002 - Leading with A Limp

An episode of Lead2Serve

By Ed Taylor
At Lead2Serve Pastor Ed Taylor discusses the value of servant leadership. We recognize the best leaders will always first be the best servants. From Church Planters to Senior Pastors, Sunday School teachers to CEO's, the wisdom shared will be a great benefit to your life! Pastor Ed is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Church, in Aurora Colorado
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015 - I Just Don't See How God Can Use Me
In this last episode of Season 1, Pastor Ed picks up where we started, looking at the all sufficiency of Jesus Christ in our lives. The pressures upon the leader and servant are so great, that it's easy to succumb to these feelings of inadequacy, inability, and weakness. God's desire is for us to lean into Him, trusting Him with our lives. We are able, not because of our education or experience, but rather because of His grace and empowerment in our lives! Tune in as we end season one on a high note!
August 26, 2019
014 - Handling Gray Areas of Life as A Leader
How does a spiritual leader handle gray areas in their life? How do they help others navigate through this world with so many options, so many temptations, so may opportunities to stray away from the simplicity of Jesus Christ? Gray Areas, there are many. Today, Pastor Ed leads us through a discussion on how to handle the gray areas in life, helping others, including ourselves, become more useful in the hands of Jesus. 
August 19, 2019
013 - Divine Appointments or Fleshly Interruptions
Because a leader's life is full, it's easy to see things, to see people, to see situations as disruptive unwelcome interruptions. But they are not! God is orchestrating events surrounding our lives leading us into exciting Divine appointments! As you embrace the sovereignty of God in your life, everything you face is viewed as an opportunity to glorify Him!
August 12, 2019
012 - What Do I Do When I Don't Know What To Do
Although most people look to leaders for direction and help, there are times, many times, when we simply don't know what to do. Lacking knowledge doesn't make you a bad leader, but it can stumble you in your leadership. In today's episode, Pastor Ed helps us to walk through the moments when we come to a situation where don't know what to do. Join in on this fascinating topic discussion.
August 5, 2019
011 - People Are Not Tasks or Events
It's inevitable that as you have more to do, you will have more tools to help keep you organized. A common problem for the leader in ministry is that you get so organized that you begin to think that people are just tasks, appointments, and events. That's not the heart of Jesus for His Church. Jesus modeled for us the care and concern He wants us to invest into people's lives. Today on Lead2Serve, Pastor Ed reminds us to treat everyone with love, dignity, and respect in Jesus name!
July 29, 2019
010 Leading with Simple Childlikeness
In Matthew 18, before Jesus gets to His instructions on how to resolve conflict with others, He takes a child and places him in the midst of the adults he's teaching. The child is an object lesson of the heart of the matter. The kingdom of God is lead by those who learn, in humility, to approach God in a childlike manner. Resolving conflict through your leadership must be saturated with humility, grace, and childlikeness. Tune in to today's episode of Lead2Serve where Pastor Ed walks us through the overarching context of Jesus instructions in Matthew 18.
July 22, 2019
009 Unforgiveness Keeps You Stuck and Unable to Lead
In today's episode of Lead2Serve, Pastor Ed, Calvary Church in Aurora, shares with us the importance and value of forgiveness in resolving conflicts. Many choose a posture of unforgiveness and wonder why their hearts have become so cold and hard. Their leadership ability is affected and things are falling apart. God has made a way for us to move forward in grace, receiving and extending His forgiveness!
July 15, 2019
008 - How Do I Handle Sensitive Personal and Painful Conflicts Biblically?
By far one of the most painful parts of life is enduring conflicts with those we love and care for. Pain, sorrow, difficulty, and even depression follow unresolved conflicts. It's a double shocker to find that conflicts exist in the church just as much as outside of the church. What are we supposed to do? How do we handle them? Is there is a biblical roadmap as a leader to help resolve conflict? Join Pastor Ed today as helps us learn the pathway of Jesus in handling conflicts biblically. 
July 8, 2019
007 What Is The Real Business of the Church?
Why is the Church on the earth today? There are many good answers to this questions. We are here to glorify God, worship Him alone, love, evangelize, and so many others. But if you had to reduce it down to just one word, what word would you choose? On today's episode of Lead2Serve, Pastor Ed suggests a word that you may not have thought of before. Join in!
July 1, 2019
006 - A Loving Discussion About Homosexuality with Dr. Christopher Yuan
Leading in a culture that is ever changing and very much secular is challenging. The moral compass of our world has shifted and changed so much. How do we reach our culture with the gospel when it seems like our culture has gone off the rails, especially in their definition of sexuality? Recently author and professor, Dr. Christopher Yuan, sat down with Pastor Ed to discuss the importance of a Holy Sexuality and the need for grace and love when reaching out to those who are living in immortal sexual lifestyles. The conversation was probing and liberating. Love conquers all!
June 24, 2019
005 - Likemindedness Helps Move the Vision Forward
One of the underrated value of any team is likemindedness. We all want it but don't speak much about it.  Some demand conformity. Others don't have a solid direction. But most of us thrive in likeminded environments. Cultures where we generally see things the same way and run with the vision God has placed before. In today's episode, Pastor Ed talks about the importance of likemindedness.
June 17, 2019
004 - Are you a Bad Leader? 10 signs of Bad Leadership
No one in their right mind wants to be a bad leader, yet there are many and the ranks are growing. How do we know what a bad leader looks like? What are the characteristics to watch out for?  In today's edition of Lead2Serve, Pastor Ed walks us through an important passage in the book of Jeremiah looking at how God evaluates a group of bad leaders.
June 10, 2019
003 - Is There A Need to Have a Pastor's Heart?
Leadership is a heart issue.  As it's been said, the heart of the matter is often a matter of the heart. In this episode Pastor Ed Taylor discusses the importance of having and cultivating a Pastor's heart. Even if you are not serving in the role or with the title of pastor, it's essential. Join us now!
June 4, 2019
002 - Leading with A Limp
Weakness is not seen as a valuable ingredient in serving.  So much energy and effort is spent trying to be strong, stay strong, and stay on the cutting edge. But It's important to realize how important weakness is in your servanthood. It's in weakness that God's strength is made perfect. I learned this personally after the death of our son, 6 years ago, on May 27th, 2013.
May 27, 2019
001 - Inadequacy
Ever feel inadequate for the task? It seems at one time or another, every servant of Jesus comes face to face with their own inadequacies.  We all have them.  For many, this comes with with the temptation to quit, throw in the towel, and run the other way. In today's episode of Lead2Serve, Pastor Ed reminds us of the strength God to equip you to serve Him.
May 17, 2019
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