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Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA"!

Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA"!

By Laura L Dawson, MAOM, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.
Learn how to assess patients', or your own health, using tongue patterns leading to better nutrition counseling sessions. FOOD PHYSICS AND BODY DYNAMICS, is a certified biomedicine nutrition training protocol. Listen in for tips and tools.
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Epi 8-Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA"-Learning in 5's, zones, organ systems, colors, and flavors-The Heart & Small Intestine
Watch for the 5's in this model of training about 5 zone on the tongue, 5 Organ Systems, 5 Food Colors, 5 Food Flavors. [Click on the 5's for a short video. As with a complex learning model, we will be repeating the data a bit each podcast and adding new data to further expand your knowledge of FOOD PHYSICS AND BODY DYNAMICS, Lessons in Whole Food Healing. We believe #foodismedicine and #nutrition is a missing component in our medical training.  We also have observed the lack of #nutrition and #cooking classes within the public school systems. While our children may be able to code for a computer program, they may not be able to prepare their own meals. #knowledgeispower and we are here to share our training and experiences using foods to treat diseases.
October 02, 2019
Epi 7-Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA", Intro to: The 5 Colors, The 5 Flavors, The 5 Organ Systems aka FOOD PHYSICS
5 Colors, 5 Organ Systems, 5 Flavors- See video introduction  Red, Bitter, Heart [Cardio System] Black, blue, Salty, Kidney [Urinary System] Green, Sour, Liver [Hepatic System] Yellow/orange, Sweet, Spleen/pancreas [Digestive System] White, Spicy, pungent, acrid, Lungs Watch a short video on 5 Colors of Food and the Organ Systems Associated with them. 
October 02, 2019
Epi 6 - Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA" - Color of food and paired organ system
Here is a link to order your FOOD PHYSICS AND BODY DYNAMICS copyright handout FREE color tongue template with podcast sign up here - Introduction to Laura L. Dawson, Licensed Acupuncturist and Nutrition Specialist 5 Colors + 5 Organ systems  Red associated with the Heart, and the hormonal characteristics the blood carries throughout the body Yellow associated with the Stomach, spleen, and pancreas, systems, role in providing nourishment Green associated with the Liver, gall bladder systems, purifying the blood, and invigorating with insulin managed energy production. etc Purple/Blue/Black associated with the functions of the Kidney and Bladder systems of the body, the waterways etc. White and its association with the Lungs, skin, and other antioxidant behaviors We kept the data in the briefest manner possible to intro these colors with the associated organ systems, since this is the platform we will be diving from when looking at tongue patterns and seeking to improve quality of life, by shifting the color of foods selected. Lots more to come!
September 10, 2019
Epi 5 - 'Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA" - Wrap up of Epi 1-4 plus Intro to Epi 6
Here are our YouTube Links for TubeNutridoc and TheSpiritofFood, our domain website: The Spirit of Food, our Google Your Business site. Here is our address on Anchor.Fm To schedule a private nutrition counseling session visit our scheduling app by clicking here Check out one of our new favorite products here To order a copy of our Tongue Template visit our direct pay button here
September 03, 2019
Epi 4 - Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA", Lessons in Whole Food Healing, by Laura L Dawson, L.Ac.
The final two zones on the tongue are the lungs and the heart.  The lung area on the tongue is between the tip and the middle of the tongue and is most responsive to foods which are naturally white colored. The heart zone is located at the tip of the tongue and is mostly effected by foods which are colored red. The lycopene [red coloration in tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits] has a profound effect on the health of the heart organ system, and may be used to treat heart disease. It is an natural antioxidant protecting the cells. Our Bonus Tip for this is exercising the diaphragm by taking in a deep breath while expanding your abdomen. Then using your right hand thumb, closing off the right nostril and exhaling in ten rapid sharp contractions. Stopping to take a full breath before placing the ring finger over the left nostril and exhaling in ten rapid sharp contractions. Upon stopping the process, take 1-2 deep breaths, fully expanding the belly and exhaling through to mouth, then the nose.  These steps help to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, the diaphragm, expand the lungs, and aid the heart in oxygenating the blood. We look forward to Episode 5 Wrap Up of the first Episodes 1-4, before we begin to discuss food, one of my favorite subjects! May you and yours..Be In Good Health.
August 30, 2019
Epi 3 - Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA", Lessons in Whole Food Healing, by Laura L Dawson, L.Ac.
In Episode 3 we begin to explore the zones on the tongue which are associated with specific organ systems and can orchestrate their behaviors.  You may order a Tongue Template at for $5. USD we will send you a copy. If you have enrolled to join our Anchor mailing list, the template comes to you FREE. Watch for it! At the back of the tongue is a wide oval zone, which represents Kidney and Bladder functions and others associated with the lower abdomen. Blue, purple and black are the hues of foods which affect this zone In the middle zone of the tongue, the Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas organs are evidenced. The color of foods which tend to affect the function of these digestive organs is primarily yellow leading into orange foods. The areas bordering both left and right of the tongue are two elongated oval zones representing the liver and gall bladder functional systems. Foods which are green have a preponderance of action on these two organs. We closed this session leaving the last two zones of the tongue for Episode 4, We included the Golden Elixir oral exercise as our bonus tip for participation throughout the whole session. See you next time, May you and yours Be In Good Health. See our credentials on our LinkedIn profile at:
August 26, 2019
Epi 2 -Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA"! Lessons in Whole Food Healing by Laura L Dawson, L.Ac.
Today's lesson, Episode 2 of 'Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA!' is focused on the coloration of the tongue body and any coating which may appear on the surface of the tongue. By learning to recognize this data you will be able to determine what a tongue body with a:  slightly purple coloration may indicate no coating on the surface of the tongue  slight white tongue coat/moss coating with a yellow tint coating with green tint very thick coat, albeit white or any other coloration Bring your mirror and get ready to Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA"!
August 24, 2019
Epi-1 Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "AHA!" - FOOD PHYSICS AND BODY DYNAMICS, Lessons in Whole Food Healing
We are introducing a Biomedicine Certified Protocol in Nutrition, approved by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Through learning the principles of oriental medicine when applied to tongue patterns, pod listeners will be able to make recommendations on which foods to choose in order to improve the quality of life of patients, clients and family members.  Of course  you will be able to use a mirror to look at your own tongue and self-assess, as well. This protocol will allow you to explore a new method, which is actually based on some very ancient ways to determine functionality of body organ systems as reactions to foods consumed. Then you will learn how to change those choices when necessary to aid in improving the activity of the whole body. Food color and flavor are both qualities of nutrients we consume daily. You may not yet be aware, the color and flavor of each food is how the body, using the tongue as a sorting device, applies the nutrients to organ systems. Please be sure to send any questions to : about how the color and flavor of each food may affect your body dynamics. We will be talking about each of the 5 colors and 5 flavors in coming Podcasts.  We love to talk food!
August 21, 2019