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Leading By Example

Leading By Example

By Miki Johnson
Intimate conversations with startup and business leaders about how they're growing—personally, interpersonally, and emotionally.
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Introduction – Leading By Example

Leading By Example

Jill Macri – Founding Partner, Growth By Design Talent
Learn how leading luxury bike trips set Jill up to lead hiring as Airbnb scaled from 150 to 4,000 employees.
December 03, 2020
Chris Murphy – President, Zoomforth
How to transition out of a CEO role gracefully and how to adapt your management to individual needs.
November 20, 2020
Lissa Minkin – VP, People & Workplace, Tile
Finding execs who live company values and setting strong boundaries — just two of many insights from 25 years in People and HR leadership.
October 30, 2020
Jen Dennard, Cofounder, Range
Rewriting the stories we tell ourselves about what it means to be a leader and a founder.
September 29, 2020
Matvey Farber – Mechanical Engineering Manager, Applied Materials
The difference between building robots and building teams, and how to empower more leaders by leading yourself first.
August 30, 2020
Margaret Schoelwer – Managing Director, Accenture
Learning to regulate strong emotions can make you a better leader—but feeling deeply can also be a superpower that helps you build relationships and connect with your drive and passion, as we hear in this conversation with my long-term friend Margaret Schoelwer.
August 01, 2020
Sander Daniels – Cofounder, Thumbtack
Learning that your greatest strength—which is core to how you understand yourself—is also your greatest weakness is not easy. There are many leaders who would have refused to take that feedback and plowed on without changing course. But not Sander, as you’ll learn from our conversation.
June 15, 2020
Jackson Solway – Cofounder, Job Portraits
For my first episode, it just made sense I'd interview my cofounder and husband Jackson Solway. Job Portraits is the second company we've run together and Jackson's 4th leadership role—reaching all the way back to his time as editor and publisher of his college paper. We discuss his evolution from command-and-control to a nuanced idea of empowerment, and why "what to do next" is his superpower but can also be a curse.
April 29, 2020
Introduction – Leading By Example
It can be lonely at work for someone with all the feels. A quick message from Leading By Example creator Miki Johnson about the (rather personal) impetus for this podcast. 
April 23, 2020