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Ecosystem of My Mind

Ecosystem of My Mind

By LandHealth Institute
Ecosystem of My Mind is produced by LandHealth Institute, a nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia, PA with a mission to "put nature back" and restore connection between nature and people through ecological restoration, immersive environmental education, and community-based land revitalization.
From Pigeons to Hitchcock
This week local west Philadelphia birder, Abigail Del Grosso, joins us for conversation about ornithology and more…
July 18, 2022
The Wonders of Foraging
An intimate look into the lives of plants, mushrooms, and the people that hunt them.
May 02, 2022
Urban Ecosystems with the Rail Park
In celebration of the Rail Park's third birthday, Scott Quitel, Founder and CEO of LandHealth Institute, and Rebecca Cordes Chan, Executive Director of Friends of the Rail Park, explores the unique urban ecology of Philadelphia and the Rail Park. Support Friends of the Rail Park at or listen to their podcast series, Sounds of the Rail Park, at
June 27, 2021
The Ever-Changing Tide
What's happening to the marine life in tide pools?
April 25, 2021
The Nutty Tale of the Eastern Gray Squirrel
Do you see squirrels as your neighbor?
April 25, 2021
Our Typically One-Way Relationship With Water
Water is a valuable member of our whole ecosystem!
April 25, 2021
Empathy Gone Extinct: Environmental Injustice in Philadelphia Part II
Let's look at environmental injustice again as you walk through the city of Philadelphia. Linda Villarosa's article, "Pollution Is Killing Black Americans. This Community Fought Back":
April 25, 2021
Empathy Gone Extinct: Environmental Injustice in Philadelphia Part I
Where do we stand in the battle of environmental injustice in our city?
April 25, 2021
Aluminum Ring Tabs and Modern Relics of Archaeology
What modern "artifacts" do you see when you walk out your door?
April 25, 2021
The Living, Breathing Tide
Immerse yourself in the ecosystem, our one big community.
April 25, 2021
Monarchs and Pigeons: Harbingers of Mass Extinction
What do monarch butterflies and pigeons tell us about our ecosystem?
April 25, 2021
The Tree of Heaven
To be, or not to be.
April 25, 2021
The Spotted Lantern Fly
The spotted lantern fly is a little known, underappreciated...
January 07, 2021