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Your Native Language is Your Superpower

Your Native Language is Your Superpower

By Judith Krieger
Transform your native or second language into your SUPERPOWER, and inspire a whole new generation of little world citizens by running enchanting language sessions for children, and make an income from it! On this podcast, I’ll be sharing tips, ideas and insights to help you delight children with your language, get yourself set up and ready to start and grow some gorgeous language sessions of your own.
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Ep #20 - Getting Clear on What You Really Want
It's not about seeing the whole, completed jigsaw puzzle of your dream. It's simply in recognising and revelling in the one little piece more.  It's about the gorgeous feeling that you have when you recognise it. Then life will conspire to shed a light on the next piece, to continue the amazing feeling, and to allow everything to fall into place. Join me for this Mini-Inspiration episode about getting clear on what you really want.
September 15, 2020
Discover Your Tendency, Live Happier & Make Your Dreams a Reality
Want to make more progress in making your dreams and projects a reality? Once you understand how to work within the framework of your own nature, you'll be on your way! I've been exploring a truly amazing framework over the past couple of years that has given me incredible insight into myself, my husband and our adult children, and revolutionised the way we work together.  It's called . . . THE 4 TENDENCIES I just LOVE this personality framework by Gretchen Rubin! It has been the most insightful discovery, with the most positive and helpful consequences that I've ever come across, leading to a delightful extra level of happiness in my daily life. This insightful framework places us in one of four tendencies that describe how we react to expectations, which explains why we act, and why we don't act. In this episode, I outline each of the four Tendencies, and share the ideas and strategies that help each one thrive. I love hearing from you.  Email me at
September 8, 2020
Ep #18 - Why Affirmations Don't Work (& What You Can Do Instead to Live Your Life by Design)
Living your life by design. Doesn't that sound just gorgeous?!  The idea that we can choose how we want our life to be, and then go about creating it. Did you know that this is actually what we're doing now, but we're likely just unaware of it?  Our thoughts play a vital role in how we act and react in our lives, and those actions and reactions create our results; our reality.   So choosing our thoughts, rather than allowing them to be on autopilot, outside of our awareness, becomes an incredible skill that we can develop in order to live our lives by design. And the most amazing trick to know is . . . that you are capable of designing a THOUGHT that allows you to FEEL that desired emotion NOW, as in RIGHT NOW; not at some distant point in the future when you HAVE the thing, or are DOING the thing that you want, but actually IN THIS MOMENT. I've been working with the ladies in my CLUB Cocorico membership around this recently, and everyone has found it so insightful, and we're all gradually gaining wonderfully transformative, real-life results from using the process that I'm going to share with you in this episode. There's a 3-step process that invite you to follow along with, so if you'd like to, go and grab a piece of paper and a pen and let's get started. WE'RE GOING TO DESIGN A THOUGHT FOR YOU. I love hearing from my listeners.  Let me know if you're enjoying the podcast, ask me any questions and tell me what you'd like me to cover in the coming episodes.  You can contact me at Free resources:
September 2, 2020
Ep #17 - What Your Life Could Be Like
Let me paint a picture for you in this episode . . . a picture of what your days can look like, and how you can FEEL when you're doing something AMAZING with YOUR voice, enchanting children with YOUR language (hint: it involves happiness ;-)). You'll find shownotes and links mentioned in this episode HERE. I'd love to hear from you!  Feel free to email me with any questions, stories and/or desires for a podcast topic at
August 25, 2020
Ep #16 - The GAME Episode
GAMES, GAMES, GAMES, GAMES, GAMES . . . Everybody wants to know what games they can play to create engaging language experiences for children.  How do you choose, and then HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM FUN? All the answers are in this episode, where you'll discover: * How to choose and use resources (and make them fun) * 3 quick connection tips for totally engaging the children This episode is accompanied by a FLASH Game Module, where you can access 3 games, 1 great tip and a quiz for FREE (and if you complete the module, you get to choose one of my paid mini-trainings for FREE!  What a fantastic way to kickstart your language sessions! Gain access to my FLASH Game Module and see 3 great games, 1 essential tip, and a QUIZ . . . THEN . . . once you've finished everything, you can choose one of my three paid training products FOR FREE!  Just sign into the free Discovery HUB here and you can jump right into the Game Module! Show notes are here.
August 10, 2020
Ep #15 - You can do this, too! (Mini Episode)
KIDS SQUEALING, laughing, throwing things and completely squashing me . . .  Aaaagggghhhh . . . it was crazy!!  But I SURVIVED.  And you will, too. Tune in to this mini-motivation episode, and come out knowing that you're capable of surviving anything in the realm of creating language magic for children.
August 6, 2020
Ep #14 - Being Your Own Boss & Doing What You Love With Your Language (with Adriana Chowaniok)
"Just thinking about it won't show you what you can do. You have to actually DO IT, and then you'll see what you're capable of."  (Adriana Chowaniok)  Adriana didn't trust herself;  she was worried that she wouldn't be able to share her language with children, and discovered that in fact, she WAS capable and the children LOVED it! Having moved from Argentina to Australia almost 30 years ago, Adriana has been combining working as an Early Childhood Educator with sharing her Spanish language and culture with the children (both at childcare and in her own sessions) in a variety of ways.   Now, having felt the pull to be more of herself as she moves into the next exciting phase of her life, Adriana has finally found the courage to gradually bring her talents, experience and the joys of her language together and grow her Yo Hablo sessions into something sustainable and full of fun, for herself and for all her participants. The photos on this link will get your creative juices flowing, for sure (Adriana makes such beautiful displays for the children): Be inspired.
July 27, 2020
Ep #13 - What's Holding You Up? 4 Reasons That STOP You From Starting, & How to Overcome Them
This is a really practical episode, with tips and strategies that you'll want to work on right away! So grab a pen and paper for this one (or listen first, and then come back when you can, ready to follow the steps and start making YOUR language dream real). Discover how easy it is to turn those excuses (oops, I mean reasons ;-)) into something that motivates and reassures you.
July 21, 2020
Ep #12 - The Gift You Give to Yourself
Being bilingual yourself, you already know about the wonderful benefits of exposure to new languages, and you've likely seen those benefits in your own children. And if you're listening to this podcast, it's likely to be because you're drawn to the idea of creating something amazing with your language, sharing all those benefits with more children/adults/families. But did you know that in doing so, the greatest gift is actually the one that you give yourself? In this episode, I explore how sharing your gift (and by the way, your gift includes more than just your language) can help you to connect with yourself.
July 15, 2020
Ep #11 - From Accountant to Starting the Rainbow English Club for Mums & Bubs (with Chiara de Benedictis)
IF you are still just thinking about this idea of running your own sessions OR You've made some progress and decided where, what and how you'd like to start your own language sessions, but you're feeIing nervous and haven't actually taken the leap just yet . . . . . . I invite you to plug in your earbuds and listen to our amazing Chiara from our online CLUB Cocorico.    In this wonderful chat, Chiara is very open and shares the journey of all of her fears, her concerns and her successes as she went from being an accountant in Italy, to childcare in London, and then back to Italy with a beautiful new baby and a desire to use her love of languages and her passion for working with children to start her Rainbow English Club for Mums and Bubs. Chiara shares: How she turned fear into excitement and took her first steps How breaking down her seemingly overwhelming goal into little bite-sized pieces took her from a vague idea, to creating gorgeous English sessions that she and the children and Mums just love Her desire to start cheap, and how she made it happen Having her own little daughter be a part of her sessions Some funny ways she found herself procrastinating And more great tips to help YOU get started and growing There's nothing like hearing someone else's story, someone who's already passed through what we're going through, to make us realise that we're not alone in our fears and desires, and that it's possible to achieve our dreams a little step at a time, starting from nothing. You can enjoy one of her videos for little ones, too. LISTEN UP, and then go and CREATE YOUR DREAM. Find your voice.  Be your voice.  Create your dream.
July 7, 2020
Ep #10 - How to Make Marketing Your Sessions feel like a Party
Does anyone else cringe at the idea of marketing?  We don't want to market, right?  We just want to be creative and design amazing language experiences that empower and delight those who join us .  But here's the thing . . . who are we creating those experiences for if nobody knows what we do?  Well I have an idea that will change the feel of "marketing" into something that feels like a celebration.  Now that sounds more fun!  Tune in to discover this little mind trick.
June 30, 2020
Ep #9 - The 5 Stages That Will Get You From "Maybe" to "I've Started, and I'm Loving It!"
Getting from just having an idea bumbling around in the back of your mind, to actually making your idea REAL isn't as hard as it might seem. In fact, following the steps in this 5-Stage Inspiration Path will ensure that nothing seems overwhelming, and that you're up and running your very own language sessions in no time! Once you've listened to the episode: 1.  Grab your free PDF of this Inspiration Path (complete with action steps and milestones) RIGHT HERE. 2. Pop into our Facebook group and let us know which Stage you're in: Stage 1 - Thinking Stage 2 - Enquiring Stage 3 - Planning Stage 4 - Action Stage 5 - Growing
June 22, 2020
Ep #8 - Do You Have What it Takes to Run Your Own Sessions?
There are only 3 questions that you need to ask yourself to know if you're capable of starting your own language sessions, and I think you'll be surprised at how simple they are. Join me in this episode where we ask the 3 questions, and explore the main doubts that women have around their capabilities.
June 15, 2020
Ep #7 - Say YES and Figure It Out Later
Ooooh, now that sounds a bit scary.  Saying YES to opportunities without having experience/a detailed plan/comprehensive preparation . . . are you kidding?  Well, let me share with you my own experiences with saying YES to opportunities in growing my own language biz, and how they turned out (you just know that I'm going to encourage you to do the same, don't you ;-).  
June 9, 2020
Episode #6 - One Simple Step to Find People Who Are Interested in Your Sessions
This one step is probably the easiest part of getting started, and once you take it, the momentum that is created will fire up your own enthusiasm to actually start planning a real session!   You can take this step BEFORE you have any idea about how or where or when or even IF you actually start. Listen in to find out what it is.  
June 1, 2020
Episode #5 - The Secret to Overcoming Self-Criticism and Learning to Feel Fabulous About Your Language Sessions (no matter how the children react)
Do you tend to be very self-critical?  It's soooo common, but it's going to STOP you from enjoying your language sessions and discovering new and exciting ways to totally engage the children.  In this episode, you'll discover the simple mindset secret that will have you feeling fabulous as you arrive at your sessions, and fabulous after you've finished!
May 24, 2020
Episode #4 - Little Language Earworms (or, How Much of Your Language Should You Speak During Your Sessions?)
This is one of the first and most common questions that I'm asked. And I have a really cool answer, that I've recently coined, "Little Language Earworms." Want to hear how it works? Tune in to find out.
May 24, 2020
Episode # 3: How to leverage your efforts for long-term benefits
Hey!  This is a fun episode because we look how we can take any online or video language sessions that you may have created during the pandemic lockdown, and transform them into long-term products/services that you could offer to your new and existing session families into the future. Even if you're brand new to the IDEA of running your own language sessions, jump on in and listen because it's really cool to hear all the fun things that can be done as you start and grow.
May 13, 2020
Episode #2: What I learnt from taking my language sessions online
Hey!  This has been a time of change and innovation, and in this episode I wanted to share with you my own experience of moving my language sessions (that I normally run in small groups in childcare centres) online.  It's been a big learning curve with some unexpected challenges and lessons, and some surprising results.  Listen up and see how you feel about the option of doing something online yourself! 
May 12, 2020
Episode #1: Embracing Your Superpower
Up until now, you may have considered your native language as an obstacle, hindering your ability to communicate and, well . . . to just be understood!  Frustrating, right?!  In this little intro episode, I'm going to share a revolutionary concept . . . that you're native language is, indeed, your SUPERPOWER, and I'll be encouraging you to embrace and LOVE your accent and to create a bridge for yourself that connects your heritage with your present, and leads you with confidence and delight into your future; one where you may choose to create something AMAZING with your language.
May 12, 2020