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LIVING with Lambert

LIVING with Lambert

By lambert nwajagu
Helping you live everyday, ministering to the broken heart and seeing you become a new person. Total healing for the body, soul and spirit
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Be a blessing
It’s good to receive but more blessed to give. Ensure that all you have received from God is extended to others
May 15, 2022
Dare to use your Mind
The human mind is the most fertile field created by God and offered to him as a gift. It is very interesting to note that most persons fail to employ this gift and turn back to God, looking for help after God has given them the creative abilities to cause changes.
May 01, 2021
Quick Answers to Prayer
Often times we wonder where God is and why there are no answer to our prayers. But God is waiting for us to sow His seed in our mind and water it till it grows. Meditate on His Word, day and night
May 01, 2021