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Leader Farming

Leader Farming

By Zach Thomas
Cultivating leaders and entrepreneurs in business and at home.
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Long Winter Season with Bing Oliver
"When your heart expands from pain, it remains expanded in it's capacity to love."  Bing Oliver shares a powerful story of his healing journey through a very long winter season.  
May 12, 2022
Embracing Winter Season with Joe Weber
Honored to host Joe Weber, Chick-fil-A Operator in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Joe talks about his journey in the hospitality industry and how having a seasonal growth mindset has given him new language for his story.
May 05, 2022
Jared Stump on the Farm
In this episode, Zach and Jared talk about their journey of writing a book together and how two people from different generations and very different backgrounds became unlikely friends.  Jared transparently shares about a recent winter season in his life and what he learned from that season.  
April 28, 2022
Conversation with Dean Collins, President of Point University
In this episode of the Leader Farming Podcast, Dean shares some stories about his life and choices he made along the way during some difficult times that ultimately lead to growth opportunities.  Zach and Dean also spend time talking about the partnership that has evolved to help team members with their education.
April 20, 2022
Spring has sprung!
Spring has sprung!  In this episode, Zach and Hugo talk about new growth opportunities in the business and their personal lives.  However, with springs arrival, especially in the south, we do experience some bad weather such as tornadoes!  
April 07, 2022
Conversation with cartoonist Eric Bakey
Zach and Eric talk about his journey from the military to entrepreneur.  His work as a cartoonist and business book illustrator allowed us to work together on a recent project and become close friends.  I'm excited to share this conversation with you as we discuss his seasonal growth journey. 
March 17, 2022
Interview with Robert Thorpe
Zach and Robert talk about the seasonal growth mindset and how this has played out in Robert's life.  
March 10, 2022
Interview with Hugo Paredes on Seasonal Growth Mindset
Hugo shares his perspective on growing through a winter season and some of his reflections on other seasons of growth.  
February 17, 2022
Interview with Ben Cope, The Internet Genius
In the first episode of the Leader Farming Podcast, Zach & Ben talk about cultivating entrepreneurship in our children.  
February 11, 2022