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Black Feminist Rants

Black Feminist Rants

By LaKia Williams
Become a Paid Subscriber: Black Feminist Rants is an independent podcast that holds conversations on Reproductive Justice and Activism by centering the experiences of Black women and femmes navigating social justice spaces and the world. BFR will cover topics within the Reproductive Justice framework and beyond. Our host and creator is LaKia Williams a young Reproductive Justice organizer from the South who has experience in advocating for contraceptive equity, reproductive autonomy and birthing justice. To learn more about BFR visit our website and follow us on social media!
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Ep.31: Philanthropy's Responsibility to the Reproductive Justice Movement w/ Brandi Collins-Calhoun

Black Feminist Rants

Ep. 33: Finding an Identity outside of Work/Organizing, Therapy, and Repro's need for Pay Equity [Rant]
Black Feminist Rants lives up to its name in this episode with host, LaKia Williams, discussing (or ranting, depending on how you view it) her recent experiences starting therapy, finding an identity outside of the reproductive justice movement/non-profit work/organizing, and the need for Repro organizations to pay employees a living wage. LaKia discusses her recent conversations in therapy surrounding feeling like her entire identity is centered around the work she does, something that she believes is common for young Black women, who are taught that they need to succeed at any costs. LaKia discusses working through unlearning this and the pains that comes with it. – If you are interested in submitting to be a BFR Storyteller for the upcoming Black Youth Sexuality Season, visit this link for more information.  If you have any questions please contact Annaya (she/they) Action Items: Leave a podcast review on iTunes and Spotify Stay connected to BFR! Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter! Sign up for the BFR Newsletter  Do you want to be featured on the podcast or partner with Black Feminist Rants? Contact Us!
August 17, 2022
Ep. 32: Providing Abortions is Community Care w/ ObGyn, Abortion Provider, and RJ Advocate Dr. Jamila Perritt, MD
Dr. Jamila Perritt (she/her), an abortion provider, OBGYN, and Reproductive Justice advocate, joins Black Feminist Rants in discussing the impact of abortion bans on patients, trying to use medicine as a tool for liberation, and the concept of fetus viability. Dr. Perritt is the president and CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health, an organization that educates and organizes health care providers to shape legislation and practice and advance access to reproductive health care for all communities. Action Items: Support Physicians for Reproductive Health at Stay connected to BFR! Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter! Sign up for the BFR Newsletter Do you want to be featured on the podcast or partner with Black Feminist Rants? Contact Us! Credits:  Audio Engineer, Annaya Baynes  Producer, LaKia Williams 
June 22, 2022
Ep.31: Philanthropy's Responsibility to the Reproductive Justice Movement w/ Brandi Collins-Calhoun
Brandi Collins-Calhoun (they/she), a doula, writer, and RJ activist, joins Black Feminist Rants in discussing philanthropy’s role in Reproductive Justice (RJ) movement spaces, the evils of capitalism, and the nitty-gritty of funding RJ organization’s who do the work. Brandi is the Senior Movement Engagement Associate for the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP). NCRP is a philanthropic watchdog that ensures that funders and philanthropic organizations are being held accountable for their funding practices. Brandi also shares their experience as a teen mom and how she found community in the RJ movement. Become a BFR member to get member-only reproductive justice content and commentary!  Action Items: Donate to the Third Wave Fund, who resources (provides funding to) youth-led, intersectional, gender justice movements to advance the community power, well-being, and self-determination of young Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color (BIPOC). Follow Brandi on Instagram and Twitter Check out National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy at Stay connected to BFR! Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter! Sign up for the BFR Newsletter Do you want to be featured on the podcast or partner with Black Feminist Rants? Contact Us! If your organization is interested in financially supporting Black Feminist Rants through a tax-deductible donation, please contact us. Credit:  Audio Engineer, Annaya Baynes  Producer, LaKia Williams
June 01, 2022
Ep. 30: Navigating Multiple Abortions as a Young Person w/ Larada Lee-Wallace
Larada Lee-Wallace (she/they), an abortion storyteller and organizer, joins Black Feminist Rants in a discussion on accessing abortion care multiple times, in different states, as a young Black person. Larada is an Advocates for Youth Abortion Out Loud organizer and ACCESS RJ board member. Larada shares their experiences accessing abortion care, the barriers they experienced, adverse experiences with healthcare providers, and how people can best support people in getting abortion care. An incredible thank you for our sponsor for this episode, Feminist Women’s Health Center! Feminist Women’s Health Center, is an independent abortion clinic and Reproductive Justice organization that also provides a wide-range of reproductive services including: trans affirming care, HIV testing and treatment, birth control, and so much more. Become a wellness patient today! Become a BFR member to get member-only reproductive justice content and commentary! Action Items:  Donate to California’s only abortion fund: ACCESS RJ Follow Advocates for Youth Stay connected to BFR! Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter! Sign up for the BFR Newsletter Do you want to be featured on the podcast or partner with Black Feminist Rants? Contact Us!
May 11, 2022
Ep. 29: Reflections & Manifestations for Black women and the Reproductive Justice Movement 2/22/22
Join BFR Host, LaKia, for a reflection on what liberation looks like in practice, her hopes and goals for Black women globally, and how movement space’s practices can oftentimes contradict the liberatory goals we are working to accomplish. Action Items: Become a Spotify Member Apply to be the BFR Production Assistant Sign up for the BFR newsletter  Stay connected to BFR? Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!
February 23, 2022
Ep. 28: Supreme Court's Decision on Texas' Unconstitutional Abortion Ban, SB8, w/ Rupali Sharma
The Lawyering Project's Senior Counsel, Rupali Sharma (she/her), discusses the facts behind Texas' unconstitutional abortion ban, SB8, and the Supreme Court's failure to strike down the unconstitutional attack on people's healthcare. Sharma goes into detail on how the Supreme Court's decision will impact the efforts to codify abortion access for everyone in this country. Action Items: Support Texas Abortion Funds: Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund, Buckle Bunnies Support The Lawyering Project  Fill out the BFR Audience Survey (I love you!) Stay connected to BFR? Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter! Do you want to be featured on the podcast or partner with Black Feminist Rants? Contact Us!
December 16, 2021
Ep. 27: Reflections on the SCOTUS Dobbs v. JWHO w/ Erin Grant of Abortion Care Network
Join BFR in a conversation with Erin Grant (they/them), Deputy Director of the Abortion Care Network, surrounding abortion bans, radical love, and the SCOTUS Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization oral arguments. JWHO is the only abortion clinic in Mississippi, and this anti-abortion law personifies the attack that abortion is under nationally, and especially in the Deep South. Action Items: Support your local abortion fund! Support southern abortion funds: ARC-Southeast, New Orleans Abortion Fund, Buckle Bunnies  Donate to the Abortion Care Network  Fill out the BFR Audience Survey (i love you!) And subscribe to the BFR Newsletter! Stay connected to BFR? Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!  Do you want to be featured on the podcast or partner with Black Feminist Rants? Contact Us! 
December 09, 2021
Ep. 26: The (Racist) History of Birth Control in the US
Welcome back to BFR! This week we are unpacking birth control as simply contraception or a way to control one's reproduction, and the legacy of its distribution, or lack thereof, in America. Birth control is necessary for the full liberation of people with uteruses, and is a critical component of full reproductive health care, but we cannot discuss birth control without mentioning its racist inception in the US. If you have not already, please be sure to sign up for our newsletter! Additionally, we would love for our listeners to fill out our BFR Audience Survey BFR Audience Survey so we know what you want to see from us as a podcast, and as a host! An incredible thank you to our sponsor for this episode: URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity. URGE envisions a liberated world where we can live with justice, love freely, express our gender and sexuality, and define and create families of our choosing. Citations:  Roberts, Dorothy E. Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty. Vintage Books, a Division of Penguin Random House LLC, 2017. Follow BFR on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok!  Do you want to be featured on the podcast or partner with Black Feminist Rants? Contact Us! 
November 18, 2021
Ep. 25: Abortion Storytelling and The Myth of "Pro-Life Feminism" w/ Renee Bracey Sherman
BFR Host, LaKia, sits down with abortion and reproductive justice activist, writer, and organizer, Renee Bracey Sherman to talk about the importance of abortion storytelling, centering Black and brown voices in abortion storytelling, and the myth of "pro-life feminism" as well as other timely topics related to abortion and RJ. Renee Bracey Sherman is the founder and Executive Director of We Testify, an organization that supports and amplifies abortion storytellers.  You can read Sherman's Buzzfeed article here  Follow BFR on Instagram (@blackfeministrants), and Twitter (@blackfemrants) to stay updated on the podcast! 
June 16, 2021
Ep. 24: Rest is Revolutionary
BFR Host, LaKia Williams, talks briefly about her short hiatus from the podcast and her recent college graduation before discussing the importance of rest as a revolutionary act. For young people and people with oppressed identities it can often feel like it is mandatory to exhaust ourselves to prove our worthiness; however, this is a decision of a capitalistic grind culture that prioritizes profit and consumerism over human life. Click here for a transcription of the episode.  Be sure to Follow BFR on social:  Instagram: @blackfeministrants  Twitter: @blackfemrants
June 02, 2021
Ep. 23: Digital Advocacy and Abortion Justice w/ Shout Your Abortion
In this episode BFR talks with Erin Jorgensen from Shout Your Abortion, an online abortion storytelling platform. 
April 07, 2021
Ep. 22: Womanism, Black Feminism, and African Feminism
This episode explores womanism, Black feminism, and African feminism and the ways that the west gatekeeps knowledge production as a means to exclude Black women and African women and how mainstream feminism is another example of the erasure of Black women's labor and intellectual labor.  Mentioned Articles:  Brown's article:;jsessionid=85B93DAAE4DC9FF3C96B3E53AC27E3D9?sequence=1 Combahee River Collective Statement:
March 24, 2021
Ep. 21: Researching Reproductive Health through a Reproductive Justice Lens w/ Dr. Monica McLemore
In this episode LaKia sits down with nurse, clinician, scholar, and activist Dr. Monica McLemore to discuss how she incorporates RJ into her work as a healthcare provider and researcher. For a full transcipt of this episode visit or click Transcriptions on the website. 
March 11, 2021
Ep.20: The Problem with Activism Influencers
Welcome back to Black Feminist Rants! In the season 3 premier of Black Feminist Rants, host, LaKia Williams, discusses her recent experiences with reproductive health issues and how that has re-shaped her experience with Reproductive Justice, as well as some common misconceptions with the RJ framework. LaKia ends the episode discussing the problem with Activism Influencers and the pipeline from activist to celebrity/influencer. She mentions a Politico article that discusses the recent issues with Black Lives Matter, click the link if you would like to read the article in its entirety.  Stay Connected to BFR! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. 
February 25, 2021
Ep. 19: Abortion Advocacy w/ Yemisi Miller-Tonnet
The season 2 finale of BFR features guest, Yemisi (Yemi) Miller-Tonnet a Reproductive Justice fellow, feminist book seller, and domestic violence legal advocate. On this episode Yemi and LaKia talk about anti-abortion tactics, the struggles of youth organizing, and more. Yemi also talks about her experience working at an abortion clinic and hihglights the importance of collective organizing. LaKia wraps this episode with her reflection on the progress of BFR, her appreciation for all of the supporters and thoughts on the transitions she's made mentally, emotionally, and physically during 2020.  Follow Yemi on twitter @Yemisicombahee  Follow BFR on Instagram and Twitter. 
December 17, 2020
Ep. 18: Sex Work, Socialism, and More w/ Maha Thomas creator of Blacklight
BFR sat down with Maha Thomas the creator of the dark comedy, gothic show Blacklight whose main character is a sex worker. Maha talks about her experiences as a sex worker and as a socialist. We discussed the issues that can arise within social justice spaces and the importance of sex work stories being told by sex workers. If you want to support the work that Maha does watch the table reading for the pilot episode of Blacklight and follow blacklight on Twitter! 
December 10, 2020
Ep. 17: Student Organizing w/ Jaaie Varshney
BFR sat down with organizer and activist Jaaie Varshney and she shared with us her advocacy work around abortion access and menstrual equity.
December 03, 2020
Ep. 16: Exploitation of Student Labor and Organizing
In this episode LaKia discusses the exploitation that students face specifically from unpaid internships, universities that expect student leadership and activism labor, and her specific experience as a Resident Advisor (RA) for Tulane University. LaKia touches on how systems create competitive job markets that incentivize students and young people to seek internships, often times unpaid, so that they will be marketable in the job market. However, many low and middle class people can't afford to take an unpaid internship which widens the class divide that already exists.  LaKia mentions the Medium article Stop Working for Free which talks more indepthly about how unpaid internships recreate class divides. 
November 19, 2020
Ep. 15: A Black Feminist Discussion on Respectability Politics w/ Sarah Jones
In this episode LaKia sits down with her friend, scholar, and activist Sarah Jones to discuss their experiences navigating respectability politics as Black women. Sarah is a recent grad of Tulane University and has organized around Black liberation and reproductive justice on and off campus. Sarah and LaKia have both been active in white sex positive spaces that have impacted their comfortability showing up as their full selves. 
November 11, 2020
Ep. 14: Louisiana's Anti-Abortion Initiative (w/ Tia Coleman)
In this BFR episode LaKia sits down with recent college grad and Reproductive Justice Organizer, Tia Coleman. LaKia and Tia discuss Louisiana's upcoming anti-abortion constitutional amendment aimed at denying Louisiana residents the right to abortion. Tia has been mobilizing and educating young people across Louisiana on the importance on voting No on this amendment to safeguard our reproductive freedom. The conversation naturally progresses and LaKia and Tia begin discussing their experience as Black women in higher education, LaKia reflects on her time at a predominately white institution, while Tia touches on her memories at a historically black university.  Follow BFR on Instagram @Blackfeministrants and Twitter @blackfemrants  Follow Tia on Instagram @CrownedTia 
November 01, 2020
Ep. 13: Birth Justice and Doula Work
Join BFR for a discussion with Doula and Reproductive Justice Organizer, Aura Nicole. In this episode we discuss birth justice, doula work, and what it means to be a young Black person organizing for social and reproductive justice today. This episode is full of laughs and realness, where we talk about imposter syndrome, burnout, and working towards liberation while also being forced to work within white supremacy culture.  Follow Aura Nicole on Instagram @Auranicole_  Follow BFR on Instagram @blackfeministrants and Twitter @Blackfemrants.  Support Black creators by donating to BFR 
October 21, 2020
Ep. 12: #FreeThe Pill & (Emergency) Contraception Equity
BFR is back for Season 2! Join Host LaKia for the season 2 premier brought to you by URGE! In this episode LaKia discusses the #FreeThePill movement, the importance of contraception equity and what young people have been doing on the ground to increase reproductive healthcare access to all! LaKia gets into the details of how a program she started called Big Easy EC came to fruition. Big Easy EC provides free emergency contraception (Plan B), condoms, and pregnancy tests to uptown New Orleans students.  Be sure to follow BFR on Instagram @Blackfeministrants and Twitter @blackfemrants Organizations Mentioned - Instagram Account:  SisterSong: @sistersong_woc  ReJAC: @rejacnola  URGE: @urge_org Big Easy EC: @bigeasyec 
October 14, 2020
Season 2 Intro
WELCOME BACK TO SEASON 2 OF BLACK FEMINIST RANTS! In this short introduction Host LaKia Williams shares some BFR updates as well as updates on her personal life! Stay tuned for the Season 2 premier airing in a few short minutes! 
October 14, 2020
Ep. 11: Sexual Health w/ Irma Garcia
The season finale of BFR includes guest speaker Irma Garcia who is a sex educator based in Texas.  Irma is a certified sex educator in Texas and client services manager at Jane’s Due Process, where she helps Texas minors exercise their reproductive rights to an abortion. Prior to joining the JDP team, she was a sexual health and abortion counselor at a local Austin clinic, as well as a birth doula. Now as the sexpert on staff and for the community, her focus is to connect the harm of sex-negative anti-abortion rhetoric into a wider sex-positive reproductive justice framework where marginalized people are not shamed and robbed of their autonomy. She believes that when Black, Indigenous, and other people of color experience pleasure on their own terms, it’s an act of protest, but most importantly--self-care. Be sure to follow Irma's sex education account on Instagram @Sexedwithirma. Also make sure you are following BFR on Instagram @Blackfeministrants and Twitter @Blackfemrants. 
September 23, 2020
Ep. 10: Artivism w/ Caitlin Blunnie (liberaljane)
BFR sits down with content creator, illustrator, artist, and activist Caitlin Blunnie to talk about combining art with Reproductive Justice! Caitlin also talks about how white people can take up RJ work without taking over the movement or misusing terms as well as how to deal with burnout and feelings of inadequacy as a creator.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram @Liberaljane and Twitter @liberaljanee. Also follow BFR on Instagram @Blackfeministrants and Twitter @blackfemrants Caitlin Blunnie (she/hers) is a passionate reproductive justice activist, and artist living in Northern Virginia. She first discovered her passion for grassroots organizing while advocating for survivors’ rights on her college campus. It was there that Caitlin saw how oppression was interconnected, and how her experience growing up in a low-income household wasn’t unique, but a part of a much larger, systemic problem. It was that experience that propelled her into organizing for reproductive justice. Since graduating, Caitlin has dedicated her life to expanding access to abortion through her art and activism. Professionally, Caitlin is the Lead organizer with Reproaction, a national reproductive justice organization. Caitlin also serves as the Vice President of the Blue Ridge Abortion Fund Board of Directors. Through her illustration practice, Caitlin works to eliminate abortion stigma through education and art. She has worked with a number of organizations, including Oxfam International, Tumblr’s ‘Creatrs Project,’ and Marie Stopes International. Caitlin’s work can be found on social media under the handle @LiberalJane, a childhood nickname she has reclaimed.
September 09, 2020
Ep. 9: Color-Blind, Post Racial Politics and Affirmative Action
Join BFR for a Black feminist rant on the politics of a post racial society, the concept of color blindness and the controversy surrounding affirmative action.  Check out BFR's website and follow BFR on Instagram @Blackfeministrants and Twitter @Blackfemrants Works Mentioned:  Racial Colorblindness: Emergence, Practice, and Implications The Structure of Racism in Color-Blind, Post Racial America
September 02, 2020
Ep. 8: Feminist Women's Health Center's Kwajelyn Jackson
BFR had the pleasure of speaking with Feminist Women's Health Center's Executive Director Kwajelyn Jackson. Kwajelyn shared her unique experience of changing career fields from finance to social justice as well as her RJ story and why it is important to embody different forms of leadership than what we have historically seen.  Follow BFR on Instagram @Blackfeministrants and Twitter @Blackfemrants and visit the website 
August 27, 2020
Ep. 7: Social Justice and Social Media
In this episode BFR discusses social justice activism in the age of social media and how the recent radicalization of some people and the   increase in social justice instagram pages has changed what successful social justice organizing looks like. LaKia also speaks about her own issues with comparisons and hyper-productivity especially in the new social media/social justice landscape.  Be sure to follow BFR on Instagram @blackfeministrants and Twitter @Blackfemrants and check out the website 
August 19, 2020
Ep. 6: Organizing for Reproductive Justice: RJ Summer Institute w/ Christian Adams
Join BFR in a discussion with SisterSong's Lead Trainer Christian Adams who is co-planning the Reproductive Justice Summer Institute with BFR Host, LaKia Williams. In this episode Adams talks about her RJ story which includes, teenage pregnancy, abortion, and medical neglect. We also talk about organizing for Reproductive Justice virtually in the COVID-19 era and the importance of including young people in the movement.  Don't forget to register for the week long RJ Summer Institute being held next week, the topics include: an Intro to RJ, Building an Intergenerational Movement, Disrupting White Supremacy Culture, State-based Organizing, and Faith and RJ.  Follow BFR on Instagram @blackfeministrants and Twitter @blackfemrants and check out the new website at 
August 05, 2020
Ep. 5: Imposter Syndrome as a young Black Woman
In this episode of BFR, host LaKia discusses imposter syndrome and her experiences with it as a young Black woman attending a Predominantly White Institution. The conversation evolves into one about respectability politics and so much more! Be sure to follow BFR on Instagram @blackfeministrants and Twitter @blackfemrants Article Mentioned: Why Imposter Syndrome Is Worse for Women of Color
July 30, 2020
Ep. 4: SisterSong's Monica Raye Simpson
BFR interviews SisterSong's Executive Director Monica Raye Simpson. SisterSong: The National Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective was formed in 1997 by 16 women of color organizations. Monica Raye Simpson tells listeners about her trajectory into the reproductive justice framework, her personal RJ story, her experiences of imposter syndrome, and how she and SisterSong navigate the performativity of self-proclaimed RJ activist who don't do the work. You can learn more about SisterSong and how to get involved by visiting their site, and you can follow Monica on Instagram @activistmonicaraye Please follow Black Feminist Rants on Instagram @BlackFeministRants
July 22, 2020
Ep. 3: Reproductive Justice and Pro-Choice
In this episode of BFR Host LaKia discusses the differences between the Reproductive Justice and Pro-Choice movements and why it is important to be intentional with the words we use. LaKia also discusses not only learning to be anti-racist but actively being anti-racist in our relationships and work settings. This episode references Dorothy Roberts’ article Reproductive Justice, Not Just Rights from Dissent Magazine and Karen Washington’s article on Food apartheid. Both articles are cited below. Follow BFR on instagram @blackfeministrants Citations: Food apartheid: The root of the problem with America’s groceries | Society | The Guardian. (2018). Retrieved July 15, 2020, from Reproductive Justice, Not Just Rights. (2015). Dissent Magazine. Retrieved July 15, 2020, from
July 15, 2020
Ep. 2: Loretta Ross
In this episode BFR has a conversation with Loretta Ross, one of the founding mothers of Reproductive Justice. Ross discusses her RJ story, Black Feminist Theory, her path to activism, transformative justice, abolition, and so much more. We also discuss how the Reproductive Justice framework was birthed. You can visit her website to learn more about her activism and scholarship.  Loretta Ross is a nationally-recognized trainer on using the transformative power of Reproductive Justice to build a Human Rights movement that includes everyone.  Ms. Ross is an expert on women’s issues, hate groups, racism and intolerance, human rights, and violence against women. Her work focuses on the intersectionality of social justice issues and how this affects social change and service delivery in all movements. Loretta is a rape survivor, was forced to raise a child born of incest, and she is also a survivor of sterilization abuse. She is a model of how to survive and thrive despite the traumas that disproportionately affect low-income women of color. She serves as a consultant for Smith College, collecting oral histories of feminists of color for the Sophia Smith Collection which also contains her personal archives (see  She is a mother, grandmother and a great-grandmother. Ms. Ross was National Co-Director of the April 25, 2004 March for Women’s Lives in Washington D.C., the largest protest march in U.S. history with more than one million participants. As part of a nearly five-decade history in social justice activism, between 1996-2004, she was the Founder and Executive Director of the National Center for Human Rights Education (NCHRE) in Atlanta, Georgia. Before that, she was the Program Research Director at the Center for Democratic Renewal/National Anti-Klan Network where she led projects researching hate groups, and working against all forms of bigotry with universities, schools, and community groups. She launched the Women of Color Program for the National Organization for Women (NOW) in the 1980s, and led delegations of women of color to many international conferences on women's issues and human rights. She was one of the first African American women to direct a rape crisis center in the 1970s, launching her career by pioneering work on violence against women. Loretta Ross, Reproductive Justice, Abortion, Rape, Rape survivor, Activist, Feminist, Black Feminism, Black Feminist Theory
July 08, 2020
Ep 1. Meet Black Feminist Rants
Meet the host of the podcast LaKia Williams, a rising college senior and current SisterSong Intern. This episode will lay the foundation and expectations for what is to come in future episodes. Black Feminist Rants (BFR) seeks to engage young Black feminist and accomplices in conversations surrounding Reproductive Justice and activism and how our multiple identities and positions effect our work as activists/organizers/do-ers.  LaKia discusses how the concept for BFR was birthed and how she was supported by SisterSong in bringing BFR to fruition. Follow BFR on Instagram @BlackFeministRants. The cover art was made by BFR host LaKia Williams who you can find on Instagram @_kiawilliams, she only takes commission request from organizations and people that work within the RJ framework or adjacent to it. 
July 01, 2020
Black Feminist Rants is a podcast centered on conversations surrounding Reproductive Justice and Activism
June 23, 2020