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Guest: Mary Walewski, owner of Buy the Book Marketing/Virtual Book Tours

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By Lauren Carr
Welcome to the iRead experience. At iRead Book Tours, we are passionate about books and their authors. Every week, stop by to meet one of our authors, who is currently or about to go on tour and one of our bloggers. Or, maybe you can meet a book promotion specialist willing to reveal some special tips about book marketing, publishing, or anything else that happens to be on his or her mind during our podcast. Stop on by! You'll have fun! I guarantee it!
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Authors on iTours: Interview with an Audiobook Producer
There's a growing audience of audiobook listeners out there. So authors need to be aware that not only are they writing for potential readers, but also potential "listeners." What goes into producing an audiobook? Do narrators just sit at their kitchen table and read into a microphone? No, more goes into it than that. Audiobook producer Mike Alger talks about how he came about producing his first audiobook and what actually goes into it. 
August 9, 2019
Guest: Mary Walewski, owner of Buy the Book Marketing/Virtual Book Tours
Lauren Carr interviews guest Mary  Walewski , owner of Buy the Book Marketing, about how virtual book tours have become a necessity for authors when it comes to book promotion. During their discussion, they advise authors on how virtual book tours give their books lasting exposure, how to select a virtual book tour coordinator who will be the best fit for them and their book, and how to make their tour a success.
August 1, 2019
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