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The Milli Mama Podcast

The Milli Mama Podcast

By Laura Grace
The poddy for female entrepreneurs and online coaches who are working towards their first Million, ready to create wealth from the inside out. Join me and a bunch of incredible guests as we deep dive into mastering your money mindset, turning passions into soul-aligned profitable businesses, utilising social media like a boss, the art of balancing motherhood and business - and manifesting all the juicy, abundant goodness in between.
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5x Habits You Can Implement To Make Your Financial Journey Easier
Here are 5x habits you can start practicing that will help get you through both the ups and downs of a financial journey! Enjoy xx
April 26, 2021
Interview With My Hubby! His Journey Of Growing A 7-Figure Business From Scratch (PT 1)
FINALLY!!!! Say hello to my FIRST guest!!!  Todays podcast is an interview with my hubby and a little bit about his journey of starting his business and growing it to over a milli in less than a year. This is for the PARENTS out there and the OVER 30's out there. Just because you have kids and just because you're over 30, doesn't mean you cant completely switch things up, try something new and go for it! Im a huge believer in celebrating each step, big or small - so today, that's what we're doing :)  Also - thank you to all of those who submitted questions for hubby. We will do a part 2! Questions we covered: -What made you want to start a business? -What was your thought process? -Do you believe there's a right time to do something? -3x key characteristics all entrepreneurs need? -What's it like transitioning from employee to employer + being responsible not only for your own income but the livelihood of others too? -Tips/Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs/biz owners? Enjoy xx
April 21, 2021
3 Things We Did To Slay $95k Worth Of Consumer Debt (On 1 Income...As a Family Of 5)
Today I share 3x core things my husband and I done that impacted our journey towards debt freedom immensely.  Join my free Facebook group 'The Conscious Coin with Laura Grace' here: (you'll find the mentioned list there too) Enjoy! xx
April 12, 2021
Abundance budgeting made simple
On todays poddy I share 3x simple tips to help you see just how abundant you are, no matter what money level you're currently on.  Enjoy! xx
April 05, 2021
5 Money Tips For Couples Who Want To Thrive!
It's FEBRUARY! As we celebrate LOVE this month, we are talking all things money + marriage + relationships. In this weeks poddy I'm sharing 5 quick fire money tips for those couples who know they want thrive TOGETHER, get on the same page with money and work in unison.  Enjoy!  Laura x
February 12, 2021
Manifestation Magic
Happy NY sis! Ever created a new years resolution, only to give up on it come February? Mhmmm! In this episode we deep dive into how you can create a strong foundation for your goals, get clarity on what it is you'd genuinely like to manifest into your life....and then manifest exactly that (or something better!) You'll learn all about exactly what manifestation is, the 12 spiritual laws of the universe and how they all work WITH you to create the life you want, and finally - the formula for manifestation so that you can create magic asap! This is the secret sauce that helped us eliminate almost $100k worth of consumer debt on one income, enabled us to strengthen our marriage, our family life, start businesses that fulfil us and so much more.  Enjoy! x Timestamps: 3:24 - What manifestation actually is 7:02 - The 12 spiritual laws of the universe  7:44  ~The law of divine oneness 8:04 ~The law of vibration 10:43 ~The law of correspondence 12:10 ~The law of attraction 12:28 ~The law of inspired action 12:43 ~The law of perpetual transmutation of energy 14:28 ~The law of cause and effect 15:38 ~The law of compensation 18:27 ~The law of relativity 20:53 ~The law of polarity 21:18 ~The law of rhythm 23:38 ~The law of gender 27:11 - The formula for manifestation
January 17, 2021
Let's normalise money talk!
Hey Queen! Ep 1! In this poddy you'll learn a little bit about why I started it and what topics you can expect to hear about each time you tune in. Episode one covers a little bit about our story - things like becoming parents at 18, paying off $95k debt, growing businesses to 7-figures and much more.  
January 10, 2021