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A Guided Life

A Guided Life

By Laura West
Let’s talk about how involved spirit is in your everyday life and how guided you truly are. Additionally, I’ll talk about other spirit-related topics such as mediumship, channeling, the other side, signs, etc. Let’s make this world a better place one episode at a time.
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Demystifying the Mystical with Inbaal Honigman & Evelyn Sevilla: Witches and Witchcraft
Inbaal is a full time psychic Tarot reader and witch of over 20 years. She's passionate about showing you CAN write your own story on your terms. She’s shared her expert astrological knowledge on TV shows and in magazines such as Marie Claire, Yorkshire Press, and HuffPost.  Find Inbaal:  Instagram @InbaalPsychic  Facebook @InbaalPsychic  YouTube: Official Inbaal.  Evelyn is an expert astrologist and Tarot card reader. Since she has unlocked her intuition, she knows that she’s here to share the message of love and to help others discover the magic they hold deep within. She’s on a mission, and there is no stopping her now.   Find Evelyn:  TikTok: MercuryRhythm
October 01, 2022
Linda Addis, Energy & Earth Medicine Mystic & Mentor
In this episode, Linda shares how a life-changing event in a San Francisco apartment involving a murder led her to find her spiritual path. Linda is a woman that wears many hats - Entrepreneur, Medicine Woman, Energy Healer, Mentor, Writer, Mama & Sensual Embodiment Guide. She guides women to prosperity, radical self-love, and how to activate their inner power. By guiding them to tap into wealth consciousness, connect back to their sensual self (their senses), their Highest Being, to Earth, how to heal from trauma (in this life and past lives) and how to embody their humanness. Linda is a naturally gifted intuitive & mystic (with the gifts of hearing, seeing, feeling & knowing) who has committed her life to being a healer of the heart. She has walked countless individuals through their journeys of healing trauma, anxiety, and depression from within. Linda supports her clients & students by connecting with their intuition and the wisdom of their own bodies to remember who they really are underneath all the societal programming, trauma, ancestor wounds… She helps women see the beauty in their humanness and how to become magnets for miracles. Her own healing journey after abuse, health issues, and other trauma has led her on this path, and it’s her purpose to serve the collective as a bearer of light. Owner & Founder of Sacred Wild Healing, LLC, Co-Founder of The Survivors' Circle , and the Co-Founder of The Revolutionary Woman. Find Linda: FREE WEALTH & PROSPERITY TRAINING: WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM:
September 24, 2022
Tiffany & Victoria of Spirit Mamas, Creating Through Love, Community, & Partnership
In this episode, Tiffany and Victoria share how spirit sent Victoria to the emergency department which then led to them coming together to create Spirit Mamas. They also share how they worked together with an intuitive artist to create their gorgeous oracle deck. At Spirit Mamas we’re cultivating a community of loving, beautiful, energetic beings who show up to life perfectly imperfect. Our mission is to uplift spiritually conscious mamas, helping them trust their intuition and power with ceremonial circles, energy work, rituals and magic, so they can bloom into that next version of themselves fuller, brighter and better than they ever thought possible!  Victoria Nielsen is an Akashic Records Reader, Breathwork facilitator, intuitive energy healer, and mama. Her personal mission is to help new and old mamas everywhere find the love in their heart for themselves that they have for their babies.  Tiffany Wilkes is a certified Reiki Energy Healer, Sound Practitioner, and Spiritual Coach. As a wife and mother of two su(o)ns, it is very important for her to show them how to live their true life’s purpose.  Find Spirit Mamas:
September 24, 2022
Joy Giovanni, WWE Diva to Psychic Medium, Healer, & Spiritual Teacher
Joy is a renowned and sought-after psychic medium, healer, and spiritual teacher. Raised in Boston and internationally known for her time as a WWE Diva, model and actress, Joy always knew her sensitivity and connection with her own intuition and spirituality was something special, but it wasn't until she realized others didn't have the same sensing abilities — like seeing bright, swirling colors every time she closed her eyes — that she channeled her psychic energy to help heal others. As a published author, public speaker and media personality, Joy's calming nature matched with her unique gifts and insights go far beyond her individual clients, making psychic, mediumship and healing more personable and accessible to audiences across the globe.  Find Joy:  website:  IG & FB: @joyfulmedium  FB Group: Joy's Soul Spa  YouTube: Joy Giovanni Psychic Medium
September 17, 2022
Rita Farruggia, CEO, Self-Care, Self-Love, & Happiness Expert
Rita is a self-care/self-love/happiness expert. She is the founder & CEO of, which is a wellness e-commerce site devoted to providing organic self-care products to amplify your wellness so you can be happy being well. has a mission of being the #1 Self-Care Community in North America. Rita’s mission is to awaken people to their love, teaching them how to reprogram their subconscious to align with truth through creating a daily self-care practice. It is through a commitment to a daily self-care practice that we can eliminate the noise of the world, stress, anxiety and our rapid thoughts. This allows us to align with our personal truth, love, clarity, focus, intuition, and confidence. This process allows us to know who we are, deepens our compassion and ability to love ourselves and others. This is the reason Rita is committed to providing the best natural products you will love to use and wear whether it’s luxurious active-wear leggings to work out in or meditate in, clean skincare, or creating a luxurious at home spa feeling with salt lamps, crystal book-ends, aromatherapy diffusers, natural essential oils, natural candles, all natural facial masks, crystals and much more at offers the tools/products, free educational resources and inspiration to use in our daily spiritual and wellness practices.  Find Rita:
September 17, 2022
Rachel Elizabeth, From Bartender to Intuitive Jewelry Designer
Rachel is an intuitive Jewelry designer and Artist, that incorporates the healing modalities of the tree of life into her work. She loves all things mystical and magic. When she is not creating beautiful pendants, you will find her out in nature. She is also an inspiring author and teacher. She is a currently studying lithotherapy (stone healer) and is a crystal enthusiast. Rachel recently became a mind, body, spirit practitioner studying under Sunny Dawn Johnston. She is constantly continuing her education in all things with science, spirituality, and art. She also studies under Melissa Kim Corter and all her amazing offerings and is fascinated with the Jung Archetypes. Rachel also runs a wildly popular Facebook group called “Creativity with Rachel Elizabeth Design” She lives in Central Connecticut with her life partner, Steve and their three cats, Berrie, Luscious, and Myles. Find Rachel:
September 10, 2022
Learning to Communicate With Angels Through Touch With Kris Groth
Kris is an intuitive energy healer, Archangel Life Coach, spiritual teacher, & bestselling author. Her fiction books in the Soul Healing Series, weave together her love of women’s fiction and romance with her knowledge and experience in spirituality and healing. For over 20 years, Kris has worked with clients all over the world through healing sessions, classes and sound healing meditations, now through these books, she brings this healing and wisdom to a wider audience.  Find Kris:  Author website:  Website:
September 10, 2022
Finding Self-Love With Krista Xiomara, Podcast Host & Author
In this episode, Krista and I talk about how she found her spiritual truth away from an organized cult-like sector of religion and how she learned to love herself after years of "self-hatred." She is the creator and host of I’m Awake! Now What? Podcast. Created in 2018 as an audio community for anyone who is on the path of spirituality, healing, and personal development. At twenty-eight, Krista walked away from her religion of origin after suffering from religious trauma and wounding. She would spend the next six years studying religion, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality in search of answers, healing, and a way to reintegrate fully into her humanity and divinity. After emerging from this experience, her focus has been to help others heal and come home to themselves, by teaching the path to liberation, integration, and inner peace. Her first non-fiction book "The Alchemy of Kindness" will be out Summer 2022. At the end of 2021, Krista Xiomara created LightCasting, a podcast network for spiritual podcast shows and content. Find Krista: @ianwpodcast  @iamkristaxiomara
September 03, 2022
Understanding Meditation With Candice Fraser
Candice and I talk about the different ways to meditate along with the ways to easily incorporate it into one’s busy lifestyle. We also discuss the benefits of having a simple meditative practice. Candice is a Meditation Teacher specialising in heart centred practices. She became a Meditation Teacher after struggling with a harsh inner critic and loss of personal identity after becoming a mum. She now supports others to find their worth, inner calm, and connection to self through heart centred meditations and mindful living practices.  Find Candice:  Facebook - The Kindness Couch @thekindnesscouch  Insta - The Kindness Couch @thekindnesscouch
September 03, 2022
Laura Mazzotta, Therapist, Healer, & Spiritual Empowerment Coach
Today, Laura and I talk about her journey from being a therapist to working full time in the spiritual field, the Akashic Records, and the dimensions beyond. Laura Mazzotta is a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Healer, & Therapist with over 18 years of experience. Her mission is to guide intuitive women into ditching indecision, chronic symptoms, and burnout by confidently owning their multifaceted gifts and experiencing intimacy, wellness, and freedom.  Find Laura:  How to Open The Akashic Records:
August 27, 2022
Cindy Drummond, Finding and Falling In Love With Herself Again
Today, Cindy and I talk about how her long-term relationship ended abruptly when police arrested the man she believed was the love of her life. Betrayed and heartbroken, she needed to learn how to trust again. She challenged herself to go on 50 Dates in 52 weeks. She is the curator of WOMENONLYWEEKEND and She is the author of Reflections from the Dating Pool; a story about resilience, the importance of finding a tribe and the power of falling in love again with yourself ❤️  Find Cindy:  Facebook/womenonlyweekend  IG: @cindydrummondyyc
August 27, 2022
Bigfoot, the Galactic, and Guides With Psychic Life Coach, April DeMille
In this episode, April and I talk about her spiritual life experiences to include the galactic, Bigfoot, astral travel, and the encounter she had with her angel that you won't want to miss hearing about (let's just say, it involved a police report)! April is a Psychic Life Coach. She launched her own practice as Exordium Healing, where she works with those seeking spiritual answers. She claims helping others has become the reward itself as she helps her clients align with their own authentic truth. We each have a beautifully designed SOUL purpose. In order for it to flourish, sometimes we need a loving guide. This is where she accepts the invitation to offer her help. April is certified as an Intuitive Angel Guide, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Ordained in Ministry—having received her education as an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She embraces ideas that are far from social norms. In this exploration, she was blessed with newfound freedom, soul rejuvenation, and hope to share with all! She currently lives in Austin, Texas, and is the mother of four amazing children. She spends her spare time living a very mindful lifestyle. Enjoying hobbies such as reading, writing, mentoring, cooking, and nature. She still hopes to explore more avenues such as gardening, public speaking, and travel. She always knew it was her divine mission to be a life compass for others seeking their destined greatness!   Find April:
August 20, 2022
Future and Past Lives With Rae Calnan
Rae Caroline Calnan is a Transformational Coach & Trainer who empowers you to gain clarity your life, to Heal Your Past, Create Your Future, Transform Your Present using Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression, Angelic Reiki, Guided Meditation, Angel/Oracle Cards & Hypnosis to take charge of your Destiny in the present. Rae's journey since she was born has led her to heal her own past, create her own future and take charge of her own destiny. Her purpose in this lifetime is to assist you on your spiritual/personal growth in a way that empowers you to spread your wings, to propel you to continue on your own magnificent journey and create the abundance, happiness and fulfilment that is your birthright.  Find Rae:  https://youtube/c/RadiantAngelEnergy
August 20, 2022
Inbaal Honigman, Witch, Psychic, and Tarot Reader
Inbaal Honigman is a full time psychic Tarot reader and witch of over 20 years. She's passionate about showing you CAN write your own story on your terms. She’s shared her expert astrological knowledge in magazines such as Marie Claire, Yorkshire Press, and HuffPost.  Find Inbaal:  Instagram @InbaalPsychic  Facebook @InbaalPsychic  YouTube: Official Inbaal.
August 13, 2022
Melissa Miller, Finding Strength as a Full-Time Caregiver for Her Spouse
In this episode, Melissa shares how she used her knowledge as a caregiver and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to learn how to stay organized when caring for her spouse. She has since taken her knowledge and now shares it with others in similar caregiving situations.  Melissa is a former CNA turned full-time Stay At Home Mom & Spousal Caregiver following her husband’s unexpected diagnosis of epilepsy.  Find Melissa:
August 13, 2022
Su Davey, 3rd Generation Intuitive & Galactic Communicator
In this episode, Su and I talk about imposter syndrome, galactic activation, and light language. I meet her Pleitian guide named Jimmy who helps her demonstrate what light language sounds like. She also shows us another way one might select their guide(s) in this lifetime. Su is a 3rd generation intuitive, as well as a Reiki Master practitioner.Using her gifts Su will guide you through Akashic sessions so that you can release old ways and receive clarity.  Find Su:
August 06, 2022
Working With Jesus, Mary Magdalene, & Isis with April Monique
Today, April and I talk about her journey from Christian ministry to finding her truth in working with Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Isis through spirituality.  April Monique is an Intuitive Embodiment Healer, weaving coaching, neuroscience, somatic processing, and energy healing into her SEEN Method for Energetic Visibility. Her clients call her their secret sauce behind business & life expansions, because she specializes in healing visibility wounds to expand capacity for energetic visibility, in all areas of business and life. This goes beyond visibility, branding, and mindset, to heal the inner self so your outer self is available for magnetic visibility that feels sustainable and expansive. Find April:, @iamaprilmonique
August 06, 2022
When Wild Animals Crossover
I share about an interesting conversation I had with my mom about animals that have been injured and will pass. When being so empathic towards animals, how can one protect them all? Listen to hear what my spirit guide told me.  ***I dedicate this episode to our black lab Cody.***
July 30, 2022
Sarah Peace, Speaker, Kitchen Coach and Joyful Life Advocate
Today, Sarah and I talk about her incredible life’s journey to this point and how she has maintained a positive outlook most days. We discuss how she found spirituality in a time of depression and how, after 6 years from her grandma’s passing, she finally feels her spirit around.  Sarah is a Speaker, Kitchen Coach and Joyful Life Advocate, helping you find joy and confidence in the kitchen and beyond! Sarah has learned to survive and thrive through 35 surgeries and more, including paralyzed vocal cords and PTSD. While growing up in a "foodie family", Sarah fell in love with food and connecting in the kitchen where she learned how to serve herself and others while gaining confidence through cooking. She now teaches others how to do the same! Sarah's real-world tips, tricks, and adaptive cooking skills, along with 25 years of experience as a home cook and personal chef, make her the go-to Kitchen Coach for a joyful kitchen experience!  As a Speaker, Sarah shares stories of 'Miracles over Mayhem' with warmth, wisdom, and authenticity. She holds a degree in psychology and dubs herself “a psychology nerd”. Although she was once a Ph.D. Candidate in the field, her passion for speaking and food is her true calling! The Potato Salad and Shortbread call her name frequently too! In her spare time, you can find Sarah trying new recipes, watching cooking shows, cuddling her fur baby Ziggy, enjoying time with family, laughing and learning more about how to best serve her clients! Sarah’s mission is to help people live a joyfully delicious life with more confidence, incredible food, and gratitude!  Find Sarah:  Facebook Group:  Facebook Page:
July 30, 2022
Chaconda George, Hoodoo Witch & Shaman Apprentice
Chaconda is a Hoodoo Witch, Eclectic Ordained Minister, herbalist, Reiki practitioner, Empath, Yoni student, shaman apprentice, believer in the Creator of all. She has a great love for her ancestors and a heart to help heal. She says, “Healing starts with you.”  Find Chaconda:  YouTube: Reiki Partners in Crime
July 23, 2022
Marie Caluttung, A Breast Cancer Survivor Healing Her Body, Mind, & Soul
Today I speak with Marie about her inner thoughts and emotions when she received her cancer diagnosis, during her treatment, and when she started seeking inspiration from others. She is living life to the fullest as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and healing. She is a mother to 2 boys and a Registered Nurse. She is also an Empath who is learning how to navigate in this world while healing her body, soul, and mind. After a diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer - she’s learned the important gift of each day and the remarkable ability the body has to heal using just the right tools, through divine guidance from God/ Universe/Source. Everyday, she practices gratitude for the many blessings she’s been given and the time she’s been given to spend with family and friends.  Find Marie:  Instagram @realree
July 23, 2022
Spirit Guides, Dream Visitations, & Their Calling Cards
In this episode, I share about a recent dream visitation I had with my spirit guide Jason. I also talk about a spirit guide's calling card, and how they might actually appear when not presenting themselves to us in a more relatable form. 
July 16, 2022
Red Flags From Our Spirit Guides
In this episode, your spirit guide(s) wants to remind you of the importance of listening to red flags. Red flags are there to help us get back on track in life and to intuitively remind us we are veering off our life's course. This reading comes from my From Your Spirit Guides deck.
July 16, 2022
Shari Dworkin-Smith, Evidential Psychic Medium
In this episode, Shari and I talk about her journey to mediumship, to include her journey from working on television to now, the difference between psychic and psychic medium, and the importance of mediumship training. She is a highly regarded evidence-based psychic medium living and working in Central Florida. Shari connects with those in the spirit world, to bring forward messages and proof that the soul continues, and our loved ones are still with us. Her compassionate, straightforward style assists her clients in moving through grief and helps them gain clarity about current and future life situations. Shari offers mediumship sessions, intuitive psychic readings, Oracle, Angel or Tarot Card readings, guided meditation, past life regression and Akashic Records sessions for reading and/or healing. She is the creator of Becoming An Empowered Empath Online Learning Journey and offers various online and in-person developmental classes, including Expanding Psychic Awareness and Opening To Your Mediumship. Look for Shari in the upcoming book, Own Your Awesome, coming in the Spring of 2023. Shari has also been an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics for 25 years and lives in Orlando with her amazing husband and partner where they have two adult children, three dogs and two cats.   Find Shari:   Follow her blog on Medium:   Find her everywhere else:
July 09, 2022
Charlie Mac, Coach, Author, & Speaker
In this episode, Charlie shares how she met her spirit guide John, how she learned to follow her current purpose of helping female entrepreneurs, and about her upcoming podcast launch. As a certified coach, speaker, author, and founder of Wild Femmepreneur, Charlie's unique Science meets Spirit approach helps femmepreneurs free themselves from all the pleasing, performing, and perfecting that's been holding them back so they can own their power, step into their confidence and build their legacy. Charlie's mission was initially inspired by her own journey through balancing kids and career and then healing from two abusive marriages. Then, her experiences as a femmepreneur decided her path on the road to a series of research projects and a second Master's degree in Psychology. Now, having worked with some of the best coaches in the industry, her research on Belief CipheringTM combined with her unique perspective and use of digestible analogies, are the bedrock of Charlie's programs, talks and workshops.  Find Charlie: for personal connections (which she prefers)  Or if you just want to keep up with what she’s up to.
July 09, 2022
Sarah Lines, From Rock Bottom to Author, Channeler & Soul Coach
Sarah Lines helps soul-driven, spiritual entrepreneurs on a mission to delete old paradigms to more deeply connect with their inner being and activate their purpose. As a Soul Coach and channel, Sarah leads visionary women into super-conscious creation to manifest the life and business of their dreams, catapulting them into a new energy of radiance, abundance and purpose driven lives. With lifetimes of experience, she has helped hundreds of clients awaken, ascend & powerfully create new realities. Creator of the Goddess Alchemy Academy, Sarah, has authored multiple books, including international best sellers.  Find Sarah:
July 02, 2022
Diving into the Akashic Records With Jen Duchene, Mystic, Mentor, & Teacher
Jen is a mystic, mentor, and teacher. Today we talk about a better way to ask a question of the other side, including the better way to ask how to find love. She also educates us about the Akashic Records and what they can hold for each one of us, and she shares how following signs helped save her life. She guides her clients to Align and Amplify their Soul’s true Mission. Using her expansive tool bag, which includes, again, the Akashic Records, metaphysical lineage and the Illuminating Journey Cards© to reconnect her clients with their own majestic, bold, and limitless self, that has been waiting inside them all along.  Find Jen:  YOUTUBE  Fb.  Instagram
July 02, 2022
Carolina Wikstrom, Human Design & Manifestation Guide
Carolina is a Human Design and Manifestation guide. A mom of two, she is originally from Colombia. She has lived in Canada and NYC and currently lives in London with her family. After moving to a new country with no friends or family around, she felt isolated and disconnected. That's when she found Human Design and through it, she could get back in touch with her authentic self. Immediately she became fascinated with the system and dove deep into learning as much as she could about it. She's been studying and experimenting with Human Design for almost three years. Human Design has allowed her to blossom and thrive in this stage of her life. As a mom, wife, business owner, and woman in her power. She is passionate about sharing her expertise with Human Design because she has seen firsthand and through her clients the deep impact this system has on people's lives.  Find Carolina:
June 25, 2022
Samantha Touchais, Author & Mindset Coach
I got so many validating chills while recording this episode! Today, Samantha Touchais and I talk about her amazing life experiences with spirit and intuition starting as a child to now—including a seconds-long encounter with a spirit that helped her write and publish one of her books. She is a business and mindset coach working with clients all over the world who are looking to launch and grow sustainable and successful businesses. She believes in the powerful combination of intuition and strategy and, through her A+ Process teaches her clients to AWAKEN to their purpose, ALIGN with their why, ACT on their learnings and ACHIEVE their dreams and goals. Samantha has written and published several books, including Cai Learns to be Brave and The River of Dreams (both for children) and her first adult novel, A Lifetime of Goodbyes.  Find Samantha:
June 25, 2022
Kelbi Buckaloo, Helping Spirits Crossover As a Reiki Master and Tarot & Oracle Card Reader
Kelbi is a Reiki Master and Professional Tarot and Oracle Reader. We talk about her journey of becoming a death doula, how she helps cross people and animals over, and an experience that shook her to the spiritual core that kick-started one of her spiritual awakenings. She specializes in services such as Intuitive Crystal Readings. She is also the owner of a small business. Blessed By The Creek will change their name on July 22, 2022. Rising From Ashes will be their new name. Check out their Facebook for more details.  Find Kelbi:
June 18, 2022
Aging Disgracefully with Pia Antico, Mentor, Speaker, & Best Selling Author
In this episode, I talk to Pia about her three near-death experiences and how aging disgracefully has changed the course of her life for the better. She is the Founder of Essential Awakening Mentoring, a Crone Life Joy Reboot Mentor/Coach/Trainer, International Public Speaker & Best-Selling Author. She intuitively guides single, empty-nester women over 40 to ditch their regrets, claim their unapologetic authenticity, age disgracefully, & quit being an unwilling bystander in their lives; without getting stuck rehashing, analysing & reframing trauma stories. Embodying her unique 6 step AWAKEN the joy within©️ framework helps them to free themselves from limiting beliefs & create lives of fun, through trusting the guidance of their radiant Higher Self Wisdom. Pia holds three degrees in Psychology, Counselling Training, and Certification in the 3 Principles Paradigm; she brings into her intuitive transformational coaching a wealth of insights gained from a litany of growth experiences. At 50, she is a 'three near deaths before 30, two abusive marriages, & major head injury life rebuilder' whose mission is to help single, empty nester businesswomen over 40 effortlessly get past their darkest moments by tapping into their innate well-being. So that they can shine the light of their radiant, joyful wisdom & step into their dreamed of future. Pia wants single empty nester women over 40 to know in their bones that their past doesn't predict their future & now is the time to dream big.  Find Pia:
June 18, 2022
Gail Alexander, the No Nonsense Intuitive
Gail Alexander has been called many names over the years, clairvoyant, seer, medium, multidimensional artist, teacher, author and no nonsense intuitive. The language of the universe is symbols and Gail translates this language into a mandala using the principles of sacred geometry, unconditional love, and light. Each service Gail provides is filled with love and compassion to aid one in learning to trust your inner voice, higher self, or intuition as you gain awareness and evolve on your own journey.  Find Gail:
June 11, 2022
Christy Holt, Happiness Coach & Podcast Host
Christy Holt is a happiness coach who has a passion for inspiring and empowering women to create their happy life. She has recently launched her own podcast, "Create Your Happy" which is all about the coming together and sharing of inspirational stories of women who have overcome in life, business and relationship. After overcoming an unhappy marriage and learning to truly love and accept herself, Christy became passionate about helping others to do the same. Christy loves to help women to embrace uncertainty and take back their power to create the loving and happy relationships they are oh-so-worthy of.  Find Christy:  Facebook:  IG: @4fcoach
June 11, 2022
Jen Ems, Intuitive Spiritual Mentor
Jen Ems is a Business Alignment Guide & Intuitive Spiritual Mentor who helps female entrepreneurs create a soul-aligned business that is emotionally, spiritually & authentically in-line with their life purpose. She believes everyone is here for a reason, so she helps uncover your unique soul magic by interpreting your birth chart so you can infuse passion & purpose into your business.  Find Jen:
June 04, 2022
April Aronoff, A Priestess Fiercely Devoted to Mother Earth
In this episode, April Aronoff shares about her sacred garden, her connection to roses and bees, unicorns, dragons, and fairies. We dive into her past life remembrances as they relate to dragons and unicorns. April is a Priestess of the Sacred Garden, Rose, & Bee. She is fiercely devoted to healing our Mother Earth and connecting to our own Divine Nature. Her home temple space is called My Temple Garden, and it is there that she stewards a large sacred garden with many rose bushes and 1 bee-hive. There is much magic in this holy space, and there are many beings of love and light moving through this sacred portal. As an emissary of the Divine, she is deeply called to guide others towards their highest path of healing and spiritual evolution through her 1-1 sessions, sacred classes, circles, and delectables she creates for her online store. It is her deepest desire to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth in community. She hopes you will join her on this mission!  Find April:  @mytemplegarden
June 04, 2022
Rebecca Overstreet, Empath & Children’s Book Author
Rebecca is an empath and author. We talk about how we met several years ago at our halau (hula dance school) and why we started dancing. She has focused the last 8 years on diving further into her personal development & internal growth. Every book or podcast allows her to take pieces with her & apply them towards her own life & reality. Most recently, she has become a new mom, which caused her to follow her intuition even further & work more on herself in healing from past trauma & wanting to be more for her daughter. One of Rebecca’s life goals was to write a book & she recently self-published a children’s picture book dedicated to her daughter.   Find Rebecca:  Instagram: @RebeccaBlair85  LinkedIn: 
June 04, 2022
Elias Patras, Psychic Medium, Author, & Intuitive Motivator
Elias Patras is an Intuitive Motivator, Author and Psychic Medium. He takes his years of experience in Intuitive Work, Life Coaching, and Teaching to support others on their journey of self-development so they can connect, educate, and grow to their limitless possibilities. He has facilitated retreat weekends since 2005. He was the 2019 Celebrate Your Life Speaker Program Winner and shared the stage in Sedona with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neale Donald Walsch, Anita Moorjani and Dr. Bruce Lipton, Denise Linn, Lisa Williams, and Sunny Dawn Johnston. Elias has been studying energy work for over twenty years, including completing an apprenticeship in Peruvian Shamanic Studies and co-facilitating an Earth Honoring Altar apprenticeship program. His commitment and passion in teaching content that promotes growth and exploration of self is unequaled. This work has a clear focus on how we co-create our life with the Divine and deserve everything that we want for our highest good. He is also the creator of a very specialized line of Energy Balancing Sprays and Bath Salts to enhance areas of the mind, body and spirit in being balanced and aligned. Elias believes the key to learning and personal growth is how to listen and to connect to the signs and signals that we receive. His mission is to help others understand and tap into their own intuition and inner voice. He is currently writing his second book Changing the F-You into Thank You, How to Flip the Script and See the Gift.  Find Elias:  FB - Elias Patras-Intuitive Motivator IG - EliasPatras.IntuitiveMotivator YouTube -  TikTok - Elias Patras)
June 04, 2022
Nikky, How Angels Showed Up in Her Life From Childhood to Now
Nikky and I talk in depth about angels, the different types, how we all have at least one guardian angel, and the difference between them and spirit guides. Nikky is an Ascended Activated Channelling Messenger of the Angels. She is a Healer, Certified Angel Guide, and Card Reader. Through her Divine connection with her “Team” she attains the wisdom and guidance and inner healing for all who are drawn to her compassionate Light of Divine Love.  Find Nikky:
May 28, 2022
Odelia Elgarat, Author, Lecturer, & Psychic Medium
Odelia and I talk about how writing helped her heal and learn self-forgiveness years after finding out she was adopted, along with other spirit-related experiences. She is an author and lecturer. She was born in 1974 in France. She is married to Sharon and is a mother of four. She now lives in Colorado, United States. She started writing her debut novel, You Are Allowed, in 2016 while studying at Sapir College in Israel. She is a lecturer on mother-daughter relationships and the ability to choose stable parenting patterns in intergenerational transmission.  Find Odelia:
May 28, 2022
Exploring Empathy, Mediumship, & Astral Travel with Author & Medium Christine Gold
Christine is a spiritual medium, Intuitive Energy Coach, Old Soul Healer, Soul Purpose Mentor, author, and animal lover! In this episode, we discuss empathy, astral travel, multidimensional federations, and mediumship. Her first book of a dark night of the soul, “Intuition Saved My Life” is available on Amazon! She is the host and creator of the Christ Consciousness Summit III, which was held this year on April 29 & 30th. She guides empaths to unleash their Soul's Purpose as light workers who are masked by their depression and anxiety. She helps those discover that they have always been intuitive (i.e. psychic, medium, empath, healer, and more). Christine has experienced corporate burnout, bullying, homelessness, hopelessness, narcissistic relationships, depression, anxiety, and 2 attempts at suicide. She received Divine intervention by the spiritual 2 x 4 to the head. She went from nearly dead to living her soul's purpose as a medium, healer, and chaplain. She shares that through 360-degree healing, we are all energetic beings. Everything is energy, chakras, aura, ego, trauma, inner child work, astral travel, telepathy, ancestors, past lives, and Christ consciousness.  Find Christine:  24K Healing Email:  Social: @24khealing
May 28, 2022
Meeting Mary Magdalene and Boudicca
In this episode, I share how I met two other members of my Soul Team, Mary Magdalene and Boudicca, and the roles they play in my life. 
May 21, 2022
3 AM Downloads: Live in Love and Not Fear
I was told that mediumship is a doorway to evil and that I should be silenced. This is my response.
May 21, 2022
Natasha Riley, Licensed Sex Therapist & Certified Sex Coach
Natasha is a Licensed Sex Therapist and a Certified Sex Coach. Today, we spoke about how she decided on her career path, how she’s able to apply what she has learned in her own life, and how she uses movement to meditate and guide her intuition. As a graduate from Sex Coach University with Dr. Patti Britton, Natasha has learned the benefits of sex coaching and how she can empower her clients to own their choices and take responsibility for their pleasure. Natasha has not only worked with couples to increase communication about sexual concerns, she has also worked to empower women to make sexual pleasure a priority. She takes pride in providing a compassionate, safe space to help clients reignite their sexual expression. Natasha works side by side with clients to reach the goal of sexual fulfillment and pleasure.  Find her:  Social Media:  FB Group: Be Sensually Free and Sexually Confident-  Website:  Sexual Mindset Worksheet:
May 21, 2022
My Guided Journey
I want to share where I am now and how following the intuitive breadcrumbs of mediumship, energy healing, writing, etc. laid out by my Soul Team has led me to where I am today.
May 21, 2022
Dr. Miriam Sekandi, Author, Speaker, & Parenting Coach
Born in Uganda and following a rough childhood, Miriam finds her way to Canada. Eventually earning her PhD and experiencing many incidences that led to her awakening. Now, she is helping families heal and bringing awareness to racial disparities. Miriam Sekandi, PhD is an International best selling author, reknowned speaker, Intuitive Life Purpose and Parenting Coach. She is the founder of the Break Free Zone Brand which offers a unique approach to breaking from intergenerational trauma cycles by embodying the persona, mindset and tools of conscious parenthood. She has cracked the code of raising children while straddling both local and global cultures. She can be found on various social media platforms as @breakfreezone4 or @miriamsekandi. You are also welcome to join her conscious parenting community at,
May 14, 2022
Processing Anxiety After Being Spiritually Awakened
In this episode, I get vulnerable. For the last year, I have been experiencing intermittent anxiety attacks with the most recent being the worst yet. It is important to know that being spiritually awakened doesn't prevent one from experiencing physical, mental, & emotional ailments. What it has done, however, is change how I process, perceive, and get through these ailments.
May 14, 2022
3 AM Downloads: A Spirit's Perspective
3 am is when spirit sometimes wakes me at night to give me an idea I call a download. This episode was one of those ideas. In this episode, I explore what life must look like from the perspective of a spirit that has not yet crossed over to the other side.
May 14, 2022
Deb Soromenho, Soul-led Artist, Neophile, & Gallivanter
In this episode, Deb shares her journey from living in a way she felt others wanted her to, to living in a way that she felt represented her and her truth. Deb is a Soul-led Artist, Neophile, and Gallivanter. Her calling in life is to see the world differently and to challenge others to do the same. One of the main ways she does this is through her art. She adores creating paintings that give a sense of connection to the unusual or unexpected and inject a bit of the fantastical into the ordinary. Things with a symbolic nature fascinate her and hold a very prominent place in her art. She works in watercolor because it allows her to have the spontaneity needed to achieve this. She loves letting the organic nature of watercolor guide her to create layers of beautiful luminescence and texture. She invites you to join her in exploring the world through her art. Find her:
May 07, 2022
Lee Walczak, Psychic Medium and Angel Communicator
In this episode, I talk with Lee Walczak about his mediumship journey, meeting his spirit guide, etc. Lee is a psychic medium, angel communicator, and intuitive empowerment guide who has used his gifts over the past 9 years to help others connect across the veil, navigate their intuitive awarenesses and find peace, closure and a sense of empowerment within. Find him:;
May 07, 2022
Near Death Experiences, Mediumship, & Healing With Shirley Joy Joffe
For the past 15 years, Shirley Joy Joffe has been a Master Healer, Teacher and Guide. Being the Creator of The Joyful Abundance Blueprint, she uses her signature approach to empower spiritually conscious female entrepreneurs to unlock and amplify their natural intuitive powers and talents so they can unapologetically create wealth and abundance with ease, joy, and flow all on their own terms. Having had success-driven careers in fitness and corporate industries which resulted in burnout, her journey of rediscovery led her to realise, that we all have a unique code for creating abundance in our lives and when we do it our way, we get to experience true joy. Which is why she recently moved to Australia to live her dream life with her family. She is passionate about spreading her message and shares her ideas in her talks, such as “The Art and Science of Receiving Joyful Abundance.”  Find Shirley: 
April 30, 2022
Karissa Love, Creative Visionary, Graphic Designer, & Reiki Master
Karissa Love is a Creative Visionary, Artist & Graphic Designer, Master Reiki Practitioner and is passionate about supporting others in realigning to their authentic truth. She uses her intuitive gifts to create free flow songs, affirmations and toning during sessions and sacred sound healing offerings. She recently has become a published author with the book titled ‘She Is… Unleashing Divine Feminine Power’ and also created the cover artwork and website. As a new mother to an almost one-year-old, she has a passion for bringing forth the new age of love, compassion and empathy for all humankind. Find her: IG/Tiktok @lovekarissa.creatrix Website: Book website:
April 30, 2022
Allison Sutter, M.Ed., Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive
Allison Sutter, M.Ed., is an author, intuitive, and spiritual mentor. In this episode, she takes us on a deeper dive into what intuition is and how to learn to follow it. In addition to having taught for over 25 years in different areas of education and self-help, Allison's certifications include a CHEK Holistic Life Coach Level I and a Thinking Into Results Facilitator. The author of several self-help and children's books, she continually pursues her passion of creating new, inspiring educational content supporting those who are awakening spiritually. Her work has inspired thousands worldwide to trust their inner guidance as true North, to be confident and truly happy even in the midst of life's challenges, and use the power of authenticity to navigate the road to sustainable success. Find her:; Instagram is allisonsutter3, Allison Hall Sutter on LinkedIn, & Allison Sutter on YouTube
April 28, 2022
Kristin Elliott, A Corporate CEO Connected to Spirit
In this episode, Kristin and I talk about how communication from the other side helped her overcome her fear of death, animal guides, how spirituality weaves into her work life, and the signs and help she receives from spirit when she asks for them. She is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a water quality organization that provides oceanographic and freshwater monitoring equipment to researchers and farmers around the world. She became CEO in 2015 and has more than tripled the company's revenue to over $3 Million in annual sales today. Her educational background includes an undergraduate degree from UC San Diego and an MBA from Cal State University of San Marcos. Recent awards include the INC 5000 for fastest growing business, San Diego Daily Transcript Top 40 under 40, and the San Diego Business Journal's Women Who Mean Business. Various aspects of spirit play a valuable role in her life as she navigates, growing her business, raising her family, and making important decisions. From seeing her first ghost at 5, to hearing one of her guardian angels speak with her, to pursuing a love for Shamanic Journeying and more, she understands the basic need of connecting beyond the physical world in order to get deeper guidance. 
April 23, 2022
Sally-Anne Kearns, Eating Her Way to Healthy & Finding God
Sally-Anne is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) with a farm-stay clinic, operating from her regenerative farm near Sydney Australia. She believes we all can heal from health obstacles because she’s experienced this for herself. After 35 years of falling through the conventional medical system’s cracks, Sally-Anne had her first child. Post-natal depression and an auto-immune condition swooped in and stole her spark. Getting nowhere when test results came back ‘normal,’ Sally-Anne took matters into her own hands and hit the books. All people are bio-individual and require different solutions. The magic happens when we tune into how particular foods make us feel. Sally-Anne’s passion is implementing simple and sustainable lifestyle solutions for women who want to show up in their lives. She would be honoured if you let her hold your hand to wellness. Find her:;; mb: 61400203203;
April 23, 2022
Let’s Talk About Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides: Who are they? What is their role? How can you connect with your own?
April 13, 2022
3 AM Downloads: Why I Decided to Start a Podcast
In this episode, I share why I started a podcast. If you're interested in hearing about more of the technical details of how I've figured it out this far (i.e. choosing the equipment, platform, etc.), let me know, and I'll be happy to make an episode about that. Until then, happy listening!
April 13, 2022
Stephanie Zito Intuitive Soul Purpose Coach
This week I’m talking to Stephanie Zito about her intuitive journey from pre-spiritual awakening to now and about the car accident where she heard a disembodied voice offering her guidance changed her life. Currently, Stephanie is an Intuitive Soul Purpose Coach who sees right through the stories and blocks that hold clients back from the success they desire. Through intuitive insight and channeling their soul guides, she helps clients quantum leap and make the shifts to decide for their freedom and happiness. Following receipt of her Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, she worked in corporate team-building and provided transformative experiences in the wild for groups and teams. As a certified yoga and meditation instructor, Stephanie uses the power of yoga, breathwork, and meditation as transformative tools for her clients. Stephanie is also a transformative speaker, author, and podcast host of This Passionate Life. Her mission is to help one million people find their inner spark and the freedom and healing that comes with following their intuition. Free gift for listeners: Access valuable tips to trust your intuition and take aligned action with my Activate your Intuition Workbook ($97 value) available to your listeners for free: Find Stephanie: 
April 12, 2022
Heather Kesslak, From Addiction to Freedom
In this episode, I talk to Heather about her life journey that includes years of addiction, facing a past of sexual abuse, and learning to face and work through those trials. In her words: “My name is Heather Kesslak. I am a survivor of childhood mental, physical, and sexual abuse. In the year 2020, I had an epic breakdown. Covid struck, my daughter was in 1st grade, I was in the middle of an experimental dry month, and I had NO idea that my next 2 years would be absolutely life changing. I lived my ENTIRE life in addiction. It started with food. It moved into cigarettes, alcohol, shopping, exercise, diet...I’m sure I’m forgetting something. ANYTHING I tried; I became addicted to. It’s why I never tried hard drugs. If I had, you wouldn’t be reading this. In February 2020, with little acceptance or awareness that Covid was coming HERE, I planned an experimental dry month. I didn’t admit that I was an alcoholic. I would just say I was doing it to get healthier. Oddly, I was also in an experimental stage of really looking at my emotional eating (it was straight up addictive eating, but that’s beside the point). March 13 was the Covid bomb. I did NOT start drinking again. Instead, in my state of absolute terror, I panicked. Literally. I had my first panic attack (I would have 5-6 over the course of the year) while I was bathing my daughter. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t stuffing my trauma with addictions. I wasn’t emotionally eating because I was too terrified to breathe, let alone eat. I wasn’t getting my normal suppression from my addictions, so guess what... They came to the surface. And with a terrifying VENGEANCE. I remembered my childhood sexual abuse for the first time in 46 years. I suppressed it my entire life with addictions. I had no idea, except for the ONE event that I knew about and pretended my whole life didn’t happen. Over the course of these 2 years, I have sought coaching and spiritual education that has assisted me in EVERY quantum leap that I have achieved. And I’ve achieved a lot of them. Prior to 2020, I didn’t believe in anything. I was too clouded in my addictions to SEE or really understand the need for spirituality in my life. I was raised Catholic, and like most indoctrinated souls, I leaned FAR out of it once I had the freedom to do so. I didn’t believe in anything. I just floated through life. I had no connection to my guides, my guardian angels, my soul team, God, Jesus, or anything that resembled spirituality. I was angry, I was scared, I was lonely, I was insecure, I was self-loathing, I was self-destructive and any other self-deprecating thing you can think of. If it included hating myself, treating myself badly, abusing myself, or sabotaging my better believe I took part in all of it. I kept people in my life who mirrored the disdain I had for myself. They didn’t like themselves either. It’s why I kept them around. I needed to feed my story, and so... there they stayed. Until I cleared them out of my life. And I did... swiftly, with intention and purpose and no regrets. Until I reached far back to that original soul that lied inside me all this time, I would never heal and I knew it. So I made HUGE changes. Now I care for the beautiful child who exists within me. She knows how much she is loved. She is supported. She is guided. She is free.”  Follow Heather:
April 11, 2022
A 14-Minute Guided Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guide
Find a comfy and quiet spot and get ready to meet your spirit guide. In this guided meditation, I help you connect with your guide, who is so eager to meet you. I recommend you have something to jot notes down on for afterwards. If you’d like to skip straight to the meditation, it starts 2 minutes and 37 seconds into the episode. Happy connecting!
April 10, 2022
Melissa Conkling Professional Hypnotist & Life Coach
From a science-y hypnotist to a spiritual one, Melissa shares how hypnotism done right can be a life changer/saver. She is a Certified Professional Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, and Life Coach. Driven by her compassion and her own personal transformation, she takes pride in guiding her clients to create powerful changes in their lives. As a hypnotist, her goal is to empower spiritually curious women entrepreneurs to find their soul aligned niche through a hybrid of coaching and hypnosis so they can align their business with their passions and purpose. She was recently named one of the 10 Best hypnotists by Natural Nutmeg magazine in 2020 and 2021, and was featured on the Work Smart Hypnosis podcast. Find her at:;;
April 09, 2022
Evelyn Sevilla Interview Part 2: A Deeper Dive Into Astrology and Tarot and a Reading
A deeper dive into tarot and astrology. And a card reading for you. To book a reading with Evelyn, please connect with her through her website:
April 01, 2022
Evelyn Sevilla Interview Part 1, Astrologist & Psychic Medium Spreading the Word of Love
In this episode, Evelyn talks about demystifying the Tarot and Astrology, along with the importance of finding that balance between feminine and masculine energy. Her intuition and connection to spirit began at a very young age. Her first memory was of an Easter procession in the Bronx under the age of 2. At her baptism, the priest stated that she would devote her life to the church. At age 5, she fell from a two-story building with no physical injuries to speak of. At 10, she was sheltered from a shooting occurring right outside her door. At 7 months pregnant, she was in a car accident that totaled the car. A kind woman came up to the car right after and told her, “Your baby is fine.” When Evelyn looked up, the woman was gone.  She asked someone at the scene, “Where did she go?” He answered, “Who? There isn’t a woman here.” So many other inexplicable instances have happened.  Even though things were far from easy, Evelyn had a knowing and great faith. She now knows it was her intuition and willingness to be open.   After struggling with PTSD, ADHD, peri-menopause, insomnia, and severe anxiety, she was at her wit’s end. On June 12, 2019, she went to see an acupuncturist. One of the many professionals she saw during that time. She remembers hearing the words “MEDITATE MORE” come out of the acupuncturist’s mouth. It sounded like an amplified and booming voice from above. She was often receiving signs but needed to be bopped in the head with a mystical 2x4 to receive this message, because the fairy wand just wasn’t cutting it. Needless to say, this time, she got the message.   The next day, she woke up before the crack of dawn, had a sip of coffee, walked her dogs, and meditated. It has become a daily practice and something she can’t live without. She credits meditation for helping her to continuously make it through the pandemic, and for helping her unlock her intuition in ways she couldn’t have imagined.  It has opened up her world and given her a new perspective on this journey we call life.   Evelyn shares that we all have the ability to connect with our intuition. She wants to help others find the magic and healing found in connecting with the Divine. There are so many ways to connect- through meditation, dance, writing, listening to music and best of all - just being mindful and present. There is magic all around us. We just need to learn to believe again.   After so many “saves”, she knows that she’s here to share the message of love.  She has broken the chains of fear, anxiety, judgment, and shame placed on her by circumstances and society. She wants to help others discover the magic they hold deep within. She’s on a mission, and there is no stopping her now.  Find her: TikTok: MercuryRhythm (Laura’s side note: Please forgive any editing errors. As a one-person-show, I am prone to amateur derived imperfections. Thank you for your understanding!)
April 01, 2022
How Spirit and Intuition Helped My Paralyzed Dog Walk Again
Our black labrador Cody developed a sudden paralysis of his hind legs. With surgery not being an option, the ER vet gave him a 5% chance of walking again. Despite the dire news, spirit and my intuition gave me hope and an inexplicable knowing that he/we were going to be ok and not to give up on him yet. Thank goodness for that, because one week later, he started walking again.
March 26, 2022
Mary Rose Granado Being Where She is Supposed to Be
In this episode, I’m talking to Mary Rose about her intuitive journey with spirit, to include a recent airport snafu that reminded her of the importance of trust and patience. She is a wife and a mom of two sweet boys, works to navigate her way through religion and spirituality. She loves to dance and anything that energizes her creative side. She is also a foodie and enjoys trying new restaurants. Her profession is a CAD Technician, but deep down, her true passion is to help people be well - whether if it’s through dance or energy healing. “I am where I am supposed to be” is her personal motto in life.  Find Mary Rose: IG at @maroselights
March 26, 2022