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Twice As Much

Twice As Much

By Lashaunta Shanese
‘Twice As Much’ is a podcast that talks about everything media related! We’re on a mission to expand our horizon and live our dreams. Lashaunta Shanese is a Freelance Journalist, Blogger and Digital Content Producer. She’s also a Grad Student and Host of Sheen News Weekly. Diamond is a Undergrad Student studying Media Communication. We’re sisters who support each other and aspire to be a force in the media industry.
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Movies in a Panaromic?

Twice As Much

Movies in a Panaromic?

Twice As Much

Movies in a Panaromic?
We're back! As two young women who love movies, we thought talking about some of the latest/upcoming releases would be perfect for this episode. 
July 27, 2021
"Let's Talk"
Our first episode has finally arrived and we couldn't think of a better way to start than to share with you all who we are. In this introduction episode, you all will find out more about Freelance Journalist/Grad Student Lashaunta Shanese and Undergrad/ Future Media Star Diamond. As sisters who are best friends, we help each other with everything. Whether it's homework or a production, we always find ourselves sharing creative thoughts. We hope you all enjoy it! 
July 8, 2021