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Enough is Enough - Stand in Your MAMA POWER -Cut the Cord and Be your OWN NUMBER ONE

Enough is Enough - Stand in Your MAMA POWER -Cut the Cord and Be your OWN NUMBER ONE

Welcome to my weekly podcast, a space of love, acceptance, and power. As a transformational coach and speaker, I specialize in guiding those who have felt deep pain and sadness of rejection, heartache, and struggle, in relationships with their children. Join me on this weekly podcast, as I venture into the world of parenthood, spirituality, self love, and picking up the pieces from full on rejection from the child that you love with all of your heart and soul.

Loving yourself through the pain of rejection is one thing, when it's your child pushing you away, it's something else.

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#3 You have the tools right now - use them
Are you really loving life and the experience just as it is or are you judging yourself for not being where you think you "should" be? Your Mama POWER tools are all here.... Faith . First .and Forgiveness ... are you using them?
October 7, 2020
#2 Stand in your Mama Power
Now is the time to get clear, communicate with love, and embrace courage. You are here to be the love of your life, what are you waiting for?
October 1, 2020
#1 You Got the POWER
Welcome  You made it!  I'm inspired to create this podcast as I know first hand what it feels like to be on the floor not wanting to get up! Over the years I have perfectly "failed" at so much, from relationships to money to motherhood..... and on the day that I realised deep in my heart, that I was NOT a failure, I just didn't have the tools to embrace success., my world changed again. I am here to shine the light on your aha moments, I am here to share what I have learned from so many years of trial and error to complete success, being a mum and harmonising unconsitional love and saying NO and meaning it! I am here to inspire you to know that you can STAND IN YOUR POWER, set your boundaries, and say Enough is ENOUGH. Each week I get real and raw, sharing practices and processes that I have embraced that can get you blasted from where you are to where you want to be.  This is not a secret law of attraction show! This is about YOU totally embracing where you are right now and PLUGING into the POWER that is available to all of us, to blast you into your dream life.  Each week I talk real metaphysics and real life with topics including children! love, money, passion, sex, health, parenting, creativity, and your true calling to live the life of your dreams. So get ready to be transformed...
September 1, 2020