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I’m Not Sure. But, It’s Okay.

I’m Not Sure. But, It’s Okay.

By LaToniya Jones
Join us for 100 personal stories about navigating life while embracing uncertainty. Our focus is on Living Better, Learning Daily, and Leading Boldly.

LaToniya A. Jones (Toni) is in conversation with people --across multiple generations -- who intrigue and inspire her with their self-awareness, epiphanies, transparency, relatable strategies, and resources.

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On Purpose + Unlearning Who We Think We Are | Brinda Devine (8)

I’m Not Sure. But, It’s Okay.

We Can Go Through Hard Things In Faith - While Quietly, Softly, Inspiring Others| Denitra Gregory
Even through a hard season - - Denitra Gregory continued to weave a beautiful life story – with her faith walk, husband's partnership, immediate family’s loving support, a fashion and lifestyle brand, and introverted ways. Chime in to hear how Denitra is living boldly -- while protecting her mental space, navigating her Hodgkin's Lymphoma healing journey, inspiring women to focus on their gifts and tell the world who they are, passionately paying tribute to iconic black women, ditching the hustle life to embrace a softer life – and making every day an event toward being who God called her to be. ✨ Thanks for listening, following the I'm Not Sure. But, It's Okay. podcast, and sharing this story with your network. 💫 Continue to Live Better. Learn Daily. Lead Boldly. 🔗 Connect with Denitra Gregory: Website: IG: @un4gettableyou FB: Unforgettable You LLC
July 03, 2022
Taking Over When You Are Left Holding the Pain of Growth | Carlos Johnson (53)
If you are most familiar with hanging in the background to do your thing, work your magic, and contribute your part to the greater good -- Carlos Johnson's story will offer a bit of motivation and confirmation to step in when colleagues, partners, and those you serve alongside are deflecting, running, resisting the "pain of change" during a necessary growth period. Carlos shares the moment he knew to move forward, why he emphasizes the psychology and practice of engagement for lasting personal and cultural change, and resources (including his new book -- PowerEngage) for your treasure chest. ✨ Thanks for listening, following the I'm Not Sure. But, It's Okay. podcast, and sharing this story with your network. 💫 Continue to Live Better. Learn Daily. Lead Boldly. 🔗 Connect with Carlos Johnson: Website: Youtube : Coach Carlos The Trainer Image of Success 
June 24, 2022
So Much Better Now: Shedding My Past Trauma and Drama | Tenita Johnson (52)
As we grow into better versions of ourselves, we must consider the impact of what our mothers experienced while we were in her womb. Tenita Johnson continues to dig deeper into her ancestry, while operating in the space she is given to help both herself and others find purpose in their pain (job loss, fertility, infidelity, suicidal ideation and much more). Tenita authentically shares insight and considerations to Unlearn habits + thoughts that no longer serve you and move toward Leading Boldly in your own life. Thanks for listening, following the I'm Not Sure. But, It's Okay. podcast, and sharing this story with your network.  Continue to Live Better. Learn Daily. Lead Boldly. 🔗 Connect with Tenita Johnson:  Websites:   Email:   Cell: 313.777.8607
June 15, 2022
Shifting Her Mind, Body, and Soul into a Higher Gear in Life | B. Valaise Smith (51)
How are you "shifting into a higher gear in life"? B. Valaise Smith shares why and how she is prioritizing herself daily by eating to live and building her (mental, spiritual, and physical) strength. She really is tried and true to living better in this season of life. 🔗 Connect with B. Valaise Smith: Facebook: IG: LinkedIn:
June 14, 2022
Who Am I Not To...?: Her Body, Mindset and Business | Adrienne Taylor-Wells (50)
Adrienne Taylor-Wells shares how her life-shifted due to a traumatic health report in her mid-20’s and why she focuses on reaching fellow millennials, her health, and nurturing wealthy mindsets.  Story 50/100 Highlights:  1. A devastating journey that changed how she eats, moves, and shares with others  2. Connecting her Mindset, Faith, and Action to Live Better  3. Power of supportive groups to be well and build business  4. Earlier personal debt story and government resources (ie,  5. Having the right doctor; sharing details to help them "practice" medicine better on you (rate and review)  6. Combatting imposter syndrome  .. and much more  🔗 Connect with Adrienne Taylor-Wells:   IG:  LinkedIn:  Website:  Podcast:  Facebook:
June 09, 2022
Love + Marriage: Dating App, Family, Therapy | Terrell and Richarne Fuqua (49)
It takes a lot for both men and women to "trust themselves to love again" -- after divorce, with children, and in making a decision to be laser focused on their career. Terrell and Richarne found each other on a dating app and proceeded with caution as they leaned into their new kind of bond, commitment, and a love like no other. Episode Highlights: 1. Each one's take on / purpose for joining the app  2. Boundaries; decision to clear the table; being honest; allowing each other to "show their real selves" 3. Knowing and supporting each other's love languages [prepare to hear a few tunes] 4. Prioritizing mental health and physical well-being [Richarne is a professional licensed therapist/counselor; Terrell is showing us what he is working with too] 5. How they keep things fun (with each other and family) 6. Quieting the noise -- to do life their way 7. Honoring their co-parenting relationships --  no matter the noise, chatter, and naysayers 🔗 Connect with Terrell and Richarne:  Terrell: Richarne:
May 22, 2022
Focus on Greater Opportunities in Every Situation | Linda Griffin (48)
Have you ever considered bypassing a great opportunity because of the team dynamics or leadership? What about pivoting as you determine the best work-life balance in every season? Linda Griffin shares how she navigated these scenarios to both lead boldly and live better -- from high school to career to entrepreneurship. Episode Highlights: 1. Setting daily intentions and routines, while giving yourself grace to adjust when needed 2. What Linda's mentor shared that shifted her perspective toward focusing on Greater Opportunities in every situation 3. Self-awareness, passion, commitment, and impact in this season of life.  4. Transitioning from a Career in STEM / Tech / Leadership to Entrepreneurship 5. How research and support to get "heads in beds" for the Bed and Breakfast / hospitality industry led to speaking at conferences, for professional associations, and a self-publishing business for thought-leaders 6. Our LinkedIn meeting, math and science backgrounds, love of mysteries, travel, and so much more 🔗 Connect with Linda Griffin:  Linkedin: Instagram: @90dayauthor Twitter: Website:
May 22, 2022
Love + Marriage: From Cabaret through COVID | Ed and Deana Williams (13)
They met at a cabaret 32 years ago but grew exponentially during a devastating COVID experience. Ed and Deana Williams share their journey to love and lessons learned about self, marriage, and what matters most in any type of relationship. Episode Highlights: 1. Her response and his challenge around their first dance. 2. 100/100 rule   3. Gender-roles; family roles  4. Keeping God at the center of love + marriage  5. "Checklist" mentality 6. Considerations for more meaningful relationships when dating for/toward marriage 7. What they learned to embrace and dismiss about each other Connect with Ed and Deana Williams: Instagram: @WilliamsDeana | Affirmation Diva Collection 
May 21, 2022
Self-Awareness: Living a Soft and Intentional Life | Jeannette Roberes (47)
Story 47/100: Jeannette Roberes shares how she is using her intersecting identities as a black woman, mother and professional to affect change (in work, business, and her community) that helps others live better.   Have you considered how your identity affects change in your family and different seasons of life?  Have you ever wondered if your seemingly natural talents are inherited -- a part of your DNA?    Episode Highlights:  1) Reflection, Mindsets, Manifesting, and Productivity 2) The impact of Epigentics and DNA 3) Allyship and Advocating: speech therapy, dyslexia, tech, autism at work 4) Simple ways we can make digital tools usable for all; accessibility 🔗 Connect with Jeannette Roberes on Linkedin Website:
May 11, 2022
Rock That! An Affirmation and Declaration for Actively Loving People | Shawn Lee (46)
Story 46/100: Shawn Lee (Founder, Humanitarian, Photographer, Visual Storyteller) shares how one person’s investment in his early photography career led to his journey and joy of investing in others with each "Rock That! Money" self-affirmation and declaration he speaks. Shawn is on a mission to make society better by building out personal and professional community spaces of belonging, empowerment, and even considering how he can influence policies. Episode Highlights:   1. How the "Rock That!" declaration and affirmation (to self and others) came to be 2. What the 2022 Humanitarian of the Year Recipient Award really means 3. Reminders to be humble, act with grace and mercy, make the world better than you found it 4. Why we should all -- Keep going through the roadblocks. Leave it all on the stage!!! 🔗 Connect with Shawn Lee Shawn Lee Studio Photography: The Rock That Photography Conference and Trade Show: @ShawnLeeStudios on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
May 09, 2022
Invisible Illness Challenges: Redesigning Life, Business, Boundaries | Simone 'G' Giangiordano (45)
Story 45/100: Simone 'G' Giangiordano is evolving through this way of being and sharing strategies and considerations to help you navigate similar experiences or support those near and dear to you -- as they define what works best for them. Redesigning your lifestyle and way of being while living with an invisible illness is an ongoing journey. Life and business "as usual" is not an option. Family, friends and those in your community may never understand. But, self-awareness and boundaries that allow you to Be, Serve, and Receive -- are essential. Episode Highlights: 1. Stigma around invisible illness 2. Self-compassion 3. Thriving through her Cycle of Setbacks experienced in business 4. Setting boundaries according to your body 5. The beauty of late starts 6. Emotional agility, impact of food, reflection 7. How to adjust presentations and business models to serve well and be well 🔗 Connect with Simone 'G' Giangiordano   Website: www.SimoneG.NET   Instagram:   Twitter: Facebook - Live Life Well: LinkedIn Personal: If you want, visit for download
May 06, 2022
Preserving Moments, Just in Case | Antonio McCladdie El (44)
Story 44/100 features my cousin, Antonio McCladdie El (husband, father, author, family gatherer, and Big Ideas visionary) sharing how a mindset shift while working in the airline industry led to more focus on preservation --his sons future, self-awareness, family, values, heritage, and expanding his entrepreneurial journey in this season of life (25 years later).  Many of us think about those just in case moments.  But, how often do we take action on what we say is -- most precious, valuable, our big ideas, ways of living better, etc.?  Episode Highlights:  1. Why he reads 10 pages a day, books in rotation  2. Just In Case I'm Not There: Advice From A Father to His Son // + upcoming love letter to daughters (books he authored)  3. Faith, Religion, Black, Moorish heritage  4. What were Blacks practicing before Christianity?  5. Life as a Pastors' Husband  6. Dreams, Decisions, Balance + Change Resistance  7. Helping others find their source of power to live fully  8. Wisdom from Grandmother (95): Our Detroit and Cleveland Memories  🔗 Connect with Antonio McCLaddie El Facebook: Antonio McCladdie El mAc Global LLC  Website: |  
April 30, 2022
Using TikTok + Gaming to Move Past Uncertainty, Help College Students Feel a Sense of Belonging, and to Find Her People with VaNessa P. Thompson
Story 39/100: VaNessa P. Thompson has always been an early adopter of technology and social media.   Listen to how using her affinities for gaming and technology to help college students feel a sense of belonging helped her get out of her own head, manage her time better (she works where she is earning her PhD), and expand professional relationships.   Expanding our reach in virtual environments require purpose, strategy and patience.   Episode Highlights:   1. Three ways to teach with TikTok (and decrease the number of emails)   2. Habits of a Reformed Perfectionist (with therapy, Peloton)   3. Beauty of being present + Cultivating platonic relationships  4. Game / Play Tips for Families w/tweens and teens + Tech she would bring back from her teen years   🔗 Connect with VaNessa P. Thompson on LinkedIn, Twitter, IG or TikTok 
April 28, 2022
Brewing His Passion While Building a Community with Shamone Beasley (43)
Story 43/100: Shamone Beasley found his true passion after experiencing burnout during his sales career in the food and beverage industry.   We chatted about how a conversation around potential investments in African made products led to a fulfilling business, organically grown community via social, and more time for everything that's important to him. Episode Highlights:   1. Finding passion vs Something to sell   2. Coffee in Africa --> Premium product    3. Putting the brand first   4. God as his first + everything   5. Losses vs. Wins   6. Beatitudes (proud man of faith)   7. Self Care    🔗 Connect with Shamone Beasley | Instagram/Facebook: @thebeanbrotherscoffee |
April 24, 2022
The Quest to Speak to be Understood with Nicoya Ingram (42)
Story 42/100: Nicoya Ingram (Mom of 8+ an angel; wife of 17 years) is on a quest "to be able to speak to be understood". She is passionate about reaching and providing encouragement to different audiences. She is leading boldly and helping others learn how to be their best selves. We chatted about both the blessings and misunderstandings that occur among our most precious relationships when we don't listen attentively, seek understanding, and communicate effectively -- including boundaries and expectations. Episode Highlights: 1. Adapting to Change as a teen moving from the Bahamas to Minnesota 2. Sign Language and Master Life Coach Certification 3. Remaining Centered: Seeking Peace and Joy, Self Appreciation 4. Family: nurturing, organizing, and celebrating differences 5. Why Change is Good 6. Culture of Respect: Perspectives vs. Opinions 7. Operating on Autopilot (in a passive state) 8. Moving beyond Proving others Wrong (at least about you) to Being Present in Doing (alert/aware) 🔗 Connect with Nicoya Ingram | @Ncouragemeant | | 
April 22, 2022
She is Transforming How Other Black Women Build Their Wealth Portfolios and Create Legacy with Deborah Owens (41)
Story 41/100: Deborah Owens shares the defining moment that led to her mission to help one million Black women identify and execute on ways to move past financial uncertainty toward building their 7-figure investment portfolios; how her mother influenced her Purse of Your Own book; as well as, actionable steps designed to make a connection between what's familiar and the habits of ultra-wealthy families.  Episode Highlights:  1) The difference between being wealthy and rich  2) Moving past decisions rooted in fear and doubt around launching something new  3) What she learned about Intergenerational wealth and first generation inheritance  4) Travel as rest and self-care ... and more  🔗 Connect with Deborah Owens | WealthyU | Get Wealthy Show | | | 410 903 0575
April 03, 2022
A Golden Lifestyle: Mothering Differently While Influencing Her Own Brand of Luxury with Shalika D. Sanders (40)
Story 40/100: Shalika D. Sanders believes that "Self care is a lifestyle" that can be accomplished by striving for a healthy balance, adjusting accordingly, and operating in faith. We know that we must take care of ourselves in order to show up for our family, friends, community and in business. Creating beautiful environments, pleasing experiences -- is an ongoing, yet attainable goal for everyone to live out their own version of luxury, every day or as often as they desire. Episode Highlights: 1) Personal Home Design Aesthetic 2) Sisterhood: The Gift of Gathering with Good Girlfriends 3) Organizational Tools 4) Mother-Daughter bonding 5) Growing as an influencer in the lifestyle and home decor community 6) Normalizing Black Girls and Luxury 🔗 Connect with Shalika D. Sanders @sdsdecor
March 31, 2022
The Best Coaches are Coachable Too with Dorethia Kelly (38)
Story 38/100: Dorethia Kelly reminds us that we must continue to be coachable and relevant -- as we coach others with our lived experiences, in business ventures, navigating careers, building community platforms, personal finances, parenting, and becoming the best versions of ourselves. Dorethia Kelly, MBA is a Financial Expert, Entrepreneur, Author, and Coach 💰 Founder & CEO #MoneyChat 💰Founder & CEO Work • Space • Spark™ 🔗 Dorethia Kelly, MBA   💰 For finance and business coaching 💰Meet her subscription box career growth team and community Rate our Show. Learn more about our project at
March 23, 2022
Time to Embrace Our Shades of Gray: In Life and Leadership with Dr. Monica F. Cox
Story 37/100: Monica F. Cox, Ph.D., is a disruptor, trailblazer, change agent, and leader who believes in living an authentic life even if it makes people uncomfortable. Listen to discover why living in the gray area is not so bad. This gray space (middle area) is where we produce the best versions of our selves and work. #NotSureOkay Episode Highlights: 1) Sharing pieces of her experience led to a Leadership Mentoring Community on Twitter. 2) Navigating Workplace Trauma. 3) Her invitations and recognition from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama; Wisdom from Rep. John C. Lewis. 4) Uncertainty and Beauty of Operating in Gray Spaces. 5) Mindset: Personal Values, Alignment, and Boundaries. 🔗 Dr. Monica at her website and @DrMonicaCox on social channels.
March 18, 2022
Better Rest. Culturally Safe Spaces. Expert Receipts. | Tokiwa T. Smith (36)
Story 36/100: Tokiwa T. Smith is "standing in her truth" by integrating rest cycles and gathering in safe spaces with other Black women to fuel her soul. She has the receipts and capacity – chemical engineer, social entrepreneur, author, and STEM advocate – to navigate philanthropic gatekeepers and build her legacy.  Episode Highlights: LIVING BETTER Making rest cycles a normal way of being. Especially as an introvert. LEARNING DAILY  The impact of culturally relevant mentoring and groups outside of peer, professional, and familial networks. LEADING BOLDLY Addressing the inequities of Black Women founders in philanthropy. Expecting more Black business leaders and politicians to courageously “kick over tables like Jesus did in the temple” — to right wrongs and provide the resources needed to care for its own community. Note: Matthew 21:12-14; Mark 11:15-18 🔗 Ways to connect with Tokiwa T. Smith LinkedIn: Instagram handle: @tokiwasmith Website: Rate our Show. Learn more about our project at
March 08, 2022
Black Women Are Redefining History By Releasing the Historical Expectations of Family, Church, and Systems | Dr. Orletta Caldwell
Story 35/100: Dr. Orletta Caldwell is joyfully ditching assumptions about what's next for her after earning a Ph.D in 2021. She decided to live beyond the expectations of others in order to embark on the most important "I'm Not Sure. But, It's Okay." season of her life.  Episode Highlights: 1) How often family and societal expectations lead us on a different pathway than we have for ourselves. 2) Research findings on the historical and cultural impact of African American/Black women in nonprofit leadership. 3) Shifting perspectives around doubt, questions, therapy and wisdom. 4) Making time to rediscover parts of ourselves and early affinities. 🔗 Connect with Dr. Orletta Caldwell: LinkedIn: Instagram: Website: Rate our Show. Learn more about our project at
February 26, 2022
Changing the Energy of Her Space and Our Climate | Audra D. Carson (34)
Story 34/100: Audra D Carson's commitment to leaving people and places better than she found them shines through in every aspect of her being. Audra’s love-in-action way of being is experienced through her work as Chief Beautification Strategist of Izzie, LLC, Environmental Justice and Sustainability Consultant, Tire Nerd, Mentor, hostess of the CommuniD podcast — and New Author. She’s always on brand and operating in purpose. We went deep into her journey to living better, learning daily, and leading boldly — all while Glorifying God … in this season of life. Episode Highlights: 1. Meaningful spiritual, mentoring, and civic relationships 2. Origin story: family + legacy 3. Equitable development, Placemaking, Curriculum Development with Eastern Michigan University 4. Pingree Row Initiative in Detroit’s Northend Community 5. The evolution of Izzie, LLC 6. Audra’s new permeable rubberized turf product 7. Breath work, grief, forgiveness, humor — healing journey 8. New Book Release: Litter, Laughter, Lamenting 9. Inspirational tunes, CT (Cass Tech connections), and so much more. 🔗 Connect with Audra D. Carson: IG | Facebook | LinkedIn Izzie LLC ( ) CommuniD Podcast Rate our Show. Learn more about our project at
December 08, 2021
Intentional, Focused + Creating New Realities | Geoffrey Ingram (33)
Story 33/100: Geoffrey Ingram and I chatted about how he has evolved from the highly energetic 6th grader in the late 90’s — who finally had his chance to be in my math class (smile) into a husband, father of eight (plus one angel), certified coach, founder of the iCreate leadership and philanthropic global movement (Atlanta, Bahamas, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos) and author. Episode Highlights: 1. Living holistically 2. Path forward to broaden his servant leadership (youth pastor; in college and small business communities) 3. Creating an entrepreneurship pipeline (birth to adulthood) 4. Life partnership with his wife of 16 years 5. Parenting journey, as a teen father through today 6. Personal growth and development 7. ISE life habit 8. The Power of One Leadership Playbook 9. How his children are creating *”Am I Wrong” by NiKo and Vinz clip via YouTube. For inspo only. We do not own the rights to this music. Connect with Geoffrey: @thegeoffingram IG | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn The Power of One Academy and Podcast | ICreate Studios | ICLD Rate our Show. Learn more about our project at
November 13, 2021
Even More Amazing: From Recession and Depression to Healthy Autonomy | Crystal L. Gunn (32)
Story 32/100: Crystal L. Gunn understands both the painful turbulence and amazing revelations that can occur when the life and business you designed caves in. Crystal came through it all --reminded of her own dopeness in God’s eyes; autonomy to attract and experience what she desires; and the amazing assignment of gathering and empowering women holistically. Episode Highlights: - Using her knowledge as a former Credit Union VP, Mortgage Company Owner, and personal faith walk to help realign the financial and emotional mindsets of women in our community - Learning to be grateful for the valleys - Remembering yourself before the failure - AWN: Fight to End Period Poverty - Survival mentality, burnout, and misperceptions about the need to walk alone - Power of sharing your story (I co-signed in a major way here) - No People Days...and much more 🔗 Connect with Crystal: Crystal L Gunn  Phone: 313-403-7765 FB: /crystalgunn.pageone  IG: @crystal_l_gunn Rate our Show. Learn more about our project at
October 08, 2021
Two Young Widows: Rediscovering Self + Helping Others | Tonia Wilson, LaCharmine Jefferson (31)
Story 31/100 features Tonia Wilson and LaCharmine Jefferson, co-hosts of the Conversations Between Widows podcast Four years into their widowhood, Tonia and LaCharmine discuss their healing journey, and how they are leading boldly with raw and relevant topics to support each other as well as widows within their age group. Their optimistic perspectives about navigating life as a solo act, declaring what you need, and parenting after loss are points we all should be mindful of when moving through and beyond major life changes — to live better. I’m inspired by Tonia and LaCharmine’s transparent journey of rediscovering themselves in this season. 🌺Follow Tonia and LaCharmine’s Journey: [Podcast, IG, ClubHouse, Blog]
August 31, 2021
Positive Thoughts + Legacy Building: Mental Health, Career, Family Journey | Chris Scott (30)
Story 30/100 features Christopher Scott (nationally celebrated Millennial Engineer, Husband and Father) takes us back to his first acknowledgement of depression / anxiety in college through his journey of building a legacy with “positive thoughts solutions” today. He is breaking generational cycles at home, at work, and in multiple college communities. Listen in for the strategies and resources shared. |•| Live in the Moment. |•| Everything is Going to Be Okay |•| Rejection Isn’t a “Bad Thing” 🔗 Connect with Chris: IG: @bluesouldier // @im_blackand FB: @imblackandbrand Web: //
August 23, 2021
Making an Impact: Butterflies, Business, Black Doll Museum | Sandra Epps (29)
Story 29/100 features Sandra Epps (Creative, Artist, Detroit Doll Show Founder/Curator, Author, Lupus Thriver, Vegetarian, Legacy Builder) 🦋Sandy boldly and creatively leads a growing community of women and girls toward loving the skin they’re in — with Sandysland Entertainment products and experiences. 🦋 Listen in to hear how Sandy compares her entrepreneurial evolution to the 5 stages of butterflies she recently started growing — to prevent their extinction and contribute to our community sustainability. 🔗 Connect with Sandy IG: @sandysland / @detroitdollshow Web: //
August 16, 2021
Pivoting in Life and Business: With God + Like-minded Community | Bobby Burton (28)
Story 28/100 features Bobby Burton (Co-working community co-owner, IT mentor/advisor, Believer, proud Flint Native, and Husband) Pivoting in Life and Business: With God + Like-minded Community — sums up how Bobby persevered through several moments of uncertainty. Bobby and I chatted about ways that his chosen community of friends, faith, and trusting himself has positioned him to live better and lead boldly — personally and professionally. Catch a few of his favorite places to be and consume great eats around Detroit as well. 🔗 Connect with Bobby Burton: |
August 15, 2021
Living Better: Habits of Gratitude and Giving | Curtis Smith (27)
Story 27/100 features Curtis Smith (Husband, Father, Community Advocate/Housing Security Professional, Film/Documentary Producer) Curt and I chatted about how his habits of gratitude, compassion, volunteerism, “meeting people where they are”, and rest has helped him to live better and give whole heartedly. 🌍Connect with Curt: Check out the 9 Stacks the movie trailer IG: @curtissmith3762
August 02, 2021
Flowing Like Water | Kelly Brittain (26)
Story 26/100 introduces the analogy of Flowing Like Water. Kelly Brittain (PhD, RN, Mom) — my Cass Tech High School classmate reflects on the habit she developed over the past 10 years to be fully present, embrace change, and live more purposefully. We chatted about music (her Fav Ladies), faith, family, career trajectories, and soul stirring experiences. So many wisdom bombs related to acknowledging and prioritizing SELF in order to serve, learn, live better — during life’s highest and lowest points. Connect with Kelly Email: LinkedIn: Follow Kelly’s endeavors with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation. She’s expanding her mission of well-being from her heart —> home —> community.
July 30, 2021
Embrace Your True Value | Lauren McElrath (25)
🧭 During an epiphany at age 27, Lauren McElrath decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a more meaningful way of living. Stressed and feeling the full weight of burnout — she focused on reconnecting with her true identity and understanding the value she adds to the world. Listen in to how Lauren leads boldly, dumped a few habits, and lives better while embracing both her true value and humanity. 🌏 Connect with Lauren: IG: @laurenmelissam
May 29, 2021
Doing Well, By Doing Good | Tylene Henry (24)
Story 24/100 features Tylene Henry 💡Tylene shared the value of serving others, positioning future generations for success, true meaning of wealth, creating wealthier mindsets, including others in your continuous growth journey, and building upon her legacy. Support, Mindsets, Resilience ⚙️Connect with Tylene: Facebook : Insta: Linkedin Website 2489805498 [Juneteenth Collaborative Project]
May 29, 2021
How Life’s Storms Led to More Love: People, Home, and Self | Kalyn Fahie (23)
Story 23/100 features Kalyn (Risker) Fahie Kalyn shared how her commitment and work as founder of Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE), national advocate / mentor, Virgin Islands Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Council (VIDVSAC); love for family; faith-walk; and focus on self-care has been enhanced in unimaginable ways — through several of life’s storms (domestic violence survivor, loss of parents, illness, Hurricanes Irma and Maria). 💙 Ever so resourceful, Kalyn continues to advocate for and embrace everyone she meets to “Rise Above Your Expectations”. Happy 15th Anniversary SAFE (Momma Risker is smiling from Heaven). 🛬 I’m personally looking forward to a St. Thomas vacation and experiencing the self-care retreats that Kalyn is organizing both in the VI and Detroit. -laj ✨Connect with Kalyn: Kalyn Fahie IG and Twitter @mskalyn Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment
May 27, 2021
From Seeing to Seizing Opportunities: Listening, Building, Learning | Karen Burton (22)
Story 22/100 features Karen Davis Burton: Karen’s commitment to making space for others, shining a light on the significance of black architects, highlighting entrepreneurial experiences, and lifelong learning is very encouraging. As an experienced serial entrepreneur in the built community, Karen (with her husband Bobby) has attracted architecture firms, construction businesses, real estate professionals, and even nonprofit organizations to become members of SpaceLab Detroit. You'll also hear about the family members and colleagues that Karen gleans inspiration from and serves alongside to #seizeopportunities . 📌Connect with Karen A.D. Burton LinkedIn: Twitter: @buildingsource Instagram: @karendavisburton SpaceLab Detroit - Website: LinkedIn: Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @spacelabdetroit Noir Design Parti - Website: LinkedIn: Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @noirdesigndesignparti
May 20, 2021
Living for Today: Leading an All-Women Law Firm and Clients To Do the Same | Shakeena Melbourne (21)
Story 21/100 features Shakeena Melbourne 💎Once you understand your affinity and yourself — you can live in it. Own it. Pursue it wholeheartedly. Shakeena’s bold leadership as an attorney was influenced by her Jamaican-American heritage, educators, and mentors who nurtured her affinity for decision making, fairness, and judgement. Shakeena’s personal motto of “living for today” is very present in both the exceptional working environment created to support her all-women team at Upton Law, PLLC, and the guidance provided to help their clients erase past mistakes in order to grow their businesses today. 📌Connect with Shakeena: Website:  Instagram: uptonlaw_pllc Facebook: uptonlawpllc
May 17, 2021
A Father’s #GirlDad Love Story and Adoption Lessons | David Lingholm (20)
“God put us in the right spot with the right kid.” DL Story 20/100 features David Lingholm ❣️Intentionality, flexibility, healing, transparency, and “the power of presence” are themes woven throughout Dave’s transracial adoptive fatherhood journey with The Kid. Embraced by a tribe of fellow #GirlDads and families with diverse (racial, socio-economic, spiritual, academic) backgrounds— Dave feels blessed to guide, support, and reciprocate a beautiful love story with his daughter. 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾 As a seasoned Social Media professional, Dave understands some of the harsh realities in our world. He doesn’t pause when it comes to shutting down disrespectful, condescending and racist remarks aimed at his family or other adoptive families either. 🤝Connect with Dave: Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn -
May 07, 2021
Tap Into Your Why: Get Started | Felisha Hatcher (19)
“Plan in pencil.”- FH ✍🏽📋💎 Story 19/100 features Felisha Hatcher Creating an “Urban Oasis” 5 years ago was the next logical step for Felisha after pouring so much into the dreams of others. Chime in to hear this social entrepreneur’s journey to creating a gathering space that engages activists, community builders, youth, and everyone in between. Felisha had no idea how to make it happen other than the fact that “it had to happen”. Her “why” was the compass; those precious 11:59 moments carried her forward. ⁉️We hope you have tapped into your WHY! 👇🏾Drop your why/inspo in the comments. 🤝Connect with Felisha: Co.ology Co.Share Space 18940 E. 9 Mile Rd Eastpointe, 48021 Phone: 586.771.2810 Website: Email: Instagram: @co.ology
May 03, 2021
Bonus: Courage to Speak Publicly, After the Strokes (Toni x Rosemarie)
Toni’s transparent moment about speaking on public platforms + this podcast after having 2 mini-strokes. This bonus episode is an excerpt /outtake from my recording featuring Rosemarie. Make sure to check out Rosemarie’s feature episode: Her Life Agency.
May 02, 2021
Bonus: STEAM Soapbox with Toni x Martin
Toni and Martin chat briefly about their love for STEAM and ways to collaborate on future initiatives. This is an outtake from our earlier chat. Check out Martin’s featured episode “Composing Positive Transitions”.
May 01, 2021
Crossing Borders and Barriers: Show up as yourself. | Munienge (Mony) Mbodila (18)
Story 18/100 features Munienge (Mony) Mbodila “The attitude that you approach with determines the outcome”. -MM This guiding statement has been a part of Mony’s perspective for almost every aspect of his life — since relocating from the Congo in Central Africa to the Limpopo Province in South Africa in 2002 to pursue a college degree. Now a respected pure computer science researcher and presenter (across multiple countries), PhD candidate (expected 2021), pastor, husband, and father of three — Mony shares how both his initial persistence as a non-English learner, and vision for impacting the lives of others continues to attract exactly what he needs. ✨Share your takeaways and one of your guiding statements or principles. Connect with Mony: 💼 LinkedIn: M Mbodila | LinkedIn 📑 Google scholar: Munienge Mbodila - ‪Google Scholar 🌎Facebook: @Mony Munienge 📩 Email: 
April 29, 2021
Consistent Acts of Love: Healing through abuse and cancer to thrive in more love.| Andrea Knott (17)
Story 17/100 features Andrea Knott Surrounded by consistent acts of love, Andrea’s light force attracted what she needed to flee and heal from an abusive marriage two decades ago; helped her endure a cancer experience; prepared her to acknowledge and receive “her God-sent hubby”. ✨We could use more of “your light” in this world. I hope you are inspired to: 1. Be a light force for someone --just because. 2. Call, text, tag someone in your “Consistent Acts Love” tribe. Connect with Andrea: 🎙Website: Peruse her voiceover portfolio. 🎧 Instagram: @andreak2347 Listen to the “Lynching Tree” clips mentioned.
April 26, 2021
Investing in Yourself: Beyond Divorce, Rejection, and Delay | Kendra Dixson (16)
Story 16/100: Kendra Dixson shares her personal journey toward living better through faith, self-care, self-discovery, and making lemonade from less than desirable situations. As a psychotherapist, Kendra partners with her clients at Mind Connections, LLC to help them move from trauma caused by hidden secrets, unresolved issues, and shame — toward experiencing a fuller life on their own terms. Tune in as we discuss valuable resources and simple daily habits to help move beyond divorce, rejection, being misunderstood, or delayed dreams. Connect with Kendra: Kendra Dixson  MSW, LCSW Owner of Mind Connections, LLC Email: Website: TikTok: @mindconnectionsllc  Twitter: @KendraDixson Instagram: your_mind_connection
April 17, 2021
Community Gardening and Natural Products to Live Better | Tamara Toole (15)
Story 15/100: Tamara’s commitment to self, family and her community is literally “growing” + “making” - to live better. #NotSureOkay Highlights: 🌱How growing in patio containers has evolved into community gardening on multiple lots of an Eastside Detroit community. 👨🏾‍🌾Detroit Black Farmers Grant 🕯Ways their handmade natural candles for home transitioned to an expanding business that supplements their children’s college expenses. 🤝Using all of the resources available (education, entrepreneurship, family and friends) to make your dreams a reality. Connect with Tamara: 🍒🥬Julia’s Apron Garden & 🧘🏿🧘🏽‍♂️Savvy Natural Products on Facebook and Instagram
April 15, 2021
Keep Stretching and Learning for Life | Christine Dewey (14)
Story 14/100: No matter the season of life we are in, my colleague Christine Dewey encourages us to stretch our minds and bodies— to be the best we can be; to serve others well. Learning (personal and professional development) is a lifestyle. Math is everywhere. A lifelong learner + educator, Christine emulates active listening; thrives on helping teachers, teacher-prep students, and learners of all ages gather and support each other. #NotSureOkay Highlights: 1. Downshifting to use her gifts differently 2. The joy + therapy 🐕 @Sophiedewey314 3. NASA experience with student-led scientific research projects 🚀 4. Learning vulnerability in Beijing 5. Reinventing herself ✨ 6. Pivoting to “do something less” 7. Goals vs tasks 📋 8. Seeking and activating the knowledge and wisdom of elders 9. Yoga 🧘‍♂️as Self-care (spiritual, mental, physical) Connect with Christine on Twitter: @CKincaidDewey. Visit and to learn more about teacher mini-grants.
April 09, 2021
Her Life Agency | Rosemarie “One Single Rose” Wilson (12)
Story 12/100: The world is Rosemarie’s stage, because she developed the audacity to speak, believe the power of words and really live every area of her life — on her own terms. Rosemarie is an award winning poet, spoken word artist, singer, actress, playwright, author of three self-published poetry collections. Highlights: 1. Getting over herself to perform on-demand, just-in-time set a precedence for her career as a performance artist. 2. Making bold affirmations and declarations about your life. 3. Multiple personas = line items. 4. Importance of retaining creative and intellectual property rights. 5. Theater+ screenwriting + (new projects ... including math 🤔😉). 6. The Wilson 5 (“performance” runs through her veins). 7. Her Granny’s wisdom (104 years young). 8. Toni is coached/ *in the hot seat... * throughout the chat. Connect with Rosemarie
August 29, 2020
Composing Positive Transitions | Martin Lindsey (11)
Story 11/100: Composing positive transitions can help sustain relationships and build a thriving business. Martin shared how his “creativity based lifestyle manifests at the intersection of engineering, digital media, animation, music and social media”. You will also hear a few tips on the importance of family inclusivity when navigating social and school-to-career pipelines. Connect with Martin: Founder & Creative Director Phunky Pixel Media
August 23, 2020
Developing Acceptance, Asserting Expectations, and Preserving Integrity |Sabin Prentis Duncan (10)
Story 10/100: It’s a powerful display of love, strength, respect and integrity when men accept responsibility and acknowledge that they are accountable for self, family and community. When men are truly in a GOOD space — we all win! They are alert and focused on depositing GOOD. This conversation with my dear colleague-friend-brother (of 18 years ... aka Dr. Duncan) involves 1. Family heredity that led to seeking and reciprocating empathy 2. Being a #GirlDad, lifelong learner and expanding his Literary Soulfood agency (Fielding Books) 3. Releasing the weight of incompleteness 4. Maximizing God-given gifts 5. Exchanging healthy affirmations and admiration with the fellas 6. Male self-preservation and vulnerability Connect with Sabin:
August 17, 2020
A Planning, Praying and Parenting Method | Sylvia Hubbard (9)
Story 9/100: As a single Mom of 3 for more than 20 years, who endured bankruptcy and a house fire that took 99.9% of her families’ physical possessions in 2013 — Sylvia shared her strategy for navigating life, and more importantly “governing self” accordingly (aka “Internal Parenting”). You’ll hear about her literary prowess and platform, phrases to live by, formal training in marketing/management, a passion for helping others and some of her favorite tools to remain focused. Connect with Sylvia at
August 16, 2020
On Purpose + Unlearning Who We Think We Are | Brinda Devine (8)
Story 8/100: Living a life in purpose and on purpose was evident after Brinda fully submitted to God - shedding insecurities, anger and faking it through external successes. Sound familiar? Brinda shared how free and liberated she is with understanding her unique value, authentic self, and daily opportunities to advise others (including her son who is transitioning into young adulthood) on ways to live their best lives through Purpose8 Institute. 1. How do you know you are really living authentically? In purpose, on purpose? 2. Purpose as a Christian principle. 3. Book: Discover Your Value. Discover Your Purpose. 4. Shedding the fake it til you make it way of being. 5. Be a Light— in alignment. Connect with Brinda at and
August 15, 2020
Confidence to Pitch Nationally and Change Money Mindsets | Tasha Danielle (7)
Story 7/100: Tasha’s candid conversations with her grandmother during childhood led to paying off $80k in debt before age 30. She continues to leverage those chats and her skills as a CPA to change the mindsets of peers, youth and educators. Stars aligned at just the right time for Tasha to pitch with PineSol + Essence —- and compete for $100k to grow her Financial Garden platform. Connect with Tasha (Facebook, IG and about planting seeds in the Financial Garden community. Get an autographed copy of Tasha’s book, Amina’s Bracelets: A Kidpreneur’s Journey for youth in your family/community.
August 11, 2020
Activating Collective Voices + Economic Empowerment | Kwaku Osei (6)
Story 6/100: Instead of cringing at women’s inequality, poverty, corporate/governmental barriers, lack of funding and gentrification — you can do something about it! Be the change you want to see. We talked about Kwaku’s attraction to Detroit’s resurgence, community investment, entrepreneurial woes + wins, corporate + state regulations, and marching toward $1M+ to honor powerful Black women. #NotSureOkay Highlights: 1. “Civic and social engagement —shouldn’t be a luxury.” 2. “What we can’t do alone, we can do together.” 3. “Speak up when you have something valuable to share.” 4. “Support. Protect. Encourage.” ✨Connect with Kwaku: 
August 05, 2020
An Evolution of Panels to Podcasts | Deneen L. Garrett (2)
Story 2/100: You know conversations are really good when they evolve from panel discussions started in corporate America to an even broader influential podcast community. My friend Deneen is a connector and encourager. We chatted about how she is addressing the need to gather, celebrate and amplify women of color. Listen and let’s continue the conversation in our communities. Connect with Deneen: 1. Elevating the voices of women of color. 2. Influencing the corporate culture (internally and externally). 3. Catching up to the vision. All links:
August 03, 2020
Exchanging Energy and Strength to Shine by Design | Brenda Vorus (5)
Story 5/100: A portion of our lives radiate a powerful light of resilience, respect and beauty. Small glimpses, our outreach and how we show up serve as a witness, a model, a guidepost for others. I spoke with my family friend Brenda about her optimistic outlook, multi-generational family of entrepreneurs, faith circles and thriving. Connect with Brenda: 1. Continuing to strive for personal growth and development. 2. Always choosing people over things. 3. Following hard after God. Email:  Facebook: https// WWW.SABIKA-JEWELRY.COM/BRENDAVORUS
August 03, 2020
Adult Superpowers from Childhood Trauma. | Lyndon “Think Differently” Johnson (4)
Story 4/100: Whether we developed self resilience to childhood bullying or had a supportive community to help us along — there may be remnants that spill over into our adult lives. How have you noticed and put these adversarial thoughts in place? We discussed how OCD, autism and constant bullying contributed to his current lifestyle and superpowers. Let’s work to help eliminate these types of experiences. #NotSureOkay Highlights: 1. Realizing you are different and wonderful. 2. Recognizing bullies and their targets. 3. Redirecting energy by offering grace and answering the call. Connect with Lyndon:  COMMS.BAR  +1 647-773-2677 Listen, Subscribe, Share. Learn more about the 100 stories journey:
July 31, 2020
Key Communications, Conversations, and Choices | Lyndon Johnson (3)
Story 3/100: Communicating and connecting in a meaningful way was challenging before the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s even more important now that we find new ways to pivot toward our desired result (socially and professionally). I enjoyed reconnecting with Lyndon and his UK/London accent. I was transported for a bit (in my mind) to his small town and I learned that he has a history in broadcasting and is considering a return. Check it out to learn more about his “middle phrase-name”.  #NotSureOkay Highlights: 1. Conversations so meaningful that they lead to recognizing voices before physical characteristics. 2. Changing, pivoting and restructuring. 3. The beverage that describes him well. Connect with Lyndon:  COMMS.BAR  +1 647-773-2677 Listen, Subscribe, Share. Learn more about the 100 stories journey:
July 31, 2020
Forging New Paths and Unseen Frontiers | Pat Williams (1)
Story 1/100: I spoke with my friend Pat Williams for our inaugural story —about her infamous tea party, traveling the world solo, business expansion and several other transition points in her life — toward Going Real! Take a listen. #NotSureOkay Highlights: 1. Embracing the best shifts for you in business and life. Our lived experiences matter. Navigating societal expectations and finding love of self. 2. Navigating life more authentically. Nomadic lifestyle. Forgiveness. More Connected + Powerful. 3. Specific and strategic approaches to building a profitable client base for her boutique business. 4. Indulging in Masterclasses, The Atlantic and learning more. The Invitation Poem (shared) Connect with Pat Williams: IG - LI: CyberCletch website:  Coaching website: https:// Listen, Subscribe, Share. Learn more about the 100 stories journey:
July 26, 2020