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Leadership, the future and tea

Leadership, the future and tea

By Andy Davies
A podcast for people who are passionate about making a difference at work.

Each week hosts Andy Davies and Iain Moffat are joined by expert guests across the globe to discuss the many different facets of leadership.

Listen to learn from the guests’ wealth of experience, glean key insights into what it takes to become an effective leader, and leave inspired and full of ideas on how to make a difference in your workplace.
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Talking leadership in politics with Claudia Clark

Leadership, the future and tea

Leadership, the future and tea: ✨🎙 Deke Copenhaver ✨🎙.
Leadership, the future and tea: ✨🎙 Deke Copenhaver ✨🎙. Deke has an amazing approach to leadership that he has refined over many years across several sectors. After 9 years serving as the Mayor of Augusta, Georgia, he also has some incredible experiences of making change happen whilst dealing with different political parties. The discussion includes his recollection of dealing with the ice storm that hit Augusta while he was at a conference in Florida and all the flights were grounded. Here’s what we covered: ✨ B17s ✨ Servant Leader ✨ Composure ✨ Humility ✨ Integrity ✨ Ice storm ✨ Inspire ✨ Bell curve ✨ Privacy ✨ Business network ✨ Open door policy ✨ Innovation ✨ Inclusivity ✨ Uniting people ✨Communication Available through: ✔ Apple Podcast – ✔Spotify – ✔Google Podcast – #leadershipthefutureandtea #leadership #podcast #leaders #business #strategy #change #culture #wellness #humanresources #futureofwork #leadershipcoach #augusta #georgia Resources: The Changemaker: The Art of Building Better Leaders. ( Website – LinkedIn – Twitter –
December 9, 2020
Talking about challenges for CHROs with Evelyn Chow
Leadership, the future and tea: 🌞🎙Special Guest Evelyn Chow 🌞🎙. Evelyn is an entrepreneur and HR expert based in Singapore. She is an advocate of agile working in HR and covers how this is applicable. She is a firm believer in the Servant Leadership approach and discusses how she uses this in her work. As an expert HR advisor to many CHROs, she has a great understanding of the current challenges facing CHROs. Here’s what we covered: 🌞 Servant leadership 🌞 Integrity 🌞 Courage 🌞 Strength of vision 🌞 Agile HR 🌞 Agile mindset 🌞 Customer Satisfaction 🌞 DecodeHR 🌞 Strategic business implications 🌞 CHRO 🌞 It’s ok not to have the right answers 🌞 Don’t look for prescribed solutions 🌞 Marathon not a sprint #leadershipthefutureandtea #leadership #podcast #leaders #business #strategy #change #culture #wellness #humanresources #futureofwork #agilehr #servantleadership Resources: LinkedIn – DecodeHR Website – DCHR Website -
December 8, 2020
Talking succession planning, key jobs and key people with Beth Armknecht Miller
What were the key insights that influenced your organisations structure? Beth shares her expertise on how to strategically identify key roles to support long term goals and overcome continuous demands. Beth also discusses how most leaders incorrectly chose to focus on the executive team and not on the key positions that deliver competitive advantage for the business. Here’s some of what we covered: 📌 Leaders build leaders 📌 Self-awareness 📌 Motivation 📌 Listening 📌 Taking deep breaths 📌 Developing employees 📌 Succession planning 📌 Short-term and long-term 📌 MOOCs, Udemy, Lynda Resources: Website - LinkedIn - Are You Talent Obsessed?: Unlocking the secrets to a workplace team of raving high-performers. (
December 2, 2020
Talking how businesses can support mental health during covid-19 with Natalie Ellis
Natalie discusses how she has supported people during furlough, helping individuals look after their mental health. Natalie’s experience spans to both small and large enterprises and provides a variety of examples of how she is supporting businesses; including providing assistance for completing funding bids. Her overview supports both people and businesses through furlough on a human basis.  Here’s some of what we covered: 🥇 Woolworths 🥇 CIPD Branch 🥇 Baroness Michelle Mone 🥇 Michelle Obama 🥇 Business strategy 🥇 Removing annual appraisals 🥇 Launch you HR career 🥇 Micromanagement 🥇 Keeping your options open Resources: LinkedIn – Twitter - Business website – Blog –
November 25, 2020
Talking 'Peace' and leadership with Amy Jen Su
As an expert leadership coach, Amy has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon during our discussions. Amy gives a great explanation about why leadership maturity is seldom talked about and why it’s important in the business context. There’s also a great recap of the 5Ps model from her book, with a real focus on Peace – you’ll need to listen to the podcast to understand how this fits into her model! Here’s some of what we covered: ⭐ Mom ⭐ Classroom Assistant ⭐ Developing leaders ⭐ Strategic thinking ⭐ Time zones ⭐ The leader you want to be ⭐ Silos and islands ⭐ Communication ⭐ Digitization ⭐ Virtual workforce ⭐ Flexible workforce ⭐ Coaching Resources: LinkedIn - Company website - Emotional Intelligence by HBR - Book website – The Leader You Want to Be: Five Essential Principles for Bringing Out Your Best Self--Every Day. Amy Jen Su (
November 18, 2020
Talking the importance of customer service with Blake Morgan
Blake recounts several examples of working with clients where they were seeking to increase the customer service support and some of the negative feedback they had to deal with as part of their journey. There’s a great description of improving customer service based on a story about a river – listen to learn more and apply the learning to your organisation and what you as a leader can do to improve your service. Here’s some of what we covered: 🎉 Mel Robbins 🎉 Neighbourly 🎉 Self-deprecating 🎉 Contact centres 🎉 Digital transformation 🎉 Negative feedback 🎉 Customer experience 🎉 Drowning 🎉 Networking 🎉 Changes to the business world 🎉 Be your own boss Resources: How to stop screwing yourself over. Mel Robins ( Customer of the Future: 10 Guiding Principles for Winning Tomorrow's Business. Blake Morgan ( LinkedIn - Website - Forbes - Twitter - Be Your Own Boss podcast - Customer experience school -
November 4, 2020
Talking imposter syndrome with Dr Ben Ritter
Ben is an amazing guest with a huge focus on helping leaders becoming more human.  He covers imposter syndrome in a really engaging discussions with real actions for people to take to turn the negative experience to a positive experience. For those who haven’t heard Ben talk about the ‘TEA’ model of leaders, he gives a masterclass in what this means for leaders. Here’s some of what we covered: 🛰 Entrepreneurship 🛰 Bad managers 🛰 Imposter syndrome 🛰 Promoting people without support 🛰 Milestones 🛰 Soft skills 🛰 Reframing leadership 🛰 Empowerment 🛰 Solopreneur 🛰 Set expectations Resources: LinkedIn - Website - Ebook  ‘Create a career you love’ - Article -
October 28, 2020
Talking global leadership with Mark Samlal
Mark is a global leader dealing with all the challenges of leading a global company. He talked about passion being at the heart of his business and this was at the centre of their culture. Mark reflected on the journey that PayAsia (Pay Group) have been through and how that complexity has increased as they have continued their global growth. There’s also some incredible insights around the APAC economy which people who are looking to expand into APAC may find useful. Here’s what we covered: 🌍 Passion 🌍 Ability to complete and finish 🌍 Accountability 🌍 Drive 🌍 Lack of digital preparedness 🌍 Choosing the right partner 🌍 Ability to bounce back 🌍 PayAsia 🌍 Chris, Len, Gek Lian, Tim, Millie 🌍 Talent management 🌍 Securing the right leadership team 🌍 Quality of delivery - Resources: LinkedIn - Pay Asia –
October 21, 2020
Leading international teams
We looked at the people challenges of international teams, the communications required to make them successful and the pitfalls that many business fall into when working across borders. Some of the greatest challenges include culture and communication whilst one of the opportunities is for learning. More #international knowledge from our awesome panel of Andy, Deborah and Hiten. Here’s what we covered: ✈ Global expansion ✈ Cultural differences ✈ Sharing information ✈ Communication ✈ Cultural training ✈ Corporate office control ✈ Relationships ✈ Local policies ✈ Bribes ✈ Hofstede cultural dimensions Available through: ✔ Apple Podcast – ✔Spotify – ✔Google Podcast – leadershipthefutureandtea #leadership #podcast #leaders #business #strategy #change #culture #wellness #humanresources #futureofwork #international #overseas Resources: Touchpoint Leadership: Creating Collaborative Energy across Teams and Organizations. Hilary Lines and Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes ( Culture's Consequences: Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions and Organizations Across Nations. Geert Hofesteed ( The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership. Kevin Eikenberry & Wayne Turmel. (
October 14, 2020
Talking love-based leadership with Yetunde Hofmann
Yes, you read that right. Learn how love-based leadership can be adopted to propel the mindset of business leaders. It is not often, if ever, that people talk about love-based leadership at work, but here is a compelling conversation with an incredible coach and leader. In today's episode, there is plenty for every leader or aspiring leader to consider and challenge their own thoughts and behaviours for driving a better workplace. A sneak peak into what we covered: 💖 Ruth Bader Ginsburg 💖 Human first, work second 💖 Rocket opportunity 💖 Driver for change 💖 Ubuntu 💖 Silos 💖 Inclusion and equality 💖 Where angels fear to tread - Resources: Beyond Engagement: The Value of Love-Based Leadership in Organisations. Yetunde Hofmann - Worth It. Dan Price. - LinkedIn – Twitter - Website - The Enjoyable Life Series - What's Your Story? London Conference -
October 7, 2020
Talking transformational change with Rita Burgett-Martell
Rita has a wealth of experience working with leaders internationally. We had a fascinating discussion. Find out how the power of silence in a leadership conference delivered the most important leadership lesson for Rita, and how she then went on to incorporate the 'power of the pause' into her coaching.  - Resources: Defining Moments: Seizing the Power of Second Chances to Create the Life You Want: Website: LinkedIn:
September 30, 2020
Talking equality in the workplace with Megan McCann
We had an amazing conversation with Megan about her work helping people return to work through ARA. Megan has some fascinating leadership insights which are applicable across the globe. Please consume the episode and access the resources. Here’s what we covered: 🧨 A firm hand-shake 🧨 Look people in the eye 🧨 Women in leadership 🧨 Preparation for job interviews 🧨 Dual income families 🧨 Remoteworking 🧨 ARA 🧨 Networking 🧨 Business strategy 🧨 Blog series - Resources: Megan on LinkedIn - McCann Partners - ARA Mentors -
September 23, 2020
Servant leadership
Leadership, the future and tea: ✨🎙 S01E17 Servant Leadership ✨🎙. Servant Leadership was a coined by Robert Greenleaf in 1977 but today it has a rising prominence as a leadership style that many are actively trying to follow. In this episode we look at the background to Servant Leadership, the current organisations who are trying to use this and what this means for today’s leaders. Here’s what we covered: 🎇 Journey to the East 🎇 Leo 🎇 Motivation and behaviours 🎇 Personality 🎇 Leadership vs commercial requirements 🎇 Agile methodology 🎇 Coaching 🎇 Growth and autonomy 🎇 Belonging 🎇 Sinek 🎇 Purpose Available through: ✔Apple Podcast – ✔Spotify – ✔Google Podcast – #leaders #leadership #business #strategy #change #culture #wellness #humanresources #futureofwork #podcast #servantleadership - Resources: Servant Leadership [25th Anniversary Edition]: A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness. Greenleaf (1977) ( The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership. Hunter (1998) ( Talent Liberation: The Blueprint to Performance Management in the New World of Work. Hartung (2020) ( Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't. Sinek (2017) ( Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others. Bachelder (2015) (
September 16, 2020
Talking putting people first with Jill Katz
Please listen as we discuss the challenges of CHROs across the world with a fantastic CHRO, Jill Katz. We had a wide-ranging discussion about her thoughts on the traits of leadership through to the level of change that everyone in the world has experienced because of covid19. Here’s what we covered: 💎 Candour 💎 Courage 💎 Care 💎 Customer service 💎 High ropes 💎 New normal 💎 CHRO 💎 Networking 💎 Assemble Network 💎 Covid19 - Resources: Find Jill on LinkedIn: HR Assemble: or
September 9, 2020
Talking training with David James
I hope that many L&D professionals will take the time to listen to David’s thoughts about content, delivery of training and how the profession needs to shift to supporting the performance of the business. There’s some great learning in David’s answers that applies across industries and sectors and he also runs his own podcast where you can listen to more incredible content. Here’s what we covered: 🔥Jacinda Ardern 🔥 Uniting 🔥 Empathy 🔥 Toys R Us 🔥Performance focus 🔥Quick review cycle 🔥Data analytics 🔥Blame cycle 🔥Finite resources - Resources: LinkedIn - David James ( Personal Website – Work Website – Podcast - How Britain Really Works: Understanding the Ideas and Institutions of a Nation. Stig Abel. ( Beyond Blame: Eliminating the Most Toxic Form of BS from Your Life. Carl Alasko. (
September 2, 2020
Talking organisational change with Professor Julie Hodges
How can leaders manage change in this challenging time? Is it important they show vulnerability? What skills are required? How far can active listening go in solving problems? In under 40 minutes, Julie Hodges answers a lot of these questions on this episode and describes brilliantly how leaders don't need to know everything but instead need to engage those around them to collate the information they need to make a decision. This episode also includes a great discussion on the changes that people are facing and how planned change is being replaced with the emergent change that is people led. Here’s what we covered: 💥 Rosa Parks and Emmeline Pankhurst 💥 Flexibility 💥 Adaptability 💥 Humility 💥 Listening 💥 Changing your mind 💥 Opportunity 💥 MOOCs 💥 Planned vs Emergent change - Resources: Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change: A Practical Guide to Delivering Value -  Managing and Leading People Through Organizational Change: The theory and practice of sustaining change through people -  Organization Development: How Organizations Change and Develop Effectively -  Employee Engagement for Organizational Change -  Julie Hodges - Articles - Durham Business School -
August 26, 2020
Ethical leadership
Leadership, the future and tea: ✨🎙 S01E13 Ethical leadership ✨🎙. We were delighted to have the gang back together to discuss what can be a difficult subject. We looked at what are ethics for leaders and how do we know when they’re being ethical? We all agreed this subject made us really think about our own ethics.  Please listen to the episode and consider what are your leadership ethics and where do you draw a line? Here’s what we covered: 🔥 Ethics and religion 🔥 Do the right thing 🔥 Business existence 🔥 Greed 🔥 Facebook 🔥 Tyco 🔥 Johnson and Johnson 🔥 Personal code 🔥 Ford Pinto 🔥 Unintended consequences 🔥 Motivation - Resources: Spiritual Intelligence: The Ultimate Intelligence. Zohar & Marshall. Creating ethical cultures in business: Brooke Deterline at TEDxPresidio. Ethical Breakdowns. Bazerman and Tenbrunsel. Blind Spots: Why We Fail to Do What's Right and What to Do about It. Bazerman and Tenbrunsel. Leadership and Change Management. Beerel. Trust Barometer Special Report. The Culture Code. Daniel Coyle. #leaders #leadership #business #strategy #change #culture #wellness #humanresources #futureofwork #podcast #ethics #ethicalleadership
August 19, 2020
Talking leadership in politics with Claudia Clark
Leadership, the future and tea: 🥇🎙Special Guest Claudia Clark 🥇🎙. Claudia has written a book entitled ‘My partner, my friend’ about the relationship between Angela Merkel and Barack Obama. There are some great leadership examples to takeaway to the business world and it’s fascinating to hear Claudia’s experience of writing the book. Here’s what we covered: ⚡Jacinda Ardern ⚡ Angela Merkel ⚡Barack Obama ⚡Humility ⚡ Building relationships ⚡Linear and non-liner relationships ⚡Evita Peron ⚡Transatlantic leadership ⚡Culture - Resources: Claudia’s website - LinkedIn - Twitter - Facebook - Available through: ✔ Apple Podcast – ✔Spotify – ✔Google Podcast – #leaders #leadership #business #strategy #change #culture #wellness #humanresources #futureofwork #podcast #mypartnermyfriend
August 12, 2020
Talking L&D with Lori Niles-Hofmann
What a great opportunity to learn from a leading voice on L&D! Lori has a wealth of knowledge and is keen to share her expertise on many subjects. Lori’s advice to leaders around their L&D strategy is clear and in the episode, you will hear her challenge many quick-fix L&D solutions that CEOs often jump to. We also asked her about reverse mentoring which will be the title of her next blog. Here’s what we covered: ⚡ IPO and kindness ⚡ Skill gaps ⚡ Junk science ⚡ Logo parades ⚡ Invisible adoption ⚡ Learning technology ⚡ Not all about you (leaders) ⚡ Social media etiquette ⚡ An finally, an Elephant - Resources: Find Lori on LinkedIn: Lori's blog: Data Driven Learning Design ebook: Steve Woods (, former CTO Eloqua, now CTO at Benevity. His book is Digital Body Language ( Bianca Baumann ( – blog with free eBook Nigel Paine: Nick Shackleton-Jones: How People Learn ( ) Donald Taylor: Book:
July 29, 2020
Leading social media
Leadership, the future and tea: ✨🎙 Leading social media ✨🎙. This is the episode we had all really looked forward to! Join me, Iain and Deborah discussing why a social media presence is important for leaders and what this means for their own personal brand. Here’s a short clip – please subscribe for the full podcast which is due out on 15 July 2020. Here’s what we covered: 🎖 Imposter syndrome 🎖 Personal brand 🎖 Linkages between people 🎖 Social selling 🎖 Sales process 🎖 Domino’s Pizza - Resources: You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar. David Sandler Fanatical Prospecting. Jeb Blount The Content Code. Mark Schaefer. Known. Mark Schaefer. Available through: ✔ Apple Podcast – ✔Spotify – ✔Google Podcast – #leaders #leadership #business #strategy #change #culture #wellness #humanresources #futureofwork #podcast #personalbrand #socialselling
July 22, 2020
Talking leadership in marketing with Mark Schaefer
Leadership, the future and tea: ✨🎙 Special Guest Mark Schaefer✨🎙. We’re honoured to have Mark join our podcast to discuss a range of topics around leadership, sales and marketing. He brings a wealth of knowledge after decades in leadership and marketing. If you’ve read his books, this is a natural extension of his thought leadership. If you’ve not read his books, now’s the time to get an introduction to them! Areas covered: 🏆 Peter Drucker 🏆 If you want to be a great leader, it’s about asking the right questions and not knowing all of the answers 🏆 Why not to follow an advertising playbook 🏆 Communities 🏆 Facebook 🏆 Universities 🏆 Personal brand #leaders #leadership #business #strategy #change #culture #wellness #humanresources #futureofwork #podcast #known #marketingrebellion #marketing Find out more about Mark: - Resources: Known. Mark Schaefer Marketing Rebellion. Mark Schaefer The Marketing Companion podcast. Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas.
July 15, 2020
Talking entrepreneurship with The Apprentice's Michaela Wain
It was an absolute delight to speak to Michaela and learn from her experience as an entrepreneur of several businesses. This was such an informative podcast with such an authentic guest. Michaela is full of energy and is willing to share her knowledge and experiences. Just to start with, Michaela’s favourite quote is “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not followers.” – Ralph Nader Here’s what we covered: 🎖 Adaptability 🎖 Shoe Dog 🎖Micromanaging 🎖 Avocados 🎖LinkedIn 🎖 Authenticity 🎖The Apprentice 🎖 Leaders don’t need degrees 🎖 4 day week - Resources: Find Michaela on LinkedIn.  Michaela's website.  Shoe Dog. Phil Knight Hit Refresh. Satya Nadella
July 8, 2020
Talking the future of work with Dickson Tang
In this episode, Andy Davies and Iain Moffat interview the podcast's first special guest, futurologist, trainer, and author Dickson Tang. In the conversation, the team contemplates future leadership challenges, the automation of jobs, and how creativity is a fundamental part of a culture for growth. Based in Singapore, Dickson Tang shares his insights on how the nature of the workplace is changing and the new mindset and skillsets that are needed to embrace this. He also leaves leaders with an actionable plan of implementing the three 'i' model to drive creativity within a team: Individual mindset Infrastructure Ideas Please subscribe, rate and review and look out for the next special guest episode where Andy and Iain will be in conversation with BBC's The Apprentice finalist Michaela Wain, and feel free to connect with Andy and Iain on LinkedIn. - Resources: Free resources: Leadership for future of work: 9 ways to build career edge over robots with human creativity by Dickson Tang Dickson Tang YouTube channel: Dickson Tang LinkedIn: Leadership for Future of Work. Dickson Tang.
July 1, 2020
Leading wellness
Why is a wellness strategy so essential in our current world of work, and why should leaders invest in this? In this episode, the team discusses wellness in its entirety, and how a leader can support the wellness agenda. Touching on the essential elements that make up a wellness strategy and who should own it, the team debate how this can be balanced against concerns over data privacy or discrimination. Find out more about the team and connect with them on LinkedIn here: Andy, Iain, Deborah and Hiten. - Resources: Value though Vulnerability with Garry Turner. Wellbeing at Work. Hesketh and Cooper. The 4 Day Week. Barnes and Jones. Head Space - Available on Google Play or App Store Woebot – Available on Google Play or App Store
June 12, 2020
Leading the culture
In this episode, the team dive into a topic they are all very passionate about company culture.  Between them,  Andy, Hiten and Deborah, have spent many years delivering cultural change projects and seen plenty of examples of what works and what sadly does not work.  Listen to learn about what makes a great culture and why it is so important, as well as to gain tips on how to assess, improve and drive forward your own company culture.  Connect with the team on LinkedIn here: Andy, Iain, Deborah and Hiten, and don't forget to share your thoughts on leading the culture with them! - Resources: Understanding Organizations. Charles Handy Organization Development. Julie Hodges Can’t Hurt Me. David Goggins The Leadership Adventure. Hiten Bhat The Power or Company Culture. Chris Dyer How to Build a Happy Sandpit. Colin J Browne The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture. Spencer Stuart
June 10, 2020
Leading the customer service
In this episode, Andy, Iain, Hiten, and Deborah talk about all things customer service. The team delves into the reasons why great customer service helps not only the immediate business needs but leads to other benefits across the organisation, including the people aspects and how they can be supported to deliver great customer service. Happy listening and please don't forget to subscribe and rate the podcast! We'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts.  - Resources: In search of excellence. Peters and Waterman (1982). The culture builders. Jane Sparrow (2012). McKinsey Insights Business Model Generation and the canvas tools Shoe Dog. Phil Knight (2016). Creately Customer Experience: Journey Mapping
May 27, 2020
Leading communications
In episode 3 of Leadership, the future and tea, Andy, Iain, Hiten, and Deborah focus on communications from leaders and looks at a range of examples where the communication has worked, and compare it to others where micro-actions affect the transmission of the message.  - Resources: Work Rules. Laszlo Block (2015). Theories of Communication. Mcluhan & Mcluhan (2011). Drive. Daniel Pink (2009). The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Stephen Covey (2013). The New Leaders: Transforming the Art of Leadership.  Daniel Goleman (2003). Radical Candor.  Kim Scott (2019). Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High.  Patterson et al (2011).
May 22, 2020
Leading the change
In this episode, Andy, Iain, Hiten, and Deborah talk in detail about change management and leading through the change. The importance of identifying the challenge; the emotion, and fear associated with that, and the human impact that often prevents change from sticking. - Resources Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change.  Julie Hodges (2017).  Kogan Page.  Hit Refresh.  Satya Nadella (2017).  Harper Collins.   The Change Shop.   Selling Change: How Successful Leaders Use Impact, Influence, and Consistency to Transform Their Organizations. Robert E Smith (2018).  Xlibris US.  Who moved my cheese?  Spencer Johnson (1999). Vermilion.  Meditations by Marcus Aurelius   Discourses & Selected Writings by Epictetus    Letters by a Stoic by Seneca 
May 13, 2020
Leadership: competencies, influences and the leadership challenge
Welcome to the first episode of Leadership, the future and tea: a podcast for people who are passionate about making a difference at work. Powered by tea, Andy Davies, Iain Moffat, Hiten Bhatt, and Deborah Hartung discuss leadership in all its many facets. In this episode, get to know the panel as they discuss their own styles of leadership and share their leadership journey, including examples of leaders who have inspired and shaped them. The conversation moves on to discuss leadership challenges through Covid-19 and then finishes with some considerations for leaders to mull over in the changing workplace.  Join the hosts every Wednesday as they discuss leadership and all its challenges, and with a myriad of leadership experts too. Happy listening and stay tuned for next week's episode on leading through change. - Resources: Find and connect with Andy Davies on LinkedIn Find and connect with Iain Moffat on LinkedIn Find and connect with Hiten Bhatt on LinkedIn Find and connect with Deborah Hartung on LinkedIn
May 7, 2020
Trailer: Leadership, the future and tea
Welcome to Leadership, the future and tea: a podcast for people who are passionate about making a difference at work. Powered by tea, Andy Davies, Iain Moffat, Hiten Bhatt, and Deborah Hartung discuss leadership in all its many facets, beginning with asking the question in this trailer: do you need to be brave to be a leader? Join the hosts every Wednesday as they discuss leadership and all its challenges, and with a myriad of leadership experts too. Happy listening! - Resources: Find and connect with Andy Davies on LinkedIn  Find and connect with Iain Moffat on LinkedIn Find and connect with Hiten Bhatt on LinkedIn Find and connect with Deborah Hartung on LinkedIn
April 30, 2020