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My private garden - junk journals, creativity and life

My private garden - junk journals, creativity and life

By My private garden
Hi and welcome to my happy place where I handmake journals and sell them in my Etsy shop. I also paint botanical watercolors, surrounded by my houseplants and pets. In this podcast I'd like to share my thoughts on life and creative ideas and tips. If you think you may enjoy my contect, please join me in this adventure. I'll be glad to have company!!
Emotions through paper
Have you ever swallowed down words that you were not allowed to say? Felt overwhelmed with that weight? Well, here’s my tip! Reach out to me
August 29, 2022
The books murderer! Junk journals and altered books
In this episode I’m going talking about altered books and why I’m in love with this technique . Please reach out and let me know your thoughts
July 30, 2022
Life lesson - not just junkjournal!
In this episode I’m going to talk about a life lesson I’m receiving these days. I thought I might share my thoughts on judgment and kindness. You can find me here: thanks for listening
June 24, 2022
Give yourself permission
Give yourself permission to be who you are
June 12, 2022
A friendly chat
Ciao! I’m crafting today and chatting along… will you join? Here is my Etsy if you want to be updated on my next works Il negozio di 2sistersincraft su Etsy
June 01, 2022
The story of a special journal
It’s all in this message! Please tell me what you think Etsy
May 15, 2022
A dream come true - naked journal
Ciao amici! Today I’m going to tell you about a commission I’m working on. I was asked for a naked journal, with many pages and an autumn theme for the cover. It’s for a young lady who wants to write down her memories and leave them to her husband. I was emotionally involved in this book… Listen to discover the details. If you want to reach me here I am
May 01, 2022
Points of view
My message for today’s episode is: up cycle, repurpose, reuse. Give new life to old objects and don’t let your lack of supplies stop you from creating!
April 24, 2022
Close your eyes and imagine
Ciao amici! In today’s episode I’m going to take you with me through the pages of my latest creation. Venice Carnival junk journal, a vintage Italian style book meant to spread my traditions into the world. You can find the video of the flip through here - for sale here or just drop me a line we can lower the price because there will be no commissions
April 18, 2022
Help!! A blank page!!
Are you shaking in front of a blank page? Listen along and you will find support! Here you can find my creations there’s a big sale right now, don’t miss this chance. If you want to message me you can email me at ciaooooo
April 15, 2022
Additional journaling space for junk journals
If you’re like me and love making chunky junk journals it may be a good thing to add some journaling space into your creations. Here is my last video
April 10, 2022
Nourish your soul!
In the ups and downs of life you can hide yourself in your safe place, but you can’t fool your own soul. Take good care of it along the way with all the means that you have at your disposal. Please reach out to me and let me know how you cope with your down times
April 07, 2022
Crafting along chatting about journaling
I’m making a flip up booklet while chatting about journaling, fountain pens, inks and life. If you like to take a peek at my works you can find them here
March 27, 2022
A chatty one on art and heart
Is beauty what we see or what we feel? If you create with your heart you will make amazing things! Here you can find what I make during me time
March 20, 2022
Crafting on a budget
Creativity comes from the heart. Don’t ever stop creating because you can’t afford special tools. Please reach out to me if you’re on a budget too. I have a dedicated FB group and wrote the first article of a series in my blog. All the links here:
February 26, 2022
Journaling and making journals: both therapies for your mind
Hey! In this episode I have a special message for you: you’re not alone! You’re not the only person facing worries and problems and anxieties every day. I’m going to tell you my personal experience when I feel overwhelmed, and how journaling and crafting is helping to heal my soul. If you want and feel the need, please reach out to me or anywhere here I wish we could share our ups and downs and feel less alone. Knowing that someone is going through the same mess as we are can be helpful.
February 18, 2022
From watercolor to bookbinding
Hi friends, I’m taking you through my journey from watercolor to bookbinding. How, why, my emotions through paper. Join me
January 27, 2022
English: Botanical watercolor- a therapy from nature
In this episode I’m going to explain how I started my journey into watercolor and how they helped me to see the beauty that surrounds us. It’s important that we find beauty in our everyday life no matter what happens. Thank you for listening and if you want to see my works please head to my Instagram account @myprivategarden_
December 27, 2021
Acquarelli botanici - una terapia dalla natura
In questo episodio vi parlo del mio viaggio alla scoperta dell’acquarello, ed in particolare dell’illustrazione botanica. Ma vuole anche essere una riflessione su come l’arte, la bellezza e la natura possano diventare una terapia. Se vuoi vedere alcuni dei miei disegni sono su Instagram come @myprivategarden_
December 27, 2021
English: my journey through creativity - beginnings
Hi friends! My name is Laura and I’m going to share with you my journey through creativity and how it’s helping me cope with this insane world. If this is relatable for you please join me in this new adventure. My passions right now are botanical watercolor and the creation of junk journals. Stay tuned for more episodes. You can also find me on other platforms where I show my creations:
December 21, 2021
Arte e creatività - come mi aiutano a ritrovare la pace
In questo episodio, ti parlo del posto che arte e creatività occupano nella mia vita e come sono un importantissimo supporto per essere sereni. Puoi trovarmi sui social se clicchi qui: così puoi vedere cosa creo, il mio stile e il mio carattere. Spero di farti compagnia ancora per molti episodi. A prestissimo
December 20, 2021