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Launch that Ish

Launch that Ish

By Kunbi Odubogun
Are you thinking of launching something but are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of launching something new? Are you on the brink of launching an idea but afraid of failure? Well, you're at the right place. Launch that Ish is a bi-weekly podcast that shares inspiration, tips, tools and resources that will help you get out there and Launch that Ish! Join Kunbi Odubogun and her guests as they share tangible takeaways to inspire your next launch.
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20- Candice Coppola on Why You Need to Launch that Ish!

Launch that Ish

22- Rest, Reset, Repeat
We’re back.
June 23, 2022
21- Fisayo Longe of Kai Collective on her Journey into Fashion, Blogging, and Entrepreneurship
On Episode of 21 of the Launch that Ish podcast we have Fashion Designer and Founder of KAI Collective, Fisayo Longe. Listen in as we talk with Fisayo about the struggles of starting a fashion line, the influence of blogging, and her journey to becoming one of the industry's rising stars. Get ready to hear about her experiences and how she managed to rise above the ashes during the COVID-19 Outbreak.  In this episode, we talk about: ·  How she went from blogging as a Finance trainee to entrepreneurial fashion (5:20-11:44) ·  What's so great about blogging? (12:30-13:36) ·   A beginner's guide to Fashion as a business (16:31-28:30) ·    Why listening to your clients can level up your game (31:50-33:10) ·    Dealing with copycats (42:10-46:50) Connect with Fisayo Longe ·  Her Fashion Line : ·  Her Instagram: ·  Visit her Facebook page: ·  Connect with Kai Collective on Twitter: ·  Check her out on Linkedin: . Fisayo's Forbes 30 Under 30 Feature Check out a new episode of Launch that Ish every other Friday. 
April 09, 2021
20- Candice Coppola on Why You Need to Launch that Ish!
We’re kicking off the newly re-branded Launch that Ish podcast with my favorite business coach- Candice Coppola! If you’re on the brink or even just thinking about launching, this episode is for you. Whether it's a business, podcast, or a new talent, NOW is the time to launch that Ish!  In this episode, we talk about: ·      Mindset issues, how to overcome your analysis paralysis, and defeat imposter syndrome (6:55-23:49) ·      How to realize your purpose and overcome that fear that you are not enough (24:00-27:00) ·      How to transform other people's lives and make your dreams come true NOW! (31:55-36:10) ·      Three proven tips in Candice Coppola's framework that work (37:37-45:02) ·      A special message from Candice Coppola and how to get a one-on-one call with her (45:07-48:02) Connect with Candice Coppola ·      Visit her website: ·      Follow on Instagram: ·      Visit her Facebook page: ·      Check her out on Clubhouse: Resources mentioned in this episode ·      Minding your money: ·      Get on a 90-minute clarity call with Candice Coppola: ·      Visit our "Launch that Ish" Instagram:
March 24, 2021
19- Emily Ley on Growing Boldly and Building A Life You Love
Get your notepads out and prepare for a WORD! Episode 19 of the Perfete Podcast features the incredible Emily Ley, Founder of Simplified and The Simplified Planner®. a brand of planners and organizational tools for busy women. On this episode, we discuss Emily's incredible start, the lessons she learned along her way and her advice for budding and established entrepreneurs. We also discuss in detail what it means to Grow BOLDY  and chase a life that you truly want. This episode is well worth the listen. Get ready to learn!  About our guest: Emily Ley is the founder of Simplified®, a brand of planners and organizational tools for busy women. Emily has been featured in Forbes, Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, Glamour, and Good Housekeeping. She has been recognized with numerous awards, including Best New Product at the National Stationery Show, as well as Small Business of the Year, Female Owned Business of the Year, and Entrepreneur of the Year by Studer Community Institute. Emily and her team collaborated with AT-A-GLANCE® to create gift and planning collections carried in Office Depot, Staples, and Target. Emily is the author of national bestselling books Grace, Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy, A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living, and When Less Becomes More: Making Space for Slow, Simple, and Good. Now, as an author, entrepreneur, wife and mother to three, Emily lives in Pensacola, Florida, with her husband, Bryan, and their son Brady and twins, Tyler and Caroline.
September 16, 2020
18- Adanna Steinacker on Turning Viral into Value
On episode 18, we speak to Dr. Adanna Steinacker- digital entrepreneur, motivational speaker and female empowerment coach. Adanna is also one-half of  Adanna-David, a couple who rose to fame in 2015 through a fun viral moment of them dancing on Instagram. 5 years later, Adanna (and her husband David) have transformed a single moment into a lucrative entrepreneurial career with multiple businesses and a beautiful family. Amongst her many business ventures, Adanna is the co-founder of the influencer marketing agency 'Adanna & David Digital' that represents her brand as a family content creator, and has amassed a community of over half a million people. With a strong value rooted in equality, Adanna uses her digital presence to advocate for both gender and racial equality. Having transitioned from clinical medicine to full blown entrepreneurship, Adanna's mission is to bridge the gap for black women who want to transition to entrepreneurship, beginning from a place of purpose Resources Adanna David Instagram Adanna Steinacker Instagram Adanna David Youtube
August 20, 2020
17- Fallon Carter on Balance, Boundaries and Manifesting the Life you Want
Destination Event Planner Fallon Carter joins us on Episode 17 to discuss her chance journey into wedding planning and her evolution through the years. Fallon is a true believer in  cultivating a life that works for you not just in one aspect but in all.  She shares tips on achieving balance in one's life and the importance of creating boundaries not just for yourself but for your clients as well. Fallon also talks about the role "manifestation" has played in her life and shares tips on how you can start to do the same in yours. This conversation is an essential listen for everyone looking to achieve balance in their life AND career.  Fallon's Links: Fallon Carter Events The We Do Collective Follow Fallon on Instagram
August 04, 2020
16- Cyndie Spiegel with A Message for the Grown Ass Woman
We’re kicking off Season 2 of the Perfête Podcast with a bang! Our first guest is Cyndie Spiegel- a truth-teller, community builder and all-around badass dedicated to empowering women and motivating them to live more boldly to achieve true happiness. Cyndie is also an author, speaker and the founder of Dear Grown Ass Women™, a self-development community for women over the age of 35.  In this episode, we get to hear about Cyndie’s incredible journey from a decades-long fashion career into her purpose of community- building and business strategy. She shares awesome nuggets on liberating oneself and the importance of sitting in your discomfort. We also get to hear about her amazing community- Dear Grown Ass Women and the power of living in your truth.   Resources:   Donate to a Cyndie's fund in memory of her nephew:   ------  For more amazing content and fell-good vibes follow @perfete on Instagram and visit!
July 15, 2020
15- Sugar Taylor on Confronting Trauma and Finding Therapy through Art
On this episode of the Perfete Podcast, Designer Sugar Taylor of Sugar Taylor Co gets REAL about her background and journey to the Artist she is today. She shares a painful story of trauma as a young child and how she was able to confront the baggage to begin to move forward with her life. This is such a powerful episode and one we can all learn from.  About our guest: Sugar Taylor is a New York (Bronx) native with over ten years of cumulative multi-media design under her belt as an Event Designer and Creative Director. She is a the founder of Sugar Taylor Co. , an events and design firm based in Washington D.C. A unicorn in the event planning industry, the company offers multilateral design services. Sugar's team works with several mediums, taking their clients work from graphics to print, to creative art installations, and on the branding side; from their websites to interior design. She lives to pull together elements that do not ordinarily "fit", and believes deeply that art can be a tool  for experiencing the world more fully, and applied to pretty much any form of creating. Resources: Sugar's Art Therapy Classes Follow @perfete on instagram and visit for feel-good content!
March 19, 2020
14- Bolanle Williams-Olley on Authenticity, Drive and the Importance of Seasons
On episode 14 of the Perfete Podcast we have super human and self proclaimed "dreamer"- Bolanle Williams-Olley. Bolanle is the CFO of Mancini Duffy, founder of She Builds Waves, She Builds Lives and Reach Nigeria. On this episode Bolanle discusses how she landed in the built industry and her 13-year progression through it, from junior project accountant all the way to CFO. She covers such topics as discipline and scheduling, knowing how to say “no”, avoiding overwhelm, and the importance of bringing your authentic self into everything you do. This is a really great conversation on powering through and how there's a season for everything. You don't want to miss it!  RESOURCES: Your Money Clique Instagram: @bolanle_hq Twitter: @bolanle_hq LinkedIn: Bolanle Williams-Olley
February 17, 2020
Episode 13- Ten Goals we Can Easily Do in 2020 (Minisode)
New Year, same sh*t: on Episode 13, Kunbi talks 10 super easy goals she can actually do in 2020. Caution: It's very "lazy-friendly" haha so grab a drink and let's plan our 2020 together.   Links discussed: 52 Week Savings Challenge   Your Money Book- by Bolanle Williams Olley
January 30, 2020
Episode 12- Ozzy Etomi on Finding her Path, Speaking her Truth and Drowning out the Noise.
Ozzy Etomi is a writer, feminist and communications strategist based in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2016, Ozzy was named one of the top 10% of writers on Medium, and is a leading voice in the feminist and gender advocacy space in Nigeria.  On this episode of the Perfete Podcast, Ozzy reveals the inspiration behind her writing, how she found her voice and fine-tuned her path. How the women in her life influenced and empowered her voice (some, unintentionally) and how she has chosen to speak up no matter what.  We discuss everything from impostor syndrome to cancellation culture and how she handles backlash and criticism on her opinions.  Ozzy shares advice on how women can uplift themselves in personal and professional space, and what we all can learn from the younger generation of women coming behind us . This episode is a MUST listen! Links: Ozzy Etomi: Connect with Ozzy: · LinkedIn: · Twitter: · Medium: The Writer’s Table: On Impostor Syndrome & Self Sabotage Amina J. Mohammed:
December 23, 2019
Episode 11- Blessing Omakwu on Finding Her Voice and Advocating for Others
On Episode 11 of the Perfete Podcast, Writer and Global Policy Advocate, Blessing Omakwu shares her journey as a writer, blogger and Gender Policy Evangelist. Blessing is one of those people I call "woman-goals" as she is actively working to empower, elevate and create space for the next woman. A lot of her work is around gender equality and women’s rights in the policy space. She independently advises organizations and is founder of the She Tank- a think tank focused on mindset-change. She is also a member of the Goalkeepers Advisory Board of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. During our conversation, we talk about Blessing’s passion for helping elevate women and how she has navigated her way into and around the global policy and justice communities.  Resources Mentioned - #YoursInPower - The She Tank - @blessingomakwu Instagram, @blessingomakwu Twitter -
November 27, 2019
Episode 10: What to Do When You're Overwhelmed AF
On this minisode, we tackle a very common consequence of Adulting- overwhelm. We polled our listeners to find out what to when you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed AF. 
November 13, 2019
Episode 9: Endometriosis Awareness with Dr Tayyaba Ahmed (Reprise)
This episode originally played as part of Endometriosis Awareness Month. Today’s guest on the Perfete Podcast is Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed, a Physiatrist specializing in pelvic pain issues. She shares a plethora of knowledge about Endometriosis, including the history, symptoms, available treatments and pathways to a future cure. Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed treats everything from pain with sex, period pains, abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, urination issues to bowel problems. Anything is the pelvic region is her domain. As we dive into everything related to endometriosis, we will unpack known causes, how to eat, the official diagnosis, when surgery is necessary and so much more. In This Episode - What is endometriosis - Known causes of endometriosis - There’s no cure for endometriosis - Pain generators - The endometriosis diet - Manifestation of pain - Seeing the right doctor - Officially diagnosing endometriosis - ROSE study - When surgery is necessary - What to look for in an endometriosis doctor Resources Mentioned -  Dr. Ahmed on Instagram - -  Rose Endometriosis Research -  Nancy’s Nook Facebook Group - Kunbi’s Endometriosis Story - Kunbi on "Mommy Oyoyo" Podcast - Kunbi on "NotDefinedbyEndo" Podcast For more inspiration for the Perfete life, check out perfete.comand follow @Perfete
October 24, 2019
Episode 8- Dimma Umeh on the Business of Vlogging and the Value of True Influence
On Episode 8 of the Perfete Podcast, beauty and lifestyle influencer Dimma Umeh joins us to talk about her inspiring  journey in the wellness industry.  She takes us through her personal stumble into beauty blogging, the struggles she has encountered as an influencer in Nigeria and how she has built a solid brand locally and globally.  Dimma also schools us on self-value and how she advocates for herself in an ever-evolving industry. She also gives tips for aspiring bloggers who are looking to make their marks in the creative space, so stop overthinking, planning and trying to predict how people are going to react. It's time to get started.   Resources Mentioned  - Dimma’s YouTube  - Dimma on Instagram  - Dimma on Twitter  - Dimma on Facebook  - Dimma’s Website  - Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation For more inspiration for the Perfete life, check out and follow @Perfete on Instagram!
September 26, 2019
Episode 7- Candice Coppola on Uncovering her Purpose and Making it Profitable
Are you living a purpose-centered life? Learn more about find your true purpose during this episode of The Perfete Podcast with Candice Coppola. Candice is the founder of Jubilee Events, former wedding planner, business coach, mentor and host of the Power in Purpose Podcast. Life might be calling you to do something more, that’s what purpose is really about! Are you helping and adding value to the people you serve? Candice will share how she got to where she is today as well as share sage advice about how to get sh*t going. From leading with purpose, starting a new business, to all things money, we dive deep into so many great topics.  Resources Mentioned - Power and Purpose Podcast - The White Dress in Color - The White Dress Destinations - - The Purpose Revolution - Profit First For more inspiration for the Perfete life, check out perfete.comand follow @Perfete on Instagram!
September 04, 2019
Episode 6: Natalie Franke on Comparison, Competition and the Art of Finding your Tribe
You know that powerful movement of Community over Competition? Yup! Change-maker Natalie Franke of the Rising Tide Society and Director of Community at Honeybook joins us on the Perfete Podcast to talk all things mobilizing your community, the pitfalls of comparison and what healthy competition looks like.  Finding your tribe in an industry can be very daunting so Natalie and Kunbi talk through her journey in the creative space and how she's found herself over the years.  Go to and use promo code 'PERFETE' for 50% off your first year.  Start managing your business the smart way!  For More on Natalie Franke visit
August 14, 2019
Episode 5: What Happens Next? (Minisode)
After you've Gotten Started and Launched that Sh*t, what happens next? On episode 5 of the Perfete Podcast, Kunbi reflects on the 6-month journey so far, not just through the year but also as  benchmark for Perfête. There's so much that goes into achieving your goals and it's important to acknowledge that .  Enter our AirPods giveaway here:
July 19, 2019
Episode 4: Lara Casey on Chasing Slow, Letting Go and Cultivating what Matters
Lara Casey, CEO of Cultivate What Matters and Founder of Southern Weddings Magazine stops by the Perfête Podcast to share how she got started and her journey to discovering her purpose.  From the spontaneous yet intentional start of her iconic magazine to her decision to let go of the dream after 10 years, Lara shares her heart, and tips for Chasing Slow, Letting Go and Cultivating What Matters. Lara talks about her passion for helping people flourish through finding the meaningful reasons for their goals. She discusses why you need to go for it and Make it Happen.  This episode is a "must listen" for anyone who's feeling stuck or on the verge of starting something new.  Links in this episode: Lara Casey's Books: Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose: Cultivate: A Grace-Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life:
June 13, 2019
Episode 3: Afua Osei of She Leads Africa on going From Business Idea to Global Recognition
On Episode 3 of the Perfête Podcast, Kunbi talks to Afua Osei, entrepreneur and co-founder of She Leads Africa a community for young, ambitious African women. Afua shares her entrepreneurial journey from her days as an MBA student at University of Chicago, to her move across the globe and how she turned this little idea into a globally recognized brand. Follow She Leads Africa on Instagram: and visit their website: Afuas personal page:
June 13, 2019
Episode 2: Tosin Durotoye of The Bloom Africa on Vision, Clarity and Taking the leap.
Tosin Durotoye, the founder of The Bloom Africa: a community for ambitious African women to connect and grow. She is passionate about women's empowerment and facilitating opportunities for women to succeed.  On this episode of the Perfete Podcast, Tosin and Kunbi talk Vision, Clarity and navigating that tricky thing called purpose. She talks taking the leap and moving to Nigeria after decades in the US. She speaks on The Bloom Africa and her dedication to creating a space for women's empowerment and the advancement of young girls.  See more about Tosin and her great initiative here: The Bloom Africa, Tosin Durotoye Books mentioned in this episode: The Alchemist: 4 Hour Work-Week: *The Perfête Podcast, Episode 2. 
April 29, 2019
Episode 1: Getting Started (Minisode)
As an appropriate start to the Perfête Podcast, Kunbi Odubogun discusses the struggle of "getting started" with something new. From a new routine, to a new business, there are so many ways you could start up this year.  Kunbi breaks down her issues with getting started and how she's overcome them. Seriously guys, it's time to stop chasing perfection and LAUNCH THAT SH*T!  The #perfetepodcast episode 1. 
March 29, 2019
Perfête Podcast Trailer
Welcome to the Perfête Podcast! Your new favorite place for mindful and mindless banter. Founder Kunbi Odubogun, explores a variety of topics on tackling the scam called adulting. From work to wellness, parenting and partying, nothing is off the table here. Grab a drink, take a seat and enjoy the ride. For more inspiration for the Perfête life, check out and follow @Perfete on Instagram for updates.
February 15, 2019