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London Horror Movie Club

London Horror Movie Club

By London Horror Movie Club
A monthly film club introducing the brilliant, bizarre, and beloved of London's horror films. Hosted by Lauren, a horror author and the leader of London’s first horror film walks.
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S1E1: The 1920s - "London After Midnight"

London Horror Movie Club

S1E10: 2010s - Attack the Block
For the final episode of Season One, we watch the 2011 comedy-horror Attack the Block starring Jodie Whittaker and a pre-Star Wars John Boyega. In the film, a group of kids in a council block defend London from nearly-invisible aliens, who arrive hidden by the fireworks of Guy Fawkes night. This film is as much about aliens as it is about London, from the complex social realities of London Council Estates, the lovable and funny characters, and the remarkable shots around Vauxhall and Oval.
July 30, 2021
S1E9: 2000s - The Last Horror Movie
From the director of "Shiver". A serial killer stalking victims all over London, but why is he showing you his crimes? A creepy twist on found footage, The Last Horror Movie is a time capsule of what horror was and how it was changing in the early 2000s. It's also pure nostalgia for those of us who grew up renting horror movies.
July 7, 2021
S1E8: 1990s - "Bram Stoker's Dracula"
Winner of three Academy Awards and starring Gary Oldman as Dracula, this is one of the truly underrated Vampire films of our time.  And the best of Francis Ford Coppola's horror films. The film captures Bram Stoker's London - from Bedlam Asylum to the Lumiere Brothers on Regents Street -  while adding a romantic twist to Stoker's famous vampire.  Cast also includes Keanu Reeves, Wynona Rider, and Anthony Hopkins.
June 1, 2021
S1E7: 1980s - "Lifeforce"
From the director of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Poltergeist" comes the truly unique and visually spectacular London horror "Lifeforce": a tale of spirit-sucking space vampires! Starring an all-star cast including Patrick Stewart, Matilda May, Steve Railsback, and Peter Firth.
May 1, 2021
S1E6: 1970s - "The Medusa Touch"
Starring Richard Burton and Lee Remick, "The Medusa Touch" is a hidden gem in 1970s horror, protesting nuclear power, environmental destruction, war, and drawing on a very real history of psychic experimentation across the globe. Can a psychic change the world, and would we want him to?
April 5, 2021
S1E5: 1960s - "Peeping Tom"
"Peeping Tom", for good reasons, is Martin Scorsese's favourite film. Produced in the same year as "Psycho", "Peeping Tom" was a horror film as psychologically disturbing and more controversial, with its scathing comments on film culture and curiosity about what it means to be afraid.
March 2, 2021
S1E4: 1950s - "Horrors of the Black Museum"
Visit London at its most murderous through 1950s classic "Horrors of the Black Museum", in which a series of murderous devices from Scotland Yard's famous Black Museum seem to escape onto the streets. Starring the amazing Michael Gough, best known today for his role as Alfred in the 1980-90s Batman movies.
February 1, 2021
S1E3: 1940s - "The Lodger"
Jack the Ripper has been haunting horror films for decades and inspired "The Lodger", a remake of the first horror film Alfred Hitchcock directed (also called "The Lodger").
February 1, 2021
S1E2: 1930s - Werewolf of London
Dive into 1930s London with the 1935 classic monster movie "Werewolf of London". The first of the romantic werewolf films that many of us know and love today, it also stars Valarie Hobson from "Bride of Frankenstein".
February 1, 2021
S1E1: The 1920s - "London After Midnight"
Writer and horror fan Lauren Barnett introduces the podcast this Month's movie club pick from the 1920s: "London After Midnight" starring Lom Cheyne
February 1, 2021