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Late Nite Facts with Bax Podcast

Late Nite Facts with Bax Podcast

By Andrew Baxley
Recorded at night, this podcast by Andrew Baxley will talk and recap the day about a variety of things from sports to relationships, to advice and things that happen in our society each and every day, all just straight up facts.
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Blonde Hair Talk: Facts on authentic and toxic masculinity
Host Andrew Baxley comes back from his brief pause and spits out complete bars with guest Dom Olszewski to talk about authentic and toxic masculinity. They talk about things a guy should do to impress a girl, how watching porn doesn't make a guy a true man, and how the dorm life is like in college.  Later on, Prodigal Sons household leader Peter Thibault drops a mic drop line about authentic masculinity that will make every guy re-consider their lives. You can find Dom Olszewski on instagram at dom_ski24 and on snap at dom_olsz.  Dom is a single 6’6” blonde hair and blue eyes guy and wants you guys to hit him up.  Ladies out there, he's worth it.💯
September 25, 2020
'Slim Shady', Char-Grill, free-styling and more; a conversation with a North Carolinian intellect
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Lucas Parente to talk about a variety of things from working at Char-Grill to Eminem, and from writing diss tracks to social media. Listen to this podcast to learn about a lot of facts from a wide range of topics.
August 19, 2020
Facts on game predictions for the AFC and the NFC South
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Christian Martinez to spit out some NFL game predictions for the AFC and the NFC South teams. Andrew predicts the Buccaneers, Falcons, Texans, and the Jaguars as Christian predicts his beloved Saints, the Panthers, Colts, and the Titans. Is Dres Brees the greatest quarterback ever to play the game? Is Derrick Henry the best running back in the league? Listen to this podcast to hear out Andrew and Christians arguments.
August 15, 2020
Facts on how to cope with goodbyes and sadness before and throughout college
Host Andrew Baxley talks about how to say goodbyes to friends going to college in positive ways and gives tips on how to gain friends easily and fast in a comfortable manner during the first couple days of college. He also talks about depression in college and how to spot and deal with it. Shout out to the Class of 2024!
August 13, 2020
Facts on sleep paralysis, how to avoid sleep deprivation, and tips to do to get better sleep
Host Andrew Baxley talks about the basics of sleep, and gives tips on how to get better sleep and how to reduce the chances of being sleep deprived. He also talks about the symptoms of chronic sleep deprivation, sleep paralysis, and was to stop snoring. Want to know what sleep paralysis is and how to stop it or wondering why every time you nap more than 30 minutes in the day you feel like crap? Then listen to this episode to learn more about the overall subject of sleep.
August 08, 2020
The life of a college EMT worker
For tonights episode, host Andrew Baxley brings on an EMT worker to talk about his job and how he got into the department as a 20 year old in college.  Michael talks about his 24 hour shifts, his daily routine, how he got a gun pointed to his head, and the crazy and scary incidents he witnessed on the job.  He also talks about college, as he plays D2 tennis for Belmont Abbey College.
July 26, 2020
Boston, being the middle child, and a complicated love life: a conversation with an extroverted girl
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Maddie Barton to talk about a variety of things from her cross country career to her stories about her eight fish dying and from her life being the middle child to her interesting high school and work stories.  Later on, Maddie goes in depth about her complicated relationship and explain why they went back together three different times.  Listen to this podcast to find out what the life is like being the middle sister, being a Bostonian, and why she thinks love is blind.
July 18, 2020
Dealing with fake friends and a famous Tik Tok brother: The life of a Cali girl
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest star Elaina McCormick, the older sister of Tik Tok famous Daniel McCormick (daniel_mccormick), to talk about the change of culture between California and North Carolina, her bad and good memories at Belmont Abbey College, and her crazy, drama-like job experiences at North Carolina's finest 5-star hotel, The Umstead .  They also talk about Tik Tok and how her brother got famous and discuss how to deal with fake friends and how many chances you should give them.  At the very end, Andrew gives an Instagram hack that everyone should know.
July 16, 2020
Facts on Juice WRLD's new album and why Tik Tok should not do any dances to the songs
Host Andrew Baxley talks about Juice WRLD’s new album “Legends Never Die” and gives his top five songs from the album.  He also argues why the Tik Tok community should not do any dances to his songs because it will be disrespectful and it would make the songs seem "too happy" in a very emotional album.
July 14, 2020
Wild Wild West Journey Part 2 and what to do in a bear and a bison encounter
Host Andrew Baxley caps off his crazy out west trip talking about the culture difference between Montana and Raleigh, NC and his experience in Seattle.  Andrew talks about how Seattle has changed over time with the poverty and homeless people and how the Seattle Mariners stayed in the same exact hotel he was staying in.  He ends the podcast talking about the differences between a grizzly and a black bear and what to do in a bison and a bear encounter.
July 12, 2020
Wild Wild West Journey Part 1
Chilling in a hot tub out in the plains of Idaho, host Andrew Baxley spits out some facts about how nature and prayer can relieve stress tremondously. He also talks about his trip out west to Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah and argues why it is so much better than Raleigh, North Carolina. Listen to this podcast to learn more on how to reduce stress using nature and prayer, how you haven’t experienced life without viewing the national parks in the United States, and how your host almost got attacked by a Bison.
July 06, 2020
Facts on the lives of two D1 basketball commits
Host Andrew Baxley brings on NC State basketball commit Jaylon Gibson and Texas basketball commit Keeyan Itejere to talk about basketball and how they got to be where they are today.  They talk about their times being on the same AAU and high school team and how they perform and deal with the pressure on the court.  They also talk about their training schedule for each day and what ritual they do before every game.  If you are wondering what it takes to be a D1 basketball player or you want to know who can dunk better and who has the bigger show size, definitely listen to this podcast to learn more about the road to become a D1 basketball player. Jaylon Gibson's twitter: Keeyan Itejere's twitter:
June 29, 2020
Facts on Habits Part 5- The Fourth Law
Host Andrew Baxley caps off his five part habit episode series talking about the 4th Law of Behavior Change; make your good habits satisfying and your bad habits unsatisfying. Check out James Clear’s website for more information, printable worksheets, and to buy his book at  
June 27, 2020
Facts on game predictions for the AFC and the NFC West teams
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Christian Martinez to give game predictions for the AFC and the NFC west teams. This is the third part of the series and lookout for the AFC and NFC South predictions in the near future.
June 15, 2020
Facts on how to handle grief
Host Andrew Baxley gives tips and tricks and personal experiences following the death of his beloved AAU basketball coach about how to handle grief and death.  Some of the ten tips include humor, letting your emotions out, and knowing that you are not on this path all by yourself. Reach out to Andrew on Twitter @LateNiteFacts for some free merch! R.I.P  Coach Blackmon (1981-2020)
June 14, 2020
Facts on having true fashion and handling the difficulties of freshman year
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guests Charlotte and Meriel McCormick on a night full of facts to talk about peer pressure, what a perfect guy possesses, the difficulties of freshman year, and how to have the right style.  Meriel talks about her freshman year and how she handled her boy problems and Charlotte gives her insights on what she wants in a perfect guy.  At the end they talk about the show “Outer Banks” and debate whether or not JJ or John B. is hotter, and they give style and clothing advice to Andrew, as he continues to go towards the opposite direction of true fashion.  Listen to this podcast to learn more on how to stand up to peer pressure, how guys should dress up nowadays, and how to handle the difficulties of freshman year.
May 29, 2020
Facts on game predictions for the AFC and the NFC North
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Christian Martinez to give NFL game predictions for the AFC and the NFC North teams.  Andrew predicts the wins and losses for the Green Bay Packers, the Bears, the Ravens, and the Steelers while Christian handles the Lions, the Vikings, the Browns, and the Cincinnati Bengals.  Also, Christian makes his case that Drew Brees is the greatest quarterback of all time and that the New Orleans Saints will win Super Bowl 55.  Stay tuned for two more episodes as they predict the NFC and the AFC West and South teams.
May 25, 2020
Facts on the common traits of a coward
Do cowards fear honesty? Do they avoid strong people and take advantage of the weak minded? Are they crybabies, make excuses all the time, and never live up to what they did was wrong? Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Daniel McCormick to answers these questions and to talk and debate on the 16 signs of the modern coward. They give out their own personal experiences of seeing cowards and make an argument that everyone has been a coward in his/her own life and that you can change from those “always afraid, do everything virtually” habits. At the end they talk about how the social media platform, especially Tik Tok, has cultivated a lot of cowards today and how a lot of them seek validation online only, and that they don’t want to face a human being face to face when a problem arises. If you feel like you buy into mainstream excuses and are a crybaby that creates drama to hide the fact that you messed up badly, then listen to this podcast so you can identity if you are a coward and how to change yourself from making excuses and hiding from arguments to standing up and being firm in your beliefs.
May 24, 2020
Bedside facts with Bax
Resting on the same bed and not sitting six feet apart from each other, host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Daniel McCormick to talk about a variety of things from the difficulties of working out during quarantine to their Madelyn Cline obsession, and from playing basketball to the sad effects of listening to Juice WRLD.  
May 22, 2020
Facts on if yoga leads to demonic possession
Host Andrew Baxley talks about yoga and if it leads to demonic possession.  He talks about the origins of yoga and if Catholics and Protestants should do this exercise and the stretches that go along with it.  He also debates if yoga should be “baptized” and gives three major areas in which the spiritual practice of yoga does not fall in line with Catholic spirituality.  Can Christians stretch out and do the exercises?  Can you enter into the mantras and chants?  What exactly is Holy Yoga?  Listen to this podcast to find out and to gain information on the practice of yoga. 
May 21, 2020
Facts on game predictions for the AFC and the NFC East
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Christian Martinez to give NFL game predictions for the AFC and the NFC East teams.  Andrew predicts the wins and losses for the Giants, Eagles, Bills, and Jets while Christian handles the hated Cowboys, Redskins, Dolphins, and the New England Patriots.  What team does Christian and Andrew think will win the AFC and the NFC East?  Listen to this podcast to find out and to hear insights and facts on the NFL.  Stay tuned for future podcast episodes with Christian on predicting the rest of the NFL teams.
May 14, 2020
Facts on Habits Part 4- The Third Law
Host Andrew talks about the Third Law of Behavior Change in this five part habit episode series.  Andrew explains that one of the best ways to create a good habit is to make it easy, which you could do by reducing friction, priming your environment, and implementing the Two-Minute Rule in your life.  To get rid of your bad habits, you got to make it difficult and increase the friction.  If you don’t understand what any of this means and you want to become a better person and to master your habits?  Then listen to this podcast so you can add another weapon in your tool bag so you can learn how to create good habits and to break bad habits.  Stay tuned for a future episode on the Fourth Law of Behavior Change.  For more information, check out James Clear's book, "Atomic Habits", on his website.
May 11, 2020
Facts on overthinking in relationships and "Outer Banks"
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest All Boretti to talk about the hardships of getting into a relationship and the nervousness and overthinking that rise up during the process.  Andrew gives some examples of overthinking in a relationship like always living in the future and always coming up with “what if” scenarios.  Alli gives out a lot of personal experiences and talks about the hardships of waiting for that perfect guy to make the first and right move.  Alli also talks about her transition from a small to a large populated high school and the challenges she faced when transferring.   At the end, Andrew and Alli talk about the new highly-acclaimed Netflix TV series “Outer Banks”, and decide what guy is the most good looking.  Does Alli think John B. is hot?  Is Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron) Andrew’s new celebrity crush?  Do girls like it when they get sent this particular picture from a guy?  Listen to this podcast to find out and to learn more on how to stop overthinking and to deal with the hardships of getting into a relationship the right way.   
May 10, 2020
Facts on the life of a college drop out
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Chris Moran to talk about the work world, and life in college for 1.5 years.  He talks about his current full time job in the film and technology industry and he argues that he wouldn’t have been where he is at today if he graduated from college, rather than the path he took which was dropping out mid-sophomore year.  Chris also talks about his personal college experiences and relationship advice and gives funny personal examples of the do’s and don’ts in college.  Listen to this podcast to learn more about Chris and how he became a successful college drop out.  You can find more about his company at The Bridges Company.
May 08, 2020
Facts on things mentally strong people don't do
Host Andrew Baxley brings back guest Christian Martinez to go off again on things mentally strong people don’t do.  They list out a lot of things they don’t do like they don’t waste their time feeling sorry for themselves, they don’t shy away from change, and they don’t try to please everyone.  Christian re-states his case that anxiety and constant sadness should not be an excuse for working out or living life happily for anyone.  Do you fear taking risks and failure?  Do you always dwell on the past?  Do you constantly repeat the same mistakes?  Are your excuses for doing something hard always because “I have anxiety” or “I’m not going to get immediate results”?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then listen to this podcast so you can be more mentally tough.  If you answered no, it doesn’t hurt to get better and to listen to some useful advice.
May 03, 2020
Facts on ways to build your mental strength
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Christian Martinez on a night full of facts to talk about the ways to build your mental strength and how to destroy all of your excuses so you can feel like you are not lying to yourself anymore. Some things they talk about to improve your mental strength is to set yourself up for success, to tolerate discomfort for a greater purpose, and to look for explanations, not excuses. Throughout the episode, Christian makes a big case and argues that anxiety and learning disabilities should not be an excuse for not working hard or not eating healthy. Does your anxiety not make you work out or eat healthy? Do you set unrealistic goals? Do you sit on the couch all day and make excuses that you have no weights at home to workout? Are you lacking a motivational factor to push you through a hard workout? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then listen to this podcast on how to build your mental strength. If you answered no, then stay tuned to another upcoming podcast on things mentally strong people do not do.
April 30, 2020
Facts on staying true to yourself
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Kieran Muhkerjee to talk about the public school life, and how he enjoys being at his current school everyday.  He also talks about the importance of speaking up and standing up to others and emphasizes that when the other person is wrong in an argument, you got to tell them why they are wrong so you don't let them off the hook easy.  Kieran also talks about how social media has taken up a lot of his time each day and explains why its so addicting for him during this quarantine time.  At the end, they relieve some of their best guy moments together and Kieran drops some relationship advice for the desperate guys and girls out there.  Do you think Kieran has ever been in a fight before?  Does Kieran yell at freshman for smoking weed?  What is the relationship advice he gives out?  Listen to this podcast to hear their answers and to gain information on how to have a proper argument and how to get rid of your social media addiction.
April 28, 2020
Facts on football and the 2020 NFL Draft
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Christian Martinez to talk about the NFL Draft and to debate whether or not Joe Burrow should’ve been the number one overall pick.  They also talk about their favorite team’s draft picks, and if those picks were the right move.  Andrew makes his case that the Green Bay Packers draft selections were terrible and that they should’ve picked a wide receiver to help out Aaron Rodgers.  At the end they argue about the New Orleans Saints QB situation and whether or not Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill will be the face of the franchise after Drew Brees retires.  Who is the steal of the draft?  Who is the most underrated QB in this draft class?  Is Chase Young the best player in the draft?  Are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going to win the Super Bowl this season?  Listen to this podcast to hear Andrew and Christian’s answers.
April 27, 2020
Facts on living in big families and handling stress when you have a busy workload
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Kylie Puetzer to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big family, and managing your time with busy workloads.  Kylie also talks about her transition from a public middle school to a private high school and how she handled it with her friends and how a private high school changed her as a person.  She also talks about living as an introvert especially during this quarantine period and how she overcomes her introvert self to speak and stand up to others.  She emphasizes that she doesn’t follow the crowd and that she follows the single route, and how in college she doesn’t want to be looked down on by others and that she doesn’t want to be looked up to too.  Listen to the podcast to learn more about living in big families and how to manage stress in certain situations.
April 26, 2020
Facts on things that girls think and do that guys hate
Do guys actually like it when girls play hard to get and pretend to like their hobby?  Do guys like it when girls wear a bunch of makeup and have “sharpie eyebrows”? Do guys like it when girls steal their sweatshirt? Host Andrew Baxley gets emotionally charged as he answers the questions above and explains a bunch of scenarios where girls do things that they think guys like but at the end of the day, the guys hate it a lot. Andrew also talks about red flags and how to identify them in girls and how at the end of the day, it can be very hard to change their stance or personality. If you think it’s fine that a girl doesn’t have to tell a guy what they want or what their problems are, then listen to this podcast to learn 16 things that men actually hate. If the above has never happened to you or you have never been in a relationship before, still listen to this podcast to learn more and to educate the future society of guys and girls.
April 25, 2020
Facts on Habits Part 3- The Second Law
Host Andrew continues his podcast series on habits by talking about The Second Law of Behavior Change in the third episode of the series.  With The Second Law being "make it attractive", he gives out tips and tricks to how to incorporate this law to create good habits and to break bad ones.  Andrew talks about how using temptation building and creating a motivational ritual is essential in forming and cultivating a good habit and how re-framing your mindset can make you get rid of that bad habit.  Because you probably have no idea what this means, then listen to this podcast on The Second Law so you can make your life easier and to learn how to make rewards more enjoyable.  Straight forward, good habits and eliminating bad ones leads to a better and more unstressed and unchaotic life.  Make sure to be on the lookout for Facts on Habits Part 4.   Andrew's information comes from the book "Atomic Habits" written by James Clear.  You can check out and buy the book here.
April 24, 2020
Facts on the ROTC life and the brotherhood
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Greg Shamine to talk about ROTC life at Michigan State University and the importance of brotherhood. Greg gives details about his everyday schedule for ROTC and some of the challenges he has to face everyday, like time management and sleep. Greg also talks about growing up and the change from high school to college. Listen to this podcast to learn more about Greg’s everyday life in college and the ROTC program he is in, the importance of brotherhood, and maintaining strong guy friendships.
April 22, 2020
Facts on 420, the cannabis culture, and the pros and cons of smoking weed
Host Andrew Baxley talks late at night about how we associate 420 with weed and the pros and cons of marijuana use. Is April 20th the national holiday for cannabis culture because police officers say “420” as code for “marijuana smoking in progress”? Does marijuana reduce PTSD and help people with epilepsy? Does smoking weed block our memory and cause respiratory diseases? To put it bluntly, listen to this podcast to find out as Andrew answers these questions and talks more about THC and CBD use.
April 21, 2020
Facts on Faith, Family, and Basketball
Host Andrew Baxley brings on his former AAU Basketball Coach DeShannon Morris to talk about faith, family, and basketball. Coach Morris, otherwise known as Coach D, talks about how he values improving his players and improving others over winning as a coach and provides some of his insights on how he relaxes before every game and what are some qualities in players that coaches don’t like at all. Next, Coach D talks about some of the most important qualities a father must possess and how the phrase “a family who prays together stays together” relates a lot to his family. Coach D also stresses that he tries to live out his favorite bible verse of all time, Phillipians 4:6 everyday in life and while coaching basketball. “Don’t worry about nothing.” At the end they talk about AAU Basketball and some of the best experiences they had together at the big stages like winning third place at Nationals in Orlando and playing in Spartanburg, SC. They also talk about what a high school basketball player needs to do to get at the next level and how to prepare mentally for the next stage. Coach D is currently the head men’s basketball coach at GRACE Christian High School and for the AAU organization Carolina DreamChasers. He lives in Knightdale, NC with his two daughters, his son, and his best friend, his wife. Listen to this podcast to learn more how to be healthier in spirit, mind, and body and how to become a great father and a coach, not just for basketball, but in life too.
April 20, 2020
Facts on Habits Part 2- The First Law
Host Andrew Baxley talks about The First Law of Behavior Change and how this law can help us create good habits and get rid of bad habits.  He talks about that its not always about motivation and discipline, but the environment we live in and how we set it up so we consistently do our daily habits without fail.  Andrew gives other tips and tricks by explaining how the Habits Scorecard works and how to use habit stacking and implementation intentions.  He talks at the end too how if you want to break a bad habit, you got to reduce exposure and to remove the cues of your bad habits from your environment.  If you want to make a change in your life and you want to learn how to consistently do your simple habits each and every day, listen to this podcast to find out and how to do the tips and tricks listed above.  Remember to listen to the Habits Part 1 episode if you haven't had the chance yet which is an introductory to all of the laws of behavior change and what a habit is.  This episode is the second episode of a five part series.  If you want to learn more about the Atomic Habits book Andrew reference's a lot, you can find it here.   
April 19, 2020
Facts on the cardinal sins of basketball and things not to do in a pickup game
Host Andrew Baxley gives his insights on things not to do when playing pick up ball and some actions that can be a cardinal sin of basketball.  He also talks about cardinal sins of mindset in basketball too like pride, stubbornness, and self-doubt.  Do you not like to call out screens?  Do you trash talk a player who you are not even guarding?  Do you shoot every time you touch the ball?  Do you not wear any socks when you play?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then listen to this podcast so you can go back to being picked up on a pick up basketball team or so you don’t commit any sins of basketball again.  If you answered no, still listen so you can avoid these mistakes in the future.

April 18, 2020
Facts on Habits Part 1- the four simple steps and the laws of behavior change
Host Andrew Baxley talks about how to build better habits by following four simple steps.  Most of his information comes from the best selling book Atomic Habits, written by James Clear.  This podcast is an introductory to a five part podcast series on how to build better habits and how to break bad habits.  At the end, Andrew goes over the four laws of behavior change and how they are essential for us to fortify our habits.  What are the purposes of habits?  What are the four laws of behavior change?  What are some questions I can ask myself to change my behavior?  What are the four simple steps?  Listen to this podcast to find out.  Also, stay tuned for the rest of the habit series podcasts to drop out for more in depth detail about each individual law.     
April 17, 2020
Facts on public vs. private school
Are all private schoolers stuck up and snobby? Are all public schoolers gangsters, partiers, and don’t have any morals at all? Host Andrew Baxley answers these questions by bringing on guests Viola Gabberty and Sophie McLellan to talk about the differences between public and private schools. They also debate on the typical private and public school stereotypes and decide whether it is true or not. Sophie and Viola share their fair share of experiences of public and private schools and give their thoughts on what type of school they truly liked better. Are you by any chance having a child soon and debating back and forth on what type of school to send your precious loved one? If you are having a child or not, listen to this podcast to find out the pros and cons of private and public school.
April 16, 2020
Facts on globilazation and politics
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guests Aidan Moore, Garreth Parsons, Lucas Parente and Davis Bray to debate on whether or not the U.S. should stop trading with other countries and if this is the rise or downfall of globalization.  Lucas and Aidan have opposing views about globalization and fight it out on whether or not it is necessary for the U.S. to trade globally.  The guys also debate about politics and who will win on the democratic side for presidency this November.  Should the U.S. stop trading with China?  Is Aidan a Republican or a Democrat?  Will the economy crash even more?  Listen to this podcast to find out. This was recorded on 4/9/2020. The things that were said on this episode could change in the near future.
April 15, 2020
Facts on The Effects of Pornography Part 3
Host Andrew Baxley talks about how porn effects our heart and our realtionshps today and he finishes off his three part episode series on how pornography effects our brain, our society, and finally our heart.  Andrew gives five ways how porn damages our heart and our relationships and how the porn industry is full of lies.  Does porn hurt the relationship of a married couple?  When an individual figures out that their partner watches porn, is it common for them to feel angry, ashamed, embarrassed, and insecure?  Can pornography lead someone to not have sex at all?  Is porn a safe way to learn about sex?  Listen to this podcast to find out and remember, porn is not real love.  If you are struggling with pornography and want to get out of darkness and loneliness, visit Fight the New Drug.  If you are addicted, visit Fortify which is a software that helps individuals break their addiction of pornography.  Remember this.  What your partner really wants is all of you.  Your heart and your mind.  Not your partner and a sexual fantasy.  
April 14, 2020
Facts on eliminating and preventing boredom
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Davis Bray to talk about boredom and how this is a big problem right now because of quarantine.  They talk about how to eliminate boredom by figuring out what you really want to do for the day, not procrastinating on things, and to socialize virtually with friends more.  Davis gives his own personal experiences of boredom and how he handles it everyday in his "nothing to do" house.  Are you bored everyday and you don't know how to entertain yourself?  Listen to this podcast so you can learn how to eliminate and prevent boredom so you can ultimately have a happier and busier quarantine.    
April 13, 2020
Facts on Easter and Drake
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Christian Martinez to talk about Easter and how Jesus rising from the dead is the root of Christianity.  Christian also makes his case why it should be the Easter Turtle instead of the Easter Bunny.  Andrew at the end talks about Drake and how the Tik Tok and VSCO culture ruined Drake's popular songs for him.   Listen to this podcast to hear some Easter facts and Andrew's debate with Christian on how overall the VSCO and Tik Tok community ruins songs. 
April 13, 2020
Facts on Zendaya
Host Andrew Baxley talks about his celebrity crush Zendaya and gives interesting facts about her.  He talks about her time on the Disney show Shake It Up! and how Bella Thorne took a completely different path than Zendaya today.  Listen to this podcast to learn more about Andrew's celebrity crush.
April 11, 2020
Facts on "are all girls the same?"
Was Juice WRLD right when he said "all girls are the same?"  Do all girls just do Tik Tok and VSCO everyday?  Host Andrew Baxley brings on guests Daniel McCormick, Aidan Moore, Garreth Parsons, and Davis Bray to debate if girls are truly all the same.  Does Daniel get into his feels at all?  Do the guys have relationship problems?  Listen to this podcast to find out what the guys decide on.
April 10, 2020
Facts on narcissistic selfies and FINSTA
Are all selfies narcissistic?  What qualities does an ego-centric selfie have?   Host Andrew Baxley answers these questions and debates whether or not there can be selfies that are not narcissistic at all.   Andrew also argues why having a FINSTA is completely useless and that how we shouldn't be two faced and post different versions of ourselves on two different accounts.  He also talks about why a lot of people in our society like to post embarrassing pictures of themselves that get exposed to the world, and how we need to be more careful about our posts because we will never know when a future job or college admissions person will see that stuff.  Are you always seeking attention in your selfies and posts on social media?  Are you insecure and use social media for people to look at your posts and comment, "oh you look beautiful!" and, "you are so perfect!" to you?  Do you rant on social media just to get attention and for people to pity you?  Listen to this podcast to find out.   
April 09, 2020
Facts on why college athletes shouldn't be paid
Should college athletes be paid?  Don't they deserve some wealth because of all the hard work they have done?  What about high school athletes?  Host Andrew Baxley argues why college athletes should not be paid and he gives ten reasons why they should not.  He also explains that if colleges do pay their athletes that it will send a bad message and it will ruin the purpose of college.  The major question is what athletes do get paid?  What divisions get to pay their athletes?  Who's going to pay for it all?  Listen to this podcast to hear Andrew's reasonings.   
April 08, 2020
Facts on JUULing and why smoking doesn't make you look cool
Host Andrew Baxley gets real late at night to talk about the harmful effects of JUULing and smoking and why they don't make you look cool at all.  He argues how we shouldn't "hit" JUULS because doctors don't even know whats in them and how all of that nicotine can mess with our reward system in our brain.  Andrew also argues that smoking cigarettes doesn't make us look attractive at all and that people who do smoke don't realize that they smell bad, have yellow teeth, and are following in the danger of being a wannabe.  Does smoking support gender double standards?  Are smokers' lungs and a regular persons' lungs that different?  Listen to this podcast to find out and remember, don't fall into peer pressure and just say no to cigs and JUULS.  If you don't smoke, you aren't going to be the one who is killing themself and paying some other company to hurt you.  Its only the people who do like to breath in toxic chemiclas who are killing themselves.
April 07, 2020
Facts on The Effects of Pornography Part 2
Host Andrew Baxley talks about the effects pornography has on our society today and how it corrupts our brain.  He argues how pornography is linked with sex trafficking and how porn teaches kids false information about what sex actually is.  He points out too that the porn industry's darkest secret is that its not all consensual and that you never know when a women is forced or raped to do a scene.  If you are struggling with pornography and want to know more information about its harmful effects, visit Fight The New Drug for more information and check out Fortify which is a software to help people with this particular addiction.  Overall, don't be a bystander and be a vocal leader in your community and tell others how pornography is changing our whole community and our relationships with one another.  Listen to this podcast to know how pornography is destroying our world today. 
April 06, 2020
Facts on college life
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Marc Rullo to talk about college life and how to make a smooth college transition.  They talk a lot about freshman struggles, and how to manage dating, friendships and the "freshman 15".  Marc also talks about keeping your faith at a secular school and how he handled college with the coronavirus floating around.  From D1 sports to frat houses, to 3am food and to helicopter parents, Marc gives out some facts on how to survive and handle college, with a little touch of funny personal experiences.  Did Marc ever have to rescue somebody from a bar?  Do you really have to study in college all the time and not have any fun?  What are some ways to clear off your head and to relax from all of the school work?  Has Marc ever had to look at the wrong side of a gun?  Listen to this podcast to find out and to learn everything from college advice and commonly asked questions to college 'definitely do not's'.       
April 05, 2020
Facts on "save the babies" vs. "save the turtles"
Host Andrew Baxley goes real late at night and talks about the "save the turtles" argument and how he isn't going to support any of those organizations until there is more emphasis and attention on "saving the babies" and ending abortion.  He argues that babies and human life are more important to our society for the future than some specific types of animals.  He says too that we need to defend human life, be more concerned about the number of abortions rising every year, and to donate more money to Birth Choice or Pro-Life organizations who help pregnant women in need, rather than donating money to Planned Parenthood and animal organizations.  If you think Andrew is an animal hater and that he doesn't want you to donate any money to animal rescue places at the end of this episode, clearly you did not listen to this podcast very well.  If you weren't paying attention to this episode at all, just know that human life begins immediately at conception.
April 04, 2020
Facts on how to use haters as fuel for success
Do you feel like you have a lot of haters?  Do you feel like you are getting teamed up on?  Do you want to know how to take in that hate and use it as fuel for success?  Host Andrew Baxley gives multiple ways on how to take hateful comments and actions and to turn them into success.  Some ways include being humble when attacked and learning how to control your anger.  Are you getting attacked and don't know what to do with yourself?  Do you not want to lose your temper and get in trouble?  Then listen to this podcast and follow Andrew's ways on how to use the hate to control your anger and to gain motivation to set yourself up for success for the future.  
April 03, 2020
Facts on toxic friend groups
Host Andrew Baxley talks about toxic friend groups and ways you can identify if you are in one.  The other argument that Andrew makes is that never believe the information the ringleader of your friend group tells everyone.  He emphasizes that once you hear all of the negative information, actually go out to that one person to see if that individual is truly what everyone is saying that they are.   Are you never sure where you stand and do you always feel bad about yourself in your friend group?  Is there always gossip and negative talk about others?  Do you feel like this is not who you are?  Then listen to this podcast and follow Andrew's points on ways you can identify if you are in a toxic, negative friend group.  Remember, never give in and believe the ringleader.  Actually go out and seek that person who gets persecuted all the time.  The thing is, once you actually get to know that person, he/she is not what everybody is saying and that they aren't a narcissistic jerk after all.
April 02, 2020
Facts on the "Couch Life"- sweatshirts, sweatpants, Netflix, and crappy food
*Trigger Warning*. Viewers who listen to this podcast might be angered because their way of life is exposed (rightfully so).   Host Andrew Baxley gets real late at night to talk about the harmful effects of sitting on the couch and doing nothing all day.  He talks about why people just sit around in their sweats all day while watching Netflix and posting embarrassing pictures of themselves on their FINSTA and why the outdoors is calling their name for them to get up and to actually exercise.  Andrew also goes off on why he knows so many people who don't listen or who don't want to listen at all to the truth said by a particular person and why they still want to live their crappy, unhealthy, "couch life".  If you want to know the five ways why sitting on the couch and doing nothing is bad for you, then listen to this podcast.  If you don't want to, its fine.  Just know you ain't getting any younger.
April 01, 2020
Facts on fake apologies
 Do you get apologized to frequently?  Do you feel like people are putting the blame on you and not standing up to what they did was wrong?  Does it feel like their apologies are just full of excuses?  Are you getting the "she told me to say this to you" apology?  Are you attacked by a lot people and all of a sudden you get a ton of apologies?  Then this podcast is for you!  Host Andrew Baxley describes twelve scenarios of fake apologies and how to identify them and at the end, he gives five points on how a proper apology should be made.           
March 31, 2020
Facts on keeping your priorities straight
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guests Johnny Ligowski and Patrick Moran to talk about keeping your priorities straight and what it takes to be considered a part of a sports team.  They also talk about their favorite basketball season moments and debate on some topics regarding sports and school work.  Is it still a reasonable excuse to skip a practice because you have school work?  Should you value school work before a sport or over a friend hangout?  Is there any athleticism involved in baseball?  Listen to this podcast to find out.  
March 29, 2020
Facts on "are all guys the same?"
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guests Gracie Daley, Summer Eisel, and Domi Perez to talk about if all guys are the same.  After the "are all girls the same?" podcast dropped, they all wanted their opinion on the opposite gender.  Do they think all guys are the same?  Do all guys give empty promises and always play games?  Are all guys incapable of apologizing and just ghost girls when they don't agree on something?  Listen to this podcast to find out what they agree on.    
March 27, 2020
Facts on jobs and living life to the fullest
Host Andrew Baxley brings on Graceann Thilman and Sally Ketterer to talk about living life to the fullest, especially during this chaotic time of the coronavirus.  They also talk about the importance of jobs, how the money you get from working can help you in college and for the future, and tell some funny work experiences too.  They finally talk about the college application process and give advice to people who are currently or entering the process.  Want to hear Sally's Bojangles experience?  Has Andrew ever saved somebody from a pool?  Want to learn tips and tricks about applying to colleges?  Listen to this podcast to find out, and hopefully, it is all just straight up facts.   
March 26, 2020
Facts on hard work vs. talent
Late at night as usual, host Andrew Baxley brings on two new guests, Christian Martinez and Liam Mack, to debate whether or not hard work beats talent.  They hit a bunch of topics like if you should aim high or low with your goal setting, how sleep is important during the grind season, and what small things can play a big factor on regaining your momentum and will power throughout the day.  Want to know Liam's secrets on how he got ripped?  Want to know if Christian can actually run a marathon?  Listen to this podcast to find out and remember, it is the little things you do each day that make a big impact for the future.
March 24, 2020
Facts on a runner's life
Like to run?  Want to know what it takes to become a college runner?   Listen to this episode hosted by Andrew Baxley who brings on guest Noah Wollersheim, a future college runner, to talk about running and how the little things make a big impact on the sport.  Noah gives insight on how a runner should train to become a college athlete and what they need to do during the recruiting process.  He explains what his daily schedule and training is like and he emphasizes that everybody can run, not just for sport purposes.  
March 22, 2020
Facts on the Catholic faith
Host Andrew Baxley brings on guest Michael McCullers to talk about the Catholic faith.  Michael talks about the seminary he applied for in Wyoming and how his two favorite saints, Saint Martin de Porres and Saint Therese of Lisieux, were a big influence in his life.  They also discuss the key differences between the Protestants and the Catholics and how prayer and attending mass benefits us physically and mentally.  Do Catholics worship Mary?  Are we saved?  Do we have to treat our prayer life like practicing for a sport?  Listen to this podcast to find out.
March 21, 2020
Facts on how Juice WRLD shaped me in a negative way
Ever listen to an artist so much that you become and think like them?  Host Andrew Baxley talks about how when he listened to his favorite singer Juice WRLD 24/7, he was shaped and morphed like him and had the same logic and thinking of the deceased rapper.  The main argument of this podcast is how Andrew viewed life through the "rapper's eyes", and how he came to realize it was all wrong.  He makes the claim too that we should be careful to not model our lives after our beloved singer.     
March 20, 2020
Facts on why middle school relationships are pointless
Host Andrew Baxley spits out some facts about why middle school relationships are pointless and that most of the time the relationships cause drama, and that it usually just ends in a few days.  He talks about how these relationships don't last because the boys and girls aren't mature yet and that they don't know the full essence of a relationship and what true love is at this "stage".  We all know middle school couples don't actually talk to each other and are extremely awkward with one another and that when there is a breakup, it seems like the whole school, even the elementary school, knows about it.  Listen to this episode to learn more about middle school relationship flaws and the factors that make "dating" at that age pointless.  If you learned anything from this episode and you want to better the younger generation, tell these facts to your younger sibling(s) who may be or are entering the terrible years of middle school.    
March 19, 2020
Facts on things to do while in quarantine other than watching Netflix
Are you bored while you are trapped inside of your house because of the pandemic?  Are you getting depressed watching Netflix the whole day while you are in your dark room?  Are you freaking out that you are not getting enough Vitamin D?  Do you feel like you are losing your mind because there is nothing to do?  Host Andrew Baxley explains eleven ways how you can make your life, when quarantined, more enjoyable and fun.  The main premise of this episode is to show there are other things to do in your house and in life other than playing video games or binge watching The Bachelor or Riverdale 24/7.  Want to make time fly and have fun other than panicking and stressing out during this chaotic period?  Listen to this episode and follow these easy eleven ways.      
March 18, 2020
Facts on becoming a college athlete
How do I become a college athlete?  Do I really have to work hard and grind?  How does the recruiting process work?  Host Andrew Baxley (future D-3 basketball player) brings on future D-1 swimmers Garreth Parsons and Austen Davis to talk about how to become a college athlete, and how to manage your time for the day to get all your workouts and your schoolwork in.  They give step-by-step on how to manage the recruiting process and how to talk and to maintain a relationship with a college coach.  They give their personal experiences and their daily schedule, and how they make a lot of sacrifices for their beloved sport.  Deciding if you want to become a college athlete?  Listen to this episode to see what you need to do now to ultimately achieve your lifelong goal.  Remember, grind season never stops.
March 17, 2020
Facts on Video Games
Are video games harmful to an individual?  Do they make kids less attentive and interactive at school and with friends?  Do video games boost a kids IQ and strengthen their problem solving skills?  Is Fortnite a beneficial game?  Does Grand Theft Auto make a kid more violent?  Andrew Baxley brings on Miko Gallego and Davis Bray to answer these questions and debate whether or not video games influence people in a positive or negative way.  They also talk about their love for Rainbow Six, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Fortnite, and other games and which console they prefer to play on.  If you are active and constantly moving, are video games still harmful to you?  Listen to this episode to find out.       
March 14, 2020
Facts on VSCO- the culture that leads to a miserable life
‘VSCO girls’. We have all heard that term before. But what do you need to get and do to become one and to set yourself up to live an unhappy and comparing life? Listen to this podcast hosted by Andrew Baxley while he brings on guests Gracie, Summer Eisel, Domi Perez, and Davis Bray to talk about VSCO and the good and the bads the social platform has. If you want to live a miserable life, listen to this episode and follow the trends told by Andrew. If you do, your chosen path will lead towards misery.
March 12, 2020
Facts on uncivilized towns in North Carolina and how to strengthen a guy and a girl friendship
Andrew Baxley brings on multiple guests to talk about “depressing and nothing to do” towns in North Carolina and how to grow a better opposite sex friendship. Patricia Luy, Brenly Yencho, and Jaqueline Morado talk about their home towns and what there is to do there and why they like the city more, while Aidan Moore and Lucas Parente join in on how to strengthen friendships.
March 11, 2020
Facts on the Coronavirus and maintaining friendships while in college
Andrew Baxley brings on Aidan Moore, Lucas Parente, Davis Bray, and Nathaniel Naguib to talk about the effects the Coronavirus outbreak is having on our society and what to do to prevent the virus and what are the common symptoms. Guest star Garrett comes on too to talk about flaking and bailing and how to do it properly with friends and in certain scenarios. Lastly, Andrew discusses his love and hate for Duke Basketball this season and how he is going to approach this March Madness with his ‘unpredictable’ team.
March 08, 2020
Facts on fake people and how to identify and stay away from them
Andrew Baxley brings on guest Viola Gabberty to talk about the negative effects of fake people and friends in our society as a whole today. From one sign of being a fake person is that they make plans that they don’t keep to pretending to not be upset about things, they analyze all the signs a fake person, or friend, possesses.
February 21, 2020
Facts on Social Media, Today’s “Everyone has to have it”, and Music
Andrew Baxley brings on guests Daniel McCormick and Davis Bray on a evening full of facts to talk about the harmful effects of social media, like Tik Tok, and how insane it is that so many people make a lot of money on it, just for doing dances... They argue too that there is no talent involved in mainstream TikTok videos. Also, they argue how if Justin Bieber’s album was worth the five year wait and elaborate on how the importance of brotherhood is essential in a guys life. Davis also provides insights on funny events that happen in his life and he talks about his music taste too.
February 16, 2020
Facts on The Effects of Pornography Part 1
Late at night, Andrew talks about the effects of pornography to the brain and how it impacts us and the brain in a very negative way and how porn is the new drug nowadays. This is part of a 3 episode series on how pornography effects the brain, relationships, and society as a whole. He also talks a little about his top 3 Duke v. UNC Mens Basketball matchups of all time.
February 12, 2020
Facts on Relationships
Have questions on relationships?  Need help on finding the right girl and how to have a happier and longer relationship?  Listen to Andrew Baxley spit facts on how to treat a girl with respect and dignity, what to do on dates, how to properly talk to a girl, and what girls to avoid in general.  This is is for guys and girls but mainly advice for teenage guys.     Can reach out to Andrew by: Email: Twitter: @LateNiteFacts    Tweet Andrew for future episode suggestions! Listen to Andrew's Podcast at:
February 07, 2020