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LD-at-Large Podcast

LD-at-Large Podcast

By Chris Lose
Stage and Theatrical Lighting in the modern world.

Chris is a Designer Relations Developer for Ayrton Lighting, international touring lighting director, programmer and columnist who has dedicated his life to solving problems through pragmatic decision making and mindfulness. He strives to invoke emotion through color, atmosphere and beauty. This podcast takes time to share the unique philosophies, experiences and knowledge that have allowed him and his colleagues to succeed in the hard knocks business of rock 'n roll touring.
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Reinventing Yourself to Stay Relevant - with John Daniels
with John Daniels - Lighting Designer at Karpe Diem On this episode, we discuss growing up in Saudi Arabia, getting a worldly education, how to pull inspiration from world travels, being an immigrant in your own country, human rights in the Middle East, interning in Miami, lighting as function vs. lighting as art, training the next generation to maintain a level of quality, how pre-vis can help provide the best quality of art, the transition from lighting the set to lighting air, and how to decide when to keep it classy and simple or flashy and wild.
May 25, 2021
A Life Well Lit - with John “Ozzie” Osborne
With John “Ozzie” Osborne - Lighting Designer at Ozterity Lighting On this episode, we discuss storytelling with light, maintaining a diverse skill set in the lighting industry while maintaining a core set of values, the importance of democratic collaboration and authoritative decision making, the importance of mentorship, working for any artist that pays us and being picky about our clients, working with full creative freedom as opposed to some guidelines, working to travel, lighting for camera in the digital age, and using lighting to inspire folklore and affect history. “Perfection is achieved not when there Is nothing more to add, but when there Is nothing left to take away” Antoine de Saint-Exupery Please visit:
May 16, 2021
Create Your Own Freedom of Expression - with Adam LaBay
with Adam LaBay - Laser Designer at Precision Lasers On this episode, we discuss the endless opportunities and creative outlets that lasers provide, laser safety, laser artistry, how the laser industry has adapted to the isolation period, the birth of Laser Banding as a new art form, abandoning the bass to buy a laser rig and start a laser company, how lasers can become part of the lighting design process and integrate into the lighting programming, bitcoin, and the future of laser development. Please visit:,
May 15, 2021
Look To The Future For Good Business - with Steve Richards
with Steve Richards - Principal at Original Syndicate LLC On this episode, we discuss how the future of the lighting industry will be forever changed, how will we maintain our level or compensation, what does and does not belong in a deal memo, being a pragmatic mentor, when an email and a handshake is good enough, how to properly define out terms for employment without presenting as a prima-donna, how to keep in line with covering ourselves vs. being demanding, and whether or not we should include repercussions for late payment in a contract. disclaimer: this is not legal advice. Please visit:
May 14, 2021
Get Paid to Pay Attention to Details - Megan Alksninis
with Megan Alksninis - Lighting Designer at Megrose Designs On this episode, we discuss paying attention to details, the difference between a perfectionist and a jerk, when good enough is good enough, how to strive for perfection without sweating it, how even drunk people are entitled to a great performance, the joys of happy accidents, donating pre-vis time to make ourselves have a great show, focusing on minute details without losing the big picture, working with Atreyu, New Found Glory, Refused, The Amity Affliction Freelance and more. Please visit:
May 09, 2021
Fame, Fortune or Fulfillment - with Mike Wood
with Mike Wood - Lighting Designer/Director & Educator out of Nashville On this episode, we discuss how to maintain living rates post-pandemic, how far we should be willing to compromise, how transparent we need to be about our rates, having difficult conversations about what we make among trusted companions, the idea of a transparent open-source database of pay rates, if it is ever okay to work for free, using union wages as a barometer, collective bargaining, and the notion of paying your dues. Please visit: and
May 07, 2021
Beyond Church Camp Ghetto - with Brian Vaughan
with Brian Vaughan - Director of Lighting at Fireplay! On this episode, we discuss coming up through the church scene to do bigger shows, when to work for art’s sake and when to work for a paycheck, when is it okay to work for free? Charities? Church? Opening Band?, the benefits of free text support, how we will keep our rates at a good level post-pandemic, and how much of your show file belongs to the client and how much belongs to the programmer. Please visit: and
April 22, 2021
Black LDs Matter - with Kathy A. Perkins
with Kathy A. Perkins - Lighting Designer and Professor of Theatre out of North Carolina On this episode, we discuss how much progress we have made as an industry to promote inclusivity and how much farther we have to go, her unique experiences in theatrical lighting and the entertainment industry, being willing to express herself in multiple mediums including research, books and lectures, the role of race and class in the arts, where racism and classism exist in our industry, the steps that unions have taken to promote inclusivity in theater, her upcoming book - Telling Our Stories of Home, and how to encourage diversity in entertainment. Please visit:
April 19, 2021
A Man Apart in Mexico - with Daniel Dawson
with Daniel Dawson - Lighting Designer for Black Label Society On this episode, we have a discussion between expat lighting designers, how he got into the industry, what the lifestyle is like in Mexico right now, moving from tech to crew chief to designer, mentors that have taught him what he knows, How his technician skills affect his designs, calling on radio to fix a light when you know its a cable and not the programming, bringing family and kids to a show, some things that we will never take for granted again, and the love and respect for our rock ’n roll community. Please visit:
April 19, 2021
LASERS: An Industry Adapting to Change - with Justin Perry
with Justin Perry - Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Pangolin / Kvant / Unity Lasers On this episode, we discuss the progression of lasers and laser technology, laser programming, how lasers have adapted to the isolation period, audience scanning safety, how lasers can be as impactful on camera as they are in a live setting, how lasers are adapting to VR, AR and XR, how lasers are becoming part of the lighting design process and integrating into the lighting programming, maintaining relationships with clients during the isolation period, and maintaining momentum when the industry is basically closed. Please visit: and and
April 16, 2021
The Televised Revolution - with Jeff Ravitz
with Jeff Ravitz - Lighting Designer and Founding Partner at Intensity Advisors On this episode, we discuss his upcoming book - Lighting for Televised Live Events: Making Your Live Production Look Great for the Eye and the Camera, considering a career (or a career expansion) into television, considering every angle in a multi-camera shot, what discussions need to be had to prepare for a live broadcast, lighting for different skin tones,  how the entire world is being broadcast. The book explores how to retain the essence and excitement of a live production while assuring that the show looks its best on-camera for the millions of viewers that can only see it on their TV, computer, tablet, or mobile phone screen. Readers will learn how to adapt an existing stage show for the camera, as well as how to design live entertainment or events specifically for TV. Filled with real-life examples and illustrations, the book covers a wide range of topics. Please visit: and
April 04, 2021
Bring in the Theatre Marines - with Paul Fine
with Paul Fine - Principal Designer at Fine Design Associates On this episode, we discuss the importance of peer to peer events, applying theatre techniques to corporate events, corporate events return even after live music, how corporate shows provide a different lifestyle from concert and theatrical professions, how to make the audience feel like they are stepping into an embassy, lighting corporate shows for impact above utility, unfair labor practices at venues, unfair business practices by large rental houses, and the similarities of rock ’n roll touring and the corporate world. Please visit:
April 04, 2021
People Pleasing Primadonna in Pink Chiffon - with Dustin Snyder
with Dustin Snyder - Lighting Designer and Director On this episode, we discuss what extraordinary lengths we would go to to do lighting, what great lengths we have gone to to keep a job, how to be a better negotiator, how to be a hard worker without compromising our ethics, having special requests when taking a job, How demanding we can be on a job (special diet, work hours, extracurricular activities, rental cars etc.), having to wear two and three hats to stay under budget in the lean market, a vegan tangent and finally, what we will have to do post-pandemic to keep up our perks and necessities? Please visit:
March 29, 2021
Slashing the Stuff Without Cutting the Impact - with Jesper Luth
with Jesper Luth - Production Manager, Lighting Designer and Director On this episode, we discuss minimalism, how minimalism has influenced our design processes, how minimalism has changed our lifestyles, the influence of early days in theatre where we had to light multiple act shows with very little inventory, the art of walking into an in house production to implement your show, how to general impact with the least amount of gear, how to simplify a punt page for maximum efficacy, prioritizing simple yet effective rigs, The Historical Society of Concert Touring, and how people can help submit. Please visit: and
March 27, 2021
Creating Space For Growth and Illumination - with Paul Boken
with Paul Boken - Vice President at Mulvey & Banani Lighting. On this episode, we discuss how he transitioned from stage lighting to become an architectural lighting designer, what an architectural lighting designer does and how stage lighting techniques can transfer, the importance of human-centric designs, some beneficial skill sets for an ALD, some of the challenges facing ALDs, a need for "content" that drives modern lighting systems, and how modern programming and content generation of these systems requires us to draw on the stage lighting talent pool to create meaningful installations. Please visit:
March 24, 2021
The Most Positive Light Available - with Rob Denton
with Rob Denton - Lighting Designer at RDentex Design and Interim Head of Lighting at The Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University On this episode, we discuss how to create enthusiasm for the next generation of entertainment professionals, helping the students of 2021 get a chance to work in the entertainment industry, how the mew generations will adapt to the new way of entertaining the masses, what the next generation is learning about our industry, the importance of learning from a professional in our field, the proper class size, the resiliency of today’s youth, and how we can be socially/professionally productive during the isolation period. Please visit:
March 24, 2021
There’s Rules But There Are No Rules - with Justin Cheatham
with Justin Cheatham - Associate Designer at The Activity On this episode, we discuss being a “fancy” programmer in the new world, why we all need to learn to pre-viz, how video and VR have overtaken lighting as a focal point, how being a drummer and musician can help you program, the importance of asking for help, the bravery necessary to ask for a mentorship, how to mask incompetence with over-preparation, and growing up on Sesame Street. Please visit:
March 21, 2021
Reimagining What We Do and How We Do It - with Dennis Size
with Dennis Size - Executive V.P. of Design at The Lighting Design Group On this episode, we discuss what the pandemic has taught us about leadership, how we have to adapt our leadership skills for tomorrow versus a year ago, how we've changed ... and conversely how colleagues/friends think we've changed, what we have to be proud of today ....having made it through this terrible year, what we have really learned about ourselves and the way we cope with disaster, the new entertainment industry workflow, how to adapt our storytelling to match the new industry. Please visit:
March 18, 2021
The Lion’s Next Step Out of Jail - with Andres Campos
with Andres Campos - Lighting Director and Programer for Marc Anthony On this episode, we discuss the necessary passion to be in our industry, how important international relationships are, getting his start in the church environment, building a powerful work ethic, transitioning from programmer to trainer, the South America market vs. North America, working as a freelancer as opposed to working for a company, the logistics of allowing consoles on the internet, and how to accept tech service phone calls when we are on the road. Please visit:
March 14, 2021
Get Turned on by Architectural Lighting - with Deborah Gottesman
with Deborah Gottesman, MBA, P.Eng., LC, AssocIALD - Principal, Gottesman Associates Deborah is an electrical engineer with an MBA in Real Property. Her career spans over 30 years in all facets of the lighting industry, including design, engineering, management, education, and manufacturing. This gives her a unique contextual understanding of architectural lighting from all perspectives. On this episode, we discuss how to pivot to an architectural lighting position, the typical path that one should follow when entering the field of architectural lighting design, what an architectural lighting designer does, what types of projects ALD's work on, project time frames, scopes of work, beneficial skill sets for an ALD, and the similarities between stage lighting and architectural design. Please visit:
March 11, 2021
Hellooo!! Entertainment Moved Online - with Hellooo Production
With Erik Rogers and Paris Visone from Hellooo Productions  and special guest, Tony Caporale of Infinitus Vox On this episode, we discuss moving entertainment online, producing live shows for digital presentation, making streaming entertainment profitable, making a connection through a tiny screen, making that content impactful, how to compete in the digital world for attention and entertainment, how to be present immersive content to the audience and transitioning from mega-live events to live streaming events. Please visit: and
March 10, 2021
We Were Born to do This - with Yamil, Elian and Khalil Charif
with Yamil, Elian and Khalil Charif - Lighting Designers, Directors and Programmers at YC3 Lighting Design On this episode, we discuss having a family business in the entertainment industry, growing up as three sons of a Production Manager, how they knew they needed to be in the lighting industry, their excitement about following in the family footsteps, the pressure of upholding a family legacy, having their work ethic compared to that of their father, working side by side as a family and as a business, and taking full advantage of family loyalties. Please visit: and
March 10, 2021
Reclaiming the Wasted Years - with Dizzy Gosnell
with Dizzy Gosnell - Production Director at Bandit Lites On this episode, we discuss how to digitize and archive the lighting rigs or Rock ’n Roll past, the history of truss, big par can rigs, the historic AC/DC and Iron Maiden rigs of lore, tossing out old plots, the standardization of gear, the homogenization of DMX protocols, and the corporatization of our the industry. Please visit: and
March 10, 2021
Entertaining Children with Mad Science - with Ian Hoffer
with Ian Hoffer - Technical Consultant operating as Aurora Sound & Light Design On this podcast, we discuss ways to avoid boredom, projecting lasers from his house to his neighbor’s roof for Halloween, using a video wall and pro FM processor and transmitter to do a couple drive in movies in a restaurant parking lot, building a new PC and motion simulator for his flight simulator, AI motion platform out in the garage, installing all exterior Philips Hue lights in his house, adding new lights and sirens to all of his automobiles, go-karts and ATVs, setting up VR in the living room, and being the coolest DJ for his teenage daughter. Please visit:
March 10, 2021
How to Avoid the Middle Seat to Australia - with Nick van Nostrand
with Nick van Nostrand - Lighting Programmer / Designer / Director at Focus Group On this episode, we discuss the brave new world of remote programming, how technology opens up the floodgates to working internationally, how this technology makes life more and less busy, how this opportunity can make our lives easier and harder, whether or not we need to get paid a full rate on travel days/ per diem for remote pre-production, the importance of simple shows and simple programming, the pros and cons of designing vs. programming, the importance of transparency, and what programmers moving to design should be mindful of. Please visit:
March 10, 2021
Support Digital Empathy - with Ruben Laine
with Ruben Laine - Chief Nerd at Creative Integration Studio On this episode, we discuss digital gatekeeping, supporting one another online, supporting social media forums with good information, Super Bowl half-time show comments, demoralizing new talent instead of bringing something useful to the conversation, how we can be good digital mentors, the Barcelona Olympics 1992 Opening Ceremony, and learning to provide constructive criticism in the digital age. Please visit:
March 07, 2021
Highly Stimulated in Isolation - with Michael Herkimer
With Michael “Herk” Herkimer - Designer/Programmer/Operator at HerkLX On this episode, we discuss working in entertainment from a small town, taking a break from touring six months before the pandemic, the unfamiliar balance of not touring, how difficult it is as a guy who has been considered at times an extreme workaholic in an industry of workaholics, what it takes to fulfill the needs of a person who’s used to being highly stimulated, his new baby girl and puppy, trying to maintain professional and personal relationships in isolation, transitioning into film/tv, and how to treat everyone with respect on the way up and the way down. Please visit:
March 06, 2021
Lights, Camera, Diaspora! - with Christian Epps
with Christian Epps - Chief Executive Officer at Lights, Camera, Diaspora! On this episode, we discuss Lights, Camera, Diaspora, a non-profit social enterprise that bridges the gap between the African and African-Diaspora entertainment industries to progress the aesthetic quality and business opportunities for African film, broadcast and live events on the Continent and in the African Diaspora, sharing knowledge to the future production professionals of Africa, presenting workshops, sharing technology, how the internet is increasing diversity of opinion and how we can help out. Please visit: and
February 27, 2021
Sculpting with Syrup - with Andrew Dawson
with Andrew Dawson - Lighting Designer/Programmer On this episode, we discuss working in the Canadian production industry, gaining some road wings right before the pandemic hit, his college light show from Fanshawe College, maintaining the momentum to work up the ladder, how he got interested in lighting, how to keep busy during the pandemic, the importance of simple shows and simple programming, his programming style, and maintaining an online presence. Please visit:
February 26, 2021
Actively Seeking a Balance - with Matt Ardine
with Matt Ardine - Lighting Designer and Gaffer On this episode, we discuss working on Music by Sia, the “less-is-more” principle, his origin story of coming up from shooting skate videos, being a dad in the entertainment lighting industry during isolation, shooting commercials, actively seeking a balance between work and home life, how important the union has been during the isolation period, some good stories from production and the importance of having a hobby outside the industry. Please visit:  and and
February 26, 2021
What a Way to Make a Living - with Mick Smith
with Mick Smith - Vice President of Design at Eastern Lighting Design On this episode, we discuss being a father and husband in the entertainment industry, knowing that we wanted to be in the industry as a teenager, the lifestyle of touring Broadway shows, the difference between New York Show Biz and LA show biz, what frustrates us most about the lighting business, finding a way to use the entertainment industry to spend more time at home. Please visit:
February 26, 2021
The Youngest Person in the Room - with Luis Garcia
with Luis Garcia - Lighting & Media Designer On this episode, we discuss climbing the ranks quickly before the pandemic closed us down, staying optimistic about our industry during isolation, shifting from in-person productions to virtual, what it’s like to be the youngest in the room with fresh ideas, proving yourself to the older generation, permanently changing the norms of our industry and expanding the scope of productions, joining a progressive union in Oregon, and making strong contacts to turn them into connections. Please visit:
February 24, 2021
Providing Power to the People - with Jim Tetlow
with Jim Tetlow - Former President and current Principal Consultant at Nautilus Entertainment Design On this episode, we discuss Nautilus Entertainment Design, Inc. becoming an employee-owned business, changing roles during the pandemic, forming ESOP to sell NED to the employees, grooming people to take over a successful business, what to look forward to in his new role, reflecting on over 30 years of experience, and some stories from the trenches. Please visit:
February 19, 2021
Let’s Create Theatre That Matters - with Adam Honoré
with Adam Honoré - Lighting Designer out of New York City On this episode, we discuss seven teachers who have influenced Adam’s adventures in the entertainment industry, how the students of 2020 might get a chance to work in the entertainment industry, modern lighting portfolios, modern technology being taught in schools, how prevalent the arts need to be in schools in the modern era, and how we treat modern artists and teachers. Please send your respect to these influencers: Mrs. Raye Ann Cox - Jr. High Theater Teacher (Creek Valley Middle School, Texas) Mrs. Kimberly Mohn Powell - High School Technical Director / Theater Teacher (Hebron High School, Texas) Mr. Dusty Thompson - Head of High School Theater Program / Theater Teacher (Hebron High School, Texas and Executive Producer of Viva Creative) Mr. Cade Butler  - High School Technical Director / Theater Teacher (Hebron High School, Texas and Fine Arts Coordinator at Frisco ISD) Steven A. Draheim - Associate Professor of Design (University of Oklahoma) Jon Young - Associate Professor of Design (University of Oklahoma) Driscoll Otto - Lighting & Projection Design for Theatre & Opera. Partner/Creative Director at Chromatic Light Please visit:
February 16, 2021
Promoting Healthy Competition - with Jason Giaffo
With Jason Giaffo - Lighting Programmer and Director at Giaffo Designs On this episode, we discuss working on getting out of the hyper-competitive mindset, scrolling through social media feeds with jealousy, learning to be happy for other people's successes, dealing with the tendency to always need to be doing something out of feeling like you’re never doing enough and understanding nobody can be 100% at all times, dealing with attention deficit issues, the mental health benefits of just staying distanced from checking social media constantly, especially for being able to stay focused in day to day tasks, and how easy it is to fall into the trap of thinking that everybody else you know on social media is doing better in their career than you are just because you only see the highlights. Please visit:
February 15, 2021
Roadie Through it No Matter What - with Chris Gratton
with Chris Gratton - Production Manager On this episode, we discuss working during a pandemic, working in the Bieber Bubble, the corporatization of the industry, mandatory COVID testing, demanding COVID regulations to continue working, finding surprises even after thirty years in the industry, changing attitudes from rock ’n roll touring to KIDZBOP touring, the eventual vaccination of roadies, and being polite to get what you need. Please visit:
February 15, 2021
Thank You My Little Pony - with Guy Smith
with Guy Smith - Owner and Lighting Designer at Free Radical Design Group On this episode, we discuss the cruise ship party scene, doing mega events in remote locations, leaving the profession of detox counselor to run lights in a night club, learning the ropes in NYC, the underground party scene, learning the fundamentals of lighting after being a professional, how we can increase diversity of opinion in entertainment, My Little Pony riggers, and how to use broad strokes to recreate the primal party scene. Please visit:
February 12, 2021
A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss - with Andrew Douglas
with Andrew Douglas - President/Owner of Touch Light & Media, Inc. On this episode, we discuss how we are roadie pirates who have to put on a suit and do corporate gigs, The gray areas between rock and corporate, the speed of corporate shows vs. rock n roll, the expectations of a headlining band in a corporate situation, the desire to rock and roll but the necessity of doing corporate events, corporate stagehands vs. roadies, dress codes on the road and in the ballroom, adapting to new schedules and some speculation on the future of live events. Please visit:
February 12, 2021
Overput in the Effort to Succeed - with Darrius Medina
with Darrius Medina - Founder and Lighting Designer at Lit Creative On this episode, we discuss adapting  and growing during the pandemic, transitioning to a normal sleep schedule, getting a leg up lighting houses of worship, progress from pushing cases to tech to programmer to designer, learning new skills on the fly, saying yes to as many opportunities as possible, building a creative team around oneself and the ability to adapt to change. “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” - Stephen Hawking Please visit:
February 12, 2021
Inauguration Celebrations - with Chris Lisle
with Chris Lisle - Production Designer out of Nashville On this episode, we discuss lighting design at the Flag of Fields and lighting of pillars at the National Mall during the Inauguration ceremony utilizing more than 1500 lights just to light the flags and 56 beams in the air, getting a call to go to work the capitol, what security was like, the COVID regulations, getting enough gear, doing events with more media than audience, working with the Presidential Inauguration Committee, and knowing that this project would be immortalized on an international level. Please visit:
February 10, 2021
Live From Dimmer Beach - with Jason Trowbridge
with Jason Trowbridge - LIghting Crew Chief at PRG. On this episode, we discuss what a crew chief does, how to read and translate a plot, how to manage a crew and delegate responsibilities, what to look for when selecting a crew, how to take pride in your gig, the progression away from working on lights in the rig, some war stories from lighting past, when to yell at a crew and when not to, the unique lifestyle of a lighting crew chief, and Dimmer Beach Monthly. Please visit:
February 10, 2021
Choreographing Light from El Salvador - with Alexandra Vasquez Dheming
with Alex Vasquez Dheming - Lighting Programmer, Designer and Production Manager On this episode, we discuss her experience as an immigrant artist, the logistics of being on an O1 visa in the midst of a pandemic, See Lighting Foundation Artists, the need for sustainability in the arts, allowing efficiency to rule the design process, replacing outdated fixtures with greener fixtures, working in theater in the American South as opposed to New York City and Latin America, and if energy efficiency means compromising quality. Please visit:
February 05, 2021
With Love and Solidarity for Immigrant Theater Artists - with Cha See
with Cha See - Lighting Designer at See Lighting Design On this episode, we discuss the role of the See Lighting Foundation, The roles of immigration and class in the arts and shaping the work of the local theater, where racism and classism still exist in our industry, how to encourage diversity in entertainment, what it can be like for immigrants to be working in our industry, how travel restrictions reduce business opportunities, how we can improve working conditions, and how to make a difference for immigrants today. Please visit: and
January 30, 2021
Glutton for Punishment - with Chris Stuba
with Chris Stuba - Lighting Designer/Director at Stuba Light On this episode, we discuss being a lighting director in the new industry, the differences between directing and designing, what a lighting director is and is not, talking about what we do in and out of the industry, the corporatization of the rock ’n roll industry, sharing war stories, and living for the music. Please visit:
January 28, 2021
Know Your Rights and Stay Alive - with Steve Adelman
with Steve Adelman - Head of Adelman Law Group  and Vice President of the Event Safety Alliance On this episode, we discuss the legal ramifications of working in the age of COVID, lawyer teaching us lawyer stuff, employer regulations for COVID compliance, the pitfalls of corporate Immunity, duty, breach, causation, harm, revocable license, vaccine regulations, vaccine requirements, proof of vaccinations, the role of COVID compliance officers, and whether these regulations can be enforced independently, locally, state wide or federally. Please visit:
January 28, 2021
Piloting Without Instrumentation in the Digital Age - with Victor Fable
with Victor Fable - Lighting Designer and DP at VFL On this episode, we discuss how the digital age has brought us closer together and driven us farther apart, creating a memorable connection in a huge stadium and an intimate environment, how the pandemic has affected human interactions, using television to maximize the connection or diminish the impact of the entertainer, how important a good programmer is to achieve your goals, using lighting to connect the audience to the performer without being distracting, whether or not technology has made our design process easier or more isolated, and exploring Victor’s “go-with-the-flow-style” of lighting Please visit:
January 23, 2021
Never Be Bored - with Gabe Fraboni
with Gabe Fraboni - Founder at PHNTM Labs On this episode, we discuss how to keep the creative vibes flowing pre and post isolation, psychedelics use in the design process, being young and full of optimism, walking with one leg, breaking into the entertainment business, computers becoming conscious, how the current education system can be refined to nurture creativity, finding inspiration in the natural world, working with Martin Garrix, and being mindful of the audience’s personal experience. Please visit:
January 22, 2021
Pirate Fearlessness - with Bob Peterson
With Bob Peterson - Owner/Lighting Designer at Real World Lighting, Inc. out of Chicago On this episode, we discuss the transition of our industry from grumpy, angry pirates to jovial refined technicians, how the digital age has influenced how we share connections, creating impact in large and small venues like the White House, Wrigley Field and  Ryman Auditorium, using television to increase the connection or diminish the impact of the entertainer, accepting external influences while maintaining a core style, being the nice guy who is good at their job and 43 years with Bob Seger. Please visit:
January 22, 2021
Pandemic Networking 101 - with Beth Weinstein
with Beth Weinstein - Conference Director and Marketer at BDub Marketing On this episode, we discuss networking, adaptability, how to pivot temporarily til the entertainment biz returns if necessary, we destigmatize the need to to pivot, what employers are looking for on a resume, what skills do you have that apply to anything outside of our industry, how to market yourself, polishing your resume, finding a job working from home, using your degree to secure a job, staying relevant without being obnoxious, and the myth of people not working because of unemployment. Please visit:
January 22, 2021
Running Shows ain't Brain Surgery - with Luke Edwards
with Luke Edwards - Creative Director and Lighting Designer out the UK On this episode, we discuss running a console during brain surgery, a massive brain tumor inside his head, how to support mental health in our industry, getting married during a pandemic, using technology to increase theatrical impact, lighting for the personal cameras in the audience, technology making our lives easier and harder, feeling like an audience member at our shows, working closely with Gary Numan, being the lighting child, and preparing for brain surgery. Please visit:
January 20, 2021
Extending Pandemic Unemployment Assistance - with Stephanie Freed
with Stephanie Freed - Production Electrician / Lighting Designer and Co Director at On this episode, we discuss what we can to to support our brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry in times of need, the mission of ExtendPUA, the utility of letter campaigns, how government agencies can do more to protect their citizens from poverty, how we can avoid unsafe situations through proper precautions, why corporate immunity should be scrutinized, how base unemployment is not a livable wage, and how we can do more to support one another. Please visit:
January 20, 2021
When we Know Better We Can do Better - with Stephanie Johnson
with Stephanie Johnson - Lighting Designer at Light Essence Design On this episode, we discuss being one of very few professional Black lighting designers in California, being a second-generation theater practitioner, the role of race in shaping the work of the local theater, how to encourage diversity in entertainment, how public policy can be shaped to increase diversity, being able to express yourself in multiple mediums, the power of public performance, paving the way for future generations and the possibility of a Secretary of the Arts in the US cabinet. Please visit:
January 20, 2021
A Singapore Perspective - with E-hui
with E-hui - Lighting Designer & Electrician out of Washington DC and Singapore On this episode, we discuss deciding to stay in Singapore during the pandemic, how theater production fare id continuing in Singapore, some difference between the work in Singapore and the USA, her preferential environment/setting to create art, the pros and cons of remote designing, creating long lasting relationships in theatre communities around the world, staying connected with your theatre families during the pandemic, and how contact tracing can be a way to get back to work. Please visit:
January 18, 2021
After the Plague Came the Renaissance - with Philip Vilar and Maegan Wilson
with Philip Vilar - Lighting and Projection Designer Maegan Wilson - Product Support Specialist at High End Systems On this episode, we discuss how to increase diversity of opinion in theater, how to break down the barriers to our industry, how to overcome the obstacles that might prevent creative minds admission to show biz, how to create enthusiasm for the next generation of entertainment professionals, what and how to teach the next generation, the importance of compensated internships, and how to share our experience with everyone. Please visit: and
January 14, 2021
Sit Home and Cry and/or Create a Second Option - with Christina Watanabe
with Christina Watanabe - Knights of Illumination award winning Lighting Designer and Educator On this episode, we discuss how to create enthusiasm for the next generation of entertainment professionals, what the students of 2020 will need to do to get a chance to work in entertainment, the benefits of having real world experience in the classroom, how to teach theater during a pandemic, the creativity sparks necessary to make it in show biz, the importance of finding a supportive mentor, remaining socially/professionally productive during the isolation period, lighting through walls, and knowing when to break the rules. Please visit:
January 12, 2021
Attached to the Rock - with Eric Cathcart
with Eric Cathcart - Lighting Designer at Bigtime Lighting Design LLC On this episode, we discuss how our job influences our identity, explaining what we do at dinner parties with people not in our industry, how specific we get when people ask about our job, whether or not it matters that other people understand our profession, how to answer the question “Do you get to hang out with the Black Keys?”, how to explain what happens on the road, the 1980’s idea of rock and roll touring, ticket requests, and how to separate yourself from your profession. Please visit:
January 10, 2021
Creativity is Immune - with Nick Whitehouse
with Nick Whitehouse - Lighting Designer and CEO at Fireplay! On this episode, we discuss how creativity needs to be important as we resume live shows, how to remain kind and humble under high pressure circumstances, how every single person is equally important on the way up and the way down, developing the bravery to ask questions of mentors and role models, sharing knowledge respectfully and logically, maintaining a proper relationship with clients, how to decide who is correct in the creative process, and if it is better to have 5 big clients or 30 small clients. Please visit:
January 09, 2021
Selling the Sizzle and the Steak - with Squeek
with Squeek - Managing Partner at Squeek Lights On this episode, we discuss imposter syndrome, how to sell what you are doing even when you are just treading water, how to perceive social media glamorization, what it’s like to be off the road and in a new environment, maintaining and expanding a lighting rental shop amidst pandemic, starting a business from scratch, government assistance to stay afloat, lighting cars with stage lighting and other bad ideas. Please visit: and @squeeklights on Instagram
December 19, 2020
How Gingerbread Roadies Took Control - with Brent Sandrock
with Brent Sandrock - Lighting / Media Programmer at Creative Lumens ON this episode, we discuss Gingerbread roadies, their baking time, licorice lace tensile strength, vanilla wafer trusses, tootsie roll speakers, graham cracker decking, #WeMakeEvents, what programmers moving to design should be mindful of, diversifying your skill sets, being aware of everyone’s role in entertainment, and who should be in charge of their own content. Please visit: and Please text liftup to 707070 #WeMakeEvents
December 19, 2020
Prison Yard or Summer Camp? - with Fragment Nine
Jackson Gallagher, Jeremy Lechterman and Michael “Hank” Hankowsky of Fragment Nine. On this episode, we discuss the war stories form over one-hundred days in the NBA bubble in Orlando, how they maintained, where they lived, how they quarantined, what the rules were like, how strict the guidelines were, how much pickle ball they could play, how to grow plants in a hotel room, how to maintains sanity in quarantine and thinking that McDonald’s is freedom. Please visit:
December 19, 2020
Don’t Pop the NHL Bubble Podcast - with Brent Clark
with Brent Clark - Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss surviving almost three months and eighty-one games in the HNL bubble in Edmonton, Alberta, how he got through the monotony, the adventures that he encountered, the testing, the quarantines, the boredom, the excitement, the people, the interactions, the rules, the regulations, the yard, the flights, the lighting and the tribulations. Please visit:
December 08, 2020
Maintaining Pay Scale in the Face of a Pandemic - with Myles Mangino
with Myles Mangino - Lighting & Production Designer at Highlt Production Design Studio On this episode, we discuss what can we do to keep up our rates post-COVID, working on the Biden/Harris campaign trail, the additional costs of providing PPE, how flexible we should be in giving a break for lower attendance rates, if we should encourage our clients to use local talent instead of flying people interstate, the possibilities of even stricter safety precautions and who should consume the costs of additional production costs during a pandemic. Please visit:
December 06, 2020
A Labor of Love is Still Labor - with Wu Chen Khoo
with Wu Chen Khoo - Freelance Lighting Designer, Technical Director and Stagehand out of Minneapolis, Minnesota On this episode, we discuss how racism and classism exist in our industry, how travel restrictions can reduce business opportunities, what it’s like for immigrants to be working in entertainment, the role of classism in shaping the work of the local theater, how we can improve working conditions, how to encourage diversity in entertainment, how to create equal opportunities, and the inherent flaws in hiring practices. Please visit: and
December 06, 2020
Finding a Workflow for Longevity - with Michael Meacham
with Michael Meacham - Co-owner at iDesign Productions On this episode, we discuss lighting for function vs. lighting for art, the importance of designing for fleeting moments as opposed to permanent installations, taking pride when people notice the lighting and when they don’t, starting small with a passion for lights in the DC nightclub scene, the nightclub scene compared to EDM today, transitioning to fountain designs, how to soak up the vibe of a place that doesn’t exist and decide what lighting is perfect, how previz has helped transfer that creative insights to a client, how to assemble a team to help create vision, and how having a strong team can help designers stay creative. Please visit:
December 01, 2020
Use Technology to Enhance the Music - with Ross Chapple
with Ross Chapple - Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss what drew him into the EDM world, what the EDM lifestyle is like, when to light the audience and when to leave them in the dark, lighting for cell phones, when to go high tech and when to rely on the basics, how much creative input and freedom he is required to express, the difference between working under strict guidelines and working with wide open free range, and the concerns of using technology responsibly. Please visit:
November 29, 2020
Preparing For the Wild West of Extended Reality - with Vincent Steenhoek
with Vincent Steenhoek - Founder and Managing Director at EVOKE Studios On this episode, we discuss how AR and XR can never replace live events but they can amplify and elevate live events and corporate meetings, the difference between XR, VR and AR, what kind of planning is necessary for a show that includes augmented reality, how to manage infinite possibilities, how the isolation period has affected many business models, how to determine if the technology is adding to the message or upstaging the message, how technology could be making shows easier or more complex to produce (set design vs. content creation), and the mental health concerns of a digital entertainment industry. Please visit: You can have a look at the reel:
November 28, 2020
Advocate for Yourself - with Megan Dougherty
with Megan Dougherty - Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss her origin story, giving out set-lists, adjusting to domestic life, working outside the lighting industry, traveling in a van, finding a niche in the entertainment industry, how to remain creative in the face of budgetary restrictions, unpaid internships, investing in ourselves and our exit strategies. Please visit:
November 23, 2020
Enrich the Human Condition with an Expectation of Safety - with Jim Digby
with Jim Digby - Co-Founder of the Event Safety Alliance On this episode, we discuss the mental and physical scars of injuries, maintaining safety in the "New Abnormal", what brought Jim into the forefront of industry safety and his nerdy safety journey, the considerations for outdoor events, the necessity of safety leadership, who takes liability for the audience well being, the importance of forethought and pre-planning, the power and necessity of live entertainment, COVID concerns, the duty of care, and finally the 2020 Event Safety Summit Dec 7, 2020 – Dec 11, 2020. Please visit:
November 22, 2020
Lowering Down the Ladder to Lift Others Up - with Dawn Chiang
with Dawn Chiang - Seasoned Lighting Designer out of Connecticut On this episode, we discuss the ways that we can give back to the industry, ways that we can accept help from our own industry, the human right to experience entertainment, the altruism of getting involved in our industry, the necessity of qualified mentors, chiseling away at the stigma against mental health, and three of the projects that Dawn supports including: The Wendy Project - Behind the Scenes - Actors Fund - Please consider donating to these organizations if you can or reach out for support if you need it. Please visit: and follow
November 20, 2020
Who Wants to Go to China During a Pandemic? - with Mat Stovall and Zach Matusow
with: Mat Stovall, Lighting Designer and Zach Matusow, Lighting Designer and Director On this episode, we discuss traveling to China to do a show in the midst of a global pandemic, League of Legends - Worlds 2020, the rise of eSports games, the quarantine process, the flight over, working in China, the working guidelines and environment, the COVID screening process with documentation, WeChat, Five weeks of XR environment studio shows, the audience at the show, and how the crew interacted before, during and after the show. Please visit:
November 20, 2020
When a Door Slams in Your Face, Move to LA - with Kate Blair
with Kate Blair - Lighting Director at NBC News and MSNBC News On this episode, we discuss working as a transgender woman in Virginia, working with Dave Matthews Band as a house band, joining a union in the mid-Atlantic area, returning to college for a BFA at age 45, understanding DMX, moving from Virginia to Los Angeles without a plan, pro-bono work with Musicians Loft at Brewery Arts Complex, remote operating a concert rig over the Internet with ETC Nomad, her time at NBC News, and the future of concerts including VR, AR and 3D modeling. Please visit:
November 16, 2020
Taking Care of Our Bros - with Cosmo Wilson
with Cosmo Wilson - Lighting Designer and Director On this episode, we discuss how we can take care of our bros in the industry by sharing some great stories and paying tribute to eleven of our friends that we miss terribly. Jay Robert “Bob” Harmon, Steve Richards, Michael Keller, Ethan Weber, Patrick Woodroffe / Terry Cook , Bryan Hartley, Rob Koenig, Nook Schoenfeld, Dak Harris, John Featherstone, and Phay Mac Mahon. Please visit:
November 11, 2020
Continually Learning to Follow Your Passion - with Lucrecia Briceno
with Lucrecia Briceno - Freelance Lighting Designer out of Brooklyn On this episode, we discuss moving from Peru to work in the USA, thriving for twenty years in Brooklyn, learning to specialize in lighting, work in the USA and abroad, joining a union in New York, the benefits of continually learning and teaching, the importance of gathering, using technology to expand our vision, traveling with kids, bringing kids to work with us, the need for fixture manuals in all languages, how the students of 2020 will need to adapt to an unprecedented industry, and choosing passion over a paycheck without hesitation. Please visit:
November 09, 2020
Entertaining All 5 Ds - with Adam Marz
with Adam Marz - The Atmospheric Director and Lighting Designer at Marz Lighting (Globe Theater) On this episode, we discuss the power of love and lighting, using light to portray art, the ties between light and positivity, raising the vibrations of entertainment, entertaining all of the senses, refusing to restricting the aura,  the musicality of playing lights as an LD, living with the martian circus, always having a backup, showing up naked and vulnerable, giving up smoking, avoiding drinking, and discussed the legacy that Adam plans to leave with us. Please visit: or
November 08, 2020
Puppy Love for Lighting - with Ali Pike
with Ali Pike - Production and Lighting Designer On this episode, we compare working in the USA and abroad, dealing with international visas, how she got interested in lighting, what it’s like working during the pandemic, the logistics of sustaining a distanced production schedule, moving to Phoenix to work but back to Liverpool during the pandemic, having the UK government tell her to be a set designer, what it’s like to have two production people in the same household, how she is passing the time helping animals and volunteering her time, and why she loves to help rescue animals. Please visit:
November 05, 2020
How UV-C Can Help - with Michael Althaus and Chris Ferrante
with Michael Althaus Director Global Sales of Golden Sea UV and Chris Ferrante CEO at Golden Sea UV On this episode, we discuss how effective UV-C can be at destroying/ inactivating harmful microorganisms, the necessary safety precautions of using UV-C, possible applications, different options for disinfecting different spaces, and the different tools that we can use to defeat COVID19 and future outbreaks. Please visit:
November 02, 2020
Navigating Rough Waters with Confidence - with Ryan Stumpp
with Ryan Stumpp - Owner and Principal Lighting Designer at Cue 13 Design / Lighting Designer and Programmer for Disney Parks Live Entertainment On this episode, we discuss the importance of being multi-disciplinary, finding our creative outlets in live events and themed entertainment, working within the Disney Theme Park system, exploring the entertainment industry outside of Disney, exploring the differences between freelance and corporate work, designing on a large scale vs. small scale, the importance of training others to do what we do and supporting their education, and how we can successfully negotiate a sustainable wage post-COVID. Please visit:
September 29, 2020
In the Right Room With the Right People - with Manny Conde
with Manny Conde - Lighting Programmer and Director at Retina Killer On this episode, we discuss his origin story, how he is able to compete in the saturated market of LA, how to cultivate a long distance relationship during a pandemic, how to carve time out for mental health, how to learn to say no whenever necessary, how to keep priorities straight, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in our industry, and what advice he would give to a younger Manny Conde. Please visit:
September 28, 2020
We Will Dance Again - with Robert Bloom
with Robert Bloom - Production and Lighting Designer, Photographer at RBB Designs On this episode, we discuss the necessity for diverse lighting skills and refusing to be pigeon holed, green technology, going with the flow, storytelling in design, the importance of good lighting design in corporate and non-traditional environments, when to go big and flashy and when to go subdue and effective, where to draw inspiration during isolation, and how to embrace luck and skill. Please visit:
September 22, 2020
Batten Down the Hatches and LightUpLive - with Morgan Myler
with Morgan Myler - Cofounder of Live Event Community and Vice President of I.A.T.S.E Local 58 On this episode, we discuss #LightUpLive and #EclaironsLesScenes, how to show solidarity and unity with our family of entertainment pirates, the importance of collective agreements, how important unions are to our industry pre and post COVID, how Canada is being affected differently from America during the pandemic, reasonable safety precautions and how to sustain in a tough industry. Please visit: and and The effect of shutting down a $100 billion industry in Canada will have unimaginable impacts on both companies and individuals. Already, the vast majority of live event workers have been out of work or on government support since March, with no end in sight. The arts, entertainment and recreation sector lost 152,000 of 486,100 jobs between June 2019 and June 2020, and 86% of businesses experienced a high level of impact due to the decrease in demand or cancellation of services. Those that are still employed have seen a 45% reduction in hours worked. The corporate and business events sector directly employs an additional 229,000 Canadians according to a 2017 Oxford Economics study
September 20, 2020
Decades of Thanks - Howard Ungerleider
with Howard Ungerleider - Visionary Award winning Owner and Partner at Production Design International On this episode we discuss #LightUpLive and #EclaironsLesScenes, four decades of being in the lighting industry, how to build loyalty in our industry, inventing ACLs, makeshift IMAX, how to use modern technology to recreate brilliant looks of the past, how Canada is being affected differently from America during the pandemic while the entertainment biz suffers the same, how lasers have changed the landscape of lighting, and a brief discussion on how we can never truly retire from something that we love. Please visit: and #LightUpLive #EclaironsLesScenes
September 19, 2020
Be Passionate and the Money Will Come - with Mitchell Schellenger
with Mitchell Schellenger - Production & Lighting Designer at Station Six On this episode, we discuss how to maintain creative outlets during without live shows, making art vs. collecting a paycheck, middle school theater, using technology to increase impact, the joys of collaboration and creating someone else’s art, allowing creativity to guide future technological advances, using live-streams to complement live shows and not replace them, and programming/designing shows remotely. Please visit:
September 14, 2020
Posting Truth to Power - with David Boykin Podcast
with David Boykin - Lighting Designer and Programmer at BoykinLights On this episode, we discuss how Facebook has opened doors to new relationships, how much misinformation has been spread online, how speaking politics online can help make changes in our industry, how discussing politics online can lead to further discrimination, the sad truth of racism and discrimination in our industry today, the subversive effects of racism in our culture, the pros and cons of AB5 in California, and how we need to celebrate diversity of opinion and character. Please visit:
September 14, 2020
Riding the Roller Coasters Without a Harness - with Hunter Pipes
with Hunter Pipes - Chief Visionary at IRIS Intelligent Lighting On this episode, we discuss our small world, our boutique industry of art, where our inspiration originates, the love of music and light, how it can be better to be good at everything than to specialize in one field, how to be pragmatic about our passions, and powering lights with potatoes and lemons. Please visit:
September 13, 2020
The Year of Change - with Bryan Barancik
with Bryan Barancik - Creative Designer at Luxious Creative On this episode, we discuss what we can do during the pandemic to maintain mental stability, how to focus on health, how to shift our identity away from our job, how to maintain a support network away from our industry, homeschooling tips, and how to embrace the inevitable curveballs that continue to get hurled at us. Please visit:
September 10, 2020
Ask For Help When You Need It - with Amanda Valdez
with Amanda Valdez - Architectural / Entertainment Lighting Designer at Shop12 Design in conjunction with Steelman Partners and Adjunct Professor at UNLV On this episode, we discuss how asking for help is okay, the workflow of architectural design, the importance of diversity in design and creativity, how we can encourage diversity in our profession, how financial grants can function to give people an opportunity to participate, how we can find new inspiration in the most unexpected places, how design can inspire emotion in theater and in architecture, and how the next generation will inspire us to reach new levels. Please visit:
September 06, 2020
We Are NOT Asking for a Handout - with Sammy Ross
with Sammy Ross - Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss the benefits of freelance vs. part-time employment vs. salary positions, Red Alert Restart, the glorification of working too much, the judgement of working too little, how our jobs can become our identity and the loss can really affect us, the effects of losing healthcare during a pandemic, communication through the isolation period, how to reach out to people online, and what we can do to get back to work in the post pandemic era. Please visit:
September 04, 2020
Relationships Know No Borders - with Martin Kelley
with Martin Kelley -  Account Executive at Christie Lites in Toronto On this episode, we discuss the hidden politics of lighting, how we can help each other during isolation, why relationships in our business matter so much, why being an amazing business partner is pinnacle, the importance of integrating with your clients, maintaining constant contact with hundreds of clients and customers, maintaining genuine relationships with core friends/clients, and how to provide the best service possible without being taken advantage of. Please visit:
September 01, 2020
I Didn’t Get Into This to Starve - with Jeff Croiter
with Jeff Croiter - Lighting Designer at Jeff Croiter Lighting Design On this episode, we discuss the lengths that we would go to to get back to work, the logistics of NY returning to normal, growing up in a creative family, when to you play it safe and when to break the rules, how our theatrical lighting skills allow us to light in any industry, the skills that the lighting industry has given us that apply to other industries, when to make pretty pictures and when should to make people feel uncomfortable, and getting creative when your back is against the wall. Please visit:
August 30, 2020
Don’t Let Anyone Push You Around - with Rachel Mullen
with Rachel Mullen - Lighting Designer and Director at RF Designs On this episode, we discuss the weird situations that our industry can take us into, inclusivity in ideas and creativity, the ability to remain diversified in design, the double edged sword of collaboration vs. working alone, perceived gender roles in our industry, working with full creative license as opposed to working under constraints, pulling inspiration from other fields of lighting into stage designs, and how an good resume allows us to choose the best projects for our interests. Please visit:
August 30, 2020
If We Don’t Light it, You Won’t See it - with Jeff Calderon
with Jeff Calderon - Emmy Award winning Lighting Director, Lighting Designer and Director of Photography at Academy Lighting Don’t let the sound quality prevent you from hearing what Jeff has to say. On this episode, we discuss the benefits of encouraging inclusivity in entertainment, how unions can lift more people out of poverty, how collective bargaining can make us safer and more profitable, how to remain grateful and creative after 35 years in the industry, how the lighting industry changed for the better/worse, and how retirement from a job you love is a myth Please visit: Television Academy: Foundation internships: Internship program:
August 28, 2020
We Make Events So You Can Make Connections - with Vickie Claiborne and Andrew Gumper
with: Vickie Claiborne - Training Manager Americas at disguise and Regional Director for WeMakeEvents Andrew Gumper - Owner and President AG Production Services and National Director for WeMakeEvents On this episode, we discuss what we can do to show support and solidarity for our brothers and sisters out of work. Nationwide, we can light it up red on Sept. 1st from 9pm-midnight. We can take a photo and share it far and wide on social media with the hashtags #wemakeevents and #redalertrestart. We can send emails to our local representatives. We can reach out to our fellow artists, production professionals and friends and make sure that they are doing well. Please visit: and Live events directly employ over 12 million people. Live events contribute over $1 trillion annually to the US economy. 95% of live events have been cancelled due to COVID-19. 96% of companies have cut staff and/or wages. 77% of people in the live events industry have lost 100% of their income, including 97% of 1099 workers.
August 28, 2020
Compassion is the Highest Form of Love - with Zach Boswell
with Zach Boswell, General Manager at Ilios lighting On this episode, we discuss #wemakeevents, who is most affected in our industry, what we are advocating for, what we can do as entertainment workers, what concertgoers can do to show support, how we can return to our industry, how we can show solidarity, and the very real tragic loss of our industry. Live events employ over 12 million people. Live events contribute over $1 trillion annually to the US economy. 95% of live events have been cancelled due to COVID-19. 96% of companies have cut staff and/or wages. 77% of people in the live events industry have lost 100% of their income, including 97% of 1099 workers. On September 1st, 2020, #WeMakeEvents, a coalition of trade bodies, businesses, unions, and live events workers, will light up their venues, homes, and cities red in over 1,500 locations across North America to raise public and media awareness in support of the live events sector. Will you join us? #wemakeevents  #redalertrestart Please visit:
August 27, 2020
Lighting Can Bring Us Together - with Christopher Eguizabal
with Christopher Eguizabal - Owner at AfterGlow Design and Production Designer at Harvest Christian Fellowship. On this episode, we discuss the differences and the similarities between the house of worship lighting and other branches of our industry, volunteering our labor, learning from Disney, appealing to a broader audience, getting instant feedback from the congregation, consulting for maximum impact, using technology to amplify a message, expanding a business beyond the house of worship, and building durable relationships that last. Please visit:
August 20, 2020
There’s Nothing Like Being in the Room - with Griffin McCravy
with Griffin McCravy - Lighting Designer/Lighting Director at Church of the Highlands in Alabama On this episode, we discuss going from churchgoer to part of the production team, how volunteer work can help move you up the production ladder, how technology helps amplify the message of sermons, how congregations react to technology and spectacle, how the isolation period has affected church attendance and impact, and how to set realistic goals in the production industry. Please visit:
August 20, 2020
Metal Shop Parcans and Imagination - with Donny LoDico
Donny LoDico - Director of Lighting and Senior Account Executive at Video West. On this episode, we discuss going from design to sales, metal shop par-cans, how we can help each other during isolation, why relationships in our business matter, maintaining constant contact with hundreds of clients and customers, maintaining genuine relationships with core friends/clients, the importance of integrating with your clients, and asking when are we on the clock and when are we off the clock? Please visit:
August 17, 2020
Exploring the New Semblance of Safety - with Jason Marin
with Jason Marin - Freelance Lighting Director/Programmer and Senior Lighting Designer at Star Group Productions and Producer/Host of Casting Light Podcast. On this episode, we discuss the tragic realities of COVID19, the renewed need for safety on job-site, working across many types of productions give us more information and experience to draw from, the need for OSHA requirements, ETCP, OSHA 10/30, modern hazard analysis, the possible future of corporate safety guidelines, what we can do as lighting directors and programmers to encourage safety, the importance of unions and the days of unsafe working conditions are not completely behind us. Please visit: and
August 17, 2020
Jump Head First and Take Chances - with Al Crawford
with Al Crawford - Knight of Illumination Award winning Lighting Designer and CEO at Arc3design and Lighting Director at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater On this episode, we drank a tall glass of honest vulnerability and discussed why we will need to reinvent ourselves several times during our career, when should we incorporate and start a business, the pros and cons of collaboration, taking chances, when to say yes and which stipulations matter, how to build a successful team, how to follow your gut instincts, how to avoid letting our professions and our egos become our identity. Please visit:
August 17, 2020
Surround Yourself With the Best People - with Oscar Dominguez
with Oscar Dominguez - Emmy Award winning Lighting Designer at Darkfire Lighting On this episode, we discuss when is big, big enough?, constantly inventing a new lighting plot for nineteen seasons, how to envision the same song over and over again, the necessity of innovation and technology, going from an idea to a cued song in a day, going from napkin sketches to Vectorworks, loyalty within the industry and how to maintain loyalty, and who is the ultimate client, The artist, the producer or the audience? Please visit:
August 13, 2020
Grace Under Pressure - with Danielle Edwards
Danielle Edwards - Lighting Director On this episode, we discuss paying to tour, working for donations, life on the road with a Christian youth conference, sleeping with bunk buddies, hard knocks touring, explaining what we do to our parents, sleeping on a bus, Working with Jake Shimabukuro, Lizzo, Maren Morris, gender equality in our industry, exploitation of hard working individuals, the progress that has been made to be more inclusive, working under pressure, and touring the continent staying in guest homes. Please visit: or
August 10, 2020
Integrating Creativity in a Big Way - with Ruben Laine
with Ruben Laine - Chief Nerd at Creative Integration Studio On this episode, we discuss how can video content get us through the isolation period, how video and media servers have overtaken lighting as a focal point, how modern festivals are just a giant video walls now, how content needs to accentuate the performance and not distract, the ownership of content after the show, the intellectual property concerns with content after media server manipulation, who should be in charge of the video content, media servers, pixels, projection, video, mapping, VR, AR, XR, and reinventing yourself during these uncertain times. "Collaborating in today’s industry is a must. Creative Integration is a necessity in today’s show business." — Yamil Charif, YC3 Lighting Design. Please visit: and
August 09, 2020
This Sucks! Now What? - with Seth Robinson
with Seth Robinson - A Principal Lighting Designer with Sightline Design Group On this episode, we discuss mental health during isolation, spending time away from our best friends/coworkers, spending more time with family and kids, adapting to new schedules, breaking old routines, making sure that productivity is not our only sense of self worth, retreating to old habits like smoking, drinking, and overeating, the importance of a hobby, and addressing the raw fact that life sucks right now. Please visit:
August 09, 2020
Bridging the Gaps Wherever They Are - with Victor Ortiz
with Victor Ortiz - Account Manager at Darvik Productions On this podcast, we discuss returning to work in the COVID era, Brainstorming solution to the new world, maintaining constant contact with hundreds of clients and customers in isolation, maintaining genuine relationships with core friends/clients, how to get your costs down on rentals these days, how to present any idea to as many people as possible, the new load in processes and why relationships in our business matter so much. Please visit:
July 27, 2020
Pick Your Side of The Barricade - with Michael Smalley
with Michael Smalley - Creative Director, Lighting and Video Designer And Programmer at PHNTM Labs On this podcast, we discuss what it's like to be a fan of music in the music industry, star-fuckers, working with celebrities, dealing with friends who know you work with celebrities, managing guest passes, fan interactions at FOH, respecting your clients as celebrities and as bosses, Bringing family/spouses/partners to shows and how to pick the best side of the barricade. Please visit:
July 25, 2020
Theater Was Made For TV - will Alan Adelman Podcast
with Alan Adelman - Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss the inevitable progression of theater from the proscenium to the screens, preserving theater for archival purposes, how COVID19 has changed theater folks view of video as a useful tool, how the time has finally coming for producers to see value in making good quality video captures of their stage work, breaking down the walls between theater and broadcast, making art vs. making craft, and how to prepare for the televised revolution. Please visit:
July 16, 2020
Juxtaposition and Appropriateness - with Alan Edwards
with Alan Edwards - Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss how can we encourage diversity of opinion in our industry, race equality in the entertainment business, how he got into the business of storytelling, how to put the proper amount of forethought into cueing, when it is more important to play it safe or break the rules, the importance of returning to teaching, how to maximize the impact of a theatrical education, setting goals and maintaining deadlines. Please visit:
July 14, 2020
Negotiating to Yes - with Jimmy Lawlor
with Jimmy Lawlor - Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss how schools can properly prepare their students for the business side of entertainment, how schools can provide networking skills, keeping up with technological demands, how should one should prepare for the industry fresh out of school, how to effectively negotiate for what you are worth, winning friends and influencing people, breaking down the taboo of talking about how much we make, proper venues for networking, talking with students and refining your people skills for success. Please visit:
July 10, 2020
Dream Respectfully, Dream Big, Dream Free - with Tom Sutherland
with Tom Sutherland - Knight Of Illumination winning Lead Designer at DX7 Design On this episode, we discuss whether or not you need to finish school to become a designer, how a person can create opportunities for themselves in this industry, what it’s like to be the youngest person in a room of creatives, how to defeat the stigma of being young and inexperienced, how designers should know how to program, when to separate your art from yourself, when to fully put yourself into your art, and how to encourage diversity of opinion in the creative process. “I always dream respectfully and I always dream big.” Please visit:
July 10, 2020
For Richer, For Poorer, in Sickness and in Health - with Chris McMeen
with Chris McMeen - Rental Rep. at Christie Lites On this episode, we discuss why relationships in our business matter, why being an amazing business partner is pinnacle, how to get your costs down on rentals, how to make an efficient shop order, communication with your shop, the importance of integrating with your clients, maintaining constant contact with hundreds of clients and customers, maintaining genuine relationships with core friends/clients, when are we on the clock and when are we off the clock?, and why sushi is an important part of all meetings. Please visit:
July 07, 2020
Take the Jobs That You Want with Gratitude and Humility - with Jason "Liggy" Liggett
With Jason "Liggy" Liggett - Lighting Director and Designer at LIggy Lights On this episode, we discuss how to get to the top by finding the open doors and leading with the right foot once you are in, walking away from full-time touring to focus on being home more, finding the gigs that feed our inner pirate, discussing the collaborative art culture in the NorthEast, working on Saturday Night Live remotes, bouncing back and forth between televised and live events, and some interesting tales of touring and TV and all things lighting! Please visit:
July 06, 2020
The Evolution Will Be Broadcast - with Stan Crocker
with Stan Crocker - Three-time Emmy nominated Lighting Designer/Director at Sightline Design Group On this episode, we discuss how everything Is for broadcast, discussing politics online and having hard discussions, working with Cowboy Junkies and the Trinity Sessions,  using minimalism to create powerful design, the happiness one can find in mentoring, helping creative young people find creative paths, the extreme satisfaction in doing something big with very little, some of his favorite projects and why we love Instagram. Please visit:
July 06, 2020
Passion Circulates Through the Bloodline - with Dakota and LeRoy Bennett
with: Dakota Bennett - Freelance EIC LeRoy Bennett -  Production Designer at Seven Design Works On this episode, we compare work ethics and philosophies of the younger and older generations, how to get out from a parent’s shadow, how to avoid getting called out for nepotism, how to support passion however it expresses itself, the pride of having children be a part of big projects, when to bring your children to work with you, how we accept inspiration from our parents, and a whole lot of family discussions about work.
July 04, 2020
Rising Above the Ego Like a Giraffe - with Jim Rood
with Jim Rood - Lighting Designer/ Programmer RoodLD LLC On this episode, we discuss how good design is absolutely invisible, the benefits and compromises of collaboration, dissecting show files, taking ideas too personally, when is it okay to work for free?, when to work for art sake and when to work for a paycheck, how big ideas need to be reshaped to fit the production, how to keep creativity available in a box of ideas, how to rely on professionals to do their jobs and a lot of discussion about giraffes. Please visit: and
July 04, 2020
Seeing Colors More Deeply - Discussing Psychedelics in Design with Greg Ellis
with Greg Ellis - Lighting Designer for Pretty Lights Disclaimer: This podcast is not an endorsement of psychedelics. This podcast is two people talking about personal experiences. We are not doctors and we are not in any position to give medical, lifestyle or psychiatric advice. Listen to this podcast at your own discretion. On this episode, we discuss expanding our minds, how he got introduced to psychedelics, intentionality of psychedelics, new brain connections, dissolving the ego for design purposes, the positive and negative enduring effects of hallucinogens, comparing meditation to tripping, the addictive qualities (or lack thereof) of psychedelics, legalization of such substances and some great personal stories. Please visit: or
July 03, 2020
Accept Impermanence and Develop Big Ideas - with Christien Methot
with Christien Methot - Owner and Lighting Designer at Design One Lighting Design On this episode, we discuss CameraReady LiteBars for the new normal, lighting Zoom calls, the importance of good lighting design in corporate environments, the necessity of diverse lighting skills, how to keep up pace in the cut throat New York lighting industry, what it is like to bounce between live events and permanent installs, when to go big and flashy and when to go subdue and effective, and how do we increase diversity in design? Please visit: and
July 02, 2020
Creating Opportunities With Honest Elegance - with Brandon Stirling Baker
with Brandon Stirling Baker -  Knight of Illumination Award-winning Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss lighting in dance and ballet, his recent job with the Boston Ballet, finding inspiration in a world without a theater and without a venue, moving from LA to NY, working as a musician and illustrator, hunting for work vs. joining a union vs. having representation, How to apply for artistic grants, working with budget/time constraints, and creating impact by breaking the rules. Please visit:
July 01, 2020
Talking ‘Bout My Generation - with Tom Kenny
with Tom Kenny Lighting Designer at Tom Kenny Lighting Design On this episode, we discuss working with legends like, The WHO, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and David Bowie, the corporatization of the entertainment industry, making magic moments for the audience, sharing stories with rock legends, taking the piss out of the promoters who take themselves too seriously, how troublesome rock stars have turned into legends of philanthropy and speaking truth from a lifetime of rock wisdom.
July 01, 2020
Find Your Own Hole and Jump Through it - with Marc Brickman
with Marc Brickman - Managing Director/Artist at Tactical Manoeuvre Inc On this episode, we discuss huge ideas, radical honesty, entertainment ideas for award shows, going to other peoples shows, how to adhere to your true vision, where to find diversity of opinion and a short trip through the history of the lighting industry. Please visit:
June 25, 2020
Lighting the New World with UVC - with Eric Wade
with Eric Wade - Production Designer at Crossfade Design LLC On this episode, we discuss the importance of UVC technology, solving problems no matter what the process, pivoting to fit the needs of your clients, how past and recent studies are proving one more time the effectiveness of UVC against Corona Viruses – and in particular against SARS-CoV-2, how UVC exposure inactivates microbial organisms such as bacteria and viruses by altering the structure and the molecular bonds of their DNA, how UV light has been studied since the late 19th century with focus on UVC from around 1930, some classic road stories and some speculation on a timeframe and process of returning to concert touring. Please visit:
June 25, 2020
Backbreaking Work for Heartbreaking Gains - with David Davidian
with David Davidian - Well established Tour Manager, Production Manager, Video Director, Lighting Designer, Stage Manager and Production Designer. On this episode, we discuss whether it is better to be good at everything or specialize in one field, defaulting “yes” to as many opportunities as possible, working for bands that you respect, starting concerts in Boston, wearing multiple hats on major tours, how to find creative outlets in the the logistics of touring, taking accountability for your crew, accepting constructive criticism for your art, and some musing on the COVID-19 rebound.
June 25, 2020
Can You Find Your Decency? - with Misty Roberts and Chad Olech
with: Misty Roberts - Production Coordinator/ Tour Manager Chad Olech - Front of House Engineer / Production Manager On this episode, we take a few hours to discuss the ethics of touring production. We take a deep dive into 10 hypothetically toxic situations where tour managers and production coordinators have to explore their logic, reason and emotional strength to come up with the right decision. Please visit: and
June 23, 2020
Good Business is Good For Everyone - with Iggy Rosenberg
with Ignacio “Iggy” Rosenberg - Director Of Business Development for Lightswitch On this episode, we discuss building glowing relationships, targeting clients using the internet, genuinely cold-calling and introducing yourself, maintaining constant contact with hundreds of clients and customers, exploring the gray areas between friendship and client relationships, the importance of referrals, calling vs. emailing, after hours calls, gift giving and dealing with the mental stress of separating business from personal life. Please visit:
June 23, 2020
Waxing Canadian - with Brent Clark
with Brent Clark - Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss having the last show before COVID-19, lighting in Canada vs. USA vs. the rest of the world, work visas and work permits, the joys of border crossings, working with Stereophonics, e-Sports, information overload, credible news sources, the rebound of the entertainment industry, conspiracy theories and spending time with family. Please visit:
June 18, 2020
Who Wants to be a Multi-Disciplinary Lighting Director? - with Michael Berger
with Michael Berger - Freelance Lighting Designer and Director On this episode, we discuss the importance of being multi-disciplinary, what made him move to LA, how does one can work their way up the ladder in LA being diverse, the importance of modern Pre-vis technology, the differences between a touring lighting director and a TV lighting director, designing on a large scale vs. small scale, and thriving on a small budget vs. a large budget. Please visit:
June 16, 2020
Persevere, Persevere, Persevere, Succeed - with Seth Robinson
with Seth Robinson - Principal Lighting Designer with Sightline Design Group On this episode, we discuss FPV drones, the battle of expectations vs. reality, coming up from the shop to working for Sting, Jane’s Addiction, Barney the Purple Dinosaur and Avicii, being terrible at things, where his inspiration comes from, how to keep you mind busy, the importance of a good sense of music and timing, the importance of balance over symmetry, broadcast lighting for concerts, designing show off of shop inventory lists and doing less terribly every day. Please visit:
June 16, 2020
Between Rock and a Hard Place - with Scottie Dell
with Scottie Dell - Technical Director and Lighting Designer at Dell Lighting and Designs On this episode, we discuss the gray areas between rock and corporate work, the speed of corporate shows vs. rock n roll, the expectations of a headlining band in a corporate situation, the complex schedules of guest LD programming time, fixture selection for rock bands on a corporate stage, ballroom AV requirements, corporate stagehands vs. roadies, and dress codes on the road and in the ballroom. Please visit:
June 15, 2020
When Tom Bones Maggie - with Rob Koenig
with Rob Koenig - Lighting Designer/Director/Programmer at Ignition Show Design On this episode, we discuss the intellectual property rights of programming, the pros and cons of simple shows and simple programming, what programmers moving to design should be mindful of, what you can do if you don’t get paid as a programmer, how much of your show file belongs to the client and how much belongs to the programmer, the importance of transparency and communication and how not to bone Maggie. Please visit:
June 14, 2020
Making Mundane Things More Interesting - with Myles Mangino
with Myles Mangino - Lighting & Production Designer On this episode, we discuss where inspiration comes from, working with bands without creative input, how to make a fashion show look creative, unique venues to light in NYC and around the world, shifting to a new normal and raising a daughter in New York City during COVID19. Please visit: and
June 10, 2020
Brotherly Bonds Between Bandits - with Craig Richter
with Craig Richter - Lighting Designer at Halestorm On this episode, we discuss how the COVID slowdown has affected different people differently, the pros and cons of working for a rental company vs. freelancing, the necessity of self-promotion in the entertainment business, online networking/face to face networking, building relationships on different social platforms for different purposes, word of mouth rehires, business cards and drinking our way onto and off a gig.
June 06, 2020
You Work in Canada, Do You Know Josh‽ - with Joshua Koffman
with Josh Koffman - Lighting Designer, Director and Programmer at Interrobang, Inc. On this episode, we discuss the logistics of living in Canada and working in America, visas, work permits, taxes, flight logistics, federal art support, the importance of taking care of your paperwork, the necessary forethought and bureaucracy of working internationally and what the heck is an interrobang‽ Please visit:
June 06, 2020
Seduced by Technology Again and Again - with Jim Tetlow
with Jim Tetlow - President and Principal Consultant at Nautilus Entertainment Design On this episode, we discuss his varied career from drama school to TV lighting to Las Vegas shows to cruise ships and Branson to architectural lighting and theme parks, the necessity of reinventing ourselves several times during our career, the importance of learning all aspects of our industry, why we need to know what the other departments are doing, when it’s time to move on to bigger and better, when to say yes to multiple opportunities, enhancing opportunities and the benefits of having a supportive team and partner. Please visit:
June 06, 2020
Lighting Wonders of the World - with Bud Horowitz
With Bud Horowitz - Freelance Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss lighting the last major event for 2020, Yanni, how lighting has allowed him to travel the world, using our jobs as a vacation opportunity, the progression of set design becoming the lighting designer role, the pros and cons of doing theater in unique/antique locations, finding the balance between traveling the world for work and being at home and how experience gives you the tools to remain calm under pressure.
June 06, 2020
Odd Couple Lighting - with Michael Keller and Ethan Weber
with Michael Keller - Lighting Designer and Director at AMO Lighting out of Las Vegas and Ethan Weber - Lighting Designer and Director out of Chicago On this episode, we swap some stories between two pillars of the industry, the existence of band loyalty, whether or not to be chummy with your band clients, the difference between designer roles and director roles on the road, the corporatization of the rock ’n roll industry, how a long resume may or may not allow you better negotiations and getting sent to the rock ’n roll HR department.
June 04, 2020
How Not To Die - with Andrew Kennelly
with Andrew Kennelly - Technical Director and Lighting Designer for Entertainment Plus Productions at Fashion Show in Las Vegas On this podcast, we discuss one alternative to an unhealthy diet while on the road or working a house gig, how your diet can affect your work habits, how to deal with food restrictions, apps that can find healthier foods on the road, how to respond to positive and negative judgments in the work place, how to suggest your employers best provide vegetarian options at work, updating your bus stock list and a discussion on veganism in the workplace. Please visit:
June 04, 2020
Knowing Where to Take the Hits - with Peter Morse
with Peter Morse - Emmy Award Winning Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss working with eccentric artists, how being a musician can helps his lighting career, how to manage expectations for people who want everything, the importance of having a representative manager, how to use technology to create emotion, working with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Yanni, Bette Midler, Dolly Parton etc., working in Lake Tahoe, friendship vs. clientele relationships, and when to follow the rules and when to break them. Please visit:
May 29, 2020
Making Art For One’s Own Self - with Josh Fleitell
with Joshua Fleitell -  Founder and Lead Creative at dubpixel inc. On this episode, we discuss mindfulness in design, how to separate ourselves from outcomes, separating our identities from our work, decreasing the stigmatization of therapy and self care, allowing creativity to control the workflow, digital art vs. structural/tangible art forms, making time for creative playtime outside your metier, working with OK Go and Blue Man Group, mental health in our industry and creating self value. Please visit:
May 29, 2020
Unemployed Bartender Makes Good - with Tim McKenna
with Tim McKenna - Production Manager for Live Nation Boston On this episode, we discuss his origin story, how he got into the industry, $5 T-shirts, $3/ hour load ins, pre-OSHA rock ’n roll days, the tribulations of doing 250 shows per year in Boston, the progression of the rock industry, fuzzy timelines of rock, working for beer, The Paradise Rock Club, maintaining a relationship as a house guy/production manager, and risking our lives to ensure that the show must go on. Please visit:
May 28, 2020
Technology Will Set You Free - with Andrew Giffin
with Andrew Giffin - Lighting Designer and Programmer at gifLD on this episode, we discuss how he is spending his time at home, leaving a big city for a small town, intellectual property of show files, when should consoles be on the internet?, VPN/TeamViewer console networking, when should the programmer be controlling all aspects of the show including automation, video, special effects?, coming home to get some rest and the gif star rating. “I know why we're here. We're all here because we're not all there." - Steven Tyler Please visit:
May 26, 2020
Value Others The Way You Want To Be Valued - with Marc Janowitz
with Marc Janowitz - Principal Designer & Founder at E26 Design On this episode, we discuss putting yourself into your art enough to make it unique, taking yourself out of the art enough to not take it too personal, when to go big and when to play it safe, climbing the value ladder, how to use your art to provide for a family of four, how to deal with rejection, creating huge impact on a tight budget and the philosophies necessary to justify big decisions. Please visit: Instagram: @e26design
May 23, 2020
A Little Nepotism Never Hurt Nobody, Honey
with: John Featherstone - Founding Partner at Lightswitch Inc. Hailey Featherstone - Freelance Lighting Programmer and Designer Mario Educate - President & CEO, OSA International Carmen Educate - Executive Vice President, OSA International On this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of nepotism in the entertainment business, the pride of having children be a part of big projects, bringing children into the shops and theaters, providing support for children who want to follow in their parents footsteps, how to get out from a parent’s shadow, how to climb the corporate ladder with a parental safety net, comparing work ethics and philosophies of the younger and older generations and a whole lot of family discussions about work. “A little nepotism never hurt nobody, honey. If you got it, use it. Press on with it. Remind them of it.” - Lena Horne Please visit: and
May 22, 2020
Being a Part of History Behind the Console - with Kevin Lawson
with Kevin Lawson - Emmy nominated Lighting Designer/Director at UVLD On this episode, we discuss lighting Obama, the importance of the term “The show must go on”, being a part of history behind the console, how to maintain calm under pressure, how to manage expectations as a designer and as a programmer, how to not let a small mistake turn into a showstopper, when to abandon a good idea for a better idea, when does perfectionism turn into just being an ass?, how discrimination applies to corporate artists and making people look good no matter what. Please visit:
May 22, 2020
Painting Pretty Pictures With Photons - with Steve Lieberman
with Steve Lieberman - Owner of SJ Lighting, Inc. On this podcast, we discuss the progression of EDM/Nightclub lighting and production industry, the logistics of mega structures, the necessary safety measures, how the audience became the focal point of the show above the artist, when is too much enough?, how to convince accountants to pay for extravagant productions using pretty pictures, extreme macros, intellectual property, elegance vs. extravagance, how to respect a contract and how digital renderings can be used to sell bigger ideas. Please visit:
May 20, 2020
Climbing the Ladder From Down Under - with Mitchell Fenton
with Mitchell Fenton - Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss moving to NYC from Australia and the differences in design & theatre, working in Lighting around the world and differences between each countries with design and technical and processes, lighting and working on cruise ships, how to work your way up a ladder from lighting office assistant to assistant lighting designer to designer, what are the different roles of each, being as associate designer compared to principal designer, how a formal education can help or hinder in securing an associate designer position and how a formal education can help or hinder as a designer? Please visit:
May 20, 2020
Hittin’ the House Lights From Home - with Kille Knobel
with Kille Knobel - Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss building a career from the bottom up, California Institute of the Arts, building relationships quickly, touring as a parent, touring with a tribe/family, asking for help, collaborating with other designers, Temple of the Dog tour, “Kille, hit the lights.”, where to find the best chicken wings and solidifying relationships is a professional environment.
May 19, 2020
Three Stages of Touring Relationships - with Jeff Mathews
with Jeff Mathews - Lighting Designer/Director/Programmer at Borealis Live Design On this episode, we discuss having a supportive spouse while on tour, working with Dan & Shay, Touring single vs. vs. touring engaged vs. touring married, the business side of show business, the difference between home life and tour life, the pace of concert lighting in Nashville, the importance of training in the down time, maintaining a business in isolation, TeamViewer and the real situation behind bringing friends and family to a show. Please visit:
May 15, 2020
'Cause I am Most Ill and I'm Lightin’ and Stealin’ - with Tess Falcone
with Tess Falcone - Lighting Designer, Director and Programmer out of Denver Colorado On this episode, we discuss, day off activities, going to art museums for inspiration, when you take a concept and rework it, are you ripping it off?, the difference between stealing a design and being inspired by someone else’s design, reusing the same design over and over, can we find inspiration in someone else’s art and make it our own?, convenience vs. artistic integrity, Does the truck pack have to define your design?, festival designs: should they be creative or useful?, and the best day off ever. “Touring makes our lives way more interesting than is has any right to be” Nick Delehanty Please visit:
May 15, 2020
The Ultimate Lighting Shootout - with Collyns Stenzel
with Collyns Stenzel - Lighting & Technical Designer at deadmau5 Touring On this episode, we discuss The Ultimate Lighting Shootout, how he went from amateur light and sound guy for rave parties and small events to the Production Manager of Congress Theater in Chicago, Cedric Gervais, designing the Indy 500 snake pit, workflow tips, parenting from the road, MA2 LUA scripts, gun regulations in Canada vs. America and spending money on big ideas. Please visit:
May 13, 2020
Roaming Wherever He Wants To With 68 Legs - with Norm Schwab
with Norm Schwab - Partner at Lightswitch On this episode, we discuss how you got into the business, life on the rescue farm, working with the B-52s for 4 years, the pros and cons of an education or a degree in lighting, moving out of Pittsburgh to California, staying diversified in the lighting industry,  forming Lightswitch, staying busy while unmotivated, staying positive while isolated, Bill Graham events, experiential gardens, inspirational shower and mindful manure shoveling. Please visit:
May 13, 2020
Battling Windmills With Naive Optimism - with Arlo Guthrie
with Paul “Arlo” Guthrie - Production and Lighting Designer for Toss Film and Design On this episode, we discuss when to timecode content, when to get overly complicated, when to keep it simple, when to compromise and when to double down in design, how to convince clients to take the next step and add production value, how to decide which projects to take on and which ones to avoid, being able to program, design and create content but being wise enough to hire people to do some of them, working with artists with huge egos and opposing ideas, how to translate artist speak into programmer speak and taking over a design from another designer. Please visit:
May 13, 2020
Providing Escape From the Coal Mine - with Daniel Boland
with Daniel Boland  - Lighting Designer at Team Boland Productions and Associate Designer/Director with Darkfire Lighting Design. On this episode, we discuss providing escape, working with Primus, Tori Amos, Eminem, Blue Man Group and The Voice, how corporate art is art, how being a technician can influence our designs, how budget can influence art, how to convince people to believe in your art form, negotiating a pay scale and his Emmy acceptance, breaking the globe off to watch it bounce down the stairs and at the feet of Morgan Freeman. Please visit:
May 08, 2020
Being a Provider, Father, Husband and Designer - with Mike Baldassari
with Mike Baldassari - Tony and Emmy Nominated Lighting Designer at Mike-o-Matic Industries On this episode, we discuss touring Broadway vs. Rock n Roll vs. TV vs. Film, kids in show biz, cross pollination of all of those fields, bringing family to a show, positive nepotism in our industry, showbiz parents, the logistical side of show business, how to do something else, the necessity of family support, having a diverse career, cohesive lighting, how to look at the big picture, telling a story with lights, color theory, the five qualities of a professional: creativity, self discipline, the ability to work hard, plays well with others and dealing with with rejection. “fix it or feature it.” - Mike Baldassari Please visit:
May 07, 2020
Living Outside the Box of Classification - with Mark Butts
with Mark Butts - Production and Lighting Designer at Preset Productions On this episode, we discuss working as a production designer, a lighting designer and a programmer, how to diversify your programming and designing skills, Kenny Chesney, moving to Los Angeles, being a connoisseur in a town of abundance, maintaining ego levels, taking care of your health on the road and mixing different genres of lighting into the melting pot. Please visit:
May 06, 2020
Use the Right Tool For The Right Job, Klugscheißerchen - with Roland Greil
with Roland Greil - Lighting Designer and Programmer On this episode, we discuss Working his way up from being a young boy with a small local rental business in Germany to working with some of the biggest names in the industry, how to educate the next generation, the workflow of production, the constant connection of creativity and networking, how less is more, digging deep to create when you don’t connect with a song, dealing with language barriers, cohesive designs, integration of all visual elements like video lighting, set and automation, using technology for a reason and not for technology’s sake, Rammstein, The Rolling Stones, Florian Wieder, Patrick Woodroffe and the most useful tools for the right jobs. Please visit:
May 05, 2020
Just Answer Your Radio! - with Michael Appel
with Michael Appel - Multiple Emmy award winning Lighting Designer, Director and Programmer at MA Design On this episode, we discuss going from a job where everything is different to sitting at home where every day is the same, having a  musical background, having strong stagecraft fundamentals, the “fake-it-til-you-make-it” philosophy of job progression, the importance of answering your radio, adapting, evolving, progressing, creating, phoning a friend, working with Tom Kenny, Alan Adelman and being egoless in a designer/programmer relationship. "The moment you cheat for the sake of beauty, you know you're an artist." - David Hockney Please visit:
May 03, 2020
Zero Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilos Given - with Laura Frank
with Laura Frank - Founder at Luminous FX, Technology Consultant and Author. On this episode, we discuss her new book, Screens Producing & Media Operations, specializing in one field as opposed to being a general stagehand, world travels on and off the job, standardizing the workflow of screens production, Zero Fucks Given, taking risks, engaging with people and shadowing professionals, moving into new markets and her unique philosophies on creativity and entertainment. Please visit: and and and
May 02, 2020
When a Night Owl Joins the Wolf Pack - with Tyler Elich
with Tyler Elich, Lighting Designer, Partner and Principal at Lightswitch On this episode, we discuss working with Lightswitch, corporate shows vs. Rock n Roll touring, the schedule of entertainment, working 9 to 5 vs. working 20 hour days, getting paid for time at work and different pay schedules for different workloads, being a night owl in isolation and in the entertainment biz, the importance of sleep, working for a design firm vs. being freelance, working with Eddie Izzard, Bob Dylan, Macklemore, Ke$ha and being a lone wolf joining the pack. Please visit:
May 01, 2020
GDTF or GTFO Podcast
with: Matt Geasey - Technical Manager at Clear All Visuals Andy Cass - Lighting Designer & Programmer at C2 Design and Drafting Scott Chmielewski - Lighting and Media Designer, Programmer and Owner of DMDS7UDIOS Ryan Kanarek - Software Support Manager at ACT Lighting Joe Cabrera - Lighting Programmer and CEO of Flash and Trash Works. On this episode, we discuss GDTF and MVR, standardization and progress, dispelling current myths about GDTF, providing an end user viewpoint, what GDTF is and is not, manufacturer compliance, cooperation, compromise and how GDTF will be implemented. Please visit:
April 30, 2020
Illuminating Attitude, Work Ethic and Personality - with Bob Barnhart
with Bob Barnhart - 11 time Emmy Award winning Lighitng Designer at 22 Degrees On this episode, we discuss the necessary workflow in Los Angeles, how the LA lighting industry compares to other industries and cities, working with artists with huge egos and eccentric ideas, how to convince clients that your design is the right one, how to know when a project is complete enough to present to the world, how you convince yourself that your art is worthy of being on a world stage, drones, So You Think You Can Dance, Family Feud, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Rolling Stones, Andrea Bocelli, The Super Bowl shows and solving problems with attitude, work ethic and personality.
April 28, 2020
Say Yes to Excess, but in Moderation - with Cosmo Wilson
with Cosmo Wilson - Top Dog Award winning Lighting Designer and Director. On this episode, we discuss enjoying life on the road without overindulging, touring responsibly and maintaining your health, touring in the 80s vs. touring in 2019, busking, maintaining relationships with eccentric artists, gratitude, working with AC/DC, Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Foreigner, Scorpions, Meat Loaf, how social media has changed touring, how Cosmo got his nickname, how to be memorable, his fan club and his kick ass shirt collection.
April 28, 2020
Master Class of Truth - with Tom Kenny
with Tom Kenny Lighting Designer at Tom Kenny Lighting Design On this episode, we discuss his career beginning in Dublin Ireland, the legends that he respects and the wankers that he can do without, helping each other succeed, working with the Who, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, his gratefulness to the industry, switching between rock and TV lighting, the importance of diversity in design, being part of an artistic family while being a music lover who doesn’t perform, the modern mentor/mentee relationship, minimalism in design and all the truth you can handle.
April 25, 2020
Livin’ Hot, Hard ’n Heavy - with Bryan Hartley
with Bryan Hartley - Production/Lighting Designer  On this episode, we discuss his epic career in lighting, some of his best stories, working with TSO, Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Megadeth, KISS, Lenny Kravitz, Limp Bizkit, Trisha Yearwood etc, his progression from lighting designer to production designer, his workflow from contract to finished product, how he uses pre-vis to sell big ideas, how different clients from different genres have different needs, building relationships with big name clients, projection mapping castles, running manual shows and wether or not to be best friends with artists or stay under the radar. Please visit: and
April 24, 2020
Expressing Gratitude to Our Entire Industry - with Steve Cohen
with Steve Cohen Production and Lighting Designer On this episode, we discuss the Billy Joel residency, loyalty within the industry, artistic humility, gratitude, progressing from napkin sketches to Vectorworks to 3D visualizations, how to envision the same song over and over again, working with eccentric artists with humility and grace, Don Henley, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, and the importance of being an honest hard-working person.
April 23, 2020
Stepping Up So Others Won’t Get Stepped On - with Jason Rothberg
with Jason Rothberg, Technical Director at the San Diego Symphony On this episode, we discuss settling down, getting off the road, bullying on the road, pranks vs. hazing, grumpy old roadies, unnecessary hazing, the pros and cons of taking a house gig, festival lighting, building a resume and where shoes go on the bus.
April 21, 2020
Making Money Out of Wasted Potential - with Chadrick Fellers
with Chadrick Fellers of WastedPotential On this episode, we discuss how WastedPotential was created, diversity in Design, Somo, tour management, concert promotion, artist development, Chicago concerts, how blessed we all are to do what we do, production value, being a boss, being a leader and bringing happiness to masses of people Please visit:
April 21, 2020
Adapt to Thrive - with MODE Studios
with: Butch Allen - Creative Director at MODE Studios, Bob Bonniol - Chief Creative Officer at MODE Studios, Colleen Bonniol - CEO and founder of MODE Studios On this episode, we discuss adapting to the new norm, diversifying focus, using creativity to survive, unreal engine, virtual performance pitches, Upstaging PPE, Sew What masks, Froggy's Simply Sanitizer, photography, Amanda Palmer, WWE, drone decontamination, positivity, buddhism and Butch Allen Juices. Please visit: and and
April 21, 2020
Justin Of All Trades - with Justin Casey
with Justin Casey - Production Designer at Helm Projects On this episode, we discuss working with Snoop Dogg and Bass Nectar, star fuckers, festival site lighting, Hulaween, Being an audience member, festival designs, IP65 fixtures like Ayrton Perseo, fixture modes, networking, EDM vs. Rock n Roll vs. Corporate work, COVID19 responses, programming Lasers, diversity, corporate events, rock cruises and work ethics. Please visit:
April 17, 2020
Twelve Steps to Being My Hero - with Dan Hadley
with Dan Hadley - Production Designer On this episode, we discuss how to resist drinking through the boredom, working with Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, Jack Black of Tenacious D, our first concerts, Beastie Boys, sobriety on the road and in isolation, sober creativity, meditation, the benefits of caffeine and the squirrels stealing his delicious avocados. Please visit:  and
April 16, 2020
Silly Rabbit! Festivals Are For Kids - with Cort Lawrence
with Cort Lawrence - Production Designer and Creative Director at Creative ByCort On this episode, we discuss how festivals are just giant playgrounds for adult children, circle bar, creative and useful festival designs, defending your festival fixture selection, the Hijinx Festival, indoor/outdoor festivals, inflatables, fixture modes, the festival market rebound, design resources, balance in design and getting the most bang for your buck. Please visit:
April 15, 2020
Living in a World of Pure Imagination - with Andy Cass
with Andy Cass of C2 Design and Drafting On this episode, we discuss The Ayrton Boredom Buster, using pre-vis to advance your resume, the importance of pre-vis and imagination, how to use pre-vis to sell an idea, why pre-vis is more eco-friendly, the necessary hardware for pre-vis, the steps you take in order to create a pre-vis video, multi-instance fixtures, intentional design, GDTF and fixture profile uniformity. Please visit: and
April 14, 2020
These Fucockda Millennials Think They Can Light - with Drew Mercadante
with Drew Mercadante - Video and Lighting Designer and Programmer at LXVX Design On this episode, we discuss his origin story, visualization software, low tech art vs. the high tech art of lighting, the necessity of macros, Midi interfaces, experimental projects to advance the MA2, Tom Morello, Philadelphia, future MA3 advancements, online resources and explore what is going on with these Millennials. Please visit:
April 09, 2020
Freelancer Tax Problems?!? I Don’t Know Dick, But I do Know Donnie.
with Donnie Castleman - Senior Tax Professional and Enrolled Agent On this episode, we discuss how stagehands and designers might perceive their tax status, 1099 vs W2, how to save for a nest egg, write offs, tax brackets, LLC vs S Corp vs C Corp vs just an individual, Fudget software, current tax code, COVID 19 tax filings and stimulus package. please visit: or email Disclaimer: This is not professional legal advice. The material provided on this podcast is for general information purposes only. It is not intended to provide legal advice or opinions of any kind and may not be used for professional or commercial purposes.
April 09, 2020
Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing - with Fragment Nine
with Jeremy Lechterman & Jackson Gallagher, Principal Designers at FragmentNine. On this episode, we discussed Live From Nowhere, how they are spending the downtime, COVID19 responses, extroverts in isolation, open Source macros and sharing, learning from other designers and programmers, online creativity, design subjectivity, social media presence in design, Keith Urban, Alt-J, BTS and the the Touring Career Workshop. Please visit: and
April 08, 2020
COVID-19 Cancellations Have a Silver Lining and AVEducate Can Help Us Find it.
with Omar Colom - Director of Show Services, Zach Larsen - C.O.O. at and Adam Faldetta - President / C.E.O at We discussed the many things that we can be learning about while we are at home during the travel restriction, how COVID-19 is affecting all markets, online education, online community and how to ask for help when you need help in these lean times. Please checkout: , ,
April 06, 2020
Selling Creativity at Almost Any Cost - with Peter Kyte
with Peter Kyte - Creative Concept Designer at Mercury Sound & Lighting and Founder of the Kyte Group On this episode, we discuss making the transition from live event lighting to integration, permanent environment/architectural installation lighting, architectural art lighting pieces, supporting Detroit, COVID-19 coping, substance abuse in the entertainment business, selling creative idea, how we can get our innate creativity in front of people who will listen, the Michigan Central Station Project, ethical business practices and more. Please visit:
April 06, 2020
Letting The Market Tell You What To Do - with Mike Gormley
with Mike Gormley - Co-owner of Blue Planet Lighting On this episode, we discuss the Las Vegas market, expanding even under isolation, the importance of diversification, responsible lending, moving shop from Branson Missouri to Las Vegas Nevada, looking to get ahead of the market and how to treat loyal employees with respect. Pleas visit:
April 03, 2020
I Want All Of It, Now Make It Possible - with Tyler "Shap" Shapard
with Tyler "Shap" Shapard - Lighting Designer/Director for Twenty one pilots On this episode, we discuss nicknames, the Twenty-one Pilots Trench tour, video and lighting cooperation, burning cars onstage, technical feats on tour, parting the audience, redesigning a show while on the road, helping others, the different paths to success, the shape our Industry here on out, GlowMotion winches and getting everything that an artist wants. Please visit:
April 03, 2020
Zooming an Ethical Tour Around the World - with Nate Cromwell
with Nate Cromwell - Lighting Designer / Director / Programmer at NA'Cho Production and Design LLC On this episode, we discussed world travels and how they influence our work, staying healthy on the road, Cambodia lighting rigs, feeder cases without wheels, Mongolian temples, ethical tourism, better life and opportunities, pictures, Alanıs Morissette, Carrie Underwood, Google photos and embracing love over a can of Coca-Cola.
April 01, 2020
Choosing Your Attitude in the Face of Death - with Nick Strand
with Nick Strand - Video Engineer and Author at MC LED On this episode, we discuss the passing of his wife, Brianna to Cystic Fibrosis, losing his mother to cancer, his scare with Bell’s Palsy, his new book “Loving Someone Who is Dying,” keeping a positive attitude on the road and at home, plus insurance as a freelancer, his thoughts on universal healthcare, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and songs to play at our funerals. Please visit:
April 01, 2020
Schrödinger’s Gig - with Alex Reardon and Cory Fitzgerald
with Alex Reardon and Cory FitzGerald - Design Partners at Silent House Productions On this episode we discuss the benefits of belonging to a firm, paychecks, Insurance, how to divvy up responsibilities, collaborating with other designers, the pros and cons of having an agent, maintaining creativity during dry spells and managing expectations. Please visit:
March 31, 2020
Looking For the Helpers - with Herrick Goldman
with Herrick Goldman - Lighting Designer Owner of HGLD and Principal Designer at Evoke Collaborative On the is episode we discuss broadway vs rock n roll, how best to help out during self isolation, the difference between corporate art and personal art, art for arts sake, emotion through lighting, artistic collaborations, OSHA 30, talented technicians, his inspiration to get into the industry, medical emergencies and booze cruising. Please visit: and
March 27, 2020
When Head to Head Competitors Collide - with Mike Graham
with Mike Graham - Education, Engagement and Product Manager at CHAUVET Professional On this episode we discuss product demos, shootouts, networking, eco-friendly fixtures and how to ethically convince lighting designers how to use our respective products.
March 25, 2020
Burning Down the Loading Dock - with Robb Jibson
with Robb Jibson - Production Designer at so midwest, inc. On this episode we discuss alternate streams of income while touring, working as a freelancer and as a company, getting an LLC vs. Incorporating, social distancing rebound tactics, virtual loading docks and good business tactics. Please visit:
March 25, 2020
Cooking Up Some Family Love - with Kevin “Deuce” Christopher
with Kevin “Deuce” Christopher - Production and Lighting Designer of Deuce Designs On this episode we discuss eating healthy on the road, traveling with family, bringing the family to a show, parenting from the other side of the globe, having a loyal band to work for, after show food trucks, the Journey 2020 tour, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and what he will be doing during self isolation
March 25, 2020
Slaying Buffaloes From the Vegan Bus - with Tony Caporale
with Parnelli Award winning Lighting Director Tony Caporale - Lighting Designer, Programmer, Director at Infinitus Vox On this episode we discuss working for an up and coming artist, Billie Eilish, separating home life from touring life, FaceTiming with kids, proper family etiquette on the road, touring as a parent, what he is learning during the self isolation, getting ready for the rebound, Vectorworks and supporting a family from the road. Please visit: and
March 23, 2020
Finding Silver Linings - with Meagan Metcalf
with Meagan Metcalf - Production + Lighting Design at Meagan Metcalf Productions, LLC On this episode we discuss what she will be doing with our down time, designing from a rural place as compared to a big city, designing a show and handing it off to a director, recreating looks for the same song on new tours, finding fresh inspiration and resources for keeping busy and managing stress and anxiety during the down time. Please visit: and
March 23, 2020
Taking a Hard Reset - with Jeff Ravitz
with Jeff Ravitz - Lighting Designer and Founding Partner at Intensity Advisors, LLC On this episode we discuss what Jeff is doing during the downtime, how to envision the rebound from social distancing, tips and tricks to balancing a front wash, how to ring out a spotlight, how he manages expectations with a client, writing his book, television lighting and the environmental concerns of lighting. Please visit:
March 23, 2020
Fear and Loafing in Las Vegas - with Chris Reade
with Lighting Designer Chris Reade - KYVA Design, LLC On this episode we discussed lighting partnerships, touring as a parent, taxation, moving to a new town and looking for clients, sharing macros, open source training, the Las Vegas industry, strip clubs and technology. Please visit:
March 19, 2020
Hanging Out at the (virtual) Circle Bar During Social Distancing - with Brandon Walton
with Brandon Walton - Lighting Designer at the recently closed Hard Rock Hotel and soon to be Virgin Hotel. On this episode we discussed changing from the Hard Rock Hotel to Virgin, how Las Vegas is being affected, being a house LD and connecting with the industry gig after gig
March 19, 2020
Searching for the Bright Side of Self Isolation - with Steven Douglas
with Steven Douglas - Lighting Production Designer On this episode we discussed loyalty within bands including The Killers, how he got into the industry, directing and designing, collaborating as a designer/director with other designers, The Killers tour, the Aerosmith residency and self isolation in Dublin. Please visit:
March 19, 2020
Designing For Social Media and Online Relationships - with Tobias Rylander
with Tobias Rylander - Swedish-born, Los Angeles based Conceptual and Lighting Designer for such clients as The 1975, Steve Aoki, Acne Studios, and Calvin Klein. On this episode we discussed working as an individual vs. working as a collective, where we find new inspirations, compromising design for corporate shows and client requirements, how an artistic vision still needs to fit in a truck and transport, working with an agent/management, the business of lighting and designing for personal cameras and social media. Please visit:
March 18, 2020
Listen to Your Crew Mom to Stay Healthy - with Clover Rushing
with Jessica “Clover” Rushing - Freelance Lighting Director and Rigger from Detroit. On this episode we discussed staying healthy on the road, self promotion in the entertainment industry, how to treat guest touring LDs, holistic healing and ear candling, unions and collective bargaining, extreme couponing, preparedness, equal gender roles and being a female in the lighting industry. Please visit: Stagehand Learning on Youtube
March 18, 2020
Stir Crazy Roadies - with AJ Pen
with AJ Pen - Concert Production Designer - Penlight Inc, OneRepublic, Josh Groban and many more. On the episode we discussed touring families, roadie jam sessions, scaling a show to the meet the venue, the kernel of lighting fundamentals, programming layers for purpose, asymmetrical looks, clever cloning techniques, GDTF, doing shows at Red Rocks amphitheater and final words of wisdom.
March 17, 2020
Traveling the World From Self Isolation - with Julian Hodgson
with Julian Hodgson - Director and Lighting Designer at APEX Lighting Design We discussed, Virtual lock down in Barcelona and worldwide right now, COVID-19 and how it is affecting the entertainment industry, working around the world including Vietnam, United Arab Emirates and Brussels, working for Tom Jones, Il Divo, David Guetta, and festival designs worldwide. Please visit:
March 16, 2020
COVID-19 Federal Aid Package for Events Industry
with Trevor Zulinke - National Director of Accounts & Production and Isaac Rothwell - National Director Of Operations at Digerati Productions. We discuss the necessary federal aid to maintain the entertainment industry in these lean times, how we are the first domino to fall in a long chain of hard times, how we can support one another and where to go to support the petition. Please visit:
March 14, 2020
How To Get the Best Bang For Your Buck - with Robert Hickman
with Robert Hickman of Home Port Collective - Designer, Producer, and Consultant in Nashville, Tennessee We discussed creative cost cutting techniques, how to look big without a big budget, how to get a cheap set without looking cheap, how to use LED innovation to your advantage, how to reach out to a professional to get he best price and how how having a professional consultant costs money upfront to save money in the long run. Please visit:
March 13, 2020
Mike Cooper and I Disagree About Everything and That's Okay.
On this podcast I converse about politics and Road WiFi with Cofounder and CEO Michael Cooper. We discuss how people can lose gigs if their political soapbox is too tall, the global society that is wide open on social media, polarization even within the industry, how we can work while discussing politics and not get upset, how we should not let politics stop us from doing good business and discussing politics on headset.
March 10, 2020
ADHD In Design and Touring - with Rodger Pugh
On this podcast I go over the logistics of having ADHD on the road and in the the design process with Rodger Pugh of Dveus Designs. We discuss Intense hyper-focus, list building, late night productivity, mental clarity during design, extended tedious tasks abilities, the physical need to finish a task including increased dopamine bursts and shortness of breath, the ability to focus without requiring peer support, dealing with other people, impulsivity and low frustration tolerance in our industry. 
March 10, 2020
Don’t Let the Coronavirus Stop You From Doing Business - with Jason Newman.
with Jason Newman of the Creative Technology Group.  We discussed how we can use technology to conduct business as usual without letting the fear of a spreading virus bring us to a halt, how CT is using NEP to help their clients, how online events can be better than person to person contact during these times, the current COVID-19 crisis and social media overload and mental health and the impact of times like these. Don’t believe everything you read- most of it is wrong but with the right intention.
March 09, 2020
Surviving The Good Times and the Bad - with Keith Hoagland
Surviving The Good Times and the Bad with Keith Hoagland. We take time to discuss his first hand knowledge of the Route 91 Festival, Being a parent on the road, Mental health on the road, and The Music Health Alliance
February 26, 2020
Maintaining artistic integrity while collecting a paycheck with Sooner Routhier
Designer Studio at NAMMLIVE, a live taping of the PLSN LD-At-Large podcast with Sooner Routhier Sooner Routhier: Maintaining artistic integrity while collecting a paycheck: How to work with big artists with big ideas/egos without compromising the show. with: Sooner Routhier - Show Designer/Creative Director/Producer and Parnellis Lighting Designer of the Year. Things we discussed: 1. Dealing with big egos 2. Artistic license 3. Artistic integrity 4. Mentors 5. How did you get into the business 6. When to stand up and when to back down 7. How do you know that you are right? 8. Can you leave a job with integrity? 9. Who takes credit for which decisions? 10. What’s the best approach to break out of the operator role and into the designer role?
January 19, 2020
A Little Bit Country, A little bit Rock n Roll with Susan Rose, Chris Lisle and Rob Koenig.
Designer Studio at NAMMLIVE, a live taping of the PLSN LD-At-Large podcast with Susan Rose, Chris Lisle and Rob Koenig. A Little Bit Country, A little bit Rock n Roll: Blurring the lines between Rock n Roll touring and Country Touring. Things we discussed Discussion: Country Touring No Haze Tours Chicken Wings Festival Rigs Nepotism Touring Family Punting festival lighting Business of Rock n Roll
January 19, 2020
Touring Responsibly and Mental Health On The Road with Chris Lisle
Designer Studio at NAMMLIVE, a live taping of the PLSN LD-At-Large podcast with Chris Lisle: Touring Responsibly: Mental health on the road, preparing for the future, 401ks, insurance for freelancers, and work safety. Chris Lisle - Owner & Production Designer CLLD LLC Things we discussed Discussion: Balance of tour/home life Stress on the road Mental health resources on the road ACED - Attitude, Communication, Experience, Diligence Career Progression and getting gigs the right way Thinking ahead, retirement, Health Insurance 401Ks TCW Eating healthy on the road Taking care of crew
January 18, 2020
Chasing the Dragons of the Rock n Roll Lifestyle with Gigi Pedron and Emily Bornt
Chasing the Dragon: Chasing the emotional highs of the rock n roll lifestyle and how to embrace the lows. Things we discuss: Prepare for the Buzz Kill Rely on Self-Validation Your Job vs. Your Identity Touring Family Don’t Take It Personally Intoxication at FOH Design Process Immersive designing
January 18, 2020
The Future of Stage Lighting - with Bob Bonniol
Designer Studio at NAMMLIVE, a live taping of the PLSN LD-At-Large podcast with Bob Bonniol The Future of Stage Lighting: Where will we go next? Is the future full of drones, lasers, augmented reality or minimalism? Things we discuss: People using their phones Augmented Reality Automation Drones Holograms Artistic vision scale Virtual Reality Minimalism
January 17, 2020
The Ethics of Lighting, Programming and Creativity - with Aron Altmark.
Designer Studio at NAMMLIVE, a live taping of the PLSN LD-At-Large podcast with Aron Altmark The ethics of lighting, programming and creativity with Aron Altmark.  Liars, Cheats and Thieves We discuss: Stealing macros Sharing Macros Bragging about your resume. Stealing a show file and asking for less money Walking away with a show file after non-payment. Locking your user profile Sharing knowledge for free Full disclosure of your abilities Full disclosure of your resume Festival Show files Stealing a show file. Cheating your programming.
January 17, 2020
The Death of Conventional Lighting Sources - with Matt Guminski
Designer Studio at NAMMLIVE, a live taping of the PLSN LD-At-Large podcast with Matt Guminski Hanging out at NAMM with my good friend and lighting designer Matt Guminski of MG lighting. Things we discussed: The death of the Parcan. His use of Parcans in modern designs. What can we use to replace Tungsten Programming media servers.
January 16, 2020
Theater Builders of Tomorrow – Listen Up!
While touring the world, I have spent far too many hours sitting at FOH, wondering who in the world designs some of these venues. I decided that I should put my two cents in writing instead of stewing in my own disgust of poor forethought.
September 14, 2016
Straight Outta Comp Tix
“It doesn’t hurt to ask.” Taken literally, this well-known phrase implies we should always ask for what we want. However, if you’re a professional and/or over the age of seven, you should know that if you ask the wrong way, it could damage your reputation and limit your ability to ever ask the same question again.
August 13, 2016
The Matrix Is Now! Four Tips to Help Wash Down That Red Pill
In science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke’s famed “Three Laws,” written in Profiles of the Future, a book-length collection of essays that was first published in 1962, the third law stated: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” He must have foreseen today’s dizzying array of live event gear advancements, because the lighting rigs that I have been working on as of late have been reinforcing this law on a daily basis. We have entered the days of fully immersive lighting environments, 200-plus universe rigs, wireless DMX, instant downloads and truss spots that aren’t on the truss. We have clearly taken the red pill and fallen down the rabbit hole of technology. Like Neo, we need to embrace this world and prepare for the next level. Here are four tips to making yourself at home in today’s lighting design matrix.
July 15, 2016
Rules For Free Labor
Everybody who has a valuable skill, or even motivation, will be asked to donate time and effort at one juncture in time. The entertainment biz is no exception.
April 13, 2016
Seven Rules of a Successful Lighting Director
As a touring lighting director, I often get asked what it takes to get to where I am. Here are seven tips of a successful lighting director. Q: What’s the difference between a Lighting Designer and a Lighting Director? A: About $20,000…
February 15, 2016