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Lawful Great Adventures

Lawful Great Adventures

By Benjamin Drury
An #actualplay #ttrpg #podcast about 4 young friends thrust into an adventure bigger than the little farm town they came from. They're a long way from home in a hostile world but at least they have each other.
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Session 40 - Shiven's Ol' Bones
Stumbled I on Shiven's ol' bones Skin and sinews slipped away And mark'st the moment I'll reap from sow An hour, a minute, a year, and a day
October 15, 2020
Thoughtful Great Adventures - Agency and Storycraft
Finn is sick! So Alex, Rabbit, and Benjamin sit and talk about how they balance the agency of their players with their own desire to "tell a story" as the DM. It's a loose discussion that drifts between table reminiscences and philosophical musing that might serve as a good primer when thinking about the relationship between the DM, the Players, and "The Story". If you have an idea for Thoughtful Great Adventures, hit us up on Twitter @great_lawful or facebook!
October 8, 2020
Session 39 - This Audience is Over
Finn and Theo sneak into the mayor's mansion while Warren and Fayne rest. After the party reunites, they put a plan together to confront Shiven and save the town of Icemeet. Before they launch their plan, Theo decides to get in Shiven's face.
October 1, 2020
Session 38 - A Game of A-X-E
The Watched are asked to investigate a mystic named Shiven who has taken up residence in the town of Icemeet and is trying to get the people there to disband and take their chances in the wilderness. Unfortunately for Icemeet, the local bar features axe-throwing and the party gets distracted.
September 24, 2020
Session 37 - The Angry Orchard
In a VERY SPECIAL session we partnered with Angry Orchard to do a quest celebrating the favorite drink of our table! When Jeffrey Crist, the owner of the Crist Family Crazy Crabapple Cidery asks the party to cleanse his apple orchard after the Pilsner Brothers put a curse on it, the party accepts in exchange for all the crisp, refreshing, hard apple cider they can drink. Listen responsibly!
September 17, 2020
Session 36 - The Temple of Zelka
Warren insists on taking a detour to seek a boon at the Temple of Zelka, the god of travel. There are many warnings along the way to turn back, but the Watched decide to meet the temple challenge.
September 10, 2020
Session 35 - The New Torchbearer
The Watched continue on their path to the Temple of Zelka when they stop to help a new Torchbearer with a problem along the road.
August 27, 2020
Arc 2 - The Forgotten Dead
The Watched tie up loose ends in Edoma then set out with some friends towards the nearby Temple of Zelka on their way to Kaeldaan.
August 20, 2020
Thoughtful Great Adventures - Q & A
We answer YOUR questions and read YOU a bedtime story, dear listener. OMG SPOILERS
August 13, 2020
Finale - Arc 1 - A Quiet City
Mercatus - Ashley Son of Owen of Briarthem Donrai - Renard son of Hendrick of Kaaef Ryllae - Tyrees the Oracle of Edoma Ghailen - Mishera Zur of Cadaevia Arcos - King Mdou Otem of Adwigoa Eddin - Lady Orlee Tallbanner of Ereyin Lencellier - Manders Swae, the Merchant of Wicioni Zelka - The Architect Loquess of Pacan Corlesis - Dimitri the Argan-Keeper of Adwiala Astolat - Symond the Penitent of Umaelle Efdelshedel - Jesel il Raash the Oracle of the East Heradrel - Queen Sudita of the Aferissian Flatlands Ahm - Casivir of the Great Pink Plains of Gauwen Malomb - King Adam Bent-stream of Rheland Luxitor - Arden Three-throated of Kaeldaan The Shadow - Masson the Shadow Broker Kaer - King Gottfried of Laclya Hemeel - Elnaril, Sorceress of Laclya Shiom - Ermar, the Sacred Blade of Ybarin Sheffelfleck - Drszalt of the Sleeping North Dorral - St Kaladri Brohias of Chaconqua Nereiv - Emperor Leshar of Kaerfall
August 6, 2020
Session 32 - This Isn't Justice
The Watched reunite as Edoma is besieged. While trying to figure out a way to save the city, they encounter Ruth Argain.
July 30, 2020
Session 31 1/2 - My Dinner With Tyrees
Warren has a polite conversation with a dragon.
July 27, 2020
Recap and Session 31 - For Smeltbane!
We start off with a recap and special thank you to friends of the show, Dice Populi, check them out here: The party puts a plan together and makes a move to break into the Edoma stockades to free the political prisoners and their friend, Otis the Alchemist. But there's still a ghoul infestation, Kilian Cannen is certain to strike at any time, and Captain Otem's men are within days of the city. Warren wisely decides to take up Tyrees' offer for dinner and conversation... So stay tuned for a special bonus episode!
July 23, 2020
Session 30 - The Watched
The party finally has a name for themselves! The Watched catch up with Hausta and share what they learned in the aftermath of the All Souls Day Raid. Then they check up on Otis before linking up with Ruth Argain to coordinate the resistance.
July 19, 2020
Session 29 - Theo and the Monkey King
The party must escape the burning brothel with the bones of St Brohias and the unconscious body of Theo who is still trapped in The Shadow. While trapped, Theo meets the bio luminescent monkey that he has seen visions of, and the party makes their intentions in Edoma publicly known while searching for a safehouse. 
July 9, 2020
Session 28 - Gunpowder and Shadow
When Kilian Cannen and Felicity Cromwell crash the cleansing ceremony, a massive fight breaks out that threatens to burn down the Thick Branch Inn and kill everyone inside. What's worse, this occurs in the middle of the ritual to consecrate the bones of St Brohias. And if they can't finish the ritual in time, Theo will be trapped in The Shadow forever.
July 2, 2020
Session 27 - Tyrees the Oracle
The party takes some time to craft items, deal with a shakedown from Felicity Cromwell, and then stumbles on the deepest secret hiding above the noses of every citizen of Edoma. The location and true identity of the mysterious Oracle, Tyrees.
June 25, 2020
Session 26 - Under New Management
In this session, the party leaves the Edoma undercity to count their loot and lick their wounds. They take some time to try to understand the properties of the Eye of Ryllae, tie up some loose ends around town, and then finally break into Drennick's front to dig up his vast trove of secrets.
June 18, 2020
Session 25 - The Scythe Along the Brush Fire
The party must survive Drennick's obvious and inevitable betrayal, but to claim the Eye of Ryllae they will have to face a danger far more ancient and powerful than a shady information broker.
June 11, 2020
Session 24 - The Eye of Ryllae
In this session, the party takes a quick break to resupply before delving into the Edoma Undercity to help Drennick retrieve the Eye of Ryllae. Things are not all rosy, however, Drennick is certain to betray the party and Finn has been on edge since the night before. Welcome to the nastiest dungeon crawl in the game so far.
May 28, 2020
Session 23 - Human
After the party, Warren and Fayne return to the White Gryphon, but on the way encounter the evidence of a brewing problem in Edoma. In the meantime, Felicity Cromwell makes Finn and Theo an offer they literally can't refuse.
May 21, 2020
Session 22 - Reverse Parlor Scene
When the party infiltrates the Smeltbane Estate to find a map of the undercity and  a map of the continent, they encounter Felicity Cromwell, Edoma's greatest detective. They also encounter the olive-skinned woman from the road to Barkflower and soon run the risk of being implicated in a murder most foul.
May 14, 2020
Session 21 - Left Unsaid
Each member of the party is offered a chance to commune with The Shadow to learn the fate of their families. The cost, however, is that they must confess aloud one thing they have left unsaid through their journey so far. Their confessions push Finn to his breaking point.
April 30, 2020
Session 20 - Messenger and Enforcer
In this session, the party meets Otis the inept shopkeeper of his Grandfather's apothecary. This grandfather being Oras, the late chemist of St Brohias. Otis proves to be a valuable ally and helps them get an in with the secret remnants of pious folk in Edoma in exchange for some lessons on alchemy. The party then heads to Faned Avenue to talk to Winston Ves, the landlord of the cathedral-now-ghetto in hopes of finding some information about the Priestess of Corlesis who they met on the road to Edoma. They are stopped, however, by a smooth-talking man on horseback who has apparently set a trap for them.
April 23, 2020
Session 19 - The Seven Oaths Blade
Drennick has a message for you the listener! Be the eyes and ears of Edoma and make things harder or easier for the party by reaching out to @great_lawful on Twitter! The party gathers information about Edoma and their mission to find Tyrees by speaking with the Ledger-keeper of the Torchbearer's Guild Hall, Hausta from the White Gryphon, and a knife salesman at the Old Cathedral Market (Finn causes a scene) until finally sitting down to ponder the mysteries of the strange sword they bought from Perot's Imports. Here are the Oaths of the Seven Oaths Blade if you missed them in the episode: - I will make my father pay for what he did to General Malcom Delvin - Tysant Delvin - Elnaril, I will undo the Whideckse Accords, I promise - Ermar, the Sacred blade of Ybarin - Ermar, I will strike Gottfried down for what he has done - Elnaril, Sorcercess of Laclya - I will be the greatest explorer in the world. I will travel from the cliffs of the Daentic all the way to the beaches of the Astolar ocean - Hallis Kelnala - I will make you proud father. I will fight against injustice wherever it may show itself - Rainer Hallonen, paladin of Laxitor - I will reclaim my ancestral estate in Kaeldaan - Edrina Melzee - I will go to Ddwigoa and slay a kaiju and bring its trophy to the emperor himself - Hilnarra Byren
April 16, 2020
Session 18 - Something on Discount
The party is led to the White Gryphon tavern for some much needed R&R, but they find out quickly that drawing attention to themselves can only lead to trouble when they are approached threateningly by Drennick, the official "Royal Greeter of Travellers". They return to the Firsag Bazaar to begin their search for Tyrees, and in search of a red wagon with pink smoke to ask for "Something on discount"
April 9, 2020
Session 17 - The Toughest Guy in Edoma
In this session, the party stumbles upon the Umaellen pilgrims ambushing an Edoman patrol. After bloodying their hands, the party stops at the supposedly haunted town of Whideckse, where the secrets the Quiet City has been hiding begin to unravel. They finally arrive in Edoma, where Theo is put to a bizarre test. Thank you to Duroje Gwamna for the theme to Edoma and the marketplace Thank you to Casey Schultz for the Lawful Great travel music Thank you to Treesreach for the City Reveal theme And thank you as always to Julien Journet for our Lawful Great intro music!
April 2, 2020
Session 16 - Theo's Birthday
It's Theo's birthday!!! The party shares their gifts with Theo while they recover at Big June's Juniper Joint in St Brohias. The next day, they'll head further down the road to Edoma to see Tyrees in the City of Secrets. WARNING: The vibes in this ep are super chill, so bring your most aromatic of teas Thank you to Casey Schultz from You Probably Haven't Heard of Them for the piano travelling music Thank you Duroje Gwamna for the cool midi tracks. I love them. Get a twitter so people can support you, dude. Enjoy!!
March 26, 2020
Session 15 - The St Brohias Murders
In this special "in-story one-shot", the party meets Oras the Chemist and Qadaalf the Architect in the town of St Brohias. When Finn drunkenly stumbles on the body of Qadaalf in Oras' home, they perform some light breaking-and-entering in this wild romp full of animated enemies, terrible accents, and the only @#$%ing mimic I'll ever use I hope for the rest of my life. No need to catch up, just listen to this episode and enjoy!
March 19, 2020
One-shot - "The Gift of Blood and Lightning"
Inspired by a prompt from the World Forge Podcast @worldforpod on Twitter and DMed by Alex, who plays Warren on Lawful great Adventures. The Gift of Blood and Lightning tells the story of two very unlikely friends, Reverend Ezekiel st James and a sentient lightning rod named Thunder. The duo travel across the American west trying to find the mountain that will send Thunder to his home in the skies. Along the way they face challenges and learn about each other and themselves. It's funny, touching, exciting, and a simple story told with a twist. Thank you for listening. Music is by the band Treesreach from their album "Some Night You Will Hear Me Crowing". The whole album is amazing, check it out.
March 13, 2020
Session 14 - Fort Tysant
In this episode, the party tries to settle a dispute between a squad of Edoman border guards and a band of pilgrims from Umaelle. The outcome is something of a mixed bag. They move on to Fort Tysant to meet with General Tobias Delven, then finally continue their journey to the Quiet City through a road that takes them to the peaceful mountain village of St. Brohias.
March 12, 2020
Session 13 - The Lost Language of the Parselati
In this session, the party revives Theo from near death and returns to Barkflower for their reward. After taking some well-needed rest in Barkflower, they prepare to set off on their journey to Edoma to find Tyrees and hopefully a way home.
February 27, 2020
Session 12 - The Seige of Barkflower
In this session, the party launches a suicidal plan to destroy the trebuchets harrying the city of Barkflower to repel the invading army from Edoma. They also take a moment to perform some light breaking and entering.
February 20, 2020
Recap and Arc 1 - A Quiet City
We start with a quick recap of the prologue so you can pick up from here if you like! In this episode, the party emerges from the tower to a fleeing army from a beseiged town. The army, thinking the party was sent by the god Kaer, returns to town believing they are saved. The party meets Captain Otem, the leader of the defending army of Barkflower. Otem insists the party prove their might despite being exhausted and wounded from their battle with the Baba Yaga. If the party succeeds, Captain Otem will help them however he can once the siege is lifted.
February 13, 2020
Prologue Finale - The Reckoning of Pathostone
In the final session of the Prologue, the party springs their trap on Gottfried Von Kaer and the Baba Yaga. What happens next will determine the fate of their town, friends, and families.
February 11, 2020
Session 9 - The Faun, the Falls, the Moon
In this episode, the party puts a plan together to stop Gottfried Von Kaer from destroying Pathostone. They have three days before the arrival of the Baba Yaga, but they have some help from their Wilderness spirit friends Brooke and Fogrunner.
February 11, 2020
Session 8 - Gottfried Von Kaer
In this episode, the party scrambles to deal with the arrival of Gottfried Von Kaer, the man in black armor who destroyed Brambleweed with the help of the Baba Yaga.
February 11, 2020
Session 7 - Someone Has to Hang
In this episode, the party is in hiding at the temple of Lencellier when Sir Elgar approaches them with a plan to spare their lives and reputations. The plan involves framing Marvin Bowen, Fayne's father, for the murder of Lord Tallbanner and drugging him with a sleeping poison so he appears dead. The party makes camp just outside of town where they meet a quirky but friendly drake by the name of Fogrunner.
February 11, 2020
Session 6 - The Regicide of Lord Edwin Tallbanner II
In this session, the party guards the announcement by Lord Tallbanner concerning the fate of Brambleweed and Pathostone. It goes south immediately.
February 11, 2020
Session 5 - Return to the Temple of Eddin
In this session, the group sneaks away from town with Alvin Biddy to help him fulfill his compulsion to visit the temple of the god of Institution and Tradition, Eddin. At the temple, Alvin's secret is revealed. They return in time to attend Alvin's manhood ceremony.
February 11, 2020
Session 4 - The Lord with Two Banners
In this episode the party meets with Warren's uncle, Inspector Fellman. He helps them drive off the Wilderness as they bury the Torchbearer and bless the road. They return home and check in with their respective families. Then finally, the group meets with Lord Edwin Tallbanner who makes them an offer.
February 7, 2020
Session 3 - The Reckoning of Brambleweed
In this session, the party meets a pair of benevolent spirits who inform them of the fate of Brambleweed. After further investigation, they discover the town was destroyed by a terrible creature called the Baba Yaga with the help of a man in black armor.
February 6, 2020
Session 2 - BBYG
The party arrives in Brambleweed to find it abandoned.  Their investigation reveals the journals of some of the survivors and a supernatural threat that may have killed or driven everyone away.
February 6, 2020
Prologue - Session 1 - The Torchbearer and the Temple
In this episode, we meet our four adventurers from the quiet farming town of Pathostone. There's Theo Rosefield, a farmer and fist-fighter with two younger siblings who carries the title of "Toughest Guy In Pathostone"; Finn Cromwell a woodcutter from a broken home whose father is the town constable, drunk, and bully all wrapped into one and whose mother is the town witch; Fayne Bowen, a shepherd of strange barksheep and huntress who lives with her father; and Warren Hendrickson, the boy genius, amateur chemist, and keeper of the ledger of his parents' inn. A riderless cart arrives from the town south of Pathostone belonging to a Torchbearer, a mysterious order of masons who keep the road repaired and safe from monsters. The party heads south to Brambleweed to investigate. Along the way they stop at an ancient temple to the god of love and community, Lencellier. After passing the temple tests they meet an agent of Lencellier, a Cassian who gives them a gift.
February 6, 2020
Session 0 - The Two Sons Campaign
Get to meet our characters and the world of the Dessidiac in this short introduction to Lawful Great Adventures!
January 29, 2020