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By Lady Soi
the lost and found of the kozmoz
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planet proto
original lyrics: my minds crazy but my souls patient like love knocks on the door? yea they come from up above make love to the clouds and fly amongst the doves peace on earth yea what’s it really worth? i don’t understand a zombie walkin amongst man am i the mirror or the reflection can you tell by the way my voice changes inflection how can i mean something in this world without a blue check call on god then grab em by the neck is there really anything to say or are you just ready to gossip bout the next says we caught in the matrix ? it’s all a matrix even in your head stand up and free yourself or join the walking dead they put god at the center then sold you a front row seat built the stadium on the forest where the animals eat using the money meant to feed the we in this big play of life i question the role i was cast in that’s why i’m always outside huggin a tree like a cast out i like to lay in the grass and stare at the sky everytime i smok grs i end up askin the stars why this worlds so big and i feel so alone like i don’t got a home i’m walkin around but i got nowhere to go if found return to the cosmos i’ll float throughout the galaxy find planet proto surrender to its ruler take a look in his eyes and wish i had come sooner
November 16, 2021
put down the guns, pick up the peace
original lyrics:  put down the guns and pick up the peace !!! the pieces the missing links the things you need to be able to really think for yourself reclaim your mind or the puppet masters will pull on ur strings and drag you thru hell i did not come here to let another instill me with fear move like a hermit recluse don’t look back anymore what’s the use when u expand u can understand that u r more than just (hu)man day after day i try to smile but my ego won’t let me says let this pain stay a while i’m just not ready i’m the victim here can’t you comprehend ? they did me wrong now i’m not tryna play pretend yes little me they did you wrong and that shit hurt but u been carryin it too long it’s past noon and the days getting away don’t wanna sit in gloom so let that shit just melt away i wanna walk in peace because of this i must turn a new leaf leave the past in the past and learn from what i can and make sure that i never surrender to the man resistance is my song of resilience i smile and i dance because my ancestors didn’t have this chance i think of death everyday but i also think of life i think of the words i don’t say but i’ll never pick up the knife because this life is balance you’re only here because u accepted the challenge release all fear not everything we think is true but everything we think is true can you see through? thoughts are not things but they create things like diamond rings and poverty like mansions and sadness duality you don’t have to be anything but you. stay true don’t let anything corrupt you purity is god the essence of love our gift from above darkness and light also exist but don’t let fright come from the thought of this light can conquer anything as long as you believe it is
November 16, 2021
24 borrowed hours ~ rhymes and the cosmos
an original poem on surrendering to cosmic consciousness. This episode is also available as a blog post:
October 29, 2021
the pied piper of the soul
the pied piper is enticing, influencing, it's the leader who rises a revolution, the man as he sings his snake out of its basket. this is a short poem on the pied piper of the soul, and using the soul as the pied piper to living your lifes purpose. this episode is also available as a blog post:
October 28, 2021
self-fulfilling prophecy: an autobiography
GREETINGS EARTHLINGS! this is a short poem in which i go in and out of my psyche, and because we are all made of the same stuff, that of others as well. i briefly discuss my wants, my fears, my insecurities. woven together into a short reflection in the beginning and then more of a spoken word type poem as i pick up the rhythm. :) This episode is also available as a blog post:
October 28, 2021