Sunday Service 29.9.19

An episode of SelfLoveLoveSelf365

By LD Lore
"To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure." LD Lore
A Retreat On Days When You Aren't Feeling Your Best, Spread Love But Most Importantly Love Yourself.
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More places to listen

Our Deepest Fear...
Head over to SELFLOVELOVESELF365.COM now for today's important blog post.  Spread the word, sign the petition, please get involved.
October 6, 2019
Sunday Service 29.9.19
The Importance Of Self Kindness.  #selfloveloveself365
September 29, 2019
SELFLOVELOVESELF365 Presents Sunday Service
"To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure." LD Lore  Sunday Service is here!  Where ever you are, whatever you're doing offer yourself Self Love and Self Care and lots of kindness.  Check out: SELFLOVELOVESELF365.COM Share Love, Spread Love But Most Importantly Love Yourself!
September 22, 2019
My Definition Of Self Love
#selfloveloveself365 The aim is not to be perfect so this piece isn't perfect. In fact I feel it's important to show the imperfect moments.  It's important to just be your most authentic self.  I like the term imperfectly perfect because no one is perfect. 'Perfect' is exhausting. I created this in June of this year and I'm taking a leap and sharing. No more pretending just sharing imperfectly imperfectness. Beauty is imperfect.  You can not push anyone to be ready but you can encourage others to take a positive leap, a leap into their own greatness. EVERYONE deserves encouragement. EVERYONE deserves to know they can muster the courage to cultivate a deep love of self. Self Love is Important. Self Love is Freedom. Self Love is elevation of self.  Sending light and love, ALWAYS X  "To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure." LD Lore
September 11, 2019
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