Layer By Layer

Layer By Layer

By Andrew Nathenson / Kit Clement
This is Layer by Layer, a podcast (ostensibly) about cubing. Hosted by Kit Clement, a WCA delegate, Twitch streamer (kitstopher), and quiet-event specialist; and Andrew Nathenson, a Youtuber (ColorfulPockets), competition organizer, ZZ-user, and FMC specialist.

Kit and Andrew talk about cube news, organizing competitions, and really whatever they're into at the moment.

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Happy Cubing!
More places to listen

More places to listen

24: Baba Is Cube
Recorded Tuesday, October 1. Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics: - Baba is Cube - Last names that break statistics - FMC North America West 2019: Bad scrambles, or just being tired? - World Records: 4x4 by Sebastian Weyer again, 4x4 BLD by Stanley Chapel again - Kit guesses for whom the bell tolls - Groupifier - WCA's growth slowdown - Rob's Challenge Pen Capping WB: - Fresh Moyu Clock rumors
October 8, 2019
23: I Want to Have a Way to Judge You
Recorded Friday September 6. Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics: - Follow-up: You know, the thing we talked about last episode - Andrew forgot to bring his cubes to San Diego Summer 2019 - Scramble Signatures - Our strategies for FMC NA West - What should Kit's goal be in the prediction game? - Bad Martin Egdal of the Prediction of the Day: UFC Fights
September 20, 2019
22: As Long As You're Not Herding Anyone
Recorded Friday August 23.  Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics:  - Follow-up: Oreos  - World Records:  Max Park 7x7 single, Max Hilliard 3BLD single, Stanley Chapel 4BLD single/average, Juan Pablo multiple Megaminx averages, Daniel Rose-Levine Feet average, and a surprising 4x4 single from Sebastian Weyer - US Nationals and Bronycon - What to do with a duplicate scramble? - The current State of the Smartcubes - BLD buffer: Should you choose a different buffer from everyone else? - Martin Egdal of the Day: Farming - Prediction of the day: Collin Burns will be out of top 100 in a year
September 6, 2019
21: U-Perm Contest
Recorded Tuesday July 23. Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics:  -  Andrew figured out why he doesn't like 4BLD and 5BLD - A whole bunch of world records from the World Championship and beyond! - Kit is 1/2 on bad predictions - New 3BLD formats - What is the ideal venue for a large competition? - Martin Egdal of the Day: 3BLD ERs - Bad Prediction of the Day: 69/69
July 27, 2019
20: Q Tier
Recorded Wednesday June 19. Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics:  - Kit makes a prediction - The weird and wonderful world of Fewest Moves world records, and FMC 2019 - A very strange incident - 3x3 Tier List - Kit's bad prediction of the day: No 4BLD or 5BLD mean WRs before the end of the year, and neither Max nor Feliks will win worlds.
July 3, 2019
19: There Are Spiders Everywhere And I Can't Get Out
Recorded Monday June 3 . Discuss the show on Reddit: Ask us for advice!  Email Topics:  Email your advice questions WRs: Jake klassen 3BLD 19.79, Jackey Zheng Squan 4.95, Siggins MBLD 50/52, Max Hilliard 3BLD 18.28 Podcast apps/Spotify/Luminary Discussion of several (possibly unfair?) practices in the WCA Weird interactions with friends and cubing Martin Egdal of the Day: Most solves in one comp Reg (Guideline) of the Day: a1a2+++
June 17, 2019
18: One Our Time Limit
Recorded Wednesday May 8, 2019. Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics:  BIG WR CHECK IN: Tymon pyra, as predicted Feliks! 5.69! Yunhau Lou 4.43 clock average Reto Bubendorf FMC mean Mark’s 19 Stanley Chapel 4bld: 1:10 Tijmen Van Der Ree - 4.98 squan - Use Overcast to share clips super easily! - Ask us for advice! Send emails to - BigBLD means - FMC with erasable pens - Jay fingertricks - "FMC" is a bad name for the event - Martin Egdal of the Day: sub 20 3bld - Reg (Guideline) of the day: 4b2++
May 11, 2019
17: World Record Behind Door Number 2
Recorded Wednesday April 3, 2019. Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics:  - Revisiting the cubing Battle Royale, with GAN 356i or other virtualized cubes - Clock Single WR: 3.29 by Suen Ming Chi - The Shared Judging System - WE WANT MORE STICKERLESS SHADES - The Nod Don - MEOTD: Sleep? - Reg of the Day: 1e
April 12, 2019
16: I Put It In A Vending Machine
Recorded Tuesday, March 19, 2019. Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics:  - World Record Check-In: Stanley Chapel 5BLD WR! - The Stackmat Conspiracy - Online competitions and sketchy results - Tetris 99 - Can we make a cubing battle royale? - Worlds 2019 - the FMC Prisoner's Dilemma, and superrationality Vsauce2 video: MrBeast's $1,000,000 Dilemma - First North American FMC 21 - The WCA stole our idea - Martin Egdal of the Day: Blindfolded success streak - Reg of the day: tendies
March 29, 2019
15: OKAY
Recorded Saturday, February 16, 2019. Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics:  - Follow-up: there is no Follow-up - Should the WCA create more incentives to record your solves? - Similar to Layer by Layer... - Andrew's magical GTS3 fix - The FMC Database - Skeletype, Andrew's FMC tool: - Martin Egdal of the Day: Water - Reg of the Day: A6e
March 1, 2019
14: Cube Yoga
Recorded Tuesday, January 29, 2019. Discuss the show on Reddit: Topics:  - The bell - RECORD CHECK-IN: 17 FMC single - Predictions: will 17 be tied before all other WRs are broken? - Re-thinking Worlds - Why was Nats so late? - What are comps like on the west coast? Are results predictable? - Podcon! - How to keep older cubers in the community? How to keep friendly atmosphere despite growth? - Martin Egdal of the day: chess! - Reg of the day: 9M Does anybody read these notes?
February 8, 2019
13: Eating Our Words
Discuss the episode on Reddit:  Recorded Wednesday January 9, 2019 Topics: - Follow-up: Cameras aren’t as cheap as we thought - Optimizing methods for good singles/one-off averages - What current WR will stand the longest? - YouTube premiers - Ephemeral events - Martin Egdal of the day: SOR! - Reg(s) of the day 10f4: 
January 25, 2019
12: Giant Red Button
Discuss the episode on Reddit: Recorded Monday December 23, 2018 Topics: - Dodgecubing happened!  And we have the rules. - Cameras might not be as expensive as we thought - So you're an old dude and you want to go to a comp? -  The Fewest Moves Deal or No Deal! - Martin Egdal of the Day: Worst NR - Reg of the Day: 12g2
December 31, 2018
11: Is this a Horrible Idea?
Discuss the episode on Reddit: Recorded Tuesday December 11, 2018. Topics: - Multi scoring - Dodgecubing - 3x3 world record: should the WCA record solves? Security cam footage: - Max Hilliard 16.55 3BLD WR - XC3E skeletons - Martin Egdal of the day: 7x7 - Reg of the day: 9b
December 17, 2018
10: That's in the 10%
Discuss the episode on Reddit: Recorded Monday November 19, 2018. Topics: - Dodgecubing Update - Computer Vision for scramble verification - Andrew is a BLD accuracy god - The crazy FMC World Record weekend - Force Cube Hell (trying to make force galaxy megaminxes) - There are three Rouxers in the top 7 OH solvers (or 1 in the top 2, or 2 in the top 5) - Martin Egdal is an unstoppable nemesis - Reg of the Day: 9f12c
November 30, 2018
9: First!
Discuss the episode on Reddit: Recorded October 24, 2018. Topics: - Biking Accident - Film (like, actual film) sucks - Starting a non-WCA league with the intention of merging with the WCA if it’s popular and the WCA wants to - We review WCAT applicants: Here's an imgur album with all of the applicats: - 5 people 5 FMC scrambles The best FMC analogy - When should competitions be announced? Subtopic: Is the new distance policy a bad thing? - FIRST! - Reg of the day: 4b3 The incident:
November 2, 2018
8: Black Magic
Discuss the episode on Reddit: Recorded September 28, 2018 Topics: - Andrew pulled a Kit - Walker’s journey - Kit’s classes - Everything you need to know about ZZ and ZZ-CT - Should the WCA add another puzzle? Is there a better system? - The snack registration fee (FMC-A Atlanta) - Reddit pros and cons - Reg of the day
October 12, 2018
7: In Tillamook We Trust
Discuss the episode on Reddit: Recorded September 18, 2018. Topics: - Weird Sleep Schedules and travelling - Kinch improvement: Linear Transformation of all Kinch scores - Tillamook - Andrew forgot about his competition, but did well at FMC - Kit remembered his competition, and did kinda bad at everything but still won - An improvement to multiBLD techniques - Podcasts we listen to: Dear Hank and John: The Pitch: Beautiful Anonymous: Hello Internet: The Glass Cannon Podcast: 99% Invisible: Hardcore History: - Team events: How to make them engaging and unique - Relays - TeamBLD - Rob's Challenge - Wild card: dodgecube - Reg of the day: 1c10
September 26, 2018
6: Your Least Favorite Cube You've Ever Not Solved
Discuss the episode on Reddit: Topics: - Tillamook - Andrew’s new podcast, Brain to Board - Pranking Walker - MBLD Basket Case - Follow-up on MBLD N/N situation - KINCH KINCH KINCH (and other ranking systems) - GTS3 Ridges: Gimmick or Useful (or other??) - GAN 354 discussion - Kit's color scheme - Reg(s?) of the Day!
August 31, 2018
5: Once I Sniff It, I Know It
Discuss the episode on Reddit: Topics: - Taking pictures of a cat - 3D printing for cubing - Andrew’s method, camp classes - RIDDLES WITH ANDREW! - Max Siauw vs. Kevin Hays: a correction - Is Kit’s GiiKER cube defective? (Follow-up) - We totally predicted Max Hilliard’s WR - DRL feedback (or should we say, feet-back) - FMC H1a-like reg -Max Park OH, official misscrambles Reg of the Day: - WRs: Juan Pablo Huanqui mega, Shivam MBLD - Basket case for MBLD - Types of learners - Most efficient way to practice 3BLD
August 17, 2018
4: Wake Up and Eat Snack (Live at CubingUSA Nationals 2018!)
Recorded LIVE at CubingUSA Nationals 2018! Discuss the episode on Reddit: Topics: - World Records, Megaminx OcR in the lunch room - Andrew's World Best with Mark: Rob's Challenge FMC - Andrew's possessed stopwatch - Why wasn't there a snack room at Nats?? - Who is the best cuber without a Wikipedia page? - Reg of the day: Crazy regs from 2006 - How would someone organize a competition if they've never seen or been to a competition? - Multiple World Records in the Same Day - You mean you're not on the football team?
August 3, 2018
3: Plus Plus Plus Plus Plus
Discuss the episode on Reddit: Topics: -Vidcon -Japan -Western Champs GiiKER Cube Andrew racing Alex Davani to silver membership Shadow M Is Kit's GiiKER cube defective??!?!? -Alberquerque - almost learned how to spell it (it’s Albuquerque) - Double Jeopardy - discouraging videos isn’t the issue? - PB vs PR - Rise of cubing on Twitch -Reg of the day A1a2+++++
July 19, 2018
2: Albuquerque
Discuss the episode on Reddit: Topics: - Oregon State Favorites recap - Go Cube / Giiker Cube Go Cube: Giiker Cube: - World Records: Kevin Hays 7x7 Single: Daniel Rose-Levine Feet Average: Jeff Park 3x3 Blindfolded Single: - Regulation of the Day: A5b - Video Evidence used to retroactively apply penalties Max Park's 6x6 WR mean (DNFed): - Andrew's beginner's method: Hexagonal Francisco B
July 3, 2018
1: Shoot the Hay
Discuss the episode on Reddit: Topics: - Using a different method for OH vs 2H - Andrew gets a lot of LL skips with ZZ - Low attendance at CubingUSA Regional Championships - Regulation of the Day: H1a
July 3, 2018
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