Pandora's Box The Truth And The Real.

The boy and girl that you cried Wolf people who use and take advantage of you.

An episode of Pandora's Box The Truth And The Real.

By Latonya Jones
My podcasts are about the importance of your self esteem, confidence, respecting yourself, knowing your true worth and value. The real about why we do and put up with the things that we put with when comes to others. Why we allow people to use, mislead, mistreat, abuse, use, take advantage, and so many other things? The truth about relationships, spirituality, communication, our children, cheating, and so much more.
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My podcasts are about the importance of your self esteem, confidence, respecting yourself, knowing your true worth and value. The real about why we do and put up with the things that we put with when comes to others. Why we allow people to use, mislead, mistreat, abuse, use, take advantage, and so many other things? The truth about relationships, spirituality, communication, our children, cheating, and so much more.

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Bringing awareness to human and sex trafficking, abuse, and missing, done to women and girls.
That there are 75,000 women and young girls missing and focused into sex and human trafficking that is not being talked about in the press.
November 20, 2019
My thoughts on Ari Lennox, Summer Walker, and many others cant handle fame and quit.
That these new young new black artists have to understand what the really is and what comes with it before you get information in it. That nothing comes easy or is handed to you.
November 20, 2019
My thoughts on Summer Walker and her having social anxiety and Chris Brown and him not aging well.
How I think that Summer Walker can handle fame despite having Social Anxiety? Plus how chris Brown is aging badly due to drugs allegedly.
November 16, 2019
November 10, 2019
November 10, 2019
The boy and girl to cry Wolf AKA being disciplined and humble.
The balance between being humble and being disciplined when it comes to your life and who you bring into it.
November 4, 2019
The boy and girl who cried wolf aka the real reason why black men wants polygamy.
The truth about why black men really want polygamy? Why black women shouldn't accept polygamy?
November 1, 2019
The boy and girl that cried Wolf concerning being and doing things in groups.
How it's one for all and all for 1 until things go bad? How people use, manipulate, lie, take advantage of, brainwash, and abuse you to get or do what they want you to do to benefit then
November 1, 2019
The difference between colorism and discrimination in the difference shades of black people.
How many dark skin women are bleaching their skin.? Part 2 to the difference between colorism and discrimination amongst all shades of black. How black folks need to come create their own corporations when it comes to the industry? Instead of complaining about the issue.
October 27, 2019
The boy and girl that you cried Wolf people who use and take advantage of you.
How people use and take advantage of you based off your emotions, your vulnerability your insecurities, and mommy daddy issues?
October 23, 2019
The boy and girl I cried Wolf. People who are lazy and entitled who use people to get what they want
This episode is about people who are lazy and entitled and want people to treat them like their mommy and daddy did Or didn't do for them. People who feel like someone owes them something. And they're gonna use and manipulative to get what they want from others who are good, kind, and decent people. How I'm tired of the way that black women are being represented in the industry and by black men?
October 23, 2019
Me thoughts on Nicki Minaj Marries Kenneth Petty yesterday.
My thoughts about the situation of Nicki Minaj getting married Sue Kenneth Petty. How his pass is going to impact her career as far as the rape and his ex girlfriend's text messages of him saying they was only with her for the bag? And how this situation relates to Mary J. Blige and Jill's Scotts situation with their ex husbands?
October 22, 2019
DJ KIDS infected over 600 Black women with AIDS.
My thoughts on this white DJ infecting over 600 women with it full blown AIDS. Why people shouldn't be sleeping with multiple people without being tested.? How people are playing Russian roulette when they have sex were multiple people?
October 21, 2019
My thoughts on and the definition of colorism. And my thoughts on the old G situation with Evelyn.
Me explaining the true definition of colorism. How we have a tendency to mix up discrimination due to colorism with colorism. My thoughts on how OG was treated or in basketball wives by the other women. How she was a victim of discrimination due to colorism.
October 20, 2019
Pastor David Wilson from Texas sextape of him giving some head to side chick went viral on.
My thoughts on these pastors and church people who claim to be holy than thou that really wolves in sheep's clothing outside of church. Pastors who doing things that shouldn't be doing after church.
October 19, 2019
My thoughts on a Tekashi 69 situation.
What people should learn about this situation when it comes to one for all and all for 1. How in the beginning it's one for all and all for 1? But in the and is every man or woman. for themselves.
October 19, 2019
How these trolls on Instagram and YouTube got me fired from my job due to cyberbullying, harassment
How these trolls on Instagram and YouTube got me fired from my job due to cyberbullying, harassment, threats and stalking. My channel set up a go find me for me losing my job. If anyone wants to donate to it I will greatly appreciate it.
October 18, 2019
Ex member of Carbonation speak on how she got kicked out and was treated by Natureboy part 1.
Part 1 How this member of combination was treated while she was in the sex Cult by nature boy and other members while she was pregnant will one of the members baby
October 12, 2019
Ex member of Carbonation speak on how she got kicked out and was treated by Natureboy part 1.
Part 1 How this member of combination was treated while she was in the sex Cult by nature boy and other members while she was pregnant will one of the members baby
October 12, 2019
Natureboy admits that he has diseases. This is what his true agenda is to infect people with it.
This proves that nature boy whole purpose is to get revenge for them from the person that gave him whatever disease that he has and infecting as many people as he can. And he needs to be stopped and put in jail. Please help me stop him.
October 12, 2019
Why nature boy needs to be stopped? Another member has left a day ago in Panama.
Why nature boy needs to be stopped? Another member has left his sex cult and may need help getting home. Bringing awareness about this sex cult, and his brainwashing, manipulation, and influencing.
October 10, 2019
Ex Carbonation members speaking out about their experience with Natureboy and his sex cult.
Why nature boy needs to be stopped? How their experience will help other women who have been in sex cults and abusive relationships? Bringing awareness about this sex cult, and his brainwashing, manipulation, and influencing. He must be stopped.
October 10, 2019
Ex members of Carbonation speak out about Natureboy and his sex cult and their experiences.
Why nature boy needs to be stopped? How their experience will help other women who have been in sex cults and abusive relationships? Bringing awareness about this sex cult, and his brainwashing, manipulation, and influencing.
October 10, 2019
The light at the end of the tunnel despite the darkness aka the rabbit hole of Alicie in Wonderland
My situation on YouTube and Instagram chaos and drama. How Im getting out a dark tunnel and the rabbit hole of Rabbit hole of Alicie in Wonderland? Despite it all Im still standing.
October 10, 2019
My message and letter to Cardi B about her behavior. And my advice to her.
How I think when it comes to Cardi B 's behavior and how its affecting her brand, money, and career in negative manner. My advice to her about not worrying about what others think or say about her. To focus on her brand and empire. To apologize for the way you defend herself as far as the entertainment, and gossip channels and shows. To leave the ghetto mentality behind. What happens if she keeps doing these negative things?
October 8, 2019
My experience of cyberbullying, threats and harassment on YouTube and Instagram.
How I was treated when I was trying to take nature boy down? How the people on YouTube And Instagram didn't do anything about my cyberbullying harassment and threats against me on these social media platforms. How I told both of them about what was going on on their platforms concerning this sex cult? And nothing was done To him or The channel holders and trolls that were harassing, bullying and threatening me.
October 6, 2019
The boy who cried wolf aka Natureboy and his brainwashing of the women of his sex cult Carbonation.
How nation boy manipulates the women of Carbonation. How do you trying to manipulate one of the women who left his cult to come back. How I need help to take him down? And bringing awareness to the situation.
October 6, 2019
Another member of Carbonation speaking out about her experience with Natureboy.
Ex members of Carbonation finally speaking out about their experience with Natureboy. Why he needs to be locked up and the police, FBI and the news need to know about this story? Bring awareness to this situation so other people's children won't go through the same thing.
October 1, 2019
Welcome to Season 3 of my po. Ex Carbonation member speaks out about her experience with Natureboy.
Bringing awareness about a sex cult named Carbonation. An ex female member of Natureboys sex coach speaks out about her experiences will Carbonation the week that she was there.
October 1, 2019
season 2 wolves in sheep's clothing. Fantasia and her husband responding to the Breakfast Club.
My response to Fantasia and her husband talking about her interview with the breast is club about submission in marriage. And me talking about the end of season 2 about how to deal with a Wolf and sheep's clothing.
September 20, 2019
My message to the young women who want to go to Carbonation aka a sex cult dont.
The young woman who left Carbonation yesterday explains why she went to Carbonation. My message to her and other women like her.
September 17, 2019
My conversation with Natureboy about him not living in nature.
Me break down my conversation with Natureboy on Instagram. One on of the women who just left telling her experience with Carbonation and Natureboy. Bring awareness about this sex cult.
September 15, 2019
The wolves in sheep's clothing that are abusive, in other relationships and users.
How abusive and users manipulate themselves into your lives to control, abuse, manipulate, use, you? What they will do to get what they want from you? The different situations where these people take advice of you.
September 13, 2019
The female wolves in sheep's clothing when comes to the industry and sidechicks.
Describing the women in the industry and how they are wolves in sheep's clothing when it comes to going after dudes in the industry.
September 11, 2019
Who is the wolf in sheep's clothing to you?
How a wolf and sheep's clothing affecting your life? The different type of wolves in sheep's clothing that brainwash, manipulate, use, and take advantage of you.
September 10, 2019
Part 2 of the game: Men who claim to be single and are not.
My situation with men who claim to be single and are not. They live with and are sleeping with other women. How to know if that is the case.
September 8, 2019
My thoughts and advice for Nikki Minaj about her not retiring, her life, and career.
What advice I would give Nikki Minaj as a friend, family, busines, and fan standpoint about her marriage, career, and herself.
September 7, 2019
My thoughts on Nikki Minaj retiring to focus on her husband and hsving a family.
The pros and cons of her decision to retire and her relationship with Mr. Petty. Why she needs to take her time before she says I do
September 6, 2019
Me comparing back in the seventies black people mentality to the new generation.
How I grew up in the 70"s in the ghetto? The mentality of the ghetto and black community mentality was in the 70's.
September 5, 2019
My thoughts on the R Kelly and the younger generation girls.
How we need to stop covering up things that happened to our younger girls? How black women are being represented in the industry? My thoughts on the R Kelly situation.
September 2, 2019
The importance of doing your own research concerning your life and spirituality.
Why you shouldn't listen to everyone concerning your life and spirituality until you do the research? How people can lead you astray from you path? The importance of you doing your own research.
September 1, 2019
My thoughts on the Chris Brown video and song Heat.
The new Chris Brown Heat came out yesterday. What I think about the video and the song.
September 1, 2019
The truth about the games that men play.
Why women cant play the game as a man? What he doesn't want a relationship really mean? Why men dont tell you until after you havr sex to tell you that they only want friends with benefits or not being in a relationship?
August 30, 2019
My fan letter to Chris Brown about Bringing back Old School R&B back.
My advice to him about his life as a fan. And why he should bring back Old school R&B. How he neglects his grown and mature women fans? What we want as far as music from a grown and mature woman's perspective from him. And why he should go back to his R&B roots and make a clssic grown and sex R&B album. And making a full song of Aura. And what grown women want in music..
August 27, 2019
The truth about the emotional brain and the purpose of it is.
What the emotional brain is and what it does? What purpose does it service in your life? How it impacts your life?
August 25, 2019
The three sides of the brain and purpose of each.
Introducing the three sides of brain the thinking, emotional and being side of the brain. The purpose of all three.
August 25, 2019
My thoughts on Loni Love dating outside of her race.
How not everyone has the same options when it comes to who they get to choose as far as picking a partner? That not everyone is going to find the right person within their own race. Love has no color.
August 24, 2019
Being an individual and still be in a group.
How to do for yourself and be alone and still be in groups? About how Jayz pulled a coo over everyone. How to hang with groups and walk away when they do something negative?
August 22, 2019
How negative groups influence and get you in trouble?
How people influence you to say and do things and turn they back on you when you get in trouble? How people are one for all and all for one when people do something negative, and then do the blame game and turn on each other when then get caught.
August 18, 2019
Why people leach and suck the life out of you?
Me responding to someone's comments on YouTube about black men and women. And him saying the real reason for there being single moms baby. And black men don't need to work and leave the United States and live in nature.
August 12, 2019
Words are just words without the actions behind the words.
You have to research and make people people prove that they are what they say that they are, treat, and do for and to you.
August 10, 2019
Words can only hurt you if you allow them to or believe it.
Why words are only words without the actions and research prove it to be true? How words are the greatest deciever? How words can bring negative energy to your life?
August 10, 2019
What self esteem? Why is it important?
The purpose of your self esteem in your life. Why is it important to let no one break your self esteem.
August 7, 2019
Cyberbullying, threatening, and harassing people on social media.
The fact that people have been site of a bullying me on social media. How I handle this during the nature boy situation? How to handle the situations online?
August 4, 2019
No matter what right that you do, someone is always going to consider it wrong.
That no matter we're good you do in the world somebody's going to consider it negative. There are always gonna be people this gonna hate on you. And they will only bring you down if you allow what they say and do to get to you.
July 16, 2019
My response to black women not letting these dudes in the industry define them.
They importance of not letting these songs that these dudes in the industry define who they are.
July 8, 2019
What I think about the Chris Brown controversy about the song he did?
Why dark skin women shouldn't worry about being in these videos when the song is negative and disrespects black women.
July 1, 2019
This is the real Natureboy aka Eligio Bishop. Please help me stop this man and his terrorist group
Please help me stop a sex cult named Carbonation ran by Natureboy. Here is proof that he is a liar, con, and scam artists. Who is frauding everyone including his own followers
June 29, 2019
Please help me stop a sex cult called Carbonation ran by Nature Boy aka Eligio Bishop.
There is a group of spiritual and sexual cult members called Carbonation formally Melanation from America that are currently living in Mexico at CARRETERA EL PORVEVIR, KM. 1, PALENQUE CHIAPAS. This racial cult is making threats against the United States or as they call Babylon through social media. Their leader is a man name Nature Boy aka Eligio Bishop is spirtual terrorist against the United States of America. He uses spirituality as a way to scam people out of money from the United States, threatening the United States with war on social media, knowingly spreading diseases to young people who come to his cult. He is the Black version of Hitler and many spiritual cult leaders like him. He is brainwashing young people into things like the R Kelly situation except he is having with  both young girls and boys giving them STDs like herpes and HIV. He is into child molesteration and pedophilia as well. He has people over there that admit to molesting children in Mexico. He is sexual exploiting young girls online on Instagram, YouTube, and posting porn on a X videos website without their knowledge. He runs his cult like military jail and insane asylum. He was in a institution when was a teenager, and slept with men for money while in the United States. He has issues with the black and white communities to where hes trying to con people into giving him donations through social media, and coming to where he is to get spiritual healing and take their money in order to fund his cult in Mexico. He also beats and abuses the women and men there through cruel punishment. He is the black version of Jim Jones and must be stopped. You can find his videos admitting and showing the crimes that he has committed. Plus there is a baby over there that are not taking care correctly, are committing child neglect and abuse to. He admitted to running a cult in Mexico, letting his son touch his penis after he had sex with the child's mom after sex, having sex with his children's mothers while the children were present, abusing the mothers and kids on videos on YouTube  Facebook, and Instagram. Yesterday they is a video showing him abusing the mother of his fourth child while she had the child in her hand, and cut off her hair. The people over there are completely brainwashed by him. The videos are disturbing and shocking of all the things that I have described on here. This has been going on for almost five years. BBC did a documentary on him. It's on YouTube as well. The families these young people need help getting their children back. The situation is like the pid piper. Please help me help the parents to get their kids back. And get this cult off social media forever. This man needs to be in jail before he causes more damage and more people go over there.       
June 23, 2019
Playing Russian Roulette with sex aka having kids.
How we have to be move careful with who have sex? Who sex with will and cold be the person who you will be connected and binded with forever due to children? Making sure that you are ready and have done it all before you have a baby.
June 10, 2019
The Red Table Talk with Ciera abou.t Future and Russle Wilson. What I think about it.
The difference between both men. How its better to day a Godly man than a negative man.
June 4, 2019
People are you opticals not the situations.
How people are the reasons why situations can be and go wrong or right? Who you bring into your life, situations, and business will determine how your life will be affected, impacted, and go.
June 1, 2019
How you cant ever say what you will and wont do?
How people lie, brainwash, manipulate, and use you to get what they want? How people can convince you to do something for them for selfish gain? How people dont give you what you give?
May 31, 2019
How people use Peter aka you to pay Paul aka other people?
How people ask and use people to pay back or do for other people? Hiw you have to be careful about who you trust, give or do something for?
May 27, 2019
What happens when the parents are not together? And how it impacts the children and child support?
The true impact of when parents separate how it affects the kids. How you still married to you kids despite not being together?
May 25, 2019
How failure and going through negative situations is an option.
Even though we say we would never go through negative things that other people go through, we do due to negative people. And due to the negative people causing you to fail. Failure can happen to the best of us.
May 21, 2019
The truth about being an individual, an adult and and a grown up.
How to be an individual in a society and group who dont accept you? The true purpose of being an adult, grown up and individuals.
May 18, 2019
How many of us dont belong or fit into society or groups?
Describing how some of us will never be accepted in society no matter what we do. How to accept that and be your own person versus influenced by others leading you do a bad, negative and dark path?
May 17, 2019
Why you should worry about what people think or influence you that are negative?
How words can only make or break you if you allow them to? How you can't nor should you want to change what people who do nothing for think about you?
May 11, 2019
My thoughts on Aisha Curry on comments and Tiffany Hadish behavior at the Met Gala.
Why black people need to realize that they represent the black people as a whole?
May 9, 2019
Why good people let negative people influence and take advantage of them?
Some of the things that people say take advantage of you. And how what negative people say can influence a good person to do bad things part one.
May 9, 2019
The difference between the knowledge and emotional mind.
Describing the emotional actions and and knowledge versus the the knowledge that you see, hear, interpretate, absorb, process and perceive.
April 28, 2019
How people dont want people want you succeed and do better?
My accounts was hacked due to jealousy. How I'm handling that?
April 27, 2019
Breaking down the spiritual journey.
Letting people know what is required for your spirtual journey.
April 13, 2019
Some people are glutton for punishment.
People who are dont deserve to go through what they go through and still continue to deal and go through negative situations due to negative people.
April 11, 2019
Dont put nothing in public that you want private.
What happens you put your business on social media and tell other people? Why you cant get mad when you do?
April 6, 2019
A hard head makes a soft ass.
What happens when you dont listen to the right people? And what happens when you listen to the wrong people?
April 5, 2019
My tribute to Nipsey Hussle who died Sunday.
My thoughts and prays to the family of Nipsey Hussle, his children and Laren London. My thoughts on what happened to him. I hope this is a wakeup call for black men to be and do better. I hope that what he did born he died influences other black people to change and do as he did for the community.
April 4, 2019
What I think about the Cardi B and Tasha K situation?
Breaking down the situation and my views on it.
March 31, 2019
The importance of who you bring into your life and your business.
Why you should keep your business to yourself? Why you should be careful who you bring into your life? Why its important to keep your circle small?
March 29, 2019
Identifying people who are additions to your life.
Who are the people who will be additions you your life? The purpose of these people. Why you appreciate and value these people who are good to you? Why you keep your life and business to yourself?
March 28, 2019
People who are subtractions to you, what you have, and your life.
Describing who are the people who subtract from your life. Why and how they do it? How the people who you think and claim that they are additions to your life and what you do and have are only subtractions and take away from your life?
March 23, 2019
How we betray ourselves and based ourselves on what others think, and say about us?
How we betray ourselves based on what others say, feel, and think about us? How we we go against what we think, believe and stand for to be in the in crowd? Why we should never dumb ourselves down or let negative people define who we are or how we think and feel about ourselves?
March 17, 2019
The dos and don'ts of dealing with fake and lying people.
How to deal with fake and lying people? Why you shouldn't deal with people like this at all? How these people go after you? What they use against you to get what they want from you?
March 16, 2019
The dos and don'ts of starting over and overcoming adversity.
What you will do when you begin your new start in your life? What do leave behind after overcoming adversity?
March 15, 2019
Some people just love drama even though they claim that they dont.
How people claim that they dont want drama and things that they went through in their past, and yet keep going back and dealing with people and situations with drama? Some people just like putting themselves and others in jeopardy to get what he wants.
March 14, 2019
Why there is no such as privacy when other people are involved?
Why privacy only applies when you are alone when it comes to your business. Why there no privacy when it comes to others being with or impacted by what you do, behave, and act? Why people should know everything in order to choose if they want to deal with you or everyone that comes to you?
March 14, 2019
Learning to do, treat, and get what you want and need on your own.
The importance of getting what you want and need on your own without no help from no one first before you bring and depend on anyone else. Why you need to do right by and for yourself?
March 11, 2019
How to tell if a man has another woman or not?
The sure fire proof and ways to find out if a man has a girlfriend or wife. Why you shouldn't expect being the side chick, friends with benefits, or just a fuck buddy?
March 10, 2019
Why do we really care of black people date outside their race,?
Why do black people get so upset about other black women date outside of their race? The reasons that most do?
March 8, 2019
Black women are so much more than what society and black think we are.
How we as black women have no idea the true value, strength, worth, and beauty that we are. The reasons why black women settle, put up with, dumb ourselves down for men and other people think? Why are trying to be like what society and black men wants us to be? Why can't we stand and be on our own and do for ourselves?
March 6, 2019
Whay happens when you hit rock bottom as a good person?
How good people lose everything helping and focusing on the wrong people? How people aren't there for you like you are there for them? How you are getting what you give and do for others.
March 5, 2019
Why good people attract bad people?
Why do we put up with bad people's behavior?
February 27, 2019
Why do we look for others what we already find in ourselves?
Why do we look for acceptance, value, and worth in other people that are only taken advantage of, using, abusing, lying, manipulating, and bullying you?
February 23, 2019
Negative people are always going say, hate and do to good people. No matter what.
How no matter what you do and say, people are always going to make you question, doubt, and not make feel good enough?
February 19, 2019
Part of love. Respect and honoring thyself aka loving yourself.
Breaking down the real meaning of love in five parts. Defining respect and honor? Why it is important to respect, love, and know thyself before you love, respect, and know others? Why accepting your imperfections, and flaws are so important in respecting yourself? How you respect yourself when you become spiritually awakened, aware, and open your mind and third eyes? And how you will demand respect once you do? How respect is more important than love? How respect is connected to your self esteem, self confidence, self worth, and self value? How you believe in yourself will determine how much you respect yourself?
February 18, 2019
Walking through going from being lost, to running away, to being found.
How to overcome being lost and distancing yourself from the rest of the world to find yourself? What happens when you find yourself? The journey that will have to face alone.
February 16, 2019
Being a good person is never easy.
How to survive as a good person? How to stay a good person no matter what and how people try to convince you to do bad? How to keep your self esteem, self respect, self confidence, self worth, and self value despite what others think about your flaws and imperfection?
February 16, 2019
People are going, and be negative no matter what you do good or bad.
You can't win or lose with people no what you do. How you deal with people when are spirituality awakened and your third eye is open?
February 14, 2019
My thoughts on what's going on in the entertainment industry this week.
Cardi B wining a grammy at the Grammy Awards. Nikki Minaj and the situation with BET. Chris Brown beefing with Offset. Bow Wow and his girlfriend being arrested for fighting.
February 12, 2019
What I think about the Gucci black face shirt situations?
Why black people are surprised about it. This has happened multiple times in the fashion industry.
February 11, 2019
What happens when you decide to become spiritually awakened and open your third eye?
I walk you through the steps of how to become spiritually awakened and open your third eye. What is required when you do? The steps you have to t.ake to become spiritually awakened. What happens when you do? And how your life will change?
February 10, 2019
Why when you get older labels and words dont mean nothing to you.
Why people have have to earn the labels that you give them? That labels when it comes to people don't mean nothing till they prove that they deserve the labels. Words are just words without the actions behind them. Not everyone deserves the labels that you give them.
February 10, 2019
Black people need to stop being niggas and grow up and be responsible.
Black people these days are more ignorant, and negative niggas than black grown, mature, and responsible people.
February 8, 2019
A tribute to Kristoff Staint John who died yesterday.
Paying tribute to Kristoff who played Neil on The Young And The Restless. Talking about depression and suicide and the importance of getting people help? How most people cant deal with negativity period?
February 5, 2019
How you protect everything that is you
How I learned to protect myself spiritual, mentally, emotionally, my body, mind, and everything that I have obtained, and maintained from negatively period? How I am handling people turning my back on me in my time of need?
February 4, 2019
Waking up from fantasy worlds and facing a harsh reality.
How to handle facing the harsh reality that what you see in yourself other people may not see in you. How you accept that and still love, value, accept, believe in, and know your worth despite what people in society say or think about you? How to not let it affect you and feed into the fantasy worlds that you do belong in that world as everyone else does?
February 1, 2019
How to deal with hitting rock bottom and everyone abandons you in your time of need?
How black people don't hold each other accountable for our actions and behavior. How we treat, d and disrespect, treat, abuse, scam, con, and influence good black people negatively for selfish gain. Black people would rather be niggas what represent themselves as ignorant, stupid, dumb, trifling, and all things negative. Holding niggas accountable for their behavior that affects good black people and black kids. Things need to change in our community.
January 29, 2019
Black woman must be better examples for our daughters.
Responding to video that I saw of a little girl at here pre k graduation saying that she wants to be a stripper.
January 26, 2019
What dudes in the entertainment industry need to learn from the Chris Brown situation.
How Chris Brown rape situation should be a wakeup call for dudes in and our of the entertainment industry? And part 4 of the Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome The Mommy and Daddy Syndrom.
January 23, 2019
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Part 3. The 5 types of abuse people use to to flip the blame.
How people who try to flip the script on you for them doing wrong? How good people blame themselves for other people's mistakes, behavior, and choices. How we keep taking people back after they do wrong?
January 22, 2019
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Part 2. Living in a fantasy world that not reality.
You living in a fantasy world that doesn't really exist. How people create, lie, manipulate, brainwash, and convince of a fantasy world, only to use it against you to cheat, use and take advantage of you for selfish gain? These are wolves in sheep's clothing.
January 19, 2019
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Part One. Yes It Does Exist
Telling a story about a girl who is so brainwashed, and mind controlled by a man. You wont think that this can happen based on what I saw yesterday and today on YouTube. Trust me I can't make this stuff up. This situation in post traumatic a slave disorder at is finest. It shocked even me. The situation didnt make any sense at all.
January 19, 2019
Black people need to stop covering up child molestation and pedophilia. Something needs to change.
Why black people need stop covering up this behavior? The little girl that was molested in the church by her father. And the pastor was also molesting children in the church. My vow to young black girls to practice celibacy until marriage in honor of saving yourself for marriage.
January 17, 2019
How I accepted my true self and overcame how others thoughts of me.
How I love, value, believe, respect, and know my worth despite what others think about me? How I see treat people based on their interpretation of themselves? How I dont care what people think of me period? How I see people and situations for what they truly are instead of what I want and need them to be?
January 16, 2019
Why no matter what you do, say, and act positively is never good enough for people or society.
Why no matter what good things that you for people, it will never be enough? Why no matter how qualified, educated, and experienced you are in a job, you never get hired? Why no matter how you feel, think and love about yourself, people will only see the negative? Why I dont feed, or want to deal with what society thinks about me?
January 15, 2019
What you truly have to give up to be truly intuned with thyself and spiritual?
Explaining how you have to give up doing negative things and people in order to be spiritual. Telling my story on my spiritual journey to being Inturne with myself. How it changed me and deal with people and situations now?
January 13, 2019
The real reason why you shouldn't use your emotions instead of thinking first before doing anything
Why you must use your conconsious to process the information correctly and carefully before acting on your emotions? Why women should never just go off your emotions aka your subconscious when you first meet a man?
January 12, 2019
Differences between your subconscious and consciousness aka feelings verses emotions?
Why we think with our subconscious aka feelings verses our consciousness aka thoughts? How we mix them up when it come to making decisions? How your subconscious is how people manipulate, abuse, brainwashing, use, take advantage of, lie, and get you to put up with, and do whatever it is that they want you 2 do?
January 12, 2019
Why do black men really want polygamy aka multiple women? What black women need 2 know part 2?
Black men need 2 admit that they really want polygamy. Women need 2 stop feeling like failure because men cheat. And taking advantage of your insecurities, flaws, and imperfection to justify their polygamous, lying, and cheating. Do black men really know what they really want in a woman? Do they really want monogamous relationships?
January 11, 2019
Why do most black men dont want monogamy? They want polygamy instead. Part 1
Why most black men really want polygamy aka multiple women? Why there is no need for it? Telling black women the truth that black men are 2 scared to admit 2. Why black men are going after these young black girls?
January 10, 2019
How can black families allow and cover up child abuse, and molestation?
How could the parents of the girls that R Kelly abused and took advantage of let him pay them off and get away with this behavior? The damage that happens when parents cover up what has happened to these girls. Blaming them for what happened to them. These should be held accountable for what they allowed to happen and covered up.
January 9, 2019
What I think about the R Kelly situation?
Who is truly responsible for what happened to those girls in the R Kelly situation? How could these patients not see what was going on? How could they let him pay they off what happened to their daughters?
January 9, 2019
How to deal, accept, and over the black and rabbit holes alone
How to accept and deal with bad situation realistically instead of the fantasy side of it? How you feel like your in a black and rabbit holes and feel like you cant get out and suck? How you realize how truly alone that you are due to people who you were there for turned their backs on you? How 2 overcome adversity with faith and pray?
January 7, 2019
The people that you allowed to mess up and influence your life.
Who is truly to blame for your problems? Why so society, race, and government have nothing to do with why you do what you do, think, act, and behave? It's how you are raised, and the people who you let influence you into doing negative things.
January 6, 2019
The real people who do and dont have control over your life.
Explaining the people who control your fate versus the ones that don't like the people who you work for, and the bank people. And the people who you let control you like your friends, family, and partners.
January 5, 2019
The real reason that you have depression and feel less than themselves.
The real reason that you have depression. How the people closes to you makes you feel less than you are? How your parents feeding into what society says about can cause you to become depressed and lose you self esteem, self worth, self respect, self confidence, and self values without realizing it?
January 4, 2019
Why are we paying for other people's mistakes and choices?
Why do let let others convince persuade, con, influence, and manipulate us into doing things to prove something to them, and we know are wrong? And we do it, and pay the price the price for it. .
January 3, 2019
2019 is all about the truth about yourself and the people around and in your life.
The things that you shouldn't deal with or go through in 2019. Not dealing with negative people who dont bring anything positive into your life. Why you should focus on yourself in 2019.
January 1, 2019
The do's and don'ts to take and leave in 2018. And what changes and to take in 2019.
My list of things to take, and leave behind in 2018, How to grow, change, evolve, and be better in 2019? What's going to happen in 2019?
January 1, 2019
What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander?
What does that saying mean? That what is good for some people isn't good for everyone. That some may not have or can get what other people have. Why you should never compare you life and want have to someone else.
December 29, 2018
Facing the reality that you have are and have always alone
How when you need people they are there for you? How people leave and abandon you when you need them the most? How you have been a friendships, and relationships alone? While the other person was never there in the first place. How to overcome and accept the fact that people were only using you and never wanted to be in your life in the first place. Me telling my story of me going through this now.
December 28, 2018
The decisions between your emotions actions and mental emotions. How to use them both in your life?
The difference between your emotions actions and mental emotions. How to correctly use them? Why you dont given everyone you emotional actions?
December 26, 2018
How people are additions and subtractions to you, and your parents?
The difference between your parents and other people who come in your life are as how treat, do, take care, act, love, and so on from the day you are till the day that you die. Why people will never what you're parents are or not to you?
December 26, 2018
The truth about being a dating a single mom.
Disputing all misconceptions and negative things about being a single mom. Explaining the difference types if single, and baby moms. How they are different? The struggle of being a single mom with or without a disability.
December 26, 2018
How to be intuned with, love, accept, valuing, and believing in thyself?
The importance of accepting, believing, loving, and knowing thyself. How do you find yourself and your foundation?
December 24, 2018
The different types of narcissistic people who ply Russian roulette with your lives
I describe the different types of narcissistic people who impact, influence, manipulate, lie, abuse, brainwash, control, and other negative things to you for selfish gain and purposes that benefit them. The truth about how they do these things to you that you dont pay attention to. How they pull you into their madness, chaos, and destruction?
December 22, 2018
The truth definition of insecurities and narcissism.
How people use you flaws and imperfection to make you question and doubt yourself and your thoughts? How narcissistic people use them to brainwash, manipulate, use, and take advantage and control of you. How your what u think is your insecurities is actually your subconscious telling you that something isn't right? How we allow people to make us insecure by making us doubt ourselves versus us trusting in ourselves, beliefs and our thoughts?
December 21, 2018
The true definition of fantasy and reality in life situations and people?
Defining how we mix up lies from the the truth. How words represent lies unless proven to be true? How what we want and need for ourselves is not what others want or need? How people present a fantasy world that they can't live up 2 forever?
December 20, 2018
When other people become your child's new mommy and daddy aka groups and spouses?
How we loose our kids to other people's influences, lies, manipulation, and brainwashing? The signs that our children are slipping away from us. How to prevent this from happening? Why kids and adults are looking for mommy and daddy figures in the first place?
December 19, 2018
What is the mommy and daddy syndrom? How it affects your life?
How parents are not there as they should be when they need us? How we dont listen and think about our kids feelings, wants, and needs? How we abandoned and neglect our kids by focusing on other people and ourselves? The truth impact of this when our kids get older and rebel, and others become their mommy and daddy. Controlling, brainwashing, manipulating, and abusing your kids. How to stop this from happening? What we as parents need to change as far as how we treat, do, show, expose, and raise our kids?
December 18, 2018
The importantance of accepting, believing, valuing, loving, having faith, and knowing yourself..
Why you should always value and know your worth. Trust, respect, love and believe in yourself. Place your value of self in yourself first. Do not doubt yourself due to other people.
December 18, 2018
How people force you 2 do, act, behave, and do thing mentally and physically?
The difference in how some forces you to do something physically and mentally. How you are forced to do something because you have to and learn something to make you better, responsibilities, what you need to do for yourself. How people persuades, manipulated, lied, used, and brainwashed you into doing something for selfish purposes, and change and doubting what you already know. Questioning what you think and believe is right due to pleasing, wanting acceptance, validation, and looking for something. Influenced by, and in other people.
December 16, 2018
What happens later on down the line that you dont in the beginning?
How we never look at the what if, the consequences, and repercussions of what we allow other people to convince, brainwash, manipulate, and persuade us into doing? How we doubt ourselves based on what others think of us? How instead of us being ourselves, we want to do, act, and be like everyone? The impacts physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally of listening, following behind, trying to be, and doing for and what other do and want in a negative way that has consequences and repercussions that are life changing. And you cant go back and fix or change.
December 15, 2018
The truth, misconceptions, pros and cons about sex.
The truth about sex as far as the spiritual, mental, emotional, seduction, intimacy, and sensuality of sex that we dont talk about.
December 14, 2018
Doing things and thinking for yourself verses having other people think and do for you.
How when you trust yourself to think and do for yourself, you make better decisions. You are more careful and think about the consequences and repercussions of situations due to what would happen to you. How you focus on yourself and do the research before making decisions. Where you doubting and questioning yourself due to what others think and say about you. How put yourself last, doing for everyone else, brainwashed, following behind, influenced and controlled by others? People are only additions and subtractions or you and not your mom and dad.
December 13, 2018
Being alone on your own versus being alone in a relationship.
The purpose and benefits of being in a relationship alone in a relationship. Why people are so scared to be alone? How being alone has benefits me?
December 13, 2018
Part 2 of marriage. The truth about traditional marriage aka having kids.
Part 2 to the 2 stages of marriage. Traditional marriage is when have and raise kid and balancing your relationship with your spouse. How if you dont plan out from beginning you traditional marriage, it doesn't work. How kids are truly affected when you dont and abandon them when one of you leaves. The importance of planning and working on your getting things together and building your marriages once you decide to make it official in your spiritual marriage. Creating a blueprint and goals for your spirtual and traditional marriage.
December 12, 2018
The truth about spiritual marriage aka girlfriend and boyfriend relationships?
The first true steps in marriage is spiritual marriage. What it is and how it is the first steps in your marriage. The vows in your marriage is the spiritual side of your marriage. How you plan your marriage when decide to make your relationship official to prepare for the traditional side of your marriage aka kids when the time comes.
December 11, 2018
What and who are the blueprint to life mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?
How parents are supposed to be the blueprint how your kids will and suppose to be? Instead other people are the blueprint instead. How we try to have our old lives back and raise kids?
December 9, 2018
Why good people always get taken advantage, destroyed and killed for no reason.
What happened to Jacqueline Smith? How she was killed for just doing something good? Why good people get used, damage, abused, lied to, taken advantage of, mistreated, and cheated on by negative people for selfish? purposes? How good people always pay for negative people's mistakes, consequences, and repercussions all because they want to do right by and hold them down? Why we as good people must be more careful who we help and have in your life? Why you have to focus on yourself first and help other in a different way that dosen't affect your life?
December 8, 2018
The two different sides of negatively and positively. How we mixed them up?
How we cant deal or want the accept the fact, the consequences, repercussions, or the truth that is negative. That the are different types of negative and positive. How to deal tell the difference between them. Some things and people that seem positive are really negative and vise versa. How to tell the difference.
December 7, 2018
Being alone and an individual versus being a zombie or clone. What does it mean?
The difference between being an individual and being a zombie. The difference between doing and dealing with people and situations alone and with others. How it impacts your life differently?
December 7, 2018
Cardi B leaving Offset. How I feel about it?
How you cant change people's behavior or mindset? A zebra never changes its stripes and cheaters dont either. What you ask for in the the beginning is what you will get in the end. Unless a man or woman changes from day one for you, they never will in the end.
December 7, 2018
The difference between you thinking, doing, & making decisions for yourself verses based on others.
Part 1: How most of us make the the majority of our decisions and choices based on what others tell, say, and want you to do. That it's not to benefit you but them. Cause you do everything and they do nothing. They start off making it bout you until they figure out how to control, and manipulate your your emotions, body, and then your mind. Why you shouldn't based everything that you do, and think on others.
December 4, 2018
Redefining women and playing the game as a woman and as a man.
When to be a strong and be a gentle and mature woman? Deciding do want to be a married woman or just sex to a woman. You cant both cause men will approach you differently. We not supposed to be chasing men or used for sex. You represent yourself based on your worth and value.
December 2, 2018
My story and experience so you can understand where my podcast started from.
Letting you into my life, past experiences, and where I am now so you will understand how I got to where I am, my ideas, and overcame adversity through the toughest times. My thoughts about myself, and me being influenced and a slave to other people. How doing my own research and discovery outside of the United States and being alone, I learned way more than I could ever imagine? What people say and do good or bad is blueprint to the do's and don'ts of life.
December 2, 2018
Polygamy and infidelity starts the day you leave your kids with other people..
The day that you leave your kids with other people and they dont want you to leave them, you lost your child or children, and committed infidelity and polygamy unknowingly and unintentionally. How you lose you kids mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to others due this? Putting everything else in front of them like jobs, other people, relationships, and so on. By us not teaching them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually how to be and being the blueprint and examples of this negatively affect and impacts our kids the older that they get. Why they and u as adults are confused when it comes to doing what right for you and listening to others?
December 1, 2018
How adults and kids manipulate l, bamboozled, and leading you and your kids 2 astray and destruction
How we as parents are the first to manipulate, and influence or neglect and not pay attention to our kids. How dudes like like Nature Boy are manipulative, narcissistic, egotistical, vain, selfish, condescending, and judgmental and lead these girls astray and on a path to destruction. Using abuse, mind control, and brainwashing your girls for his selfish pleasure and purposes. How these people use people to do their dirty work, to get what you have, control, and to shield themselves from the consequences, and repercussions of their behavior, and actions. Using and taking advantage of you to get what they want from you, and doing their biding. Why its important to think for themselves verses listening and being influenced by others?
December 1, 2018
The truth about addition and subtraction when it comes to your mind, body, and life.
What to add and subtract in your mind, body and life to maintain a healthy life? What the truth purpose of your flaws and imperfection? Why you don't let people influence or control your life and how you think, act, behave and feel?
November 30, 2018
The people who are brainwashing and influencing your kids while are not there.
Who is influencing, manipulating, lying, taking advantage of, abusing, pimping, destroying, using, bamboozling, hypnotizing, and leading your kids astray down a dark path of destruction, hurt, pain, and chaos right under your noses. How to teach your child to think for themselves, and be an individual instead of being influenced by others? How we need 2 change our behavior and the way we raise and treat our children today? Why must make sure that our children have everything they need and want to where they need nothing from no one but you and themselves?
November 29, 2018
The real reason for why you are confused about things that you already know the answers to?
Chosing between listening to yourself and listening to others based on influencing you decisions? Why do you question, doubting, and searching for something in other people that has always been in you from the start? Why you should love, value, know your worth, listen to yourself before listening to others? Why all you have to do is do the research and figure out the truth? Why we listen to lies versus the truth?
November 28, 2018
How groups are the new cults? Why you need 2 think for yourself?
How dudes like Nature Boy and others are manipulating, bamboozling, hypnotizing, and leading you and your kids down a path of abuse, lies, and destruction? The importance of being an individual, doing research, and seeing things, situations and people as they are? And not based on what others think when comes to you and the acceptance, how you feel, think, and love of yourself.
November 28, 2018
Why we shouldnt look for a mommy, daddy, and what's missing from your life in others
Why do we look for what's missing in our lives and didn't get from our parents in other people? Why do we let people control our lives because of of this? Why we should replace it with the love of self instead and be individuals and independent? What happens when we lose our kids to others influences? How does this happen? What we must do to not let this happen? Why kids need both parents? And what happens when they don't have one or either parent?
November 26, 2018
The purpose of you being an individual when dealing with people. How rejection benefits you?.
How to still be an individual and deal and interact with people to where your life is not affecting or affected by others? How by being rejected you are dodging a bullet that could impact your life in a negative way?
November 26, 2018
How everything that we do, say, act, believe, maintain, attain, and treat otheis based on knowledge?
What and how we process information in our mind determines how we take care of ourselves mentally and physically? What we put in our bodies negative or positive? The decisions that we make as far as our lives. What we believe in, stand for, value, morals, ethics, behave, act, treat others, attain maintain, and be influenced by determines how our lives turn negatively or positively. The information that we and other people instill and teach our children will determine what direction and choices they will make. How we attain and maintain information through our five senses?
November 26, 2018
How polygamy and the games that we play affects and impacts our children in a negative way?
How men trying to have multiple women without the responsibilities, building, marrying, and consent of women are impacting our kids? Why we as women have to realize that we cant act, play games and do things and behave as men do in relationships? Why we as women have 2 redefine how we raise our boys and girls?
November 25, 2018
The steps of when are in a polygram relationship from the start.
How to determine if you are entering a polygamist relationship from day one? How to protect yourself? What they will use to to persuade you 2 be, and stay in one without your consent, or choice?
November 21, 2018
The about polygamy and its going on right under your noses without your consent, or choice.
The difference between polygamy with and without consent, or choice. How it goes on today in a different way then in the Muslim and third world countries. Many people are going to be shocked. The real reason why you dont take a man back who cheats, and commits infidelity?
November 20, 2018
Jill Scott microphone performance and Yada and his wife on Facebook live taking about polygamy.
What I think about the Jill Scott microphone performance and Yada and his wife talking about polygamy and relationships on Facebook? How men and women are doing and practicing polygamy every day with infidelity and cheating on each other without the the other person not knowing that they are?
November 19, 2018
How to be alone and an individual versus being in and interacting in groups?
How to be alone and an individual and do things alone and on your own versus being in a group and letting them influence you? Describing different types of groups and how differently they influence and impact your life negatively or positively? How to interact in groups and still be an individual? How we listen to the wrong people and hurt the people who are positive in you life? Who you bring into your life and situations will determine how they impact you or the situations negatively or positively.
November 18, 2018
Pastor Gray comments on raising and putting up with grown children's behavior.
Pastor Gray comments on Sister circle about his wife raising him. How he wasn't ready for her when he married her at first. How Derrick Jax responded to what he said. And how his wife responded to what Derrick Jax said. How I think and see the situation from both sides of it?
November 17, 2018
Why does it take people dying and losing everything to appreciate what you have and the ones u love?
Appreciation of what you have and people you love now while they are alive. Protecting and maintaining what you have attained as far as money and procession. The true value and worth of people that we dont appreciate.
November 16, 2018
The truth, consequences, repercussions, and responsibilities of sex that no one talks about.
Why we need to wait till we have ourselves together financially, done everything that we need to do for ourselves, and with the right person and married before having sex. The truth about having sex, and the negative impact, consequences, and repercussions if we are not being more responsible. The negative effects of the fact that we have kids at young ages, not having both parents in the home, our selfishness and neglecting and depriving our children of what they truly need. Not changing our behavior and actions for them. How we allow things to happen to them and brush it under the rug like it didnt exist.
November 15, 2018
Black men dont really know what they want as far as good and bad women in relationships.
Black men dont know whether they want a good or bad girl. They get a good woman and cheat on her. Yet will wife up a gold digger, thots, video, strippers, and model chicks. The games that men play and don't think about the consequences of their behavior and get caught for cheating. The really reason why these females want these dudes in the industry the lifestyle, and money. And what happens when these men retire and lose everything.
November 14, 2018
Redefining the way single moms and women with kids way of dating.
What women need to truly look for in men that date, are in relationships with, and marry? The difference in the way single moms and women without kids date? Why it's more important to find a man based on mental, emotional, and spiritual versus financial, processions, what they look like, lifestyles, and sex? The importance of seeing a man from his perception and interpretation of himself versus yours interpretation and perception of him?
November 12, 2018
I'm tired of the black men on these podcast and lives talking negativity about black women.
Black men on these podcast and social media disrespecting black women, and putting us in the same categories. As baby mamas who are only good enough to sleep with and not worth marrying. That we are gold diggers, thots, and Instagram, and stripper chick out here using men for money and their lifestyles. But say what black women they are referring to. Giving them a reality check on the truth about black women. And how different that we are?
November 10, 2018
How women are defined by society based on what you look like, and sexuality and who we are inside?
How people are defined based on our looks and sexuality versus mental, physical, and emotional? How we are raised to be taking care of by a man versus you taking care of yourself? Why we want to change our flaws and imperfection instead of embracing them that in long long run makes things worse like, make up, plastic surgery, and other stuff? Why we accept the abuse, negatively and neglect of a man? Why do stop our dreams and what we did for ourselves for a man? How we are supposed to have our own, and keep our freedom of choice and free will? Why should build our own businesses, empires, brands, money, and getting your own versus waiting on a man or others to do it for and take care of u?
November 9, 2018
Women and the rabbit hole they go down based on what societies views, the way our parents raised us.
How society's views on women, the way our parents raised, beliefs, treatment negatively and positively, influences of others create us as women today negatively or positively. The impacts and affects of this to where we go down rabbits holes of insanity versus not at all. Why it needs to change.
November 9, 2018
The reality and the truth when the fantasy fades and relationships and situations that we face
The reality is the problems that we face, the consequences to our actions, what we dont want to face, believe, or accept but is real and true. These things break the fantasies the we create for ourselves and other create for selfish gain, control, taking away your freedom of choice and freewill. So they can take and do whatever they want to to you, and you allow it. The true purpose of the game.
November 7, 2018
The four types of people who feed you a fantasy that isn't real for selfish gain.
The siren, wolves in sheep's clothing, the boy and girl who cried wolf, and the vampires. What they are and how mess and destroy your by feeding you a fantasy world they doesn't exist for selfish gain. How they use physical appearance, money, processions, sex, and and communication to hypnotize you into a fantasy world of lies and false promises that aren't real. And the reality that we are scared to face when the truth comes out that it isn't real. The devastation, chaos, destruction, pain, and hurt it leaves behind once they suck you dry and take all they can from u.
November 6, 2018
Living in a fantasy world full of lies verses reality and the truth.
How we try to live and believing in a fantasy world and not facing reality? How fantasy equals lies versus reality equals the truth? Breaking down the truth, lies, and misconceptions of what we believe in, think, behavior, and do ourselves and others.
November 5, 2018
Who and what do you bring into your world once you accept and rebuild your foundation and yourself?
Who do you keep and get rid once you rebuild yourself and your foundation? How you will deal with people and situations differently? How who you bring into your life and situations determines what happens negatively and positively? The truth about people's true intentions when it comes to you. What you will and wont allow or deal with in your life?
November 3, 2018
Assumptions versus the truth. How we feel, and believe versus what we think part 1?
How we go off what feel, opinions, lies, and assume verses what is the truth, fact, and real? The misconceptions of racial dating, and race as a whole. Why do we make an issue about people dating outside their race. We all have the same problems regardless of race when comes to the situations, and why they dont work. Why is race is not the real problem in relationships?
November 2, 2018
Rebuild yourself and your foundation in order to start over what's around you.
How to rebuild yourself and expect who you are now good and bad in order to start over? What and who to keep and let go of and keep mental? Researching new information that will help you with your new future and you. Loving and excepting who you are now. And seeing things for what they are past and present by facing the truth and lies of your life alone. Appreciation of what you have and yourself now. How you plan your future and new start now with your new knowledge, acceptance of your worth, valuing, believing, and loving of yourself, flaws, imperfections, mistakes, who you are on the inside.
November 1, 2018
Dealing with people and situations maturely once you truly growup and evolve..
How you truly growup and evolve once you deal with your past, love, believe, value, respect, and know your worth? Excepting your flaws and imperfection. Rebuilding your self esteem, self worth, self respect, self confidence, and deciding what you want and need for yourself. Not being defined by what others say, think, and feel about you. How being alone benefits you versus being in these groups?
October 31, 2018
Cardi B versus Nikki Minaj. My thoughts on the situation.
NIKKI MINAJ is bulling and keeping this situation going to try to get rid of Cardi B. Yet everyone think Cardi B is wrong for defending herself. This bulling goes on everyday. She cant keep letting people bully you and not fight back. Cause Nikki won't leave well enough alone and let it die.
October 30, 2018
How to use critical thinking, common sense, common judgment, and mental and action emotions?
Breaking down how your mind processes information, breaking it down the information, and makes a decision. How your your emotions interferes with your head causing you to make the wrong decisions? How to correctly use your emotions after making a decision verses before making mental decisions?
October 27, 2018
How differently attractive and unattractive people are treated when it come to society and others.
The truth about how we based who we associate with as a whole based on physical looks, money, material things, and sex? How differently people are treated based on looks alone? Why do we based our relationship on this.
October 25, 2018
The purpose and misconceptions of being alone. Finding your own way, wants, and needs on your own.
Why are we so afraid of being alone? The purpose of being alone to find yourself, and what you want and need. Why you should do for yourself verses depending on others for validation and approval?
October 24, 2018
The real reasons why you do the things that you do and the decisions that you make.
It's not the situation that you go through is why they end up good or bad. It's the people in situations that determines how the situations happen negatively and positively. Breaking down the truth about the labels of the people in our lives.
October 23, 2018
How your childhood, family, friends, and romantic relationships impact your mental and emotions?
How we are not taught how to use your mind, and emotions correctly? Why do not value our emotions and people over money, sex, what a person looks like, and things? How we dont know how 2 deal with emotional and mental situations when it comes to negative situations and people?
October 22, 2018
Teenagers are little adults. How they commit infidelity on us as we did to them as lil kids.
How we act, treat, expose them to, say, and do to them impacts teenagers? How they rebelle, listen to, and are influenced by negative people based on lack of information, abuse, neglect, treatment, and understanding, and the things that we do.
October 20, 2018
How to prepare your teenage kids for adult situations and who to listen to and let influence them?
How to prepare your elementary and teenage kids about things that will be said to convince them to do something negative that will impact their lives in a negative manner? So they wont go down the same or worse paths as you or the other parent did? How we treat and influence our kids when they are little will impact who they listen, and let influence them as teenagers and adults?
October 18, 2018
Keeping your kids on the right path.
How to prepare our kids as teenagers the truth about life and situations. The correct people to listen to, being influenced by, and hanging out with. What happens when they listen to the wrong or right person including you as parents? How it affects their lives long term?
October 13, 2018
Why do we let others define, make us feel less than what we are? Why are defined by others opinions?
how we lose our self confidence, self respect, self worth, self value, and self esteem?
October 11, 2018
Take your own advice to make the correct decisions. And not based it on others.
Finding your way through your past when you turn eighteen. What your journey consists of when to find the truth about yourself, people and situations
October 6, 2018
How negatively and positively people impact you life, decisions, and influence you?
The difference between listening to and being influenced by negative and positive people. The impacts of it negatively and positively. Which path do you take negative or positive?
October 5, 2018
The misconceptions of dark and light skinned women? What is the true issue attached versus unattractive black women in normal society versus the entertainment industry?
The difference between the way society sees light and dark skinned females? Why are black categorized the same and black men are put in different categories?
October 2, 2018
Why do we accept and make excuses for negative people's thoughts, opinions, action, and behaviors that impact other people's lives? And other people have to pay the price for and affected by it.
The truth behind selfishness, narcissism, egotism, vain, condescending, judgmental, and negative behavior.
September 30, 2018
What is true beauty? Why change you physical imperfections and flaws which makes you unique and different.
Until you love and see the inner beauty that you process, wont change the insecurities when you change your outer body features.
September 28, 2018
The correct way to rebuild your life. And learn from your mistakes?
what is statoma? How do overcome it? How does it affect your life and decisions?
September 28, 2018
Loving, valuing, respecting, believing, accepting your flaws and imperfections. Who are you really?
How important your self esteem, self worth, self respect, self confidence, self values, loving, believing, and accepting your flaws and imperfections.
September 27, 2018
The importance of doing your research instead of going off interpretation, perception, and what other's think, behave, and do?
The consequences of not doing the research, going off your emotions based on what others tell and manipulating you do, say, and act due wanting to be liked, appreciated, approval, and valued by others.
September 26, 2018
The really and correct way to communicate and have the correct information when making a decision?
How to correctly communicate based on doing the research and using you mind. Versus you going off your emotions and reacting?
September 23, 2018
You can take the person out the ghetto, and move on up like the Jefferson. But you cant take ghetto behavior and mentality out the person.
How lower class people despite becoming rich and moving on up like the Jefferson still keep their ghetto mentality and behavior?
September 20, 2018
Hurricane Florance and the impact and aftermath in North Carolina. And the everyday storms, hurricanes, disasters, and devastation that we face by other people.
Please donate to hurricane florance to help the people in North Carolina. I currently live in North Carolina. Any donations will be appreciated.
September 17, 2018
Why are people upset about Cardi B's behavior at fashion week when black people act and publicize this everyday?
Why cardi b's behavior an issue now and based on race at fashion week? And yet black people have been and still acting like and glorifying this everyday.
September 11, 2018
The negative impact of going off your emotions versus you thinking first. How are are emotions is our vulnerability and can be used by negative people to their advantage?
How you letting your actions get the best of you due to negative people will negatively impact your life and money? Versus thinking and researching the situation and person first.
September 10, 2018
Why do we go off our emotions first without thinking before acting or making decisions?
the importance of thinking and doing the research before reacting based on emotions in order to make the correct decisions.
September 9, 2018
Chris Brown's baby mama wants more child support? What I think about it as a single mom.
Chris Brown's baby mama wants more child support. The misconception of the upper, middle, and lower class when it comes to child support
September 7, 2018
Learning from your mistakes mentally versus emotionally to make better decisions.
The difference between emotional and mental thinking. Why you should think with your head, and spiritual verses emotions when it comes to people part 1.
September 4, 2018
Your perception, interpretation, and expectations
What and how you see a person may not be correct.
August 30, 2018
Your emotional feelings versus your mental thoughts. How we let our emotions cloud your mind to make the correct decisions.
emotional thinking versus mental thinking. why your emotions are the why you make bad decisions and go through what you go through?
August 30, 2018
What is your foundation part 1?
What is your foundation? Finding your true self and who you are. What you truly want and need? Why did and went through the the things that you did? Who influenced you to do these things? And why did you let these people influence.
August 27, 2018
The purpose of my podcast and how it will benefit you.
Who I am, what my podcasts are about, and how I can help you?
August 25, 2018
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