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Golf... Golf Never Changes

Golf... Golf Never Changes

By Lagrange Directory
Gwyn and Avery are two ladies with a strange fixation that they've never fully indulged: Golf video games. And there are a lot of golf video games. Join them on their leisurely journey through the history and present of golf video games, as they explore old classics, discover hidden gems, and rank every single game in a single Tier List.
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A Link to the Golf, pt. 1
Gwyn and Avery sit down to discuss what they're doing here, why, and what exactly counts as a "Golf Game". Then they tee off the series with the PC DOS classic Links... by playing Microsoft Golf on Windows 3.1. Topics: How do we each feel about golf? Personal history with golf What exactly is a golf game? How the tier list works The start of the Links series Microsoft Golf: Multimedia Edition (1993) Windows 3.1 - Rank: PAR The tier list? Here. You can find Avery and Gwyn in a bunch of places. Show theme How To A Perfect Swing by Ms. Crimes. References: Etymology of "links" Origin of golf terms: Links Wikipedia PC Joker, March 1993, pg. 81
November 14, 2021