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LatinXellence Podcast

LatinXellence Podcast

By Los Riveras
Long before working at "start-ups" was cool, people in the Latinx community were scaling small businesses, disrupting industries, and paving their own path to success. Hosted by Gabi & Carlos Rivera, the LatinXellence Podcast features stories of top performers in the Latinx community and helps you discover practical insights that you can apply to your own personal journey.
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Building a legacy one taco at a time | Armando De La Torre
In this episode we connect with Armando De La Torre. He is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, and leads one of LA’s favorite taco chains, Guisados. Armando talks about the dynamics of running a business alongside his father (ala Shaq and Kobe), delivering an extraordinary customer experience, and how to remain flexible in a constantly evolving LA market. We also learn about Armando’s newest restaurants, George’s Burgers and Playita, and how they continue to reflect the values of the Latinx culture in LA. Lastly, as a reminder, we are still recording at home! We appreciate your patience as we navigate barking dogs, ambulances, and any other background noise. Things you will learn in this episode: How to build a brand that represents your goals, values, and leadership Ways to prioritize product quality and customer experience while scaling a business Ways managers can empower teams through presence, patience, and resilience. You can learn more about Guisados, George’s Burgers, and Playita on Instagram.
June 03, 2022
Author and runner of a 6,000 mile journey | Noe Alvarez
In this episode we connect with Noe Alvarez, author of his memoir called Spirit Run: A 6,000 mile marathon through North America’s Stolen Land. Noe shares how his family and culture inspired him to embark on a once in a lifetime run organized by indigenous communities from Alaska to Panama. He discusses the many lessons learned from his running experience and how a focus on community helped him find a place in his own history. Lastly, he shares practical advice for those who are looking to write and publish their first book. Things you will learn in this episode: How to take steps to explore your interests and understand your purpose through new experiences Ways to stay connected to your community and carry them forward Tools to help you kickstart your writing career You can purchase your own copy of Spirit Run here and connect with Noe on Instagram @noealvarez509.
April 20, 2021
Let’s Talk Dinero | Rita Soledad Fernandez Paulino
In this pro-tips episode, we connect with Rita Soledad, Founder of Wealth Para Todos, a community of gente willing to talk dinero so that we can all build wealth collectively. Soledad became a personal finance enthusiast after becoming debt-free while sick on medical leave. She is committed to talking dinero with anyone willing to listen so that we can all build wealth juntos. Soledad gets right to the point and shares her practical pro-tips on how to plan the life you want by building a sustainable personal finance plan. Things you will learn in this episode: Budgeting hacks including how to create a zero-based budget Steps to pay down debt in a sustainable way including using the snowball and avalanche method Why an emergency fund is important and how to build it poco a poco Tools to help you invest in your future and retirement You can connect with Soledad on Instagram @wealthparatodos.
February 17, 2021
Latinx Wealth Creation | Janet Cruz Padron
In this episode, we connect with Janet Cruz Padron, Founder of a financial empowerment platform called Latina Money. Janet shares the ways in which money has played a significant role in her culture and how eliminating the taboo about talking about wealth led her to helping her clients attain financial empowerment. Things you will learn in this episode: How to make more money through passive income Steps to becoming an infopreneur (building a business by selling knowledge) How to build your brand through authenticity and passion Tools to help you invest in the stock market You can connect with Janet on Instagram @latina_money.
January 12, 2021
Building wealth through real estate | Salud & Sebastian Marroquin
In this episode, we connect with Salud & Sebastian Marroquin, a husband and wife real estate team based in Los Angeles, California. The Marroquin’s discuss the current state of the real estate market and provide actionable strategies for those looking to learn or break into the industry. Things you will learn in this episode: Why buying vs. renting will help you build wealth and a legacy How to devise a plan to purchase a property early on (even if you don’t think you are ready) How to make strategic sacrifices to buy your first property How to avoid common “first time home buyer” mistakes Why mindset is critical to accomplishing your investing goals You can connect with Salud & Sebastian on Instagram @oursangabrielvalley/@mrs_fitrealtor/@fitrealtor_ or email Sebastian directly at
August 05, 2020
Becoming one of LA’s most popular on-air radio personalities | Christen Limon
In this episode, we connect with Christen Limon, on-air radio personality at 97.1 AMP, a radio station in Los Angeles. Christen talks to us about how she went from working as a telephone operator to becoming an on-air radio host and working with the infamous Carson Daly! Things you will learn in this episode: How to stay authentic to yourself especially when working in the public space Why speaking up and sharing an unpopular opinion is critical to making your voice heard Why "starting from the bottom” isn’t necessarily a bad thing Why asking for constructive feedback can only make you better How to become a more effective storyteller by LISTENING well You can connect with Christen on Instagram/Twitter @christenlimon and listen to her on 97.1 AMP Mon-Fri: 9AM-2PM & Sat-Sun: 12PM-6PM.
July 15, 2020
Raising over $50k for undocumented families | Andrea Flores & Shashi Jain, Techqueria
In this episode, we chat with Andrea and Shashi, Board Directors, about how they grew from a small meet-up to a non-profit serving the largest community of Latinx in tech. Things you will learn in this episode: How to take a grassroots approach to growing any organization. Why intersectionality is important and how to celebrate inclusion within the Latinx community. Why making an impact beyond the tech industry is critical to improving culture. How to take an intentional approach when leveraging your network through community organizations. Why effective mentorship is critical to career success in the tech space. You can learn more about Techqueria on Slack or at 
July 08, 2020
Saying good-bye to the corporate world to start a global LGBTQ movement | Jose Ramos, Founder of Impulse Group
In this episode, we discuss culture, identity, and purpose with Jose Ramos, Founder of a global non-profit organization called Impulse Group. As the ONLY all-volunteer LGBTQ group in the world with chapters in over 25 countries and thousands of members, Impulse group aims to create a community where people can come together and talk about sexual health with no stigma. Join us as we learn more about Jose’s journey as an undocumented immigrant, how he built a social movement, and in honor of Pride month, how we can all live an authentic life and celebrate the LGBTQ community around the world! Things you will learn in this episode: How to build the courage to embrace your true identity and live life as your authentic self. How to become an active leader in your community by using your natural strengths to give back. How to engage and inspire action through building strong relationships with others. Why you shouldn’t just quit your day job to follow your passion! The key to being strategic and smart during any career transition. Why finding a strong financial partner is critical to growing and sustaining a non-profit organization. You can connect with Jose and learn more about Impulse Group at
June 24, 2020
Empowering Latinx Entrepreneurs | Kenny Salas, COO & Co-Founder of Camino Financial
In this episode, we chat with Kenny Salas, Co-Founder & COO of a FinTech firm called, Camino Financial. As a data-driven platform, Camino Financial focuses on offering micro loans to Latinx businesses and they have recently closed an $8 million Series A funding round to continue their support to small businesses across the country. Things you will learn in this episode: Why a learning environment (through home, school, and travel) leads to increased productivity Why the power of communication is critical to success How to establish clear roles and norms to help you navigate complicated family and business relationships How to identify the right business partners who will strengthen your team and brand Why investing in Human Resources early on can help you build the right culture, hire the best people, and ultimately, scale your business. You can connect with Kenny and learn more about Camino Financial at or Facebook & Instagram @caminofinancial.
June 17, 2020
Enough is Enough
A raw and unfiltered conversation between co-hosts, Carlos and Gabi, about the many levels of social injustice that are still prevalent in our world today.
June 10, 2020
Community Over Competition | Chabeli Sanchez, Founder of PS & Associates
In this episode, we chat with Chabeli Sanchez, founder of P.S. & Associates, a boutique event planning company based in Los Angeles, California. Having worked over 35+ weddings/events year after year, Chabeli teaches us how to curate memorable experiences, why building an all-star team really matters, and how to stay true to your authentic self. Things you will learn in this episode: Why branding matters and how to ensure your brand reflects your authentic self. How to find ways to intentionally grow your business without sacrificing quality. How to have an open mind when recruiting candidates from various industries. Ways to be productive and create content during unexpected downtime. How a leader can make an impact by focusing on community over competition. You can connect with Chabeli and learn more about P.S. & Associates at or on Instagram @ps_plans.
May 26, 2020
The (Cuban) American Dream | Betty Porto, Co-Owner of Porto's Bakery & Cafe
In this episode, we connect with Betty Porto, one of the owners of what Eater LA dubbed “the most popular cuban bakery on the West Coast”, Porto’s Bakery & Cafe. Betty discusses her family’s humble beginnings and how her mother went from selling cakes under an oppressive regime in Cuba to running a multi-million dollar enterprise in the United States. She also talks about the importance of education and how leaving a legacy keeps the Porto’s brand alive. Things you will learn in this episode: How to successfully navigate family dynamics in business Why defining clear roles & responsibilities is critical to operational success How to leverage any education in a business setting Ways to scale your business without impacting quality How giving back to your community can help improve customer engagement and employee retention You can connect with Betty Porto and learn more about Porto’s Bakery & Cafe at or on Instagram @portosbakery.
May 19, 2020
"Easing" your way into a six-figure tech career | Liliana Monge, Co-founder of Sabio
In this episode, we interview Liliana Monge, Co-Founder of Sabio, a coding bootcamp and developer community based in Los Angeles. Lilana discusses her journey to entrepreneurship and how Sabio is helping to increase Latino representation in tech. Liliana also shares tactical advice for those who are interested in making a career shift or thinking about starting their own business. Things you will learn in this episode: How “easing into things” will help you make your next big career decision. How surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help jump start your business. Find ways to get your family onboard and support your dreams - no matter how wild! Why risk taking is critical to leading a successful company/team. How to identify product market fit. Why Latinos are still underrepresented in technology and how organizations can help. Resources mentioned in this episode: Camino Financial Lendistry 7 Habits of Highly Effective People You can connect with Liliana at @wesabio on Instagram or at 
May 12, 2020
Ponte las pilas | Paper Tacos w/Jesus Ruvalcaba
In this episode, we talk with UX designer turned entrepreneur, Jesus Ruvalcaba who founded a spanish language greeting card company called, Paper Tacos, after failing to find a greeting card that he and his family could truly relate to.  Jesus discusses growing up in the artichoke fields in the Central Valley of California and how his immigrant parents inspired him to pursue a career in art and ultimately launch a company. Things you will learn in this episode: How to turn a “hobby” into a revenue generating side hustle How to use social media marketing to boost customer engagement Why creating and maintaining a professional network is critical to scaling your business How you can encourage corporations to create more products tailored to the Latinx community You can connect with Jesus and learn more about Paper Tacos at and on Instagram @paper_tacos.
May 01, 2020
Introducing LatinXellence
LatinXellence is a show that features stories of top performers in the Latinx community and helps you discover practical insights that you can apply to your own personal journey. Join Los Riveras (Carlos and Gabi) as they discuss what inspired the podcast and what you can expect in future episodes. 
April 30, 2020