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Law of Attraction in Action

Law of Attraction in Action

By Michele Joy
Welcome to the LAW OF ATTRACTION IN ACTION podcast where true inspiration can be heard. In this podcast I interview amazing people from all walks of life who have had miracles happen by using the Law of Attraction. I share anything from miraculous healings to attracting one's soul mates.

I am a Certified Soul Coach, Certified Happiness Coach, Certified Heal Your Life Teacher and expert Law of Attraction facilitator and coach. I want more than anything to help people see how miraculous they are and how to live their lives through the Law of Attraction.
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The Importance of Self-Care

Law of Attraction in Action

The Importance of Self-Care

Law of Attraction in Action

The Importance of Self-Care
In today's Monday Session I share with you the importance of self-care and why you must listen to your heart in all that you do. I will also be sharing some news about the near future of this podcast. You can also watch this on YouTube by clicking HERE. You can watch my Joy and Miracle videos by clicking HERE. You can now find my guided meditations on Insight Timer. Click HERE to follow me there. Thanks for listening and Happy Manifesting!
July 05, 2021
Immigrating to a New Life
In today's podcast, my guest Tiffany Nguyen shares her journey on how she moved to America by herself when she was 16 years old from Vietnam. In her struggles, she finally gets real with herself and embarks on a journey of self-discovery which h