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#45 “Ketch Phraze”

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Indie-music and lifestyle imprint, Lead And Be Legendary (LABL), presents the Lead And Be Legendary Podcast, hosted by Nametag Alexander. Tune in to the LABL Podcast to hear Nametag and other notable Creatives in their lanes, discuss about everyday matters from the mind of a working Artist. Listen and/or subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify or directly here www.leadandbelegendary.net/p/labl-podcast.html
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LABL Radio - “For The ‘99” (Mix #1)
Listen to your favorite mixshow hosts, DJ DDT and Nametag as they meet up for LABL Radio. Tune in for some of the best blends of Rap and/or R&B that’ll be the soundtrack to your day and night. 3134730338 for shoutouts and requests. Find more on Lead And Be Legendary at http://leadandbelegendary.net On Twitter: @lablmusic @djddt @nametagalxndr On IG: @leadandbelegendary @djddt1 @nametagalexander
September 3, 2019
#56 “Teach What I Know” (feat. Antea Birchett)
Find more on LABL at http://leadandbelegendary.net  Intro music: Nametag Alexander - “The Greatest” (prod. by Black Bethoven)  Outro music: Nametag Alexander - “Know Bodiez” (prod. by Nameless)  You’ve more than likely heard an artist who’s sung a song written and licensed by Antea Birchett. Antea is one half of the duo Aplus. With her sister Anesha, Antea has written for artists such as Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, H.E.R, Teyana Taylor, and more of your favorites. Aplus are also artists in their own right.  Some of the topics covered:   Mercury Retrograde and its impact on those of us aware, and unaware   Attending Wayne State University (Detroit) on a full scholarship where she focused on vocal training and opera   Signing to Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins with her sister, Anesha as Songwriters in 2005   The experience writing for Beyoncé on the “B-Day” album + Writing for Mary J. Blige, Justin Bieber, H.E.R, Teyana Taylor, Ciara, and more.   The “Teach What I Know” music company for Songwriters   Antea’s top 5 influential R&B artists, and top 5 songwriters  On social media:  Twitter: @AnteaIsAPlus @NametagAlxndr @LABLMusic  Instagram: @AnteaIsAPlus @TeachWhatIknow @NametagAlexander @LeadAndBeLegendary  Facebook: LABL Podcast (Group), Antea Birchett, Nametag Alexander Episode Executive Prod. Credit: Dean Garcia 
August 19, 2019
#55 “Work Life Balance & The Music-preneur Mindset” ft. Suzanne Paulinski
Nametag shares a phone call with Suzanne Paulinski of “The Rock Star Advocate”, she is a mindset coach for music-preneurs, helping them reach their goals with custom time management solutions that enable them to gain clarity on their next steps while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.  Some Of The Topics Covered:  Suzanne’s history of starting as an Intern gaining knowledge while at Atlantic Records Starting her own independent label  Ways to maintain a work life balance and why most music-preneurs battle doing so  Being against sleep shaming  Getting her Masters In Psychology and how it eventually gave Suzanne to become a Mindset Coach for Musicians  Intro music:  Nametag Alexander - “Work. Win. Repeat.” feat. Junii (prod. by Black Bethoven) https://www.nametagalexander.com/2019/05/work-win-repeat-feat-junii-prod-by.html?m=1  Outro music:  Nametag Alexander - “Know Bodiez” (Freestyle) (Prod. By @_Nameless)  Find more on Suzanne Paulinski at: http://therockstaradvocate.com  More on LABL at: http://leadandbelegendary.net  On Twitter: @RockStarAdvo x @LABLMusic x @NametagAlxndr  On IG: @RockStarAdvo x @LeadAndBeLegendary x @NametagAlexander  Facebook: The Rock Star Advocate x LABL Podcast  x Nametag Alexander
August 7, 2019
#54 Music Publishing With Prosound Media
Music Publisher, Theo Ellis of Prosound Media provides a great deal of insight for Songwriters, Producers, or anyone interested in stepping foot into the music business. The following topics are covered. Loaded episode.  + studying at Specs Howard for tv and radio  + The backstory on his label, Detroit Digital  + His company Prosound Media/SILLE Publishing that is “Empowering Musicians Everywhere”.  + Clearing samples and compulsory licenses  + The importance of Songwriters being educated about music publishing  + Secured sync placements via SILLE Publishing  + Sync licensing, why it can be a life changing revenue stream for artists  + How Independent Songwriters can properly benefit from streaming  For “LABL” merch and more. http://leadandbelegendary.net  Nametag Alexander - “Work. Win. Repeat.” feat. Junii (prod. by Black Bethoven) https://www.nametagalexander.com/2019/05/work-win-repeat-feat-junii-prod-by.html?m=1  Junii - “Junii’s Joint” (prod. by [Ra]) https://soundcloud.com/better-in-black/juniis-joint-freestyle  Checkout mixshows from DJ DDT at http://mixcloud.com/djddt  IG: @prosoundmedia x @leadandbelegendary x @nametagalexander  Twitter: @prosoundmedia x @lablmusic x @nametagalxndr  Join the “LABL Podcast” Facebook group.
July 9, 2019
#18 Hamburgers & Plain Lays (lost but recovered episode)
Episode 18 an episode that got lost...but got recovered. Was already on Soundcloud though. Very short episode. It's more stuff to talk about than Jay Z's new album but we'll get to that later. Listen to Nametag & Dean weigh in briefly on Jay's 13th platinum album, and how it sparked feminism via social media to create online debates between women and men regarding relationships....at least that's the shortest way to explain it.  http://leadandbelegendary.net  Twitter: @NametagAlxndr x @ArtDealerDean  IG: @NametagAlexander x @ArtDealerDean  Facebook: Nametag Alexander  Intro music prod. by Nameless  Outro: Nametagalexander – “Own Lane” ft. MAHD (prod. by Black Bethoven)
June 28, 2019
#53 Return Of The Bearded Gawd (JR Swiftz)
Subscribe to the “Lead And Be Legendary” Youtube page. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW5Q524qSKb-aW1sH100GZA?view_as=subscriber Join the mailing list http://eepurl.com/cUlFPX  For all things LABL (especially merch) http://leadandbelegendary.net  It’s the return of the Bearded Gawd. Brooklyn bred Producer, JR Swiftz makes his second appearance (see episode 2). A lot has went on in his career as a music Producer since he was first featured on the show.  Some topics covered:  working with Westside Gunn, Conway, and Elzhi  Getting the Pete Rock stamp of approval  the sampling issue in Hip Hop  power of connecting through social media and more.  Check out, then buy the B Dot x JR Swiftz project titled “Coming Forth By Day” available now on all digital music service providers.  @JRSwiftz @NAMETAGALXNDR @lablmusic on Twitter  @thereal_jrswiftz @nametagalexander @leadandbelegendary on Instagram
June 28, 2019
#52 “2013” (feat. Art Dealer Dean)
For LABL merch, music, and more. http://leadandbelegendary.net Join the mailing list. http://eepurl.com/cUlFPX Nametag Alexander “Work. Win. Repeat.” ft. Junii https://www.nametagalexander.com/2019/05/work-win-repeat-feat-junii-prod-by.html?m=0 Nametag talks with recurring guest, Art Dealer Dean about how, a select number of albums released in 2013 significantly impacted how Artists release music today. Instagram: @leadandbelegendary x @nametagalexander x @artdealerdean Twitter: @lablmusic x @nametagalxndr x @artdealerdean
June 18, 2019
#51 "Mihajlo" feat. Valid"
 Join the mailing list.  http://eepurl.com/cUlFPX  Intro/Outro music:  Nametag Alexander & NAMELESS - "Let Me Live" Nametag Alexander - ”Work. Win. Repeat.” ft. Junii (prod. by Black Bethoven) https://www.nametagalexander.com/2019/05/work-win-repeat-feat-junii-prod-by.html?m=1 Order merch at:  http://www.leadandbelegendary.net/p/merch.html  Nametag chops it up with another one of Detroit city's most hardest working Emcees, Valid. Besides diving into speaking about Valid's latest album release, "MIHAJLO" they discuss, his strong grassroots level approach as an independent artist. They get into the importance of planning and execution for music releases, being against pay for play, and Valid gave a dope analysis on why it's difficult to label newer albums as classics. "MIHAJLO" is out now across all platforms to buy and stream music. Throw your headphones/earbuds on, or adjust your speakers in your car/truck and listen for a good 30 minutes or so! @Valid313 across all main social media platforms For all things LABL, visit http://www.leadandbelegendary.net For all things Nametag Alexander, http://www.nametagalexander.com
June 7, 2019
#50 “...but what about TIDAL?” (feat. Art.Dealer.Dean)
For all things LABL http://leadandbelegendary.net  Join the mailing list. http://eepurl.com/cUlFPX  Intro/Outro music:  Nametag Alexander  “Work. Win. Repeat.” ft. Junii https://www.nametagalexander.com/2019/05/work-win-repeat-feat-junii-prod-by.html?m=0  Jay Z released his back catalog to iTunes after years of using his 14 album career as the premier feature of Tidal in addition to lossless sound. What does this mean for Mr. Carter and the Swedish founded streaming platform he acquired in 2015? Recurring special guest of the LABL Podcast, Art.Dealer.Dean makes some wild predictions about what this could mean for the best rapper alive, Tidal, and maybe even Roc Nation.  Other topics covered:  Urban Podcast Month event recap  local artist approachability  leaning into your purpose  Follow on social media:  IG: @leadandbelegendary x @nametagalexander x @humbleflei  Twitter: @lablmusic x @nametagalxndr x @artdelaerdean  Facebook Group: LABL Podcast
May 29, 2019
#49 ‘Voice Messages & Podcast Mixers’
www.leadandbelegendary.net Join the E-Mail list http://eepurl.com/cUlFPX + New single coming soon from Nametag that’ll be streamed exclusively at www.nametagalexander.com + Live Podcast Mixer for Urban Podcast Month will be May 26th at Charles H. Wright Museumin Detroit, MI. Ticket prices/Door fees, and more details on flyer. Click the IG link for more details https://www.instagram.com/p/BxnkLSClT32/?igshid=tv2eapdd457c + Listeners of this podcast can now record and submit up to a minute of voice message audio to be featured on the show. Click the link in the description/show’s notes to do so. One of the upcoming episodes will be about the best remixes in Rap, so send in your voice messages saying the best Rap remixes to you. Song included at the end of the episode is a snippet of ‘Work Win Repeat’ by Nametag Alexander featuring Junii, prod. by Black Bethoven. Stream/download exclusively at www.nametagalexander.com on May 24th, or wait until it’s official release, which will be soon. Subscribe, and leave a rating and review if you listen on Apple Podcasts. Join the ‘LABL Podcast’ Facebook group. Submit questions via DM on Instagram @leadandbelegendary Follow Nametag on IG: @nametagalexanderTwitter: @nametagalxndr  Facebook: Nametag Alexander
May 19, 2019
#48 ‘Never Forget, May Is Urban Podcast Month! #2019UPM’
Find more at http://leadandbelegendary.net Join the mailing list http://eepurl.com/cUlFPX ‘Work. Win. Repeat.’ Merch http://nametagalexander.storeenvy.com Intro Music: Nametag & Nameless - ‘Let Me Live’ May is Urban Podcast Month. #2019UPM ‘Interlude’ video shot by DJ DDT https://youtu.be/4f-f5tcd9QI Songs featured in episode: 1 Nametag Alexander - ‘Interlude’ 2 Nametag Alexander - ‘Overground’ 3 Nametag Alexander - ‘The Greatest’ 4 ACE - ‘Look At Me Now’ (Freestyle) 5 Lyric Jones & Nameless - ‘All Sides’ 6 Better In Black - ‘Spring Break’ Subscribe, and leave a rating and review if you listen on Apple Podcasts. Join the ‘LABL Podcast’ Facebook group. Submit questions via DM on Instagram @leadandbelegendary Find more on Nametag at http://nametagalexander.com
April 26, 2019
#47 “Transfer Of Inner G” (feat. Art.Dealer.Dean)
Intro music: “Let Me Live” by Nametag Alexander (prod. by NAMELESS)  Order “Work. Win. Repeat.” merch at http://www.nametagalexander.com  In this episode, Nametag and recurring special guest, Art.Dealer.Dean discuss:  The passing of Nipsey Hussle, the transfer of energy and how it greatly impacts people.  Being grateful for artists who teach ownership  Pay to play performances: Yea or naw?  Spotify and Pandora Vs. Songwriters and much more...  Follow on Instagram: @nametagalexander x @art.dealer.dean  Follow on Twitter: @nametagalxndr x @artdealerdean  Facebook: LABL Podcast (Group) x Dean Garcia
April 13, 2019
#46 "Boog Brown"
Another long overdue episode, but perfect timing. For episode 46, Nametag sits down with Detroit MC/Songwriter, Boog Brown. They set it off discussing the spring equinox and it being the true start of the new year. Other topics include: surrendering finding an escape to a vice, never having days off, the constant rush of releasing music, D'Angelo's "Voodoo" album vs. Bilal's "First Born Second", Boog's dream collabs and more. Lock in, and please share the episode. Be sure to rate and leave a review if you listen to this via Apple Podcasts. Be sure to check out more music from Boog Brown via Bandcamp at  https://boogbrown.bandcamp.com/album/boog-brown  Intro: “Let Me Live” by Nametag x NAMELESS (For Namesake) Twitter: @Boogbrown x @nametagalxndr Instagram: @1BoogBrown x @nametagalexander Facebook Group: LABL Podcast Visit www.nametagalexander.com (click the merch tab) to order some of the "Work. Win. Repeat." merch today. Pre order the "Hello Victory" project on vinyl before 4.10.2019 We have a goal to move a numbered edition of 100 orders. You can order here https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/226734/nametag-alexander-hello-victory 
March 27, 2019
#45 “Ketch Phraze”
There may have been 4 or 5 attempts over the last year to get this podcast episode to happen. It’s all about timing though. Nametag chops it up with Inkster/Detroit MC, Ketch Phraze. If you’re familiar with the Detroit underground Hip Hop scene, you recognize Ketch from the former Inkster bred trio, Street Justice. Ketch Phraze speaks about earning his stripes on the Detroit Hip Hop scene, an interesting college story to how he started his path as an MC, his music release titled “The Gift Certificate” and much more. Subscribe and listen to “The LABL Podcast” on the top platforms such as Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Spotify, Anchor FM, and many others. Order some LABL merch from the website while you listen. Thanks. Follow the hashtag #LABLPodcast LABL Merch http://www.leadandbelegendary.net/p/merch.html?m=1 Ketch Phraze - “Top Tens and Buffs” http://ketchp.bandcamp.com/track/top-tens-buffs-prod-by-foul-mouth Twitter: @KetchP x @lablmusic IG: @ketchp313 x @leadandbelegendary
March 1, 2019
#44 "Work. Win. Repeat." (ft. Black Bethoven)
A lot of good independent music talk covered in this episode featuring Music producer, engineer and also Nametag's older Brother, Black Bethoven. Nametag confirms why he had the original release of their collab project, "Hello Victory" removed from music streaming platforms, only to later re issue it via Soul Spazm Digital (shoutout to DJ Soko). Black Bethoven speaks to the importance of brands having longevity, and why Independent musicians must network offline as well. The convo gets even more interesting, when Nametag mentions a Facebook status from Jesse Atkinson (of Urban Threshold) speaking on looking to start an Independent Music Artist Stock Exchange. The re issue of "Hello Victory"  is available now on all major platforms to stream and buy music. Work. Win. Repeat.  Intro music prod. by Nameless   "Work. Win. Repeat" Merch   Twitter: @LABLMusic x @NametagAlxndr x @BlackBethoven   Instagram: @leadandbelegendary x @nametagalexander × @blackbethoven   Facebook Group: The LABL Podcast 
February 10, 2019
#43 "Pop Culture Class??"
Nametag talks with his youngest niece, 'Liyah about the "Pop Culture" class she has an elective for her senior year in high school. In this episode, they cover a range of topics from the current presidency, sports, how the youth engage in Hip Hop music discussions today and more. Order LABL merch online at www.leadandbelegendary.net Intro music by Nametag Alexander, produced by Nameless Instagram: @leadandbelegendary x @nametagalexander x @kid_smurf17 Twitter: @LABLMusic x @NAMETAGALXNDR Facebook Group: The LABL Podcast
February 4, 2019
#42 "Shoptalk With J And Dame"
Merch, music, and more at: www.leadandbelegendary.net Nametag sits down with J Johnson and Dame Gone Wild of The "Shoptalk Podcast" at Shoptalk Podcast Studios. They cover the following topics: The beginning history of Shoptalk Studios, transitioning from Rap into podcasting, high level Rap playlists, streaming being almost like car leasing for music, the future of urban Podcasting in the metro Detroit area, and more... Shoptalk Podcast Studios www.shoptalkpod.com Twitter and Instagram: @JJohnson313 and @DameGoneWild313 @shoptalkpodcast (IG) Twitter: @nametagalxndr @lablmusic IG: @nametagalexander @leadandbelegendary Facebook Group: The LABL Podcast
January 17, 2019
#41 "Nominated" (ft. DJ DDT)
Sponsored Ad: The Infatuation http://theinfatuation.com Vote "LABL Podcast" by 12/8 as "Best Internet Outlet" for the 2019 UHHA http://undergroundhiphopawards.com Website: http://leadandbelegendary.net Topics in this episode: + What DDT is up to at the Mix Factory + Is Mix Factory signing artists? + What an actual A&R is supposed to do + Was Big Sean the last Rap Artist who had true artist development? + The purpose of industry plants + Major record labels buying Spotify shares + The upcoming 2019 Detroit, Underground Hip Hop Awards + Is oversaturation in music coming from fans demanding or supply overload by the Artists? + Songwriting workshops Listen to The LABL Podcast also on Spotify, Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and more.
December 4, 2018
#40 "Live Life UnCHELLtered"
Nametag chops it up for a long overdue talk with friend and Detroit Vocalist/Songwriter, Chell. They discuss Chell's journey from being in music to now also being a school teacher, dealing with the toll life can take on an artist, millennials pushing so hard for validation via the pressures of social media, and more. That's only the surface. A lot was unpacked in this discussion. Tune in and share this with others. Thanks. More at www.leadandbelegendary.net Find more on Nametag at www.nametagalexander.com Twitter: @UnCHELLtered Instagram: @chell_is_skyy
November 1, 2018
#39 “Keely Ferguson”
Nametag chops it up with Detroit Singer-Songwriter, the multi talented Keely Ferguson. They cover a range of topics from the Music Modernization Act passing and how it impacts Songwriters, Spotify taking the SoundCloud route, and the current landscape of R&B. Most importantly, they discuss Keely’s latest release, “THE ELMNT” EP, and also Keely’s history and growth in the music industry. The ELMNT EP is out now on all platforms to stream/buy music. On Twitter: @KeelyFerguson__ x @NametagAlxndr On Instagram: @KeelyFerguson x @NametagAlexander Visit the website: http://leadandbelegendary.net Keely Ferguson - THE ELMNT EP https://open.spotify.com/album/3rTwC29j5vULKvKNxKlMIa?si=umAC11CVR9iM26kt-5apSQ
October 1, 2018
#38 “Good Karma with P8tience”
Make your monthly contribution to The LABL Podcast. http://anchor.fm/leadandbegendary Get into micro investing and also save money with the Acorns app. https://acorns.com/invite/4FD8K5 Nametag builds with fellow Detroit MC, P8tience. They do a track by track breakdown of P8tience's latest album, "Good Karma". Find the album on all platforms to stream and download music. Find more on P8tience at http://p8tience.com
September 8, 2018
#37 “A-DOT”
In this episode, Nametag builds with Detroit Emcee, A-Dot. They discuss Dot’s appreciation for being an independent music artist, best Hip Hop releases so far of 2018, his Grindface imprint, the pros and cons of music streaming and plenty more. Follow us online: http://leadandbelegendary.net Instagram: @officialadot Youtube: A-Dot AOK Twitter: @NAMETAGALXNDR Instagram: @nametagalexander Facebook: Nametag Alexander
August 21, 2018
#36 “DJ G-Raw (Conglomerate DJs)”
“LABL Vol.2: Mixta[EP]” http://www.leadandbelegendary.net/2018/07/nametag-alexander-labl-vol-2-mixtaep.html In this episode, Nametag chops it up with special guest, DJ G-Raw, President of the “Conglomerate DJs” LLC. They cover topics that include the following: + The start of Ghetto Tech in the city of Detroit + How he ended up being fired, unfairly from WJLB + Doing street team promo for both indie, and major record labels + Being involved in artist management + Becoming the President of Conglomerate DJs + The pros and cons of social media for music artists + Detroit needing more balance musically in order to gain more traction worldwide On social media Twitter: @DJ_G_RAW x @LABLMusic x @NAMETAGALXNDR Instagram: @DJ_G_RAW x @leadandbelegendary x @nametagalexander Facebook: DJ G-Raw x Lead And Be Legendary x Nametag Alexander
August 1, 2018
#35 “July 30th”
In this quick episode, Nametag Alexander prepares us for “LABL Vol. 2” Mixta(EP), a project, done in the format of mixtape, but at EP length. There’s a link to Vol.1 of the series, in the description. He also covers how “The Ella Joint” came about produced by JR Swiftz because of Instagram. The link to that song is in the description also. Spotify playlist of Nametag’s music mentioned in episode is posted below. Nametag Spotify Playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/itsnametag/playlist/51b5XYguDXvnqkxbutZ7At?si=nK1mrO3bS_-IMmrYdcrh6A “LABL: The Mixta(EP)” Vol. 1 https://leadandbelegendary.bandcamp.com/album/labl-the-mixta-ep “The Ella Joint” https://soundcloud.com/nametag/the-ella-joint-prod-by-jr-swiftz Subscribe and listen to “The LABL Podcast” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, and more. Intro music: “Let Me Live” prod. by @_Nameless LABL Website: leadandbelegendary.net Search Nametag Alexander across all social media platforms.
July 23, 2018
#34 “It STILL Was Written”
Some of the topics covered in episode 34: + Nametag stands on the belief that, a music project with 7 short songs is an EP and NOT an album. + Dean Garcia has random hot take to why he thinks the Nas “It Was Written” album isn’t a classic + Slum Village was ahead of the Hip Hop industry with their “Trinity” album. + IG TV and content overload Also subscribe and listen to “Lead And Be Legendary” Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Mixcloud and more. Intro music: “Let Me Live” prod. by @_Nameless LABL Website: leadandbelegendary.net Facebook: facebook.com/leadandbelegendary Instagram: instagram.com/leadandbelegendary Twitter: twitter.com/lablmusic On Twitter twitter.com/nametagalxndr twitter.com/artdealerdean On Instagram instagram.com/nametagalexander Instagram.com/art.dealer.dean
July 6, 2018
#31 “Playlist Culture & Algorithms”
“VINYL ME, PLEASE” Join their record of the month club at joinvmp.com/labl #NICEOUT playlist on Spotify open.spotify.com/user/itsnametag/…lhTWa_pq1rUQ7eMg Also subscribe and listen to “The LABL Podcast” on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Mixcloud and more. Intro music: “Let Me Live” prod. by Nameless (@_Nameless) Nametag Alexander and Dean Garcia, discuss the rise of Playlists on music streaming platforms. Can a playlist impact a music fan the same as a good album? Will single releases, and playlists eventually replace albums? They also talk about possible ways Facebook users could manipulate algorithms, and more. On Twitter twitter.com/nametagalxndr twitter.com/artdealerdean On Instagram instagram.com/nametagalexander Instagram.com/art.dealer.dean On Facebook Nametag Alexander x Dean Garcia
June 14, 2018
#29 “Curv Gotti (#FrmScrtch)”
“VINYL ME, PLEASE” Join their record of the month club at joinvmp.com/labl For the 29th episode, Nametag chops it up with fellow Podcaster, Marcus Sumrall a.k.a Curv Gotti of the #FRMSCRTCH Podcast. They discuss the early beginnings of #FRMSCRTCH and why a hiatus was taken from the show, the future of urban podcasting, Hip Hop in 2018 and much more. Also subscribe and listen to “Lead And Be Legendary” Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Mixcloud and more. Curv Gotti on Twitter: twitter.com/curvgotti on Instagram: instagram.com/marcus.sumrall The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast @frmscrtch Nametag Alexander on Facebook: facebook.com/nametagmusic Instagram: instagram.com/nametagalexander Twitter: twitter.com/nametagalxndr Website: leadandbelegendary.net Facebook: facebook.com/leadandbelegendary Instagram: instagram.com/leadandbelegendary Twitter: twitter.com/lablmusic
June 14, 2018
#28 "Things Happen, Things Get Done"
Nametag and Desmond “DJ DDT” Travis talk about... Intro/Outro Prod. By DJ DDT + Consistency in 2018 + Hip Hop needing another major documentary released in theaters or Netflix + Picking samples for beats + Parents of different eras pursuing their dreams ...and more Also subscribe and listen to “Lead And Be Legendary” Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Mixcloud and more. Website: leadandbelegendary.net Facebook: facebook.com/leadandbelegendary Instagram: instagram.com/leadandbelegendary Twitter: twitter.com/lablmusic Nametag Alexander on Facebook: facebook.com/nametagmusic Instagram: instagram.com/nametagalexander Twitter: twitter.com/nametagalxndr DJ DDT on... Facebook: www.facebook.com/djddt Instagram: instagram.com/djddt1 Twitter: twitter.com/djddt
June 14, 2018
#27 “Nothin' But Net”
Nametag with featured guests, Dean Garcia and Joe “Goldie” McTere pulled it together for a random episode 27 of the podcast. Topics covered: * Net Neutrality and if it could impact indie music artists * A few, out of many of the great projects released in 2017 * Accomplishments in 2017...and more Nametag Alexander on Facebook: facebook.com/nametagmusic Instagram: instagram.com/nametagalexander Twitter: twitter.com/nametagalxndr Dean on Facebook: www.facebook.com/dean.garcia.jr Instagram: instagram.com/art.dealer.dean Joe “Goldie” on Facebook: www.facebook.com/joseph.g.mctere Instagram: instagram.com/_themxpeople_ Website: leadandbelegendary.net Facebook: facebook.com/leadandbelegendary Instagram: instagram.com/leadandbelegendary
June 14, 2018
#26 “Retrograde & Grammys”
Nametag brings on Brand Manager, Dean Garcia. Very random episode, but they discuss the broken down explanation of Mercury Retrograde, sexual harassment NOT being a trend, The Grammys, and more. Intro prod. by DJ DDT instagram.com/djddt1 LABL Merch www.leadandbelegendary.net/p/merch.html Listen, rate and review on Apple Podcasts On Twitter twitter.com/nametagalxndr twitter.com/artdealerdean On Instagram instagram.com/nametagalexander Instagram.com/art.dealer.dean On Facebook Nametag Alexander x Dean Garcia
June 14, 2018
#21 “The Stream Chase”
Nametag Alexander and DJ DDT discuss ways independent music artists can engage fans to still buy music other than the popular streaming method, other avenues artists can invest in outside of music, and more. Find more at: leadandbelegendary.net Intro loop provided by: JR Swiftz (a sample he found, ask him where it's from)
June 14, 2018
#13 “Detroit Startup Week 2017”
Nametag and DJ DDT discuss Detroit Startup Week, and 'Tag being a Moderator at The Power of Podcasting panel. Click the below link for details. They also spoke on the age most kids are when they realize the financial status of their household, schools not teaching students about becoming entrepreneurs, and more. Detroit Startup Week 2017 detroitstartupweek2017.sched.com/event/AkoQ Intro music prod. by Nameless Follow Nametag Alexander on Spotify open.spotify.com/artist/6caNboXM3Xabn0TC81b4Xf
June 14, 2018
#12 "Die Downloads Die"
A few topics covered by Nametag Alexander and DJ DDT in episode 12 of the #LABLPodcast are.... + Rather or not there's more cons than pros in music streaming + Are you actually supportive of a music artist if you ONLY stream their music + The reasons it seem as though Soundcloud is preferred over Bandcamp Search Nametag Alexander x DJ DDT across all social media platforms Intro music: prod. by @_Nameless Background instrumental during ad: "Climb" by Nametag Alexander x Black Bethoven
June 14, 2018
#10 “Sam McClain”
DISCLAIMER: Neopolitan ice cream gets mentioned in this episode, and the host Nametag incorrectly refers to it as Napoleon, a few times! Players fuck up! Lol. Nametag speaks with podcast guru, Sam McClain of the "Just Talkin With Sam". They discuss the odd, yet funny story of how Sam started out in podcasting, Sam's disdain for Lebron James, two interesting stories that involve Lalah Hathaway, and Kenny G, and more... Facebook: Just Talkin With Sam x Nametag Alexander Twitter: @SamShow11 x @NametagAlxndr Instagram: Just Talkin With Sam x Nametag Alexander
June 14, 2018
#8 “Clifford L.”
Nametag chops it up with film director/actor Clifford L. a.k.a Redd for episode 8. You're familiar with him from his work on Homicide Hunter, Tyler Perry's The Haves and Have Nots, the Miki Howard movie, and more. They discuss what made him no longer want to seriously pursue a career as an Emcee, his background and theater, fatherhood, and the importance of continuing to create quality content. Twitter: @CliffDoesItAll x @NametagAlxndr Instagram: @CliffDoesItAll x @NametagAlexander Facebook: Clifford L. Johnson x Nametag Alexander Song snippet featured: "CLIMB" by Nametag Alexander * Spotify open.spotify.com/album/1aEYZwKzr5esg5HxjPzgyu * Apple Music/iTunes itun.es/us/k1IEi * Bandcamp nametag.bandcamp.com/track/climb
June 14, 2018
#6 “Uncle P”
Nametag speaks with Uncle P, the force behind the platforms Detroit Rap, Detroit's Underground Hip Hop Awards and that's just a couple to name on the humble. They discuss P pushing the culture forward on the city's music scene, the revamping of Detroit's UHHA, fans vs. associates, serial likers on social media, and accountability in life. Also, is it financially worth it for new indie rap artists to invest in pressing up vinyl out of their own pockets? New LABL merch available now at leadandbelegendary.net (Click LABL MERCH tab) Follow Uncle P on Twitter: @UncleP Instagram: @DetroitRap Facebook: Diarra P Collazo Follow Nametag Alexander on Twitter: @NametagAlxndr Instagram: @NametagAlexander Facebook: Nametag Alexander
June 14, 2018
#30 “Nicole Churchill”
“VINYL ME, PLEASE” Join their record of the month club at joinvmp.com/labl Also subscribe and listen to “The LABL Podcast" on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Mixcloud and more. Intro music: “Let Me Live” by Nametag (prod. by Nameless) If you’re an independent Songwriter and/or Music Producer, then episode 30 of The #LABLpodcast is for you. We have special guest, Nicole Churchill, a Music Supervisor with Assemble Sound in Detroit, MI. Here are some of the topics covered below... + Creating an industry around musical talent in Detroit, and building a music supervision scene in the city + The foundation of Assemble Sound + Defining middle class musicians + Process of submitting music for tv, film, etc. + Different types of sync licensing deals AND OF COURSE MORE! ASSEMBLE SOUND INFO: Contact: nicole@assemblesound.com Website: assemblesound.com Twitter: twitter.com/assemblesound Instagram: www.instagram.com/assemblesound/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/assemblesound
June 14, 2018
#33 "Write It Down"
You know those dope ideas and goals you always have, but don’t always move forward with? Start writing them down. MAY IS OFFICIALLY #URBANPODCASTMONTH “VINYL ME, PLEASE” Join their record of the month club at joinvmp.com/labl Also subscribe and listen to “Lead And Be Legendary (LABL)” Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Mixcloud and more. Intro music: “Let Me Live” prod. by Nameless LABL Website: leadandbelegendary.net Facebook: facebook.com/leadandbelegendary Instagram: instagram.com/lablmusic Twitter: twitter.com/lablmusic On Twitter twitter.com/nametagalxndr On Instagram instagram.com/nametagalexander On Facebook Nametag Alexander
May 17, 2018
#32 “Anxiety & Artists” (feat. Dean Garcia)
MAY IS OFFICIALLY #URBANPODCASTMONTH “VINYL ME, PLEASE” Join their record of the month club at http://joinvmp.com/labl Also subscribe and listen to “Lead And Be Legendary” Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Mixcloud and more. Intro music: “Let Me Live” prod. by Nameless *side note* You have to excuse Dean Garcia as a guest this ep. and thinking it'd make since to loudly chew gum for most of the discussion, lol. He provided some dope topics though. TOPICS DISCUSSED: + Coping mechanisms and the creative Process: + The importance of mental health as an entrepreneur + Creating as a group is discouraged in hip-hop. + How do we differ from making sure we are individuals and alienating ourselves? + Do some celebrities be sounding crazy, or are they actually saying some real stuff. + Do you have certain music for certain moods? LABL Website: http://leadandbelegendary.net Facebook: http://facebook.com/leadandbelegendary Instagram: Lead And Be Legendary
April 30, 2018
For this episode we have, NAMELESS, a Music Producer/Graphic Desiigner from Flint, MI. He speaks about his most recent instrumental album release [BE]ats Original Vol, 4, how he began working with Detroit natives/artists such as Marv Won, Clear Soul Forces, and how he ended up releasing his first vinyl through Street Corner Music via DJ Houseshoes. Intro prod. by DJ DDT LABL Merch http://www.leadandbelegendary.net/p/merch.html Nameless - [BE]ats Original 4 https://nameless.bandcamp.com/album/be-ats-original-vol-4 Twitter http://twitter.com/_nameless http://twitter.com/nametagalxndr Instagram http://instagram.com/_nameless http://instagram.com/nametagalexander
October 30, 2017
#24 “The Pull Up” (ft. DJ DDT)
In this episode Nametag talks to Desmond “DJ DDT” Travis, about his upcoming visual series titled “The Pull Up” for Emcees. Other topics include, radio stations catering to throwback music, accepting the changing of the tide in Rap music today, if there’s a right or wrong way to use your social media, and more. LABL merch http://www.leadandbelegendary.net Nametag Alexander - “Interlude” (Video) http://www.leadandbelegendary.net/2017/09/nametag-alexander-interlude-video.html DJ DDT on social media http://twitter.com/djddt http://instagram.com/shotbyddt http://instagram.com/djddt1 Nametag Alexander on social media http://twitter.com/nametagalxndr http://instagram.com/nametagalexander http://facebook.com/nametagmusic
September 28, 2017
#23“ Black Bethoven”
LABL Merch! http://www.leadandbelegendary.net Nametag chops it up with music producer, and also Brother, Black Bethoven. They discuss the process of clearing music samples, why artists need Publishing Administrations, their favorite tracks from their upcoming "Hello Victory" EP and much more. "Hello Victory EP" 9.8.17 Search @BlackBethoven across all social media
August 31, 2017
#22 "Crickets"
Intro beat produced by DJ DDT Subscribe for free to the LABL Mailing List to receive exclusive content, and order merch at http://leadandbelegendary.net
August 10, 2017
#20 “E Class & MAHD”
Nametag chops it up with the fam, E Class and MAHD who's also another Detroit MC and face behind the "Somewhere In Detroit" brand. They tackle topics from Drake's possible last album, Jay Z's continuous strong influence in the Rap game, Soundcloud vs. Bandcamp, and a whole lot more. Tune in. Order LABL Merch: http://www.leadandbelegendary.net Intro Music: @Nametag - "Own Lane" feat. @IAmMahd prod. by @BlackBethoven https://itun.es/us/2imqkb?at=1000lc66 On Twitter: @Eric_EClass x @IAmMahd x @NametagAlxndr
July 15, 2017
#19 “Diego Cruz”
Special guest Diego Cruz, phones in to talk about the strengthening of his career as a Video Director/Editor, how he began shooting a great deal of videos for music artists such as, Ice Wear Vezzo, Skyzoo, Neisha Neshae and many others. He gives a vivid critique of the "All Eyez On Me" film, why he prefers DC movies over Marvel, and a whole lot more. Intro: @Nametag - "Own Lane" ft. @IAmMahd prod. by @BlackBethoven http://www.leadandbelegendary.net/2017/06/own-lane-ft-mahd-prod-by-black-bethoven.html Instagram: @DirectedByDiego x @LABLMusic x @NametagAlexander Twitter: @DCruz__ x @LABLMusic x @NametagAlxndr
July 12, 2017
#17 "Don't Box Me In"
@Nametag and @MP3DDT discuss why most music artists get boxed in to the main talent they're known for, even if they possess multiple talents. Intro music prod. by @NamelessDesigns83 Outro music: "Own Lane" by @Nametag x @BlackBethoven ft. @IamMahd https://soundcloud.com/nametagalexander/own-lane Order L.A.B.L Merch below: http://leadandbelegendary.net
June 25, 2017
#16 “Beezy of Dead End Hip Hop”
It only made sense to build with Detroit's own Beezy from your Dead End Hip Hop. In this episode, we talk about Beezy being a beatmaker, podcaster, and of course 1/4 of the "Dead End Hip Hop" crew. Listen and share. http://leadandbelegendary.net @Beezy430 all across social media Dead End Hip Hop on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/deadendhiphop Beezy's Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUOzfE_yQA-OwOGpfOAbxPw Intro produced by @NamelessDesigns83 Outro "Own Lane" snippet from @Nametag prod. by @BlackBethoven (feat. @IAmMahd) available June 20th.
June 15, 2017
#15 “Miz Korona”
Our host had a chance to talk to Detroit Emcee turned Photographer/Videographer, Miz Korona. She opened up about what made her make the transition from music to getting behind the camera instead to form her brand Trigger Finger Visuals, and more. http://leadandbelegendary.net Facebook: Miz Korona & Trigger Finger Visuals Twitter: @MizKorona Instagram: @MizKorona & @TriggerFingerVisuals Stream "Climb" by Nametag Alexander x Black Bethoven https://open.spotify.com/track/7aiGjkF2jcoxxOdjZNxczq Download The College Of Hip Hop app from the Google Play x App Store.
June 4, 2017
#14 “Kelvis Phreshley” (Kirby Glover)
Nametag speaks with Kelvis Phreshley a.k.a K Phresh of the Random Tuesdays Podcast. TOPICS COVERED: - What type of Hip Hop music releases do fans TRULY have TIME to listen to in today's music climate? - Every Rap artist doesn't HAVE to release an entire album - Dope records from Rock groups Listen to Random Tuesdays Podcast http://www.detroitfreqradio.com/shows/random-tues/ On Instagram @Kphresh84 x @RandomTuesdays x @NametagAlxndr
May 25, 2017
#11 “Skills for Sale” (ft. DJ DDT)
DJ DDT posted on social media that, he wished that Hip Hop was still measured by skill set. Nametag may have been the ONLY person to combat that status, which sparked episode 11 of this podcast. Tune in. Enjoy. Intro music produced by @_Nameless Outro music: "Climb" by Nametag Alexander x Black Bethoven Search, Nametag Alexander and Desmond DJ DDT Travis across social media
May 3, 2017
#9 “April Woodard”
In episode 9, Nametag builds with April Woodard; a Social Cause Marketer, Administrative Music Publisher, and the founder of both Digital Lungz LLC and Give Lyrics. They discuss the benefits of artists having a strategy for attending music conferences, split sheets, April's diverse list for top five active MCs in the industry, being the creator of the brands Digital Lungz, and Give Lyrics, noteable digital distributors for music, Detroit's impact on the music industry, and more. A lot gems dropped in this episode. Take notes. http://leadandbelegendary.net On Twitter: @DigitalLungzLLC x @NametagAlxndr On IG: @AprilTheGifted x @NametagAlexander On Facebook: April Woodard x Nametag Alexander Intro/Outro music: "CLIMB" by Nametag Alexander Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1aEYZwKzr5esg5HxjPzgyu Bandcamp: https://nametag.bandcamp.com/track/climb
April 17, 2017
#7 “The College Of Hip Hop”
- Song snippet featured: "CLIMB" by Nametag Alexander -Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1aEYZwKzr5esg5HxjPzgyu - Apple Music/iTunes https://itun.es/us/k1IEi - Bandcamp https://nametag.bandcamp.com/track/climb Nametag Alexander talks with the brothers AJ, and SJ, creators of the first music entertainment education app, "The College Of Hip Hop" which is available for FREE in the Google Play and App Store. In this episode, the they discuss why it is critical for music artists (ESPECIALLY UP AND COMING)or anyone seeking to be in the involved in the entertainment business, to understand the business side of the music industry before deciding to continue and/or pursue a career in music. Check out the website for The College Of Hip Hop at http://tcohh.org
April 2, 2017
#5 “Ty Farris”
In this episode, Nametag Alexander holds a phone conversation with Detroit wordsmith, Ty Farris. They discuss Ty's "Room 39" album produced by Portland's own, Trox and the meaning behind it. Other topics include, what influenced Ty to become an emcee, his connection to Proof (R.I.P), reasons behind starting up Skrilla Gorillas, and his views on the current state of battle rap. http://www.tyfarris.com @TyFarris1 on Twitter @TyFarris on Instagram Ty Farris on Facebook "Room 39" on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/room-39/id1196541519 After a year of so of tweaking and recording Detroit's Ty Farris (@tyfarris1) & Portland's very own Trox (@iamtrox) on the beats finally release their joint album Room 39. It's 12 songs of intricate picture painting over some soulful yet dirty beats. Songs like "Where I Live" and "Product Of My....." is the backdrop to the feeling of the album. Showing versatility on songs like "Middle Of The Mayhem" and "Ghetto Survivor" featuring Scolla.
February 1, 2017
#4 “Dean Garcia”
Nametag Alexander does a phone in interview with Brand Consultant, DeAngelus Garcia Jr. The two go in depth about sensory overload with today's music being released, and a brief insight about the "Humble Flei" brand DeAngelus will officially launch soon. http://leadandbelegendary.net Facebook: Dean Garcia Instagram: @Art.Dealer.Dean Facebook: Nametag Alexander Instagram: @NametagAlexander x @LeadAndBeLegendary Twitter: @NametagAlxndr x @LABLMusic
December 19, 2016
#3 “3 Face Poet”
Nametag Alexander chops it up with 3 Face Poet about his debut Spoken Word LP titled "Spoken" available now on all digital platforms for music. They also speak about 3FP's early days freestyling at the Hip Hop Shop in Detroit, being influenced by Proof, his Rise And Shine Lifestyle brand, spirituality, tips on being healthy, and more... LABL Merch: http://leadandbelegendary.net Search 3 Face Poet on: Facebook: Shemswhetep Hetep Instagram: @3FacePoet Facebook: Nametag Alexander Twitter: @NAMETAGALXNDR Instagram: @NAMETAGALEXANDER Soundcloud: Nametag Alexander
December 6, 2016
#2 “JR Swiftz”
http://www.leadandbelegendary.net In this episode, Nametag does a call in interview with music producer, JR Swiftz. They discuss JR being born in East New York but spending a great deal of his life in Virginia. He speaks on the early influence of Nottz the producer, meeting Apollo Brown and Black Milk, he gives us his top five music producer list, and of course there is more that's discussed. Tune in. @JRSwiftz on Twitter @JRSwiftz7 on Instagram @NametagAlxndr on Twitter @NametagAlexander on Instagram
November 30, 2016
Intro/Outro beat prod. by DJ DDT First episode of The LABL Podcast. Nametag Alexander chops it up with Desmond "DJ DDT" Travis. They discuss DDT's earlier days as D 12's DJ, working in radio at FM 98 WJLB, the important role as a DJ and more. DJ DDT on social media: Twitter: @DJDDT Instagram: @DJDDT1 Facebook: Desmond DJ DDT Travis Nametag on social media: Twitter: @NAMETAGALXNDR Instagram: @NAMETAGALEXANDER Facebook: Nametag Alexander
November 21, 2016
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