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La Zona Eléctrica

La Zona Eléctrica

By Manuel Vázquez
Rock radio show. A review of the history of rock of all time
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La Zona Eléctrica 0135 Ariday

La Zona Eléctrica

La Zona Eléctrica 0140 Ebri Knight
On this occasion, La Zona Eléctrica travels to Catalonia to bring you a lively conversation with Albert, bassist of Ebri Knight. They have a new album Carrer, which is destined to be a turning point in their career. This album is the perfect example of the maturity of the band applied to their sound. Albert has told us anecdotes from the beginning of the band and how he is the real face of a group that combines fun, movement and message in the form of a song. You can also listen to ... Black sabbath Hopeless Case Lord of the lost Panda Clan Bullet Belladonna Broken lingerie Curly mame Dr Murder The Broken Bros Blues Band Violet Cold Alice Cooper, courtesy of Andrea García (My No-Generation) May the Rock be with us!
June 13, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0139
Program broadcast live on June 4. Loaded with lots of great music like ... Absolom Injector Knightsune Marc wile Howitzer Crocodile Network Retroaction Rheia gorecki Sons of Disaster The Yawpers Twenty One Pilots And four bands recognizable only with a riff of their guitars, such as Pantera, Ac-Dc, Guns and Roses or U2 May the Rock be with us
June 5, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0138 Aittala
La Zona Eléctrica travels virtually to North Carolina. We had a lively chat with Eric Aittala, frontman of AITTALA, with whom we have talked about the beginnings of the band, the secrets of their songs and some curiosity that will surely make you smile. They have also sounded in the program Night Ranger, The Cris Rolling Squad, The Jailbirds, Kalahari, Draconian, Molotov, North of South, Draconian, Esclavitud or Eternal Psycho. Blind Channel have sounded courtesy of My No Generation, by Andrea García with whom we have had a very interesting talk "Eurovision" I invite you to listen to this new edition of the program, and May The Rock Accompany Us.
May 29, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0137 Reylobo + ECO
Program 137 of La Zona Eléctrica, in which we received a virtual visit from Reylobo, which premiered within the world of music with a concept album called El Octavo Pecado. And beyond interpretations about what that perversion should be, the talk with its guitarist Pedro Gallego has left us many lights on the band's claims about this album and its future as a group. We have also been able to speak with Roberto, ECO vocalist who has their second album Los años Del Silencio on the market. A job with which they have to face the following Réplica, their debut. And despite the comings and goings, ECO has marked in its destiny to be creators of great melodies that accompany the lyrical poetry that its songs contain. It is worth noting how the group has used the sea, which can be the origin and end of life, as a connecting link between their themes. In addition, we have listened to Pleura, House of Dawn, Arhat, Sunfaia (from Andrea García), Andrew W.K, Querubes or 5 Star Hooker. May the Rock be with us
May 23, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0136 Kaotiko
On the occasion of the next concert of the Basque band in Madrid, in La Zona Eléctrica we spoke with Xabi, Kaotiko's drummer. And we have played several clubs in a relaxed talk, which I invite you to listen to below.  And you will have the opportunity to listen to music by Noxxo, Iceage, LFNT, Guadalupe Plata, Wolf Alice, A Dark Reborn, Chaoseum ...  Andrea García brings us the recommendation of My No Generation and we take the opportunity to open an interesting debate.  May the Rock be with us!
May 15, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0135 Ariday
Ariday arrives to us from Zaragoza. A band that has presented at the end of 2020 their 5th album "El Precio del Sufrimiento" We have been able to chat with Jose Luis and Sara about this album, its trajectory and its future plans. We complete the musical selection of this edition of La Zona Eléctrica with: Carlos Alvarez Baba Yaga Bear ghost The Devil Wears Prada Red Fang Grapeshot Wax Mekanix And we premiered a section with Andrea García and My No Generation #MayTheRockBeWithUs
May 8, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0134 La Topadora
La Zona Eléctrica receives a visit from La Topadora. It has been more than a year since their album Voy Con Todo has seen the light and it is now when they can, little by little, present it live. We spoke with Javiero about the beginnings of the band and their future plans. It has been a great talk that we now share with you. We also played music from ... Mötorhead Robert Navajas Juan Navazo Zoo! Full Messenger Primitive band Voktrof 1000 Mods Patrón The Boatsmen May the Rock be with us!
May 1, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0133 Los de Marras
Los de Marras presented their new album at La Zona Eléctrica. Agus, was the perfect host and guide to the history of the band. You already have available Peligro Esperanza, an album full of messages of optimism and phrases to make us think. They also sounded on the program: Drago, we spoke with Javier Cardoso about his concert in Pinto (you have the chronicle on the web). Reylobo ECO Gojira Ego Kill Talent Heavy father Hail the Sun Bid Daddy's Breakfast Voddoo Reytoro Metastasis May the Rock be with us!
April 25, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0132 Bárbara Black y Rabia Pérez
We had the opportunity to chat with Bárbara Black, Nitro, Rabia Pérez and Korpa before their long-awaited performance at Pinto. They told us how the entire process of organizing an event that was highly anticipated by all had developed. Bands, public and press we really wanted to see the Madrid metal machine in operation. They also sounded in this edition of the program ... Osario Aittala Black sabbath Architects Evil Impulse Lord drunkalot Wild cirkus Stone hand Burning Ramoncin Leather Heart Eternal Psycho Silo Oak groove Dirty deep Crippled Black Phoenix May the Rock be with us!
April 18, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0131 Benjamin Adair Murphy
What can we say about an artist who takes his passion for music to the extreme? Benjamin Adair Murphy relays stories with contained rage, in song form. And he brings a style that has never gone out of style to date. Blues has been relegated to being music for large minorities and, from La Zona Eléctrica, we want to pay our humble tribute to a genre that is a fundamental pillar of Rock that we enjoy every day. They accompany us, musically, in this installment of the program ... Lima Project Sudden Waves Garbage Ojo Cuervo Texas Golgotha We the riot Athal Tardigrade Inferno Black mountain Gary Schutt James vieco May the Rock be with us!
April 10, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0130 Balas Sobre Broadway
We discovered the debut of this Madrid band in La Zona Eléctrica. Balas Sobre Broadway have presented us with "Salvaje" and more than a first LP, it is a declaration of intent. They make Rock in Spanish, without falling into the usual clichés and it is to be appreciated that we have been lucky enough that our musical paths have crossed. In addition, you can listen to the music of ... Ego Kill Talent Invaders Phoenix Rising Venomous Rose Benjamin Adair Murphy Heath and the boys Slvarbard Joey deadcat May the Rock be with us
April 5, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0129
We missed a much more musical edition of La Zona Eléctrica. We have been able to enjoy the music of ... Smith & Kotzen Iron maiden Scarecrow Avenue Sôber Secret rule Delphos Oceans Jack J Hutchinson Plastic Tears Hippie death cult Texas Hippie Coalition Angelus Apatrida Espiral May the Rock be with us
March 27, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0128 Wolf
From Chile, Wolf arrives at La Zona Eléctrica. They present us their second album "Mal Camino" an album loaded with mastery, heart and (as Guillermo, their bassist says) guts. We talked about the Rock scene in both countries and even about the black shadow after Covid 19 You can also listen to the music of: Elessar Uk, Nocturne Wulf, Megara, Mosh, Pölisong, The Mono Grande, Witchrider, The Soul Jacket ... May the Rock be with us.
March 20, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0127 Oslo Ovnies
Our virtual trip to La Rioja has left a great taste in our mouths. Two hours of talk to Kevin, Guille and Isra from Oslo Ovnies reveal many secrets (musical and even chemical!), Which are hidden behind an album that shows that the national rock scene is in very good health. I invite you to discover it, if you have not had the opportunity to do it live. Because you will also listen to music from ... Thunder Estirga Neofelis Nebula Endernity Headon Psideralica While she sleeps Rokets May the Rock be with us!
March 14, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0126 Drunken Buddha
We are not going to discover anything new when we say that in Asturias there is very good raw material, referring to music, which is what concerns us. But Drunken Buddha have a quality of a different grammage and I don't know if geography influences this, because they are a band whose origin you could hardly find out if nobody tells you. His new album is titled "Drunken Buddha II" and it has been presented to us by Michael, Mario and Fran. And we liked discovering aspects that are hidden behind the artistic facet and that I now invite you to know. In addition, in La Zona Eléctrica this week you will be able to listen to ... Scarlet Mushroomhead Pigweed Full Messenger Dreamwell Heleven Moonspell Stoned at Pompeii The Hyena Kill Backdrive May the Rock be with us!
March 6, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0125 Endemia
This band comes to us from Costa Rica, great connoisseur of our bands and with which it shares a certain parallel. They have been delivering acid lyrics, critical and real as life itself for more than 20 years and, as happens to many national bands, they have almost more followers outside their borders than within. Given this, the lesson they teach us is that borders belong more and more to literature than to reality. In addition to listening to songs from the album Soma de Endemia, in La Zona Eléctrica you can listen to ... Vikings of blues Mick Fleetwood and Friends Sole Syndicate Vocaldrop Tallahassee The Dry Mouths Smith and Kotzen 156 Silence Hermana Furia Butcher Babies Deaf Radio The Pretty Reckless The Downtow Blues May the Rock be with us
February 27, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0124 Adventus
When we found out about the Adventus project and those who made it up, it was almost inevitable to get a preconceived idea of what to expect. The reality is that Morir y Renacer is not another rock album. Manuel Ramil has told us in La Zona Eléctrica what we wanted to know about the album and has shown us aspects about his figure as an artist that go beyond being a mere instrumental interpreter. Two hours of talk that fly by. And to complete the program you can listen to Revlin Project, Rainium, Reylobo or The Ribbons. May the Rock be with us
February 20, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0123 EON
EON have presented their new album "Rubicón" and in La Zona Eléctrica we have talked with Rubén, David and Oriol about this album and what it means in their career. His influences, how the recording was, his aspirations for the near future and a curiosity, which you can listen to below. Songs by EON have been played and also by Black Sabbath, Anorexia Isan, Knightsune, Nexoasis or Stay to Sleep. Welcome and may Rock be with us.
February 13, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0122 Scarecrow Avenue
Program broadcast live on February 5. We spoke to Dani, bassist for Scarecrow Avenue. And it has been very interesting to know what is hidden behind the machine that moves the band. Influences, concerns and some curiosity such as the preference of strings on the bass. If national metal has a promising future, it is thanks to bands like this one. Plus: Ego Kill Talent, Hexwyfe, Isabel Burguillos, Mosh, Voktrof ... May #Rock be with us
February 6, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0121 Robert Navajas
In La Zona Eléctrica we discovered this artist by chance, and our curiosity has led us to know more about this guitarist who sings. As he has told us, he sings casually, almost out of necessity. And more things that we have known and learned thanks to the nonconformist spirit of Robert Navajas. You can also listen to the music of great bands such as Mahé, Versoix, Dgraded, Michael Shenker Group or Adventus, among others. Welcome, and may Rock be with us !!
January 30, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0120 Morti
New delivery of La Zona Eléctrica.  We have an intense conversation with Morti, an indispensable figure in a convulsive music scene in Spain. A conversation that transcends the merely musical and goes beyond. In addition to listening to music from InMune or Skizoo, you will be able to listen to Dzeus, Superdeaf, Daimon, Thunder, Voktrof and more artists with which to complete the playlist that week by week we offer you in the program. May the Rock be with us!
January 23, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0119 Speakeasy Streets
La Zona Eléctrica travels to #Brooklyn to attend the premiere of Back Alley Beats, the debut album from Speakeasy Streets. A band that comes to show us that the sacred canons of Jazz can be adapted to modern times. They are not a jazz band as such, but they have taken over the funniest part of the style and have merged it with the best of themselves. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to the talk we had with Yoni, Hans, Cristo and Repitwa. In this edition they have also sounded Panda Clan, Megara, Oslo Ovnies, The Hu, Whitesnake, Annisokay, Architects May the #Rock be with us
January 16, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0118 Ktulu
First show of the year and we started chatting with Willy, Ktulu´s vocalist. A relaxed conversation about the Rock scene in Spain. Of what could be and was not and how it is possible to reverse the situation by putting all of us on our side.  In addition to chatting with Willy, you can listen to the music of ... Bedett Bring Out Your Dead Oxide Robert Navajas Demised Spiral The Buzzos Halocene Welcome to #RockFriday and may #Rock be with us.
January 9, 2021
La Zona Eléctrica 0116 Pleura
Pleura are a great example of youth, know-how and clear ideas. At La Zona Eléctrica we have been lucky enough to be able to chat with Olaia and Ion about their album Bakarrilketa. It has been a very rewarding experience for the program team and we cannot do more than recommend this album. In addition, in this installment, the music of Los Suaves, Balas sobre Broadway, Automatic Kafka, Ojotrueno or Lost For Life among others has sounded. May the Rock be with us.
December 19, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0115 Duro
The Cantabrians Duro have presented us their third musical creation "Pandemia". A rock loaded album made with soul and heart, beyond mathematical perfection. An album that comes at a time when the music industry must reinvent itself in order not to disappear. It was a very illustrative talk and we had some laughs that you don't see. The music of ... Smith Kotzen, Miguel Ángel Leal, Brutal Thin or Mick Fleetwood Welcome to a new installment of La Zona Eléctrica.
December 13, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0114 Fuck Division
In this installment of La Zona Eléctrica, we have had the honor of sharing minutes of chat with Brutal Mike, from the band Void's Legion, about their crowdfunding project. With Fuck Division, we talked at length about his album Ojos que ven, Corazón que no siente. To complete this week's playlist, we have: Black Sabbath Saratoga, on vinyl The Dead Daisies Mosh Welcome to your musical house of Rock, welcome to La Zona Eléctrica
December 5, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0113 Corvus V
From León, and displaying an exclusive technique, Corvus V presents his second musical creation. Advenae is an album called to be a jewel of modern music and the production, the range of styles and the lyrics that are contained in it should be highlighted. In this edition of La Zona Eléctrica, we were also able to speak with Javi Saggitar, from Killus, who told us about his first Streaming. We also have the musical company of Within Temptation, Contraband, Anderwelt, Duro and the mythical British band Thunder. May #Rock be with us
November 28, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0112 De La Nada
The album "Paso a paso (Contra viento y marea)" is a clear example of urban rock made by and for ordinary people.  De La Nada is a Valencian band, but it could have been born anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world. They transmit their message clearly and directly, beyond metaphors and following the classic canons of Rock.  Without a doubt, they are an example of a job well done and customer service.  Also, in this edition of La Zona Eléctrica, you will be able to listen to Beyond Salvation, Von Dippel, Robert Navajas, Speakeasy Streets, Walk in Darkness.  May #Rock be with us.
November 21, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0111 Overcharge
A revelation for us, the mixture of styles that these Italians practice.  In this edition of the program we have spoken with Marcello, its bassist and vocalist, who has presented us with his new work "Metalpunx".  Alderaan, Solstafir, Lima Project, Osiris, Bloodhunter or System of a Down have also played.  It is a pleasure to be able to share with you these radio minutes from La Zona Eléctrica
November 14, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0110 Pinball Wizard
Only in La Zona Eléctrica can a rock opera by The Who, a culinary debate and a striptease be mixed in the same conversation.  If you don't believe me, listen to the audio of this show, in which we spoke with Joey Deadcat (guitarist of Pinball Wizard) about his new EP Make Millennial Great Again. In addition, you will listen to Fuck Division, Corey Taylor, Robert Navajas, District 13, Scarlet or Killer be Killed, among other great bands.
November 7, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0109 A Deshoras
We discovered the first work of A Deshoras. An EP worked in detail and entitled "Cerca de sus pasos". An album loaded with stories and intimate feelings, which project to the listener the personalities of the group's members. On this occasion it was Digo, his drummer, who answered the questions on the program. And we have also been able to listen to Rabia Pérez with Korpa, De la Nada, Ariday, Ruta 57, Simple Minds, Motorhead or Uriah Heep, among other great formations. Ricardo Oliveira, José Luis Ruiz and Manuel Vázquez invite you to this new installment of La Zona Eléctrica.
October 31, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0108 Alkamael
It is the first time, and it will not be the last, that we have started a conversation with this Italian artist. What makes #Rock his lifestyle and who has delved, more than many, into the meaning and roots of this style. This is a good talk for a new band to listen to and know in advance what it is within the world of music. In addition to the music of Alkamael, Drago, Valyant, Arce Gris, The Kinks, Overcharge or Puscifer have sounded, among others. Welcome back to La Zona Eléctrica
October 24, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0107 Fuck Division
At La Zona Eléctrica we have had the pleasure of chatting with Korpa, one of the most characteristic voices on the national scene. Voice in Fuck Division, and regular collaborator of Leo Jiménez. He has also shared tables with Vita Imana or Rabia Pérez, among others. We uncover the odd curiosity about him and take a tour of the music scene. In addition to the music of Fuck Division, El Reno Renardo, Nervosa, A Deshoras or House of Dawn, among others, have sounded in this edition of the program. Not forgetting our vinyl of the week, Ac Dc's must-have Highway to hell. Join us in this new edition of La Zona Eléctrica
October 18, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0106 Stravaganzza
A real luxury to have the virtual presence of Patricio Babasasa, Stravaganzza bassist. He has told us some of the secrets behind La Noche Del Fénix. The group's first live album, which includes what happened on September 28, 2019 at La Riviera in Madrid. In addition to enjoying the music of Stravaganzza, music from Redención, Saurom vs Lèpoka, Black Bomber on their original vinyl, among others, has been played. And the talk with Javier Cardoso, from Drago. He has told us how the band faces its new challenges, new album, new management agency, new line-up ... One more week, we appreciate that you are there enjoying the least of #Rock with La Zona Eléctrica.
October 10, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0105 Saedín
In this installment of La Zona Eléctrica, you will be able to listen to a truly luxurious talk with Ángela and Zoraida, from the Andalusian Symphonic Metal group, Saedín. We have talked about her influences, her city, her future projects. From the world of music and the good and less good things that surround it ... With Ricardo Oliveira we propose a musical selection of authentic luxury that includes Alkàmael, ANAJULIA, Enuma Elish, Arenia or Royal Blood, so that you can enjoy the best of #Rock Welcome to La Zona Eléctrica
October 3, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0104
First program of this newly released fall. We offer you a selection of quality songs for quality people, like you. Viki Lafuente & The Wild The Black Tree Pinball Wizard Guano Apes Lima Project Emboque Arenia Rojo Omega, on its original vinyl. Espiral La Revolución del Mono The best musical recommendations from José Luis Ruiz and Ricardo Oliveira so that you can enter the weekend enjoying the best of music.
September 26, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0103 Hilotz
More than an interesting talk we have had with Mikel, bassist and voice of the Guipúzcoa band Hilotz. A conversation that has helped us to learn more about a band of firm principles and convictions, which are transferred to their music and lyrics. The program is completed with the music of Puscifer Lima Project Crystal lake Wild Road Rollers Dgraded Dust in mind ... Don't miss the "Zeppeliano" duel starring José Luis Ruiz and Ricardo Oliveira in this new edition of La Zona Eléctrica.
September 20, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0102
Program broadcast live on September 11, in which songs by bands such as ... Robert Navajas Hilotz Loccomotive Forest fish Motorhead Saedin Peter ron In This Moment In addition to having the great recommendations of Ricardo Oliveira and José Luis Ruiz, to complete a perfect playlist for your trips by car, your walks in the countryside or your study hours. May #Rock be with us
September 13, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0101 Zenobia
The same day that the new album by La Rioja´s band Zenobia goes on sale, we have the opportunity to chat with its vocalist Jorge Berceo. The album is titled "VI" and aims to become the consecration of adulthood (in musical terms) for the band. There has been time to talk about everything. I recommend that you listen to the program, because it has also played music by Hilotz, Stravaganzza, Zoo !, Blind Guardian and many more bands.
September 5, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0100 Espiral
We reached the first 100 programs of La Zona Eléctrica and we do it hand in hand with Espiral. They come to us from Ceuta with a great job under their arms, which is called to be a turning point in their career. We were able to talk with Rogelio, Alberto and Pepe about the album and about the music that surrounds them. We also got to know the real situation of nightlife related to Rock. We chat with Jesús Puente Conan, from Universo Rock. With music by Addict, Kassogtha or Zenobia. Join us along with Ricardo Oliveira and José Luis Ruiz in this new edition of La Zona Eléctrica.
August 30, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0099 EON
Many times the world of Rock and Metal mixes forcefulness with the transcendent. This time we have the opportunity to chat with Rubén Ortiz, EON guitarist. A band whose name can evoke the longevity of the sum of a billion years or the divinity in the earthly. The truth is that we spent more than an hour talking about the music scene of all times, the industry and the next evolutionary step of the band, which will see the light ... when the time is right. Rubén Ortiz, turns out to be a person overturned in his passion, who unburdens himself by squeezing the best of his guitar and anxious to discover new and forceful sounds. In addition to listening to EON's music, bands such as Ad Infinitum, Factor VIII, Neriva or Fander Foguel have sounded in this edition of the program.
August 22, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0098
At La Zona Eléctrica we give you ideas for a most original and eclectic playlist. Like the collection of songs that we have enjoyed in this installment. Music from bands as incredible and different as... Anabantha, Cuatro Tres Dos, EON, Somosuno, Demised, Mehtrasheros, Evil Impulse, Obsidian Kingdom, Robert Navajas or Stravaganzza. Immerse yourself in a refreshing musical dip under the command of Manuel Vázquez, Ricardo Oliverira and José Luis Ruiz
August 15, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0097 Kaiser Franz Josef
It is the first time that Kaiser Franz Josef speaks with a Spanish radio station and it has been in La Zona Eléctrica.  Presenting an album that is called to be a turning point in his career.  But in addition to the music of the Austrians, bands of the stature of Crack, Chewelche, Deroka, Warkings or Gojira, among many others, have sounded on the program. Join us for this new edition of La Zona Eléctrica.
August 9, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0096 El Reno Renardo
El Reno Renardo has presented an unusual compilation. We did not expect less from them. And they have not disappointed, they have worked each of the songs individually to give them a new air, adapted to the times.  We have been able to speak with Iván, the drummer of the band about the album, his career and his future plans.  In addition, you will be able to listen to the music of Abismo trash, Revlin Project, Demoledor, Maze Of Terror, Korn and Andy Sacro among others.  Join me along with Ricardo Oliveira and Jose Luis Ruiz in this new edition of La Zona Eléctrica.
August 2, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0095
Program broadcast last July 24. With music by bands such as ...  Bloodywood  Corvus V  Norma Jean  Kaiser Franz Josef  Max Montanari  Battle Cry  Zenobia  Derringer  Los Larry Burns  AGO  Zenobia  El Reno Renardo  Among many other bands. Join me along with Ricardo Oliveira and José Luis Ruiz in this new edition of La Zona Eléctrica.
July 26, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0094 Shallow Waters
This has been one of those occasions when you are looking forward to something and when you have it, you will not be disappointed. Shallow Waters' debut album as a band is a shock from "Approaching The Unknown" to "Outward Journey".  We had the opportunity to chat with Andrés and Pablo, the vocal duo that complements Tristan in the group. A talk full of curiosities and good advice for future generations of national metal. The music of Slipknot, Cult of Lilith or La Ira De Jack, among others, also played. Welcome to a new edition of La Zona Eléctrica.
July 19, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0093 Alademoska
Many times we ask ourselves if there is a generational replacement for the reference bands in different styles, within Rock. On this occasion we dispel any doubts that we may have regarding the national Punk-Hardcore-Ska. Alademoska have a new creature on the market, which responds to the name of "Sembraremos Rebeldía" and this album comes to consolidate a sound in constant evolution for the band. I recommend you listen to the talk we have had with Tito about the album and music in general. We have also been able to hear the new Evil Impulse or Fuck Division. And incredible songs by Guano Apes, Heiken, Max Montanari or Lord Divine, among others. Join us along with Ricardo Oliveira and José Luis Ruiz in this new installment of La Zona Eléctrica.
July 11, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0092 Troubled Mind
On a hot July afternoon, we chatted long and hard with a Mostoleño band, practicing a refined mix of AOR, classical and progressive metal. His works are edited like perfume bottles, in small and exquisite quantities. And we applaud the dedication and dedication they lend to each of their compositions. We have the feeling that the future is assured with bands like Troubled Mind. In addition to his music, we have been able to listen to groups like LovArt, Marcas Rock, Remington, Slipknot or Shallow Waters. Welcome to this new installment of La Zona Eléctrica.
July 6, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0091 Cerveza Gratix
Program broadcast on June 26 in which you will find an extensive talk with Stefano, from the group Cerveza Gratix. And music by Edguy, Evil Impulse, De La Nada, La Revolución del Mono. Also from friendly bands like Azeroth, Maze of Terror, Abyss or Memento Mori. We complete the cast with Ricardo Oliveira and José Luis Ruiz. Welcome to La Zona Eléctrica.
June 27, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0090
Program broadcast live on June 19.  Where music has been played by great artists who are friends of the program, such as Gojira, Mushroomhead or Rabia Pérez.  In addition to new discovery bands for us such as: Collateral Detriment Hyena Gravel Von dippel The Drunken Cowboys Dr Leen Death in Effigy  I invite you to listen to this program of La Zona Eléctrica, loaded with the best of music and to spend it, listening, as well as we do.  Electric greetings!
June 20, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0089 Rabia Pérez
I had an intuition that this was going to be a great afternoon, and it was. If you missed the live show, here you have the opportunity to listen to the talk we had with Fatima and Gaby, by Rabia Pérez. A band that plays metal with unusual elegance and that express personal experiences in the form of a song in which we see ourselves represented. In addition to playing the music of Rabia Pérez, Bring Out Your Dead, Dünedain, Puajj López, Evil Impulse or Saurom also played.
June 13, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0088
Program broadcast on June 5. You can listen to music from Eclipse Man, Zoo, Spiral. Rabia Pérez have also played, who will be with us talking about their work, or Somas Cure, with the new preview of La Colmena. MARCAS have also sounded the lion's mouth. José Luis Ruiz Rockywalda does a great review of Argentine music and bands and Ricardo Oliveira offers us a very special Ecos Perdidos. Welcome to La Zona Eléctrica.
June 6, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0087 Alex Cappa
This is one of the longest running programs. But the guest deserved all the time in the world.  Álex Cappa has revealed his beginnings, his day to day and his personal vision of work. The responsibility of The Metal Factory Studios falls on his shoulders, and thanks to him, the national metal has risen several steps in recent years.  Music has been played by Rabia Pérez, Skunk DF, Bloodhunter, Meltdown, The Broken Horizon ...  Join us along with Ricardo Oliveira and José Luis Ruiz for this new edition of La Zona Eléctrica.
May 31, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0086
Program broadcast live on May 22. Contains songs by Dio, Pretenders, Salvador Domínguez, Jessy Howe, Eternal Psycho, Anonymus. We got to hear the new Hamlet stuff. Ricardo Oliveira tells us an epic story in "The Lost Echoes" and with José Luis Ruiz we enjoy the music of Saurom, Ángeles del Infierno, Sober, Diabulus in Music, Muro or Saratoga. Welcome to a new edition of La Zona Eléctrica.
May 24, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0085 DRAGO
We have the opportunity to chat with a group of recent formation, but that accumulates such an amount of experience that it makes them debut with an advantage. With the illusion of a debuting band, but without making the mistakes of the newcomers. Drago are called to become a band of reference in these first years of this century and in La Zona Eléctrica we are witnesses of those first steps. In this program you can listen to the talk we have had with Javier, Carlos, Iván and Juan Manuel about Vórtice. In addition, music has been played by Dawn of the Fallen, Espiral, Side Winder, Miguel Rios, Leño, Barón Rojo ... Join us together with José Luis Ruiz and Ricardo Oliveira in this review of the history of Rock of all time.
May 17, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0084
Program broadcast live on May 8, 2020.  Loaded with incredible songs from groups like Cuernos de Chivo, Iraka, Terroristars, Coilbox, Devil City Cult, Drago.  The new of Saurom and Eclipse Man. Music by Eternal Psycho, Sangre Salvaje, Treze Monos, Bolu2 Death ...  With Ricardo Oliveira and José Luis Ruiz, we wrote a new chapter in the review of the history of Rock of all time.
May 9, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0083 Pan Z
Despite the technical setbacks, we have had a laugh with José Botika from Pan Z. He has told us a lot about the band, the music, the concerts ...  Week by week we discover the great people behind the scenes. bands we listen to. Pan Z is a group of music workers and they show it on the Historias de la Calle album. In addition, in this edition of the program you can listen to songs from Shallow Waters, Fuck Division, Kashmir, Morphium, Saratoga among others. With José Luis Ruiz and Ricardo Oliveira we welcome you to La Zona Eléctrica
May 2, 2020
La Zona Eléctrica 0082 Black Bomber
One more week, the confinement cannot with us nor the desire to hear the best of Rock.  We had a great talk with Pedro, guitarist of Black Bomber, on the occasion of the release last year of his album Vol. 1  There was time for laughter, memories and lots of music. There is some devastating phrase that you should not stop listening to.  In addition music has been played by ... Spacehog, Hopeless Case, Mushroomhead, Opera Magna, Dominus Meus among many others.  Welcome to La Zona Eléctrica.
April 26, 2020