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Footsteps in Educational Ministry

Footsteps in Educational Ministry

By Lake Pointe Academy
Benefit from topics related to ministry through academic education, including Christian discipleship, classical education, and family-involved learning. Sponsored by Lake Pointe Academy as a part of the Great Conversation.
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How Would Jesus Coach? | LPA

Footsteps in Educational Ministry

The Great Outdoors
In today's episode, we're talking about the outdoors and the numerous benefits of spending time outside.  LPA parent Rachel Dorr shares with us her family's efforts to get outside more often and the benefits she has observed as a result.
November 9, 2020
LPA Ministry Spotlight | Guatemala Christmas | Part 2
In our last episode, we briefly discussed Lake Pointe's history with the Guatemala Christmas ministry.  Today we welcome back Julie DeSa, Chris Miller, Ali Salmon, and Andrea McCarter to talk specifically about what this ministry looks like at LPA and the ways students and parents can get involved. For more information about Clubhouse Guatemala, visit their website at
October 6, 2020
LPA Ministry Spotlight | Guatemala Christmas | Part 1
For several years now, LPA has been involved with Guatemala Christmas - a ministry outreach of Clubhouse Guatemala that seeks to provide children of Guatemala with Christmas gifts each year.  We are joined today by Julie DeSa, Chris Miller, Ali Salmon, and Andrea McCarter to discuss the history of Lake Pointe's involvement with this ministry. For more information about Clubhouse Guatemala, visit their website at
October 5, 2020
Reading Together as a Family | LPA
Julie DeSa joins us today to discuss Lake Pointe's new family reading program, which emphasizes the importance of parents reading aloud to children of all ages.  What are the benefits of reading aloud as a family?  And what will this program look like for the LPA community?  Join us as we explore these questions in today's episode.
September 25, 2020
Take Note: Teaching Good Note-Taking Skills | Part 2 | LPA
In our last episode, we discussed the importance of teaching students good note-taking skills.  But what has LPA done to address this need?  Gina Brewer and Stacey Haese join us today to answer this question and explain the benefits of the Cornell Note-Taking System.
June 24, 2020
Take Note: Teaching Good Note-Taking Skills | Part 1 | LPA
In today's episode, we welcome LPA teacher Gina Brewer as she discusses note-taking.  Taking good notes, as Gina observed in her middle school classroom, is not a skill that comes naturally to students, and so they must be taught, trained, and coached, just as with any other skill.  Join us today as we talk about the challenges with and the importance of taking good notes.
June 16, 2020
Science | Part 2 | Stepping Stones of Learning
In our last episode, we looked into effective and age-appropriate ways to teach science to students.  Today, LPA teachers Julie DeSa and Stacey Haese join us again to discuss the specific methods used to teach science at Lake Pointe.
June 10, 2020
Science | Part 1 | Thinking (and Learning) Outside the Box
When studying science and nature, especially in the elementary years, it is important that students truly experience nature firsthand.  In this episode, LPA teachers Julie DeSa and Stacey Haese join us to discuss the ways they encourage students to go beyond the textbook or the classroom and really experience nature as they are studying it.
June 8, 2020
Honor Thy Father and Mother
The Bible is clear that we are to honor and respect authority, and especially the authority of our parents.  But what does it mean to truly honor our parents?  Is it merely obeying their commands and wishes, or is there more to it?  LPA teacher Katie Moseley joins us today to help answer this question.
June 2, 2020
Athletic Competition | Part 3 | Athletics at LPA
In this final discussion of athletic competition, LPA athletics director Bill Spratley joins us again to discuss the athletics program at Lake Pointe Academy. 
May 23, 2020
Athletic Competition | Part 2 | A Christian Approach to Competition
As believers, how can we approach competitive sports in a way that glorifies the Lord?  And how do we do this in a way that avoids pride and boastfulness?  In short, how would Jesus approach competitive sports?  We again welcome Athletics Director Bill Spratley as we continue our discussion of competition.
May 20, 2020
Athletic Competition | Part 1 | Philosophy of Competition
What drives us to compete with one another?  Where does this competitive nature come from?  Is there a biblical basis for this competitive nature?  LPA Athletics Director Bill Spratley joins us to answer these questions and discuss the philosophy of competition.
May 18, 2020
Jesus' Students Asked One Question
Teach us to pray... While it is a command, it is really a question -- a plea. What did Jesus teach his disciples when they asked Him for this important lesson.  Student Life Director Chris Miller joins today to discuss the way Jesus instructs his disciples to pray, and the significance of the first two words of the Lords' Prayer: "Our... Father."  
May 11, 2020
Score Update: Seniors '20, Covid 19 | LPA
Seniors of the Class of 2020 had their culminating semester expectations upended. How have the graduates been affected, reacted, and processed? In this episode, seniors join Chris Miller via Zoom video chat to discuss feelings, expectations, and the truth of being "more than conquerors" in all things. (Romans 8:37)
May 9, 2020
Now What? Hopes Dashed: Rejoice!
How should students (of all ages) respond when hopes fall short of expectations?  Teacher Gina Brewer joins today to offer encouragement from Romans 12 and to discuss the importance of young people finding and resting in an enduring hope in Christ.
May 1, 2020
How Would Jesus Coach? | LPA
What role do sports play in discipleship, relationship, and education?  Can athletics really support and further the mission of Christian education? Athletic director Bill Spratley discusses Lake Pointe's athletics program and the opportunities coaches have for meaningful relationship and discipleship with student-athletes. 
April 22, 2020
Antedote to Anxiety: Bible Boldness
When facing difficult times - a global health crisis, for example - it can be easy to become anxious about our situation.  But, what does the Bible say about fear and anxiety?  How are Christians to respond to trying times?  What comfort do we have that can relieve these anxieties?  Lake Pointe Academy teacher and athletics director Bill Spratley joins us today to discuss these questions.
April 20, 2020
Flowers in Sidewalk Cracks: Crisis Opportunities
How should believing students respond to the current pandemic?  What kinds of ministry opportunities exist in a time of quarantine, lock-down, and social distancing?  Lake Pointe Student Life Director and teacher Chris Miller offers insights and encouragement from Romans chapter 12 to answer these questions.
April 14, 2020
Education During Stay at Home | LPA
Primarily intended for Lake Pointe families, this episode discusses the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the academy community.  Elementary academic leader Julie DeSa joins to address the impact upon learning, structure, and culture. In the midst of uncertainty and confusion,  what should we do? Let's talk about that.
April 3, 2020
Intro to Footsteps in Ed Ministry
In this initial episode of Footsteps in Educational Ministry, we seek to introduce the podcast by answering a few questions: Where did the idea for this podcast come from? Who is the intended audience for this podcast? What kinds of topics will this podcast seek to address?
April 2, 2020