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Leading Through Adversity

Leading Through Adversity

By Jesus “Eddie” Campa
Leading Through Adversity tackles the tough issues facing Leaders today! Learn to lead through the tough times by learning what Leadership truly looks like. Leadership is a lonely road, but Leading Through Adversity is even lonelier, learn to survive it with Jesus Eddie Campa
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A Talk With Chief Molitor
A conversation with Chief Molitor about Small and Rural Policing 
August 22, 2021
Mindset conversation with Purdeep Sangha, EMBA
Purdeep is the World’s Leader in Complete Strategic Advising. He is an internationally acclaimed personal advisor and consultant to high-performing executives and entrepreneurs. He teaches men how to become The Complete Man; a man who achieves ultimate performance, fulfillment and victory in every area of his life. He shows men how to live at their highest potential and be the best possible business leader, husband, father and man they can be. From the very first moment he started managing employees at the age of 16, he was fascinated with business growth and leadership. Purdeep has spent his entire career solving complex problems and enhancing results for businesses and the lives of men. He has significantly increased the the performance and bottom lines of businesses ranging from startups to seasoned corporations in countless industries. He is the “ideal” consultant for businessmen as he has a vast understanding of how work and life fit together to complete a man’s life. Purdeep has extreme expertise, skills and insight in business strategy, marketing & sales and also has expert knowledge in innovation, customer experience, high-performance teams and operations. He has spent tens of thousands of hours studying, researching and experiencing business and personal growth opportunities around the world.
June 08, 2021
LTA conversation with Sherri McManus and Lou Everett
Overcoming Life and Death
May 22, 2021
LTA with Ash Gelb
Ash is an Educational Equity Coach, for teachers in highly diverse schools with outdated materials that feel pressured to conform. Ash supports you to infuse diversity, inclusion & equity in education so kids are ready to create a world worthy of their vision. After 2 years in the classroom, Ash found herself sick with stress working 80 hour weeks on grading, planning, and meetings. Yet Ash didn’t have time to do what mattered most; connect with kids. No one understood the pressure of being responsible for the lives of other people’s children. Caught up in the demands of a broken school system, I was struggling with burnout. Instead of leaving education, Ash spent 5 years learning from the mistakes and doing the work to stand beside youth and empower them to live their vision. Now Ash  uses what Ash learned to provide clear actionable steps that allow teachers to  empower teachers to stand beside youth and live their vision.  It is time to nurture the little moments that create world change
May 13, 2021
Talking to the CEO ConfidantAngel Ribo
“Have you ever had a conversation with someone, who, from the moment they opened their mouth gave you chills? That was me with Angel Ribo." Jesus Campa Angel RIBO, known as The CEO Confidant, is an Influencer, LinkedIN strategist, International TV Host, Public Speaker, CEO Consultant, Board Member, and Philanthropist. In the last 21 years, Angel has helped more than 1,500 CEOs in 33 different countries. He was born near Barcelona, and he has lived in 8 countries and speaks 5 languages. Established Entrepreneurs and Corporate CEOs hire Angel to bridge the Gap Globally for Expansion and Exposure. Angel sits on the Board of the Evolutionary Business Council, an organization with more than 350 Global Transformational Leaders with a combined reach of well over 600 Million people. Angel is based in Texas, and early in 2017, he launched his International Foundation, Wisdom for Kids, and he has helped more than 1000 Underprivileged Kids in Latin America become Entrepreneurs using their Local Resources.
April 08, 2021
Jesus Camoa LTA Conversation with George Boley Jr.
George is a devoted Full Time Father, Husband and Family Man who places Jesus above all else.  With over 20+ years in business he is a lifelong Martial Artist, Martial Arts Instructor with Multiple Black Belts in Taekwon-Do and Hapkido. Additionally, he is a health and fitness instructor and trainer, certified sports nutritionist, business entrepreneur, business consultant and coach. Along with all the training certifications, George has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and an MBA in Business. He has many life experiences (Good and Bad) to share and is passionate about learning and helping people in need.
March 28, 2021
Talking to Jeff Morrill
Jeff Morrill co-founded Planet Subaru, “your undealership,” in 1998, and built it into one of the most successful privately-held car dealerships in the United States. He later started other businesses in automotive retail, real estate, telecommunications, and insurance that generate over $100,000,000 in annual revenue. His achievements in building profitable and ethical companies have been featured in a variety of national media including USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Automotive News, The Boston Globe, and others.
March 14, 2021
In conversation with Jeff Morrill
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Jeff Morrill co-founded Planet Subaru, “your undealership,” in 1998, and built it into one of the most successful privately-held car dealerships in the United States. He later started other businesses in automotive retail, real estate, telecommunications, and insurance that generate over $100,000,000 in annual revenue. His achievements in building profitable and ethical companies have been featured in a variety of national media including USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Automotive News, The Boston Globe, and others.
March 14, 2021
Conversation with Scott Masciarelli
Scott Masciarelli, PCC, is a leadership and business coach with experience in the United States, Latin America, and Middle East. His global perspective is enhanced by visiting over 80 countries and working abroad. Scott has guided hundreds of clients to create and sustain success by showing them how to align their strengths with their most authentic selves. This allows them to answer the question, “what’s next?” in their career, business and life achieving success on their terms.
March 04, 2021
LTA with Bharat R Kanodia talking about adversity.
Like and subscribe to Bharat has valued over 2000 businesses, real estate, industrial, and financial assets including governmental infrastructure, public and private companies, and various unique real estate assets. He has valued companies like Uber, AirBNB, DoorDash, GE, Tesla. Bharat has valued unique assets like the Golden Gate Bridge, Atlanta Airport, Mirage Casino Las Vegas and many others. He has signed off on over 4,500 valuations with $2.6 trillion in assets globally. Bharat lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his family and enjoys sailing, golfing, skiing, and horseback riding.
February 25, 2021
Mindset interview with Brian Mackey
Brian Mackey university of Texas at El Paso football star, assistant general manager at Costco in Baton Rouge Louisiana, Real estate investor, entrepreneur, fitness guru proud husband and son.
February 18, 2021
Season 2 Episode 1: We Are Back To Stay!
Glad to be back after 8 months off due to issues beyond our control. Let’s get back to talking and learning about Leadership.
February 07, 2021
Guess who’s back?
We are back after 8 months off the air with Jesus Eddie Campa #leadingthroughadversity
January 28, 2021
Jesus Eddie Campa with Shawn Richards
Our guest Shawn Richards of Blue Ski Business Consulting
June 14, 2020
Leading Through Adversity with Shawn Wroblewski
Joining me today is my good friend and leadership expert Shawn Wroblewski
May 24, 2020
Police Chief Todd Hiner
Chief Hiner talks about the August 30th mass shooting in Odessa, Texas and how he led through adversity. Also talking about post Columbine as opposed to pre-Columbine tactics, and reminiscing about how we met.
May 17, 2020
Leading Through Adversity with Joe Carrillo
Talking with Director of Business Development at El Paso Behavioral Health System
May 06, 2020
E4 S1 Leading by committee
Why is it so hard to lead a team? Have you ever heard of leading by committee, is that even a thing. Learn about leadership from Jesus “Eddie” Campa and Earl Morrison.
April 29, 2020
A true servant leader my friend Gus.
You hear about servant leadership all the time, but you never get to hear it speak. My friend Gus The Gator King is a true servant leader.
April 22, 2020
S1 E 2 Living and Learning with Character
Join Jesus “Eddie” Campa host of Leading Through Adversity Unmasking Leadership as he welcomes author and proven leader Earl Morreson.
April 15, 2020
The arrival
Introducing the new podcast living through adversity unmasking leadership with your host Jesus eddie campa. Welcome to the first episode of season one of leading through adversity unmasking leadership.
April 07, 2020
Hitting the airwaves in 24 hrs
Final trailer before the first show
April 05, 2020
One week away
Just a week away before the ground breaking Premier. Join your host International recognized expert on leadership Jesus “Eddie” Campa as he speaks about the truth of being a leader and leading through adversity.
March 23, 2020
Leadership a New Day
It’s getting closer. The clock is ticking the unmasking of leadership is closer than you think!
March 10, 2020
The New Age of Leadership is Coming
Character Mattera
March 10, 2020
Leading Through Adversity - Unmasking Leadership Introduction Trailer
Welcome to the world of leadership. If you’re a leader, you’re leading through adversity. In order to be successful you need to learn how to unmask leadership. Stay tuned for our full episodes coming soon. In the meantime enjoy our teaser trailers. Leading Through Adversity-Unmasking Leadership is a show like no other, as this show sugar coats nothing and no topic on leadership is off limits. A show dedicated to leaders.
March 08, 2020