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Local Business Hacks

Local Business Hacks

By Referrizer
Whether you are a local business owner, or just starting out, the team over at Referrizer is talking about tools and tips that you can use to grow your local business in the Local Business Hacks podcast. We offer the inside scoop from entrepreneurs, business leaders, and experts in the beauty, wellness & fitness industry. We'll share more insights from entrepreneurs and local business owners who’ve been through it all. Each episode features fellow entrepreneurs from the beauty, wellness & fitness industry who talk about their businesses, how they got started, tips, tricks, and other insights
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Local Business Hacks - Customer's journey map that converts - Lazar Dzamic @Referrizer | Referrizer #10
Lazar Džamić is one of the foremost brand and marketing strategists in the Balkans, with more than 20 years of strategic marketing experience. He is a former Head of Brand Planning at Google's creative think tank ZOO in London, UK. Prior to Google, he was also a Strategy Director in several creative agencies & was one of the first digital strategists in the UK. He worked on campaigns for some of the UK’s most beloved brands such as Tesco, John Lewis, Waitrose, Virgin Holidays, Nando’s etc. Currently, he has joined Referrizer as a Mentor & Creative Strategist. Connect with us @: - Facebook: - Instagram: - LinkedIn: - Twitter: To scale your business - join our Referrizer Partners Facebook Group HERE --- ABOUT Refrerrizer: This podcast is brought to you by Referrizer, one of the best marketing automation tools on the market to help you generate referrals, get more customer loyalty, and build your reputation online. Our advanced CRM and lead management system will make it easy for you to close sales quicker with our tools. Automate your customer marketing with Referrizer. Share Happiness | Earn Rewards  --- ABOUT Local Business Hacks Podcast: Whether you are a local business owner, or just starting out, the team over at Referrizer is talking about tools and tips that you can use to grow your local business in the Local Business Hacks podcast.  We offer the inside scoop from entrepreneurs, business leaders, and experts in the beauty, wellness & fitness industry. We'll share more insights from entrepreneurs and local business owners who’ve been through it all. - Website:  - Read our Blog HERE -  
May 07, 2021
Local Business Hacks - How to choose the best SaaS tools for your business? w/ Steve Waddle @Fork n Knife | Referrizer #9
Episode Intro Local businesses that are not maximizing the value of SaaS tools will have a hard time keeping up. It's more effective to become productive using SaaS services than to lose yourself in paperwork and menial tasks. The tools you need are quick to access and can help you stay in control of your business. Many local business owners run their company blind, and only a few really understand the profitability of the business. If they use SaaS tools, those tools can help them gain an edge and finally make more money for their business. Using SaaS tools can be daunting for local businesses. They may perceive them as being exclusive to tech startups and giants like Google and Facebook, which is often accompanied by technical jargon and buzzwords that not many people outside the tech industry may understand. According to Fork N Knife, a merchant converting from no POS to one within a year saw an average 15% profit margin increase. With Fork N Knife, you can eliminate theft, reduce human error, and input orders more efficiently, ensuring they appear in the restaurant’s display system in real-time. Managing your business using SaaS tools is much easier and more automated, especially if you use a SaaS tool for email marketing and referral marketing automation. As a result, you can use your time more efficiently to grow your business. Key Takeaways Not every SaaS tool and system is going to work for your business. Figure out what your business needs and try it out (many SaaS tools offer free trials), so you can focus your time and energy on growing your business. Keep track of your numbers and understand where your business stands financially. While you may not be an accountant, you know where everything stands in your business, which helps you plan where to put your effort and what’s working and what’s not.
April 30, 2021
Local Business Hacks - How to delegate for success w/ Stacey Krizan @ArtemisDistribution | Referrizer #8
In this episode, we chat with Stacey Krizan from Artemis Distribution, LLC, about their efforts to ensure that their entrepreneur partners are successfully using their Cryoskin products. In addition, why delegation, and why it’s a tool that helps your team and business grow. Artemis adapted to those whose reactions were no at the onset because they did not have confidence in the device and were not ready for a major investment. They created a leasing model that is a lower risk, and a model that most partners had said no to at the beginning.  Artemis has a lot of initiatives to make sure that its partners are successful. They have programs like a pre-launch plan and marketing collateral. Since they are in the business of selling cryoskin, they understand how to be a partner to small businesses that want to have a sustainable success trajectory. We then discuss delegating as a small business owner. Know what you're great at and hand off your not-so-good skills to others. A lot of business owners struggle with doing such things. Investing time and money to launch it effectively sets a firm foundation about how the company will do. Business owners who launch before anything often wonder why their customers never show up months later. When you delegate tasks, you help your business grow and let your team members shine. It also enables you to experience the success that you would not have achieved otherwise. Key Takeaways When you give the right resources, you can help build confidence with your partners. Delegation can really help you as a business owner. You shouldn’t be afraid to delegate and work with other people to help your business succeed.
April 23, 2021
Local Business Hacks - Scale your brand with Social Media w/ Aaron Eisberg @Accuro | Referrizer #7
Gamification can get people excited about results and keep them motivated Think of ways you can help your customers stay engaged with your business and help make the experience even better. Using gamification can be a fun and nontraditional way for both the customers and the businesses to improve themselves (and the bottom line). Engage with your audience wherever they are on social media Small businesses should educate themselves about using social media. Find out where your audience hangs out the most. Take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms and engage with your audience. Social media has a host of communities, from moms to health and fitness, finance to book clubs, and everything in between. It has every community you would need. Even if you don't have a budget to spend on your advertising or, or whatever you traditionally do more, more of, social media is a big growth marketing hack. There are so many more possibilities these days to help your business grow. It's important to identify your niche's trends and work them into your business. Many people enjoy it when businesses post about current events and trending memes on social media. You can do so much cool stuff with social media such as conducting live videos, contests, memes, Q&As, giveaways, and more. The rest of your content should offer value and build trust and authority. Find other local businesses with similar audiences to connect with Another hack for small businesses is finding a business that’s like yours and is in the same area as your own. For instance, a boutique fitness gym can follow a smoothie bar or a sustainable grocery store’s social media pages. The gym can comment on their social media pages, and the gym’s comments may intrigue customers to come over and check them out. Soon, they’ll find they have gained more followers because they attempted to reach out to other audiences with similar interests and values. Tell your customers what's happening with your business During the pandemic, people are afraid to visit indoors, so be transparent and educate your customers. A good way to reach your customers is to show them not just how you're different, but also how you're doing in this pandemic. People are curious and want to discover what other people do daily and in business. You want to make it known that you're taking every step in your power to accommodate and appease your customers during these trying times. The more people who relate to you, the more likely they are to engage in your content.
April 16, 2021
Local Business Hacks - How to Inspire an Ownership Mindset w/ Andre Cvijovic @Referrizer | Referrizer#6
Episode Intro With this episode, we speak with Andre Cvijovic, CEO of Referrizer. Learn the essentials of getting quality reviews and the easiest way to double your client base without spending a dime. You'll also learn how you can reframe problems and have your staff take ownership in the quest for success. Takeaways Don't be afraid to ask for reviews The best way for companies to reach more customers is to list their business on Google Maps. With the help of the Google Business listing, it is easy, fast, cheapest, and the most effective method for ranking high on Google through Google reviews. Send your client a link to their listing and ask if they'll share theirs. You’ll see results as soon as one month, and they'll last a long time. Use a reputation management system Small businesses should use something like a reputation management system that will enable them to keep going with getting quality reviews. A reputation management system works automatically with your booking software. As soon as they leave your business, you can automatically follow them up with a quick survey link to their phone number or email.  Just make sure that you ask more clients, because if you don't do it, then your business may not grow. Reach out to leads as soon as possible To double your client base immediately without spending a dime on marketing, don’t wait. If you’re looking for a gym, and you click on a Google ad that claims to give a free week-long gym pass, you put your number, but nothing happens. But if you go to another website, you find that you can immediately sign up for a gym deal like a free gym pass or personal training session and you’ll get a callback. See a problem as an opportunity A challenge is never a challenge, but it is a chance run by the people involved to make things better. Just seeing it from a different angle will let you see that everything in your life offers opportunity. For small business owners, they should ask themselves these questions: “What's good about that? How can you take advantage of this challenge? How can you use it in your favor?” After answering those three questions, you'll find some outstanding answers. Make sure your employees own their roles Your employees are all part of the same group, working together to promote the common good.   Set an example for your team and the rest will follow. When you allow flexibility, then this gives them creative freedom to think of new solutions. They’ll think the same way as you, believing that this is their job and, and this is their company. They’ll learn to own their roles.
April 09, 2021
Local Business Hacks - Make smart advertising investment and know your conversion w/ Jillian Fraser Quandt @MedSpa Marketing Solutions + Vector Solutions | Referrizer #5
Our guest is Jillian Fraser Quandt, Director of Business Development for MedSpa Marketing Solutions + Vector Solutions. We discuss how Vector Solutions got its start solving a problem that many businesses face: how to convert a lead to a sale? She talked to us about her experience with how she makes it easy for small businesses with no sales process or closing process, making it easier for small businesses to be successful in their marketing endeavors. She says knowing where the new leads come from is an important part of running a successful business, so you know what kind of advertising is working for you. We discuss businesses' need to be strategic with how they plan out their advertising and sales process. Businesses can save time and money through automation on Facebook to contact leads and schedule an appointment or a consult, but they may not have the budget for it yet. So what can a small business owner like you do instead? A good place to start is to sit down and develop a sales and closing process that will make your employees' jobs much easier. That way, they know exactly what they need to do when a phone rings, and it's a new client. Following up with leads can be a huge time sink, but if you have the right system in place, there is no need. And if you look at who is following up with the leads, so many business owners should become more hands-on in their lead generation. Taking a good hard look at your process is the most important thing. You probably love a staff member and they may be fantastic at certain aspects of the business, but they are not the best closer. You need to know your conversion rate and close ratios. Because the lead generation funnel gives you the assurance that your business will survive 30, 60, or 90 days out. Without a sales process that works and without good outsourcing for your marketing, you might try to sell your services with one hand tied behind your back. Sales processes help you work more efficiently and have better service delivery to your existing clients and potential leads. The best companies keep a plan in place to generate sales instantly, knowing the rate at which their time investment converts. They use tools and a plan, planning the best way to schedule their tasks in order to generate conversions. Key Takeaways Being smart about where your money goes and how you partner is much more beneficial than doing it on your own. You NEED a plan. Plan your leads. Plan your sales funnel. Plan your ad spend and plan your goals and tools.
April 02, 2021
Local Business Hacks - Creating business value with networking & partnership marketing w/ Darryl Hicks @FlexPay | Referrizer #4
The pandemic forced more business owners to get creative and start selling online such as online courses, products, subscription plans, and more. Out of the worst, most challenging moments, the most creative enterprises are born. However, it can be a lonely road to entrepreneurship. The long days can wear down anyone, especially if you feel alone and don’t have anyone to turn to for advice. There's nothing wrong with building a business on your own, but there's a lot to be gained in asking for help. If you’re new to selling online and going at your business alone, you’re going to want to pay attention to this episode of the Local Business Hacks podcast. We talk to Darry Hicks, the co-founder and CEO of Flexpay. We talk more about his entrepreneurial journey and how he got started in business and what led him to start Flexpay. As a high-volume seller of subscription products, Daryl Hicks built a reputation as the efficiency and optimization guy in the direct marketing world. However, he knew that selling online carried risks. The credit card decline rates were through the roof, and he wanted to solve the problem with FlexPay. Now they work with a wide variety of clients, especially those in the health and wellness industries. Darryl knows what it’s like out there for the average small business owner as someone who has founded previous businesses. We then talk about networking, and how your connections can help you out the most with creating more business value. Whether you’re looking for a referral or for a recruit into your company, there are many people out there, especially in the entrepreneurial groups who want to help. Many of them understand the struggle of opening and running your business, so don’t be afraid to reach out when you need them the most. Once you find those people, reach out to them and get their advice. Sometimes all it takes is some validation or a little tweak to improve your business by half a percent. You can continue this through networking partnerships. Working with other businesses on content projects, loyalty programs, and marketing the content to their target audiences may be beneficial to your business. Key Takeaways Any business that doesn’t accept online payments is losing money. It's a gold nugget for you right now that you can use to reclaim your customers and get them coming back in and spending money. Learn tips on how to solve issues with credit card transactions in three ways and the best times of the week to run credit cards. A business takes time, and you have taken the first step. Don't be afraid to seek support whenever you need it. You will be surprised how many people will help you out and connect you to others along the way. There's a lot of help there that you can rely on during your journey.
March 26, 2021
Local Business Hacks - Leverage video content to get clients with Chris Badgett @Lifter LMS | Referrizer #3
We welcome Chris Badgett, co-founder and CEO of LifterLM, who discusses creating your own videos and teaching others for your small business. Whether you’re a yoga teacher or you’re in the beauty business, this is a great video about the power of building a unique legacy for yourself. Key Takeaways Video is a powerful medium that is at our fingertips. And you don’t have to make it a commercial! You can start by making videos for your social media from Twitter to TikTok to Snapchat. A solution-aware video helps customers identify the issue, search for the right solution, and then notice your products. This will lead to them evaluating your product against the competition. Regardless of what you create—a video or a course—you are your own unique authority in your industry. This allows you to not only teach better but become a more knowledgeable person too. By creating videos that are truly yours, you are building a legacy that will survive you for generations. The world is full of different people, but there's only one of you. Some people will resonate with your messaging or like your teaching style better than others. And that’s okay. Be confident in your expertise. Small businesses can use videos and online courses to help with the onboarding of new employees. This creates a marvelous opportunity to have a side income stream while also productizing your onboarding experience through some online education. They know what to expect, but they now have internal learning resources within the business.
March 09, 2021
Local Business Hacks - Growth marketing that makes a difference with Brandon Yu @Redefine Growth Marketing | Referrizer #2
In this episode, we speak with Brandon Yu of ReDefined Marketing Solutions about how his agency helps spa and med spa business owners of stay on top of their marketing and generate more leads. He explains why small business owners should devote a lot of effort to marketing their businesses in order to get more customers through their doors. Key Takeaways Try new things despite the current pandemic and don’t let failure stop you. You have to push yourself to succeed. Work on your marketing strategy every day of the week. You won’t get rich overnight but if you continue to hack your way and you fail a few times, that’s okay. It’s all part of the learning process.
March 09, 2021
Local Business Hacks - How to NOT overlook your ROI? with Tiphany Lopez @Aestethic Record | Referrizer #1
For this week’s Local Business Hacks podcast episode, we’re talking with Tiphany Lopez, the Chief Growth Officer from Aesthetic Record. We talk about why tracking your numbers for your business is important for a small business and learn the four choices that can scale your business. Key Takeaways Rather than rely on paper and pen or a CPA to manage your business, don’t be afraid to automate your numbers by using the software. When you sell, what kind of inventory do you think you'll have and how will you ship it out? Auto-shipping is the way to go if you sell products and makes it easier for your business to scale. For business owners who are starting out, they’re more into the “feel” of the business. Being able to track your numbers, whether it would be on an Excel spreadsheet or A&R, can tell you a story of where your business is going. You can choose only four choices that can help grow your business: see more customers, have more people to come in, let your customers buy more products, or raise your prices. Pick which one you need for your business now and measure the metrics. After you master them, move on to the next choice. This podcast is made by Referrizer, the best marketing automation tool that can help you generate referrals, gain more customer loyalty and boost your online reputation.
March 09, 2021