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Launchbyte Podcast

Launchbyte Podcast

By Bryan Lee & Friends
Be knowledgeable, not informed. We speaks out the challenges and joys about building your own thing. No Entrepreneur porn here.
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LB77 Well defined leads to well designed
This week, I shared with Chris about my YouTube learnings, how I discovered a forum that does buying and selling of YouTube Channels. Chris shared about his oculus quest 2 experience and his thoughts about YouTube Search  And we both talk about why planning is so important than execution Links The documentary that Chris watch using Oculus Quest The tool that Chris using for Keyword / Youtube Search What is Bosslee Tech?
November 10, 2020
LB76 Set your objectives
This week, I shared with Chris that I also resigned from my workplace.  I also shared with him some stories behind how I got to this place. Chris talks about his goals and what will be his YouTube channel name. 
October 31, 2020
LB75 Experiment, or Losing Focus
This week I shared my updated on the Youtube with Bosslee Tech.  I'm thinking of switching and experimenting with storytelling content but I am worry that I am losing focus and end up distracted. Chris has resigned and he shared his plan for the next 3 months.  Google Workspace Snapmaker 2.0 Modular 3-in-1 3D; Let see what crazy stuff Chris is going to build
October 13, 2020
LB74 The New Launchbyte
It has been a long time, the last podcast that we recorded together was on Oct 2018.  Now 2 years later, we are coming back, hopefully able to maintain a biweekly schedule.  We talk all things in our interest. This renew episode we start off casually talking about the how you can read faster by listening to an ebook and reading it at the same time. Also Chris shared some of his personal OKRs.
September 29, 2020
LB72 - A new talk show format
Hello everyone! Welcome to Launchbyte. Today we are trying out something different :) we are having a mini talk show format and we have two good friends with us. Weileen and Cheng. The topic we are taking about: Gaming and Price anchoring. Links we discussed on the show: - - -
September 17, 2018
LB71 – Traveling in Gobi desert with a Drone
This week, Chris is back from his trip from Gobi desert. Find out how he travels with all his gears in the desert. Also hear him shared about how he goes through his social media detox for two weeks. Here’s a look at his drone videos. I bet after this,  you like to get a drone too. The white stupa. Amazing to think that this was once a sea bed. The layers of different ages visible in the rock face. Absolutely breath taking. ⠀ ⠀ #yakanotherger A post shared by Christopher Cai (@anttyc) on Jul 25, 2017 at 9:54pm PDT In this podcast, we also talk about motivation, is it really important or would you consider disciplined more important? Also we talk about being a product
July 31, 2017
LB70 – High Fat, Low Carb diet? How does it work?
What are your thoughts on High Fat, Low Carb diet? This week we talked about * What is a Keto Diet? * Why you might like to quit your job right now? * Chris’s new toy: The Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C 3-Axis Electronic Handheld Gimbal * Are you actually a gentlemen?
June 25, 2017
LB69 – Nanyang Coldbrew is the best
Chris and I get back to podcasting. There is a bigger world outside tech and we want to talk about it. Forgive me for my metallic sound, I’m looking to get a better mic soon. If you have an introduction, do drop us an email. This week we talked about * the all new iPad Pro 10.5 * why bubble is the next best thing * how running is not helping you lost weight * how nanyang coffee beans can also be used for cold brew And if you ever want to get into shape and win bets at the same time, this is the app.
June 12, 2017
LB68 – A brand new year
2017!!! Happy New Year everyone! How was the New Year celebration for you all? For me, it’s more of a stay at home “family time”. It’s been a long time since Chris and I do up a show. So since we are free, we decided to a show together. The topic of the show is “Past, Present, Future”. We talk about our past, the present and how we see the future. Here are a list of topics that we talked about. * Find out what crazy decision I made in 30 Dec 2016 and what I’m looking to do in the coming year * Find out what is Chris’s goal for Sphere in this brand new year * Chris and I predict tech trends * Live streaming * AR/VR * Chatbots * Insurance Tech * Arc Board EV: Chris got a Arc Board EV, produced by a group of Singapore. It is a kickstarter project. And you got to give them a hand because they are not doing this full
January 02, 2017
LB67 – Are we at PEAK SaaS?
This week Chris and I talk about SaaS. We take reference from this article here about the opportunity of Sass and the possibility in the change in business model for Saas. We shared our views on the following: * The return to desktop apps * Self-hosted cloud applications * Pay once web apps * All-in-one * Micro SaaS built on bigger platforms Pick of the week Bryan: A wooden desktop stationery rack from Taobao. Cheap and good. Kinda of copy Muji in design, but it works great. Chris: If you support local, this is a project that you should be supporting too. These guys from Arc Boards EV are building the next cool thing that you can use for city commute. The best p
August 14, 2016
LB66 – Chat with Anh-Minh Do
In this show We talk to Minh who is the director of communication from Vertex Venture. Minh shared with us his thoughts on the startup scene in vietnam and our local startup scene. We also talk about his side project which is a series of open source google docs that detail the startup ecosystem in respective countries within South East Asia. Show notes * Minh’s Profile * Minh’s Medium * Vertex Venture
July 16, 2016
LB65 – Really, I cannot afford to fail
Welcome to another Episode of Launchbyte. I am your host Chris Cai and with me with my regular cohost Bryan Lee. This is a podcast where we talk about entrepreneurship in Singapore and other random things that interest us. In this show we talk about the big F word. Failure. As a start up, especially in Singapore, we tend to shy away from the topic of Failure. How should we deal with it. Reference: Why Acceptance of Failure is Critical to Startup Success Pick of the week! Chris: Tortuga Daypack Bryan: Laptop Stand, best buy at only $12
July 08, 2016
LB64 – How to become a better developer
This week we talk about how a developer can become a better developer. It is not all about learning new languages nether it is about working round the clock. We round it up with this motto: * Make it work * Make it right * Make it fast Reference Link
July 01, 2016
LB63 – Let’s talk about bots!
In this show we talk about Chatbots. Are Chatbots the future of Human Computer Interaction? Or is it just a pipe dream? Reference: Bots won’t replace apps Moving Away From Chat: Hard-Earned Lessons The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Chatbots
June 24, 2016
LB62 – The Reunion Show
Our latest podcast on is also on Telegram! In this Reunion Show! we talk about the following: * How do we hire on a budget, especially hiring in Singapore * How do we communicate better * Finally what have we been doing?
May 01, 2016
LB61 – More money, more talent?
An year end episode. Chris and I talks about the recruitment woes. There are much gossips inside too. Love to hear your thoughts.  
December 04, 2015
LB60 – Live Wisely
This week we read an article on New York Times that strongly provoked our thoughts. We thought it would be great to share this with everyone. This is a quote from the article.  Is it more important to you to have little, accomplish little, yet be relaxed and happy and spend time with family? Or is it more important to you to work hard, use your talents, perhaps start a business, maybe even make the world a better place along the way? via How to Live Wisely So what do you think? Is it necessary to lead a life that create a dent in the universe?
September 02, 2015
LB59 A Year
It’s been a year since we did up our podcast and we are finally back. This is the start of Launchbyte 3rd series. The format is once again change 😛 like our lives always do. This time round we are doing like a talk show. We dived into a topic and we go deep. This time, we love you to join us too. (Check out the venue below) This week we talk about why you might not need an app for your business. There are so many apps out there, by introducing another app, does it make any more sense to your business? Also we look at #pap4sg, a new app by the People’s Action Party to engage the public during the election period. Is it worth it? Maybe they could have just use Facebook? We love to hear your comments. Podcast Location Blk 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent  #02-23 S(139955) Friday 9am.  We talk tech in asia.
August 23, 2015
LB58 Reading is important
Reading is important we all know that, however many of us failed to read at least a book in a year. Why is this so? Simply because the Internet has taken over most of our times. Remember the times when Internet wasn’t so prominent, the leisure activities involves much more engagement and interactions. Playing over at the playground, just plain running around with friends, watching some TV and also visiting the library. Furthermore, we are chasing after time now. We like to see results in the shortest possible time. We enjoy online articles because they are shorter and easier to consume. Article like “14 Things Every Successful Person Has In Common” in list form is better than reading any successful person’s biography that is 2000 pages long. I’m not sharing that online articles are not good. I’m writing one now mys
October 16, 2014
LB57 What Is Keeping You Awake At Night?
There are a thousand and one things for us to worry about but when you are an entrepreneur, you have to double that list because the business is you and you are the business. In “How to startup a startup” Lecture 3, Paul Graham shared the following: startups are all-consuming. If you start a startup, it will take over your life to a degree you cannot imagine. And if your startup succeeds, it will take over your life for a long time: for several years at the very least, maybe for a decade, maybe for the rest of your working life. So there is a real opportunity cost here. via Link I can testified on it. Starting a company, be it a venture funded startup or a bootstrapped business. I believe that it would consume your life. The reason is simple, its like having a kid, you see the business grow and you are attached to it. Ever work started a proj
October 13, 2014
LB56 Be Original, Find Your Voice In Blogging
In this show we continue talking about originality and some tips to differentiate yourself. If you have any feedback or questions leave us a note at If you want to find today’s show notes, go to We start this show with a quote from Dr. Maya Angelou. She is hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature and as a remarkable Renaissance woman.1 In the video, she shares on finding her voice. Why having your own voice? I have been writing for 8 years now. From writing about my daily life to sharing my thoughts starting up a business. There are many articles out on the web that highlights the importance of content. I’m sure having great content helps. But many times, it is the personality that draws in the audience.
October 09, 2014
LB55 How Not To Copy
In this show we chat about originality, copy cats and some tips to differentiate yourself. If you have any feedback please tweet at us @launchbyte, email us at or ask us anything here. We would love to hear your opinions about what we talk about and if you have an interesting topic you want us to discuss. We started talking about originality because of this particular incident. Derek Low is traveler & Engineer. He was the guy who created the Ridiculously Automated Dorm during his freshman years in Berkeley. Recently he wrote an article sharing his experience flying in the first class suite on SIA which cost him S$23000 if he had not exchanged it with his miles. There were lots of amazing photos and it was a pretty detail write up
October 06, 2014
LB54 Who We Do Not Want!
If your startup is looking to hire, how would you be writing your job description? What would you think of this? This is only some parts of the image crop because we are not able to capture the full screen. So today, Chris and I talked about this issue in this podcast. As developers this is the part that I think have gone over-board = Who we do not want You are a shallow social climber whose dream is to work for Goldman Sachs because it “looks good on your CV”. You went to an Ivy League university because it would “look good on your CV”. But you couldn’t get into Goldman Sachs (or Citibank, or HSBC) because you actually have no passion for finance, just like how you want to buy that Louis Vuitton bag (because it will “look good on your social CV”) despite having no passion for design and craftsmanship. Guess what? If you were rejected by Goldman Sachs, you will be rejected by us too. For exactly the same reasons.
September 29, 2014
LB53 Say what you wanna say
We are Rebooting! We are Rebooting! We are Rebooting! Why Rebooting  and How are we doing things differently? First of all, both of us love podcasting and we been getting feedback. However we like to do more, we like to reach out to more entrepreneurs because we know entrepreneurship is a hard journey. Many things that you like to share, you would not want to share it in public. And all the entrepreneur porn that you read online are mainly written by journalist who aren’t entrepreneurs themselves. Every once in a while, friends ask us. Why do this? We want to be the real conversation for entrepreneurs. You know to talk read problems we faced and share business tips on how we can be better. Plus starting up and building a business is a tough process and we need to talk. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into startup depression. If you are a business owner
September 27, 2014
LB52 The Good And Bad Of Remote Working
This week we talk about working remotely. What are some the benefits of working remotely? What are some ways to help your team work remotely and remain accountable? Would we recommend working remotely? Also I like to add if you are wondering what is Singlish all about. Here is the link. ‘Singlish,’ Singapore’s unique brand of colloquial English, is the linguistic product of a society whose official common language is English, but which comprises ethnic Chinese, Malays, and Indians in a ratio of roughly 7:2:1. Borrowing freely from various dialects for its vocabulary, grammatical structures and spoken accent, Singlish has evolved into a creole that often leaves uninitiated outsiders laughing, or reeling from incomprehension. Link And finally, before you click the listen button. This is our episode, which also means that Chris and I have been podcasting for a year. Than
August 17, 2014
LB51 Startup Worklife Balance
This week we talk about work life balance. What are some of the myths we hear from people about the life style of an entrepreneur? Is it really possible to maintain this balance if you want to succeed as a business? And we share our tips for keeping yourself from burning out too quickly. All this and more on today’s show. Listen Here Resources Startup Misconceptions – Entrepreneurs Have a Better Work-Life Balance: Myths about start up work life balance? * Myth #1: Entrepreneurship is the road to happiness. * Myth #2: You can work whatever hours you want. * Myth #3: You’ll have lots of time for your personal life. Is it possible to maintain this balance: Silicon Vall
August 03, 2014
LB50 Mobile First Or Web First
Listen Here Questions we ask ourselves * Who are the audience * Where would they use the app? * How would they use the app? * Does the user require a native experience? * Do we have the necessary resources? * Can web app be a start? Resources * Mobile First Design: Why It’s Great and Why It Sucks * Why Mobile-First May Not Be The Best Strategy After All * Why Android First is a Myth * If Android is so popular, why are many apps still release
July 27, 2014
LB49 Vetting Your Business Ideas
This week we talked much about the need of business plan. Does it help you to validate your ideas? Does investors really read the business plan? Do you need a twenty page business plan? All this and more coming up in the show. Listen Here Show notes * Lean Canvas * Startup Metrics for Pirates * Do you need a business plan? * Need a business idea? Here are 50 of them * Is this really what you want to do? Hosts Chris Cai –
July 20, 2014
LB48 Should You Be Blogging On Your Startup
This week we are talking about whether you, as an entrepreneur, should you be blogging. Why blog? Who are some interesting blogger/entrepreneurs? Does it affect your start up? All this and more coming up in the show. Listen Here An entrepreneur should blog Chris and I believe that entrepreneurs should blog because: * It can act as record of your thoughts: If you blog and you make an attempt to read back your old posts, you might be laughing off right now, thinking what were you thinking at the time of writing. A blog can be like a history book, learning from your mistake. * An opportunity to build conversations and relationships with the readers: Blogging is a great channel to build feedback, but I would like highlight that it is a fine line between writing a good piece vs always promoting your content. Readers are looking for stuff that can hel
July 13, 2014
LB47 Building The Founding Team
This week we are talking about Building a Team for your Start up. What are the skills you need in your team? Can you outsource some of these roles? Why would having it done internally be better? All this and more coming up in the show. Mp3-Listen Here Here are some of our sharing? What kind of talent are you recruiting? * Developers? * Sales? * Growth Hackers? * Designers? We believe that it depends on the stage of startup you are in. At the start it is likely your focus would be on the developers. As you moved you, you might like to get marketers and sales staff. We believe the challenge is not in determining the talents that you need but more to finding the right team member? Where do you find them? * Events, would be a great place to start. * Facebook Group, such as
July 06, 2014
LB46 Startup Game Plan
This week Chris and I discuss about startup game plan. It is not a 20 pages kind of business plan but rather a single page plan that sets the direction and vision of the company. This game plan we believe is the building block of building a company. You may have a great idea but with execution done wrong. Everything would go to waste. But can a game plan guarantee the success of your startup? The answer is no but it can certainly help you is building your roadmap. What are the things needed in a game plan? * Vision: To be the largest social network for pets? * Financial Projections: To prepare for 18 months or have a 5 year plan? * Goals: Different goals at different stages? * Resources: Your team? money? and connections? * Time frames: Build a company to sell, exit in 3 years? or to build a one hundred years company like Evernote? * Stages of a Start up: Product building stage? Sales stage? or Growth stage? Different tasks a
June 29, 2014
LB45 Should I Be Raising Venture Capital
If you are planning to start your own business, you would usually be faced with the issue of raising capital. Many of my friends who are starting out faced the same issues too and they usually have the following questions in mind: * Should I bootstrap or should I be raising capital? * If I raised capital, how much equity should I give out? * How do I value my company now? * Who are the investors? * Will I lose control of the company? These are some of the questions that you have in your mind too. This week we open up and we discuss about the pros and cons of raising venture capital. We also look at the difference between VC funding and Angel Funding. Worth Reading * Flipboard founder on venture capitalists: “Take their money” *
June 21, 2014
LB44 WWDC Special
This week Chris and I go crazy with WWDC. We tear down the features and discuss what it means for both developers and users. * Listen Here Shownotes * WWDC: The Verge has come up with a 10 minutes video covering all the gist of the keynote. * iOS: Lifehacker gives the most concise summary for all the new stuff on iOS 8. I love the new Photos app on iPhone and it does steals away a bit of limelight from Googleplus photos. * Yosemite: From Lifehacker, everything you need to know about OS X 10.10 “Yosemite”. Hosts Chris Cai – @anttyc Bryan Lee –
June 08, 2014
LB43 Grow Your Audience With SEO
This week, we have Tomboy Tarts and Weileen to talk about how we can grow our audience with SEO. * Listen Here * Google Hangout Tools used for SEO * Mozbar * WooRank Tools used for Content Marketing * See how your blog post turns up on Facebook *
May 31, 2014
LB42 Secret Message
This week, Chris and I shares our view on the coup in Thailand and how social media is affecting the situation. We also talked about Facebook is rolling out a “Privacy checkup” feature which I just caught it on my feed. If you have a moment, I love hear your views about how we do? Good, bad or should we stop doing this to break your ears. Tweet us Listen Here Tech News Of The Week * Facebook gets serious about privacy with “checkups” for all, change to “Friends only” setting * Big surge in mobile data usage as Thailand goes into day 2 of military coup *
May 25, 2014
LB41 Overseas Wedding
This week, Bryan attended his first overseas wedding on Sat, so we had our podcast recorded late. We put our focus on Microsoft in Home Automation and Xiaomi “The China Apple”. Listen Here Tech News Of The Week * Microsoft * Flappy Bird * Xiaomi * Apple * GrabTaxi Hosts Chris
May 18, 2014
LB40 Skate Scooter Is Fun
This week, we talk about the rumours on Apple buying Beats, Google Maps update and Should I continue with Nightly now that Yahoo came up with a News Digest app. Listen Here Tech News Of The Week * From BBC Apple ‘in talks’ to buy Beats for $3.2bn 2 . From Google Google Maps adds Uber * From TechInAsia Yahoo News Digest * From Vulcan Harvard grad wows the world with 3D make-up printing. * From Twitter Opinion
May 10, 2014
LB39 Facebook Is Changing
This week, We talk about the Facebook F8 Developer Conference, Is the tablet market dying?, how about Twitter’s growth? Is it more important to make money or to have user growth? And finally, using reddit to express your feeling and emotions. Listen Here Announcement We are launching a new video podcasting channel. Check out some of the background works in place. Tech News Of The Week * From Cnet – Samsung launched new audio products * From Ben-evans – iPads and tablet growth * From VulcanPost –
May 03, 2014
Bootstrappers Series 04
This is the last episode of the Bootstrappers series. Previously, we talked to Ian Tay from Pixaroll about finding users who would pay for your product, Kyaw Lin Oo from EventNook about working on side projects to boost your confidence, and Jerome Chan from Ideas Incubator and Petfie about following your heart. Last but not least, let’s talk about the money. Bootstrapping is particularly difficult because founders need to survive on the little money that they have. For Vincent Teo and Ang Qian Ling, who used to work in advertising firms, having a budget is really important, especially when they have few resources. Here, e27 chats them up about being selective when it comes to new ideas, and the constant wonder if they could grow any faster if they have more money. Listen Here SoundCloud You can find h
April 30, 2014
LB38 From Viddsee Studio
This week, We talk about the support of Series A investment from our local government. Facebook becoming your breaking news source, Apple adds Siri to Apple TV and the status of Project Ara. Download Mp3 Here Tech News Of The Week * From Facebook – Announcing FB Newswire, Powered by Storyful * From 9To5Mac – iOS 7.1 code indicates Apple working on Siri for Apple TV * Vulcan Post – Google making a smartphone you can build at home * From Apple – Better * From e27 –
April 26, 2014
Bootstrappers Series 03
Two weeks ago, we brought you the chat we had with Ian Tay Pixaroll, and last week, we spoke to Kyaw Lin Oo EventNook. Both entrepreneurs had started their companies from scratch without a single cent of external financing. This week, we have Jerome Chan from Ideas Incubator, who talks about following your heart and allowing passion to fuel your idea forward. Say Hello to Chan, the Co-founder of Petfie, a social network for pet lovers. Listen Here SoundCloud You can find her on Twitter at @_osculate
April 24, 2014
Bootstrappers Series 02
Last week, we announced that e27 has entered the audio space with our very first podcast series Bootstrappers. We loved our chat with Ian Tay, Co-founder, Pixaroll! To recap, he spoke about how entrepreneurs who are on the path of self-funding should find a market and understand how to make money before anything else. This week, we are rolling up our sleeves with Kyaw Lin Oo, a Burmese entrepreneur in Singapore who has founded EventNook. Here he talks about the value of friendship when working alone, and importance of side projects. Listen Here SoundCloud You can find her on Twitter at @_osculate
April 17, 2014
LB37 We Are Proud Of Zopim
This week, Big announcements from Dropbox. Zopim got brought for $30M. Starhub launches new crowdsourcing platform and Alibaba into content businesses? Download Mp3 Here Hot This Week * From Forbes: Dropbox * From Techcrunch: Zopim * From Vulcan Post: Starhub launches new crowdsourcing platform * From CNET: Heartbleed bug
April 12, 2014
Bootstrappers Series 01
This Bootstrappers series is brought to you by E27 and Us. The series consists of four episodes with four founders who have all gone through the entrepreneurship journey without a single cent of external funding. Listen Here This week, e27 Correspondent Elaine Huang will chat with Ian Tay, Co-Founder, Pixaroll about starting up challenges like finding a market and not going for government grants. You can find her on Twitter at @_osculate
April 08, 2014
LB25-Chat With Tomboy Tarts
This week, we are going for a change! Instead of the regular tech news. We talk about the local podcast scene and we have fellow podcasters Tomboy Tards with us. We talk and we laugh so hard that this episode reach over an hour. But if you are planning to start a podcast or wonder what podcasting is all about. This is the episode for you! About Tomboy Tarts Tomboy Tarts is a lifestyle brand helmed by two co-owners; Raven Lim and Persis Shanker. Why Tomboy? Classic tomboy greats like Katherine Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich and Amelia Earhart embodied the true meaning of what being a tomboy was. They were women who oozed a free spirit with confidence and style. Women who straddled both their feminine and masculine sides with ease. Women who embraced their unique style with courage and grace without having to confo
January 19, 2014
04-Confused Developer
Google Reader dead, really? Here are some of the alternatives we are using * feedly * digg reader But if you are the kind of guy, who hates being tied to a particular platform – this is for you. Go Read works and act exactly like Google Reader yet you own all the data. nodejs or rails ###problem: I’m looking to learn web development, after researching around, I narrowed down to rails and nodejs but which is the better one for starter like me? Below are some of the references we used in our discussions. Ruby-On-Rails References * What is Rails * Rails Tutorials *
July 06, 2013
03-messed up
This week, we discuss about the productivity tools we use particularly to ToDo-Lists. There are so much Todo-list apps out there and many times, after downloading it, we often failed to complete the task we set for ourselves. If you faced the same problem as us, you will find this podcast interesting. launchbyte-ep03:MP3 Link Some of the other stuff that we discuss about and their relevant links. sharing our experience of building the first app Chris’s very first app was create for Audi, but because it is an corporate app there is no link for download. Bryan’s first app – pomchek go where So happy that people started using > Instagram vs Vine Video on Instagram
June 28, 2013
02-It’s Hazy Here
haze monitoring apps beside the “beautiful design” NEA app, here are some apps from the our local developers * pee_S_ai by @anttyc * psi by dev house replaid * sg spi by dashsell This is the official for you to get data not sure if you will find it useful NEA API because they are updated either monthly or daily. interesting events/initiative started due to haze * The PSI Is Right * Group Purchase For N95 we have no links with alldealasia, and we do not take any form of commission. we just find it interesting so we share it here * SG Haze Rescue – a community of Singaporeans offering air-conditioned spaces to individuals and families without such privileges. You can offer anything from a sleeping bag, couch, to a guesthouse. 3d printing for everyone? * our local startup Pirate3
June 21, 2013
And we are back! We here at Launchbyte talk about news that we think are of interest to the tech community in Singapore and discuss the local tech start up scene. We are back stronger and plan to make launchbyte a success. Links We Share About DIgital, creative and marketing jobs pay less in Singapore but why? Amobee opens new Asian HQ in Singapore Marco Arment’s opinion on the opportunity in iOS7 iOS7 Beta To iOS6 (if you ever want to change bac
June 16, 2013