, 2017