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Right Here In Our Backyard

Right Here In Our Backyard

A human trafficking educational podcast from the Lawrence Anti- Trafficking Taskforce and Education Association in Lawrence, Kansas.
While this podcast is not "explicit," per se, we do discuss the issue of human trafficking frankly, openly and honestly. Some content may be triggering for some individuals. Listener discretion is advised. Please contact us through our social media accounts is you have any questions about addressing this and related topics in a way that is safe, understandable and appropriate for children.
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Right Here In Our Backyard Episode 6
In Episode 6 Cori Green,  a Registered Nurse and a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner provides insight into some of the intricacies of her profession, talks about sexual assault in a human trafficking context, and shares some basics of trauma-informed care that everyone can use.  Please note--some of the material in this episode, while not explicit, may be triggering for certain individuals. Please be sure to take care of yourself. Listener discretion is advised. Jw1Wf1T6EjwU0o8KKIK2
September 24, 2020
Right Here In Our Backyard Episode 5: Interview with Jennifer Montgomery from the Kansas AG’s office
In this episode, Jennifer Montgomery from the Kansas Attorney General's office details the programs and initiatives the state of Kansas is taking to combat human trafficking.  This podcast contains a world of ideas that we hope serve as inspiration for other communities and organizations.  Jw1Wf1T6EjwU0o8KKIK2
August 18, 2020
Right Here In Our Backyard episode 3: Human Trafficking and the Hospitality Industry
Hotels, motels, rest stops and restaurants are all placed used by traffickers. In this episode, Michael Davidson, Executive Director of Explore Lawrence, shares some new local and state-wide efforts the hospitality industry is making to raise awareness about human trafficking. 
March 06, 2020
Right Here In Our Back Yard Episode 2
In Episode 2, Becca Spielman, the current president of LATTE, shares information about how human trafficking and human traffickers operate, and also makes suggestions for combating human trafficking in your neighborhood, wherever you are. 
January 03, 2020
Introducing the LATTE Association
The episode introduces the LATTE Association and will tell listeners about our history, our goals and what we have to offer the anti-trafficking community.
November 24, 2019