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The Metaphysical Podcast

The Metaphysical Podcast

By Laura Kipp
Conversations in partnership with The Seattle Metaphysical Library
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Metaphysical: PNW Healer Susy Parker Goins of Blue Light Healing
This episode was so fun! Have you ever wondered about the parallels between channeling and acting? Do you ponder the secrets of the universe? Check out this conversation with Susy Parker Goins of Blue Light Healing. Please check out her podcast: Book an appointment today for her many amazing healing services: In person events with Suzy!:
May 09, 2022
Alternative Perspectives: Ian Brennan, Grammy Award-Winning Artist
Ian Brennan is a musician, producer, author, activist and educator who is truly rare and inspiring. He talks about how music is political, and how to elevate voices, even when no one is listening.
May 09, 2022
PNW Artist: Mark Anderson, Slam Poet and Author of Scarecrow Oracle
Mark Anderson is the author of Scarecrow Oracle, a book of poetry forthcoming from Korrektiv Press on May 20th, 2022. He co-founded the popular Broken Mic spoken word poetry series and has traveled the United States performing at open mics, poetry slams, taverns, coffee shops, and libraries. From 2017 to 2019 he served as Spokane’s poet laureate. Poets mentioned:, If you've ever been curious about slam poetry, we encourage you to check it out: Mark will feature in Everett Poetry Nite in September:
April 17, 2022
Seattle History: Mercedes Yaeger, Author of Market Ghost Stories
Market Ghost Stories Absolutely fascinating conversation with Mercedes Yaeger, @queenanneroasters, author of Market Ghost Stories and AMAZING HUMAN.  Part 1: We discuss preserving historical context, the nature of ghosts, tools for perceiving the irrational world, hot beds for the exchange of energy, what resides beyond consciousness, work as ritual and the value therein, the excitement of the hunt, spirits which are not dead, manifesting seen energetic form, the fluid nature of time, parallel universes, Seattle’s trauma and it’s epic topographical alteration, disturbed cemeteries and the growth of an urban center over a deep sea of quartz. Additionally, Mercedes’ artistic family’s rich personal history with the market community. Part 2: We discuss how death has recently touched us both personally, Princess Angeline- Chief Seattle's daughter, the ongoing injustices against the Duwamish people, the Black Lives Matter movement in Seattle and the new addition of 👻Market Ghost Stories! Part 3: We learn about Harvey and Mae West from the market, and see her actual infamous hat! 👒We talk about an experience with the show Ghost Tours and discuss the moral complexity of people in history and how to portray them, and talk about the mortuary at the market, the 1918 pandemic and the current pandemic, and our emotions and concerns for frontline workers. Part 4: ... my favorite part! We learn about Naughty Nellie (the ale and the person), prohibition, ghost madams, cross dressing, and we see the world's largest brothel built by the mayor. The history of prostitution and the red light district in Seattle is very compelling, and human trafficking which is still an issue in Seattle: @Queenanneroasters, reveals that she is writing another book about this topic, and I can't wait!
April 16, 2022
Metaphysical: Michael Hall and Extraterrestrial Life
Michael Hall: The Paranormal Lawyer @ufoiteam Part 1: Mr. Hall and I discuss how we met, the wonders of Alienstock, and the awesome work that UFOiTeam is doing. Part 2: The ABDUCTION STORY and theories on what the heck the aliens are doing! Part 3: We discuss how Mr. Hall's abduction affected him on a personal level, the intersection of religious faith and extraterrestrials (including what the pope has said about aliens and what the church might know), what aliens might want with us/be doing with us, and the significance of "red pilling" and the amazing times we live in now! @ufoiteam Part 4: We talk about the future of humanity and the past, including Atlantis and a hopeful message for the future.
April 16, 2022
Seattle History: Margaret Bartley and the Seattle Worker's Brigade
Margaret shares that Seattle was a huge part of the creation of the modern food movement, but so much of that has been lost to history. She was part of the Seattle Worker’s Brigade, “A worker collective, that was worker self-managed and women-owned.” It was "explicitly anti-corporate, alternative, our motto was 'Food for People, Not for Profit.' Decidedly counter-culture." Margaret was a pioneering member of Cooperative Community Grains or CC Grains, a food co-op in Seattle in the 1970s, when there was low home and store-front rent, a higher quality of life, and many alternative and worker-owned options for healthcare, daycares, schools, bookstores, newspapers, as well as environmentalism and activism. Referenced: The Crisis of Democracy Book By Jōji Watanuki, Michel Crozier, and Samuel P. Huntington The Tyranny of Structurelessness By Jo Freeman Constructive Criticism: A Handbook By Gracie Lyons Pictured here:  Description: CC Grains, Margaret is sitting crosslegged in the very front, wearing dark glasses. CC Grains, which was one part of the larger Seattle Workers’ Brigade.  This photo was taken around 1976. CC Grains was an all-womyn’s warehouse distributing organic and natural foods to co-ops, buying clubs and natural foods stores ranging from Alaska to Montana to Oregon, centered in Seattle, WA It was part of the Alternative Economic System, and was a crucial link in developing the organic food industry.
April 16, 2022
Metaphysical: Belladonna Laveau, ArchPriestess
Episode 1: Conversation with the spectacular Lady Belladonna! Belladonna is the ArchPriestess of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church and Dean at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, a professional psychic, and the founder of the Seattle Psychic Association. Buy her books: The Aquarian Tabernacle: Her school: Her website: Seattle Psychic Association: Talk to her on Thank you so much Belladonna!
March 20, 2022