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Law and Disorder - Addiction - Recovery

Law and Disorder - Addiction - Recovery

By Law & Disorder
Tim and Joe discuss how addiction has impacted law enforcement and the entire judicial system. Get the pros and cons of Jail, Drug Court, NA and many other options the judicial system is using to encourage recovery. Hear both sides of these programs and how they have impacted each of your hosts. If you are a parent or know a loved one dealing with addiction or recovery, Tim and Joe will help you understand their world. If you are a recovering addict, then you will hear some very familiar topics and some of those may not be what you want to hear. Law & Disorder gives a truthful perspective from
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Prescription Drugs and Addiction

Law and Disorder - Addiction - Recovery

The Enabler - Are you enabling your addict?
Law & Disorder discusses the sensitive and situational topic, enabling. As a parent, spouse, friend etc., it is a natural human instinct to protect and care for a loved one. Where is the line that crosses into enabling, how is that line determined? Can you live with the possible outcome, even if it is worse case scenario? Listen as we discuss how enabling can hinder an addict from wanting or feeling they need treatment. When opioid or any addiction hits home, it creates a whole new way to care for your loved one that just wants to use. So many feel they are the cause of any consequences of addiction when it comes to a loved one, but surely you have struggled throughout the entire time, to just do the right thing. It's not easy to set your boundaries with your loved one, just as it's nearly impossible to resist human nature to care and protect. Listen and you decide! Please feel free to drop us an email @ or leave a voicemail if you have any comments, questions or requests! Thank you for listening and remember... Recovery is Possible!
March 8, 2020
Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Domestic Violence and Recovery - A National News Story with Guest Samantha
Law & Disorder welcomes Samantha, as she tells her story of Domestic Violence which made national news (see link below). Samantha started at the age of 13 with alcohol and then turned to pills, heroin and others. She met her future husband at an AA meeting and her life was instantly in extreme danger. Samantha talks about the mental, physical, technical and sexual abuse that finally ended in a night of the unbelievable physical attack. Listen as addiction and Domestic Violence are discussed, as well as, the combination of the 2 being more common than society admits to. Samantha tells us her story as her way of helping other women in the same situation she found herself in. There is help and Recovery is Possible! Here's the link to Samantha's story that made national news, it is very emotional.  Feel free to drop us an email or voicemail if you have any questions or comments for Samantha. 
March 8, 2020
Kratom - Another OTC Opioid Substitute?
Law & Disorder's topic for episode 13 is Kratom. What is it? Is it dangerous? Why are recovering addicts using it?  Kratom is available in most gas stations, party stores and other stores. It's actually a herb, stemming from the evergreen tree. It comes from south Asia and many are experimenting with it for many different reasons. It is becoming extremely popular in the recovery world, as some believe it is an useful means of coming off of opioids. Tim and Joe break it all down for you, as Tim talks about his personal experience with Kratom and how it impacted his recovery. Some of the highlights are: withdrawals, addiction, DEA, regulation, anxiety, depression, drug court, jail, opioid substitute, heroin withdrawal and many more!  This is a very sensitive subject, as the DEA attempted to schedule Kratom as a Schedule 1 drug. This was halted in 2016, but is still being explored. 5 states have banned Kratom all together, but it has become even more popular since. 
February 29, 2020
Prescription Drugs and Addiction
Law & Disorder discuss prescription drugs and addiction. As most of us know, when a drug addiction (or SUD) begins with prescription drugs, it may not be as easy to detect or accept in the early stages. Often when someone is suffering from the early stages of prescription drug addiction, they may be able to conceal and easily "justify" their problem and may also not even feel they even have a problem. The signs are all very similar as a full blown addiction, they just vary from the type of drug one is struggling with. Some of the most addictive prescription drugs have a counterpart or comparable on the street, in the form of an illegal substance. Many times, a person may transition from prescription drugs to street drugs simply because of supply issues (street drugs are more accessible) and cost.  How does one approach a person they feel is abusing prescription drugs? How is abuse of prescription drugs actually defined? What are the "red flags" of early addiction? What is being done to limit easy access to prescription drugs? Listen as Tim and Joe break it all down and how a listener takes a poke at Tim! 
February 22, 2020
Imodium as an Opioid? Seriously, listen to guest David!
Law & Disorder is joined by guest David, who talks about a near death (as close as one could get) because he found an alternative to Heroin. David used the Dark Web to research how he could scoot past court ordered drug tests and the result is mind blowing. David is very fortunate to be here today to tell us his story and enlighten others of the dangers tied to Imodium. Law & Disorder debated on pushing his story out because we do not endorse the use of Imodium in this manner and do not want to encourage people to experiment with it. Listen to David's story and you will see, we do not endorse it and neither does David. Always use any over the counter and prescription drugs as directed by your physician!  A huge shot out to all of David's supporting network, as they play a huge role in his path to recovery. As David recorded with us, his girlfriend accompanied him for support because of the dramatic and almost fatal outcome of David's experiment.  Please share, as this episode serves as a heads up to the dangers tied to experimenting with "replacement" drugs. 
February 15, 2020
Pills, Heroine and then long term Recovery with guest Taylor!
Inspiring, to say the least! Recovery is Possible! Listen, as Taylor takes us through her nightmare of a journey. She started testing the water in High School, which lead to full blown addiction. Taylor talks about her long road to recovery and how it is possible!  From pain medications to heroin, it was a long bus ride! She had many attempts, approaches and advice....but it took her to want it! Great story and thank you Taylor, you rock!
February 3, 2020
The System - Addiction to Recovery Avenue
Listen as Law & Disorder talk about the loop holes in the different systems, including Medical, Law Enforcement, Community Mental Health etc. Sometimes the small things that many take for granted are the exact pieces missing from the puzzle. How do we get a person going through active addiction to recovery avenue?  Many agencies are doing what they can, but are they all able to streamline resources? If you have experienced a community that seems to have an ideal system in place, please leave us a voicemail or send us an email! We would love to hear how things are being done around the country. This is an epidemic that will take an entire village to curve.  Recovery is Possible! 
January 26, 2020
Narcan Intro with Ashley
Listen as Law & Disorder was contacted by Ashley, inquiring about Narcan and how to get a kit. Instead of just directing her to the local pharmacy, Tim and Joe immediately invited her to be a guest on Law & Disorder to introduce her to Narcan.  Narcan alone can not save lives, they are of no use sitting on shelves in pharmacies. Often times, emergency services may be too far away to respond in time for an overdose. Citizens, such as Ashley, are understanding the importance of carrying Narcan at all times. Listen as Ashley gets an introduction to Narcan and opens up to the reason she inquired about it. 
January 26, 2020
Resources For Addiction & The Missing Links - Guest Therapist Danielle from CMH (Community Mental Health)
Listen as Law & Disorder not only discusses the current resources and progress for addiction treatment, but also the missing links in the system that fail those searching for assistance. Guest Danielle, a Community Mental Health Therapist and a Jail Liaison with years of experience as a Corrections Officer, clarifies the many resources available and how to find them. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions - feel free to leave us a voice message through Anchor! Subscribe and please support our mission! Recovery is Possible! 
January 19, 2020
15 Years of Addiction - Meet Jessica!
Meet Jessica - 15 Years of Addiction to Recovery Road
January 9, 2020
Mother of an Addict
Meet and listen to Law & Disorder's first guest, Sandy
January 7, 2020
Vivitrol vs. Suboxone
Listen as Vivitrol vs. Suboxone pros and cons are discussed.
January 5, 2020
School Visit - New Approach
Law & Disorder - Guest Speakers in local High School - New Approach!
December 30, 2019
The Addict and the Law
Hear how addiction has impacted law enforcement and the entire judicial system, from both sides of the law.
December 29, 2019
Tim and Joe - The Kick Off
Meet your hosts and get the scoop on what Law & Disorder is about.
December 29, 2019
Law & Disorder - Addiction - Recovery with your hosts Tim and Joe.
Law & Disorder features your hosts Tim (Recovering Addict) and Joe (Law Enforcement). Everything about the road from addiction to Recovery is discussed from complete opposite perspectives. With guest speakers, we discuss everything in between, helping ANYONE dealing with addiction. If you're in Recovery, a parent, a professional specialist or just looking for answers..... Subscribe to Law & Disorder!
December 28, 2019