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Ladybird Driving School Podcast

Ladybird Driving School Podcast

By Ladybird Driving School
A podcast designed to assist all learners and pretest candidates to listen and Learn with Ladybird.

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Hugely successful Driving Instructor Clodagh Branagan explains why she became a driving Instructor.
A career change under the current climate maybe just the thing you need.Clodagh explains her life changing decision to Qualify as a Driving Instructor and the reasons you should not be afraid to try.This podcast goes through all you need to know about the process , benefits and her overall experience that has her now operating as an Elite Instructor with Ladybird Driving School 🐞
April 14, 2021
Why EDT pupils are failing their Driving Tests
With 5 Million Views on Utube we chat to Dane Tyghe on the reasons some new EDT learners are presenting and failing their test straight out of their EDT programme.
March 11, 2021
Former RSA Driving Tester Explains in detail why Pupils fail the Driving Test in 2021
We chat to Audrey Coogan former tester on what the top 5 reasons pupils going for their Driving Test are failing and how to prevent themselves getting marked. We chat generally on how to understand what marks you may get from Reaction to hazards, Position at Roundabouts, Observation and much much more.
March 02, 2021
Driving instructor Training Dublin
Here we explain in detail every thing you need to know on how to become an Driving Instructor in Ireland from Application to Qualification and what the pros and cons are when training to become a Driving Instructor in Ireland.
February 19, 2021