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leaguE-talk #14 - Why Pre-Season is so Difficult: For organisations, Pro players, Soloq and Purpose

An episode of leaguE talk

By Alex 'AJ' Davies
Welcome to leaguE-talk! This podcast is focused on Esports and more specifically League of Legends. Content is uploaded twice a week with one podcast based on sports coaching, psychology and science and the other is a podcast with a guest which has included; Coaches, Managers, Players, Psychologists and much more! Tune in to improve your ingame play or learn more about the game and industry!
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More places to listen

leaguE talk #75 with BP - Play By Play casting, EU Masters, Hosting and Casting the LPL and Complacency
BP is an Irish Play by Play caster whom has been recently been working at EU Masters and LPL. In this episode we delve into the world of casting, EU Masters, his time in China working with the LPL and the big issue of complacency! If you enjoyed this episode and want to get incontact with BP, find him on: Twitter - @BPcasts Twitch - twitch.tv/bpcasts Instagram - @bpcasts Or get incontact with us on twitter: @leaguetalkshow
October 6, 2019
leaguE talk #74 with Alejandro Suarez - Performance Coaching, MAD Lions, EUE and Consistency
In this episode of leaguE talk we go over so many interesting topics, including: his time at MAD Lions and how they built processes and infrastructure for the players to thrive. If you are intresed in the European University Esports or getting in contact with Alejandro follow the links below. On twitter  @AlejandroSL91 or @EuropeanUniver2 If you enjoyed this episode get incontact with us @leaguetalkshow on twitter!
September 29, 2019
leaguE talk #73 w/CLG's Director of Esports; Trinitiii - Counter Logic Gaming and their: Redemption Arc, Performance Centre, Coaching Structure and Engagement
In this episode of leaguE talk, we have CLG's Director of Esports, Trinitiii on the show. A really interesting episode where we cover more of the business side of esports with topics including: CLG's Redemption arc, their top or the range performance centre, their unique coaching Structure and their fan engagement stratergies. If you wanted to find Trinitiii you can catch him at Instagram: @clgtrinitiii Twitter: @CLG_Trinitiii You can find this podcast on twitter @leaguetalkshow or on instagram at @league_talk
September 22, 2019
leaguE talk #72 with Head Coach of Excel Academy Tim Kiro: EU Masters, Flex Picks and Predictions
In this episode of leaguE talk we have yet another member of the fantastic excel family, Tim Kiro. Tim is the Head coach for Excel's Academy team whom has just dominated the EU Masters play ins. Find out more about this year, their journey, their famous 'flexcel' flex picks and the predictions going into the group stages! Find Tim on Twitter @Timkiro and on twitch at twitch.tv/timkiro If you enjoyed the podcast let us know by leaving a review on your favourite podcasting platform or let us know on twitter @leaguetalkshow!
September 15, 2019
leaguE talk #71 with Pad - The Incredible Phelan Guantlet Run, Learnings, x6tence and Consistency
In this episode of the podcast we have a three time guest and league of legends coach; Pad.  We talk about how the season turned around and the incredible gauntlet run at Phelan Gaming, how important consistency is and how he wants to continue to learn and improve himself and his coaching above everything else.  Pad is also looking for new opportunities in coaching so if you would like to get in contact with him please do by following him on Twitter @PHLPad If you enjoyed the episode or have any feedback please get in contact on Twitter @leaguetalkshow
September 11, 2019
leaguE talk #70 with Zhergoth - Veterancy, The Intricacies of Top Lane, Coaching vs Playing, Health and Fitness Journey
In this episode of leaguE talk we have a player that I have been working with in the UKLC, Top lane Pro player Zhergoth. A veteran player whom has been apart of both Fnatic and NiP. This being one of the topics but further discussion include; Coaching vs Playing, his health and fitness journey and the intricacies of top lane! In order to get incontact with Zhergoth find him on Twitter @zhergoth If you enjoyed this episode and have any feedback dont be afraid to get incontact on twitter @leaguetalkshow or on instagram @league_talk!
August 31, 2019
leaguE talk #70 w/Grant Rousseau - Head of Operations for Excel Esports, Franchising, Developing UK Esports and Short Term vs Long Term
Grant Rousseau is the current Head of Operations for Excel Esports. The UK's biggest League of Legends organisation. In this episode we discuss his former roles at Splyce and their Parent Company as well as the new challenges he faces at Excel. A huge thanks to Grant and the guys from Excel!  Find grant on Twitter at: @GrievianceGR If you enjoyed this podcast dont be afraid to get in contact with us on Twitter at: @leaguetalkshow
August 25, 2019
leaguE talk 69 with Jack 'Coach' Fenton - Esports Pathways, Focus on Welfare, DBL and University Esports
In our returning episode of leaguE talk we have Diabolus' Team Director and Warwick Esports Founder 'Coach' on the show We talk about a wealth of interesting topics including Welfare, UK universities and their role as a feeding system, Esports Pathways and more about Jack. If you enjoyed this episode and would like to get incontact with Jack, you can find him at @DBL_coach on twitter! If you want to get incontact with me follow me: @leaguetalkshow or @aj_esports
August 18, 2019
leaguE talk #68 with CLG Summer - Head of Player Development of CLG
In this episode of leaguE talk we have the Head of Player Development at Counter Logic Gaming; CLG Summer. We have an indepth conversation regarding what Player development looks like at CLG, What its like working in such a forward thinking company with great infrastructure and so much more. Find Summer on Twitter - @PsycSummer
July 24, 2019
Become Gung Ho! How to Motivate yourself and your team and - leaguE talk #67
Gung Ho Book Review and how it can be used in Esports If you enjoy this episode dont be afraid to get in contact! Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
July 3, 2019
leaguE talk #66 - Q+A - How to improve your Diet and Sleep and the impacts of doing so!
VisionLord who recently found the podcast on spotify jumped into the discord here at leaguE talk had some interesting questions regarding Diet and Sleep alongside some ideas to do with improving the In game. So I hope this brings you VisionLord and any other listeners value and can improve your gameplay!  If this has been interesting to you please do let me know and send in any questions you have via: Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
June 26, 2019
leaguE talk #65: 30 Days of Reading - How to Create Good Habits
In this short episode of leaguE talk we go over the importance of good habits, how to create them and my experiences with 30 Days of Reading!
June 19, 2019
leaguE talk #64 w/Conor Fitzpatrick - Moving from Assistant to Head Coach, Coaching and Management Styles, Being a facilitator, The Upcoming Split and the Short Term Nature of Esports.
Conor Fitzpatrick, the new Head Coach for Phelan Gaming and former Assistant coach for MnM Gaming, is todays guest on the show. This podcast was a really interesting one to record and can add alot of value to those who are looking to move into management, coaching or a staff role in esports. The learning experiences are one to take away for sure. If you are looking to get in contact with Conor, click below.  https://twitter.com/conorf95  If you would like to leave some feedback, give a review or DM me personally check the link here:  https://twitter.com/leaguetalkshow 
June 13, 2019
leaguE talk #63 w/Dragane - Free Agent Mid, Previous Experience, Korea Bootcamp, Educational Content, Champion Pools, Adaptability and Personal Improvements
twitter.com/draganeLoL twitch.tv/draganelol Free Agent Mid Laner; Dragane has had a wealth of experience by the age of 19 and on this episode we talk about a plethora of interesting topics including his previous experience, his time in korea bootcamping, the change in playstyle and champion pool, what he is looking to improve on and much more! If you found this interesting please do get in contact with Dragane for more information! If you enjoyed this episode please do get in contact, leave some feedback or ask any questions! Twitter- @leaguetalkshow
May 29, 2019
Posture is such an incredibly important feature when playing any game. The impacts of posture are vast and in this episode we explore that.  If you like this episode let me know! Hit me up with a comment or DM and let me know how I can help you. Get in contact with me at Twitter @leaguetalkshow Instagram @league_talk
May 26, 2019
leaguE talk #61 w/Zen - Is Spylce all in for Late? LVP Split, EUM, New Challenges and Org Infrastructure
Proffessional League of Legends coach Zen formely of Misfits, Spylce, Gambit and many more, comes onto the podcast to kick of the 61st episode. We discuss Spylce and their Run in the Spanish regional league, how EU masters went, all the criticsms regarding Splyce and the late game, the infrastructure of certain organisations and the new challenges Zen is looking for! A really value driven episode! If you would like to get in contact with Zen follow his twitter below! @LoLCoach_Zen If you have any feedback please do get in contact or follow us on Twitter! @leaguetalkshow www.leaguetalkshow.com
May 22, 2019
leaguE talk #60 - Caffeine; the effects, dosage and how to utilise it to Improve Performance
A special thank you to X-Gamer Energy for being a part of this episode! Check out x-gamer.com for more information! In episode 60 of leaguE talk, learn how best to use caffeine! What products to use, when to take it, what it does and so many more questions are answered and teaching what we can do to make our in game better! If you are interested in getting in contact with me find me at: Twitter - @leaguetalkshow www.leaguetalkshow.com
May 19, 2019
leaguE talk #59 w/Urszula Klimczak - Working with TSM, FNC and Roccat, Women in Esports, Behavioural Analysis and Performance Coaching
In this episode of leaguE talk we have Behavioural Analyst and Performance Coach Urszula Klimczak on the podcast discussing a wealth of interesting topics including the differences in NA and EU, Diversity and Inclusion in esports, future challenges, what a behavioural analyst does and how she works. If you are interested in getting in contact with Urszula: Twitter - @xirreth If you have any questions or anything you would like to share dont be afraid to get in contact with me! Twitter -@leaguetalkshow or at leaguetalkshow.com
May 15, 2019
leaguE talk #58: The Art of Breathing by Danny Penman - Applying Mindfulness and breathing to esports
In this episode of leaguE talk we discuss some huge takeaways from a book I have read recently by Dr. Danny Penman. the art of breathing is a wonderful read that helps you come to terms with the seemingly complex idealologies of mindfulness, meditation and breathing. We take some of the lessons learnt and apply them to the wonderful world of esports and the decision making that can be had in the day to day of practise If you enjoyed this episode let me know!  @leaguetalkshow on Twitter
May 12, 2019
leaguE talk #57 with Sens - Psychology, Neuroscience, Movistar Riders, Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis, the SuperLiga Orange and helping coaches to help players
On this episode Movistar Riders own Psychologist Sens comes on the show to talk about a bunch of different topics including the SLO and the new big name teams that have entered the league, his background in psychology and neuroscience, how a simple intake of breath can increase neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, personal goals and so much more!  If you enjoyed this episode and would like to get incontact with Sens find him at: Twitter - @sensguino  If this episode was of value please do let me know and let me know how I can help you, do so at: Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Our first ever filmed version of leaguE talk is this episode and it is live on our youtube!
May 8, 2019
leaguE talk #56 - Q+A: How to Break a Losing Streak, Self Doubt and Self Confidence Issues
In this episode of leaguE talk we have a wonderful question submitted by a long time listener Bloom. This questions delves into losing streaks, self efficacy, self confidence and Self doubt as a direct result. If you have any questions dont be afraid to let me know! Comment down below or message me on Twitter! I would love to help bring some value to anyone listening and help in anyway I can! If you enjoyed this episode please let me know! Get in contact via Twitter @leaguetalkshow
May 5, 2019
leaguE talk #55 - This Week in League; MSI, EUM, Bootcamps and Yuumi
Im trying a new piece of content where I go over some topics that have occured in the last week of League of Legends. Of course the difference being that it is through the lens of myself; a traditional sports coach and sports management student specialisng in performance coaching! If you enjoy this or like the new content please let me know!  Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
May 1, 2019
leaguE talk #54 - How to Gain LP through Testing: Exercise, Nutrition, Champion pool and Style of play
Gaining LP through a tried and tested technique of testing thigns out. Trying new things and testing them to see how your body feels in relation to it is super important. Let me know what you think twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
April 28, 2019
leaguE talk #53 w/ Owen Blake - Going above and beyond with mediation; using the Transcendental Meditation Technique to Improve Performance
Episode 53 of leaguE talk brings Owen Blake to the show. Owen is a phD student who is currently researching within the field of a specific meditation technique called the ‘Trancendental Meditation’ (TM) technique. Whilst this already sounds interesting enough, he is then applying this to esports. Researching this techniques effects on stress, anxiety, burnout and in-game performance for esports athletes. If you think this episode is interesing and would like to get in contact with Owen do so here: Email - oblake@mum.edu Twitter - @Professor_108 If you would like to give any feedback dont be afraid to get incontact or leave a review! Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
April 24, 2019
leaguE talk #52 - Finding, Creating and Sticking to a Routine to aid Esports performance
Routines and Schedules are something that has blown up on Youtube, but they are significantly easier to be said that to be done. In this episode we go over how to build a routine and a schedule that can truly work for you. How to expirement and the huge benefits that go with your daily routine. If you enjoyed this episode please let me know! Get in contact at: Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
April 21, 2019
leaguE talk #51 /Mumus - Spring Split, MVP and all Team vote, Routines, Personal Development, Performance Coaching, Korea vs EU and Drafting
A wonderful episode delving deep into Mumus' history, his wonderful routines, time spent playing in korea and much more It was fantastic to chat to mumus as i really believe that there is so much value in this episode. If you enjoyed it let me know! Twitter - @Mumus100 My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
April 17, 2019
leaguE talk #50 - Q+A - How best to make it onto an Esports Team! Being the Best Teammate, Branding and Improving Game play.
Episode 50 is here! I hope everyone has enjoyed the journey as much as I have and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has been apart of it. Thank you to Ryan for this question! If you have questions that you think I could go some way to answer do let me know as I would love to create content around Q and A's. Send in and questions to  Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
April 14, 2019
leaguE talk #49 w/Ismael Pedraza - Ranked Anxiety, Goal setting, Esports Research, Holistic Approaches, Stage Performance and Competition
Our first Returning guest! Ismael Pedraza is a Sports Psychologist that has worked with the likes of Misfits. Ismael is also a part of the organisation 'The Mental Craft esports' which is a group of Sports Psychologists who are writing wonderful articles applicable to anyone, from the average player to the likes of professionals! In this podcast we go over so much to do with playoffs and anxieties. But potentially most interestingly we discuss holistic approaches to being the best professional we can be. Tune in to this super interesting podcast! Find Ismael at  Twitter - @isma_pedraza Twitter - @tmcesports FEEDBACK! Let me know what you think! Twitter - @leaguetalkshow
April 10, 2019
leaguE talk #48: Visualisation - BE BETTER AT LEAGUE THROUGH VISUALISATION! - How to Visualise effectively and tips to stay on track!
The importance of visualisation is so key. It goes under the radar and can be ignored quite often. In this episode of leaguE talk we go over the importance of visualisation and why it will make you a better league of legends player. Even if it is for just 5 minutes a day, any thoughtful visualisation is very beneficial! Let me know what you think on twitter - @leaguetalkshow We go over so many different facets of visualisation. We start by explaining why its good and in essence what it is and does. Moving forward I give you a super basic way to visualise and put it into practise before showing you what i deem to be the most effective way to complete a visualisation process. Furthermore there are some added tips and tricks to make sure your visualisations are the most effective and efficient possible! Dont forget this can be done for 5 minutes a day or even in bed at night! My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
April 7, 2019
leaguE talk #47 w/ Torok: The New Head Coach of Barrage - Barrage's split, Changing roles, the UKLC, Personal improvement, Positives and Team takeaways
In this episode of leaguE talk we have guest, Torok the new Head coach of Barrage in the UKLC. We have a bunch of topics but break down the previous split for Barrage from what went well to what went wrong.  We go over the previous role Torok undertook and the new one he will be undertaking. I would love to hear some feedback! If you have anything to let me know do get in contact with the links below! Find Torok at: Twitter - @toroklol My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
April 3, 2019
LeaguE talk #46 - The Importance of Sleep, Use sleep to improve you LoL performance - GO BACK TO BED!
On this episode of leaguE talk we go into detail as to why we should be trying to get our standard eight hours of sleep. A really interesting episode for me to find out and research about. I truly believe that making sure you get a solid 8 hours of sleep will improve so many different aspects of the game; from mental fortitude and positivity to actual performance such as speed and accuracy. If you enjoyed this or have any feedback whatsoever let me know and get in touch at @leaguetalkshow on Twitter! Have a wonderful day!
March 31, 2019
leaguE talk #45 w/ Wysek - Enclave, UKLC playoffs, Communication, Playing in different regions, Meta vs Comfort, Talent and Playing with Warsi
Episode 45 brings Enclaves own jungler, Wysek. In my opinion Wysek and Warsi have been the best Jungle, Mid duo in the UKLC and have had a brilliant split together with a lot of promising plays coming from this. In this episode Wysek and I go over Enclave, what is like playing in the UK scene, communication and having English as a second language, The different regions he has played in, weighing in on the classic meta vs comfort debate as the Kindred man himself, Talent and hardwork and the split with Warsi! Wysek was a wonderful guest so if you would like to find him follow the below links Twitter - @wysekelite twitch.tv/wysek1337 If you enjoyed the episode get incontact! Find me at  @leaguetalkshow on Twitter!
March 27, 2019
TLA vs CLGA - VOD Review and Analysis - leaguE talk #44
My first ever VOD review! If you enjoyed let me know, any feedback is appreciated - @leaguetalkshow on Twitter and @league_talk on Instagram! Counter Logic Gaming's Academy team played against Team Liquids academy team in the Quater finals of the playoffs! A true clinic on how to counter jungle.
March 24, 2019
leaguE talk #43 w/Tien Ho: Head of Marketing for Rogue - Best marketing in the LEC, Marketing in Teams success and Failures, Being the 'Roccat Guy', Aims at Rogue and Esports vs Traditional Marketin
Tien Ho is the Head of Marketing for Rogue Esports who currently hold a position in the League of Legends European Championship AKA the "LEC". Tien was formerly at Roccat and was known as the Roccat guy causing the total phenomenon on the League of Legends Sub reddit, of course this is something we speak about as well as a lot of interesting topics such as; marketing through successes and failures, different marketing structures, traditional sports and its likeness to esports, the LEC and who has the best marketing in the LEC and much more If you enjoyed this episode get in contact or leave some feedback! We would love to hear from you! Find Tien at Twitter - @tienho My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
March 20, 2019
A Day in the Life - Recordings, Work, Exercise, Scheduling, Talk Shows, League of Legends and Much more! leaguE talk #42
My first ever vlog!! If you enjoyed or have any form of feedback it get in touch on Twitter - @leaguetalkshow In this vlog I show you my Sunday from start to finish! This is pretty much a standard Sunday for me obviously swapping in and out some of the events on occasion.  We got up at 6.30am and smashed through a bunch of work until going for a run and using the gym for leg day. Went to a Wellbeing fair, some food and then to the Talk show 'the splash zone' at the end of the day! A great day so hopefully a bunch can be learnt from this!
March 17, 2019
leaguE talk #41 w/FNC Prosfair - Fnatic, Review of the previous week, Team Houses, Losing control of the 'Tower', Being the brains behind teams, Burnout and the UKLC
What a brilliant recording this was! Fnatic Rising's Support Prosfair was todays guest and we spoke about a load of really interesting topics. We started with what its like being on such a prestigious team like Fnatic and moved on to talking about team houses versus the traditional job schematic. Moreover we talk about the UKLC and the tower system that goes with it as well as their previous week of action. We finish with a bit about the team he is on and the stigma of him being the brain behind teams he is on! I would love to hear from anyone what they think about the podcast, if you have any questions please do get in contact! Find Prosfair at  Twitter - @prosfair Twitch - twitch.tv/prosfair My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
March 13, 2019
leaguE talk #40 - How to Avoid and Recover from Tilt; A Focus on the Now - What is tilt and where does it come from? Focus on winning from NOW. In game and out of game recovery techniques.
If you listen to the podcast and enjoy it get in contact with me! Im happy to chat and would love to have some questions from you to answer on video and the podcast! This episode of leaguE talk goes into tilt and how we as players can avoid it and recover from it. We go into detail on how to set Extremely Micro Goals as well as breathing/meditation techniques and mindfulness. One thing that people do miss is understanding what tilt is , in this episode we tackle this issue and go some way to getting a better grasp of where tilt comes from. A huge takeaway point from this episode is focusing on how to win from now without using brain space on what happened 5 minutes ago or what could happen in the future. My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
March 10, 2019
leaguE talk #39 w/ Tom Daniels - Narrative! - Esports Journalism, Creation Process, Journalism as a Skill, The importance of Narrative, UKLC, and Audio and Video versus Written Content.
Well! What an interesting podcast this was. Im super glad Tom gave his time to come and discuss some topics on the show as there is so much value from this. Tom Daniels is a freelance esports journalist writing for Gromp News, an organisation that he created to have the platform to create and write about the things he loves. In this episode we go over so many different topics including, the UKLC and how the UK LoL scene has been treating him,  the creation process and how narrative and story telling is so key,  Audio and Video versus Written content and how journalism is a skill, advice for aspiring journalists and so much more. Find Tom at: https://grompnews.com  @thetomdaniels My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
March 6, 2019
leaguE talk #38 - Burnout: What is it? Why is it so Detrimental? How to tackle it and Future Proofing!
Burnout is phrase that is coined so often but what does it really mean and more importantly how does it affect us? In this episode we answer a bunch of questions and chat about lots of topics around Burnout including how and why it is so rife in the esports industry. As well as that we  go into depth as to how to tackle it and setting things up to provide a barrier to it.  I'd love to hear from anyone that listens to the podcast, if you have feedback, questions or want to chat about anything contact me with the information below! My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
March 3, 2019
leaguE talk #37 - Drafting 101 w/Pad: Red vs Blue side | Flex, counter, blind and priority picks | Ban Phase | Team Compositions
Firstly, Happy birthday to Pad! But on todays episode we have MnM Gaming's coach, Pad on the show to talk all about Drafting. Pad has always had a love for drafting so tune in to see his passion about this part of the game coming through! We talk about Red vs Blue side, the different types of team comps, the Pick phase and the Ban phase and their different rotations and so much more including the controversy behind the Phelan gaming draft that was made. Find Pad or MnM here: @GGEpad @MnMGamingUK My socials: Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
February 27, 2019
leaguE talk #36 - 10 Man Rosters: Addressing the Criticisms
A response to Listen Loco #30 and A defence of Weldon Green and CLG's 10 man roster.  Ive seen an opinion of recent that I do not agree with regarding the importance and application of 10 man rosters in League of Legends. In this episode I go over why the 10 man roster is something I strongly believe in. Three major points that we don't even see on stage that proves how important the 10 man roster is. Reach me at  Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk Head coach of EXCEL - https://anchor.fm/leaguetalk/episodes/leaguE-talk-23-wJosh-Furndog-Furneaux---exceL-Head-coach--Bootcamping--10-Man-Roster-and-Goals-e2qu9j Performance Coach of EXCEL - https://anchor.fm/leaguetalk/episodes/leaguE-talk-19-wJon-Ellis---exceL-Performance-coach--the-LEC--Player-Screening-and-10-man-rosters-e2p5gh
February 24, 2019
leaguE talk #35 w/Boks - How to get into Coaching, UK talent stagnation, learning from traditional sports, team coaching vs soloq coaching
A really interesting episode with a predominantly soloq coach 'Boks'. We go over so many different topics in this episode including; coaching technique, soloq coaching, why teams fail, communication and so much more!  Boks' Smurf - Boks1  My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkshow Instagram - @league_talk
February 20, 2019
leaguE talk #34 - Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
In this episode of leaguE talk we go over the sheer importance of repetition. Listen in to understand how sports psychology, science and coaching techniques can be applied to league of legends in order for you to aid your ranked climb! I'd love to keep doing the Q+A segment so message in your questions below or to @leaguetalkshow on twitter! Let me know what you thought of this episode! would appreciate any feedback!
February 17, 2019
leaguE-talk #33 - Using Review to gain LP and ELO
In this episode of leaguE talk we go over one of the fundamentals of improvement which is review. We talk about how coaching is a form of review, how to VOD review, the notion of writing down goals, looking at positives and negatives and how to implement things to improve on! Hope you enjoyed the episode! I would love to carry on with the Q+A series that I started few weeks back, so let me know if there's any questions or anything that you would like to be answere Twitter - @leaguetalkblog  Instagram - @league_talk
February 13, 2019
leaguE-talks UKLC Roster Rundown w/iHansen: Coach of Diabolus Esports
In this episode of my daily mini series my 'UKLC Roster Rundown' we have the Coach of Diabolus Esports iHansen. Diabolus, much like MnM are touted to be the team to knock off the academy teams. On this episode hear about the importance of accountability, shot calling, synergy and much more. A really interesting listen so I hope you enjoy.  Let me know what you think of the series and if you think Diabolus can take down the academy teams! Diabolus' Twitter @DiabolusEsports @iHansen95 My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
February 9, 2019
leaguE-talk's UKLC Roster Rundown w/Mans: Coach of Enclave Gaming
In this episode of my daily mini series my 'UKLC Roster Rundown' we have the Coach of Enclave Gaming, a team that is a real unknown entity for a bunch of reasons. Get an insight as to why this will be of benefit to them. Let me know what you think of the series and the ideas behind it! Enclave's Twitter  @LeagueOfMans @EnclaveGamingUK My Socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
February 6, 2019
leaguE-talk's UKLC Roster Rundown w/Coach Sshelby: Coach of Phelan Gaming
In this episode of my daily mini series my 'UKLC Roster Rundown'we have the Coach of the 10 man roster team Phelan Gaming, a really interesting episode as this is the only team in the UKLC that is fielding a 10 man roster. Get an insight as to why this will be of benefit to them. Let me know what you think of the series and the ideas behind it! Phelan's Twitter @PhelanGaming @CoachSshelby My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
February 5, 2019
leaguE-talk's UKLC Roster Rundown w/Froomie, Ninjaroni, Zatari and Torok of Barrage Esports
The second episode of my UKLC Roster Rundown features a bunch of member from Barrage Esports. We have Froomie, Ninjaroni, Zatari and Torok whom are managers, coaches and analysts. An episode that shows the importance of data and statistics and how that can help a team become stronger and better understand their opponents. Let me know what you think of the series and the themes throughout. Barrage's Socials @froomielol  @ninjaroni_ @Zatarilol @toroklol My Socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
February 4, 2019
leaguE-talk's UKLC Roster Rundown - w/Zvir: Darkspawn Esports' Coach
This is the first episode of my daily mini series my 'UKLC Roster Rundown', This series has taken a lot of time and effort so I really hope you enjoy it. On this episode we have Darkspawn Esports' Coach Zvir, a really interesting episode with a major talking point being the variance of the young roster that Darkspawn have put together. Let me know what you think of the series and the ideas behind it! Darkspawns Twitter @Zvirlol @TeamDarkSpawn My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
February 3, 2019
leaguE-talk #32 - Compartmentalising/Breaking things down: Traditional Sports coaching to E-sport
Breaking things down into various compartments is so key to information retention and better understanding, without it one can experience confusion and cognitive dissonance. This episode tackles how to break things down in League of Legends to understand win conditions, how to play in the mid, early and late and how to better understand the things one should do during game time. I would love to get some feedback so the call to action is to let me know what you think about the podcast! Do it by contacting via the links below My socials  Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSN4PQzK3Lm1GU-Apid9-w
January 30, 2019
leaguE-talk #31 - Conflict; Reality of Conflict, Resolution and Application
Conflict according to some is inevitable and therefore should be managed appropriately. In this podcast we unpack the issues with conflict, the potential misconceptions and how solo queue players, teammates and managers can both utilise and extinguish any conflict. My Socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSN4PQzK3Lm1GU-Apid9-w Instagram - @league_talk
January 27, 2019
leaguE-talk #30 w/Shogun - The LVP, Meaningful Practise, Current state of LoL and the Support Role
Shogun, a UK professional league of legends support, came onto the podcast to discuss a wealth of interesting topics. These topics include how he thinks the LVP are doing and what this upcoming split will look like, What being a Support player is like and how practise can be extremely difficult, how the LEC is doing and his opinions on the current state of the game. A huge thanks to Shogun for giving his time for this podcast and discussion. Shoguns Socials Twitter - @UKshogun My Socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSN4PQzK3Lm1GU-Apid9-w Instagram - @league_talk Side note; my upload schedule has now changed and my solo podcasts are now being released on a Sunday and the Guest appearances will be on Wednesdays as I think this is better for the upcoming split.
January 23, 2019
leaguE-talk #29 w/Alex the Community Manager for Excel - LEC, Content, Community, Youtube vs Twitter
In this episode of leaguE-talk we have the Community Manager for the new LEC team Excel E-sports. We talk about what his job entails, working for Excel, Consistency and Community as well as some really interesting takes on Long term goals and Twitter video taking on Youtube video content. Let me know what you think of this episode on any of my social links below! Alex's Socials Twitter - @XL_Aleex or @EXCEL My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk Youtube - 'leaguetalk' or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSN4PQzK3Lm1GU-Apid9-w
January 20, 2019
leaguE-talk #28 - Q + A on; Going Pro, Tips outside of the game on how to improve, Parental Pushback
This is a huge episode for me for so many reasons, its my first Question and Answer episode which was a huge measure of success for me and the launch of the leaguE-talk Youtube channel! A Link to the Youtube channel will be below. On this episode I answer a great question from @Bloom1lol on his aspirations to go pro, tips to get better in game through outside of the game means and how his parents are not so keen on the idea of going pro. If you like this episode, it sparked interest or raised some questions please let me know! I would love to continue this form of content so get in contact with me via Twitter at @leaguetalkblog! My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk Youtube channel - Search 'leaguE-talk' OR https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSN4PQzK3Lm1GU-Apid9-w
January 16, 2019
leaguE-talk #27 w/OfficerNaughtyy - Team manager for MnM Gaming, Building Relationships, Brand, LVP
In this episode of leaguE-talk special guest Alex, AKA OfficerNaughtyy, a professional league of legends team manager for LVP team MnM Gaming joins us and discusses; Relationships, ensuring a quality personal brand, the LVP and goals for the upcoming split and year. Alex's socials Twitter - @officernaughtyy My socials  Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
January 13, 2019
leaguE-talk #26 - Performance Coaching part 3: Meditation and Meditative Movement
In the third part of the Performance Coaching series we look into Meditation and Meditative Movement. Meditation can take the form of Gratefulness journaling, Listening to Movement, Mindfulness or Breathing techniques. For Meditative movement we talk about two forms of exercise being yoga or pilaties. Building this into your routine will aid with gameplay. My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
January 9, 2019
leaguE-talk #25 w/Newb0uld - Team Manager for Bulldog Esports. The LVP, UK Proving Grounds and Brand
 In this episode of leaguE-talk special guest Sam Newbould, a professional league of legends team manager joins us and discusses; the UK LoL scene, UK proving grounds, what the life of a team manager looks like, Personal Branding and Bulldog Esports. A brilliantly honest and informative podcast. Newbould's socials Twitter - @newb0uld My socials  Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
January 6, 2019
leaguE-talk #24 - Performance Coaching Part 2: The space in which you play. Desk, Clutter, Cleaning
Part 2 of the Performance coaching series. Part 1 took a look at exercise and in this episode we discuss The space in which we perform and more specifically your desk. We discuss marginal gains, clear desk and a clear mind mentality, the Bhuddist Zen monk's approach and adding this to your routine. Please do get in contact with me to discuss anything at all! Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
January 2, 2019
leaguE-talk #23 w/Josh 'Furndog' Furneaux - exceL Head coach, Bootcamping, 10 Man Roster and Goals
In this podcast we have special guest Furndog the Head Coach for exceL esports on. We go over lots of different topics including, the LEC, Bootcamping, Motivation and Goal setting, the 10 man roster, Performance and the organisation as a whole. His socials Twitter - @Coach_Furndog My Socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
December 30, 2018
leaguE-talk #22 - Performance Coaching part 1 - Exercise
In this episode we start of a performance coaching series where I look to impart knowledge of how to be a better in game player by utilizing techniques outside of the game. This episode is Exercise. I go over the two main types of exercise prescription and give some loose ideals of places to start. A huge focus on testing, scalability and context. These depend on the person, avoiding cookie cutters. My Socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
December 26, 2018
leaguE-talk #21 w/Smeagol - Coaching, Motivation, Age , Russian LCL, Transition and Player selection
Smeagol, the current coach for Dragon army in the LCL appears on episode 21 of leaguE-talk. We talk about Management and coaching, Motivation, Age bias, the LCL and comparing it to other regions such as TCL and the UK, transitioning to new regions and player selection. An exciting episode for managers, coaches, players and fans of the game! His Twitter @smeagolLOL My socials twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
December 23, 2018
leaguE-talk #20 - E-sports aren't sports? A discussion we have had to many times.
In this episode, a short form discursive podcast where we go over the classic discussion of 'E-sports aren't real Sports'. Defining sports, The IOC, Chess and Darts, E-sports being and E-sport and not a Sport. My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
December 19, 2018
leaguE-talk #19 w/Jon Ellis - exceL Performance coach, the LEC, Player Screening and 10 man rosters.
In this episode of leaguE-talk special guest Jon Ellis, a professional Performance coach for exceL E-sports joins us and discusses; traditional sports vs e-sports, being a performance coach, the journey to the LEC, player screening, 10 man rosters and much more. For those interested in performance coaches and any of the above, tune in to this podcast. Jon's socials Twitter - @justjon_lol My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
December 16, 2018
leaguE-talk #18 w/Larssen - The toughest decision of his life, Education vs Pro play and Improvement
In this episode of leaguE-talk special guest Larsse, a professional league of legends player joins us and discusses how difficult of a decision it was for him to stay in school vs pursuing professional play, how he keeps improving without playing extensive hours and the importance of education for pro players. For those interested in becoming a pro player, debating education or those wanting to improve on difficult time constraints tune in to this podcast. Larssen's socials Twitter - @larssen00 My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
December 12, 2018
leaguE-talk #17 w/ENC Tiefling - Creative Directors, Creating content, Alignment and UK E-sports
In this episode of leaguE-talk special guest ENC Tieflign AKA Sam, the Creative Director for Enclave Gaming, a UK e-sports organisation, joins us and discusses; Being a Creative Director and what it entails, Creating valuable and meaningful content, ensuring the team is properly aligned, the UK e-sports scene and much more. A podcast for the more creative people, those who love content creation, want to know more about the UK scene and the E-sports scene from a creatives point of view tune in! Sam's socials Twitter - @ENC_Tiefling My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
December 9, 2018
leaguE-talk #16 w/Richard Froom - The life of a Team Manager, the UK scene and UK proving grounds
In this episode of leaguE-talk special guest Richard Froom, a professional league of legends team manager joins us and discusses; the UK LoL scene, UK proving grounds, what the life of a team manager looks like and much more. For those interested in becoming a team manager, the business side of LoL and up and coming scenes tune in to this podcast. Richards Socials twitter - @froomielol My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
December 5, 2018
leaguE-talk #15 w/Ismael Pedraza - Emotional Intelligence, Awareness, Routines, Comfort and Value
In this episode of leaguE-talk we have guest Ismael Pedraza on the show. A great in-depth discussion regarding Emotional Intelligence, Awareness, Routines, Comfort, Value and much more to do with Sports Psychology Trainers. A podcast that will give you great value. Please do feedback your thoughts on the podcast Find Ismael at: Twitter - @Isma_pedraza thementalcraft.com Find me at: Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
December 2, 2018
leaguE-talk #14 - Why Pre-Season is so Difficult: For organisations, Pro players, Soloq and Purpose
This episode was a tad unfortunate, we had a guest booked on but due to some unexpected circumstances we had to cancel so hopefully this podcast is as good as it would have been! This one is about Pre-season and why it is so difficult for coaches, players, organisations and soloq. We talk about purpose and how this game can cause some issues regarding this. I hope you enjoy, feedback has been great! Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
November 28, 2018
leaguE-talk #13 w/MMMarin - Mental Health in E-Sport #1 -Performance Inhibitors: Active not Reactive
In this episode of leaguE-talk MMMarin and I go over how important mental health is in E-sport and why it should be taken seriously. How mental health issues can impact performance a few ways to understand and deal with it from a coaches perspective, players perspective and someone in solo queue. The most important things being: self awareness and being active not reactive. https://mytheosophy.com My socials twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
November 25, 2018
leaguE-talk #12 w/Shikari - Regional Leagues, Self Improvement, What makes a good coach, Scouting
Shikari, Misfits Academy Top Laner appears on this weeks podcast and gives some valuable insight to regional leagues especially in the UK, how a coach can grow and gain respect, what he is looking to do to improve over the pre/off season and his opinions on Scouting grounds and the current pathway to pro.
November 21, 2018
leaguE-talk #11 w/Vamir - Team Direction, Team Culture, Communication, Pathways and Mentorship
Vamir the head coach of Unicorns of Love Sexy edition appears on the podcast. We broke 10 episodes of leaguE-talk and this episode is one that will add huge value to you. We talk about ensuring the team has direction, why creating a positive team enviroment and culture is key to a teams success and why having people who challenge you is so important. @Vamirlol My socials Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Instagram - @league_talk
November 18, 2018
leaguE-talk #10 - A Sports Coach's view on Traditional Sports vs E-sports
Episode 10 of leaguE-talk! Thank you so much for the support we have been given and we are over 90 all time listens. In this episode we talk about 4 major differences between e-sports and traditional sports. Pathways, drills, practise and injury. This is my wheelhouse, as a traditional sports coach of 6/7 years I have been coaching at many standards. These are my opinions on some big differences that could and should change. Instagram - league_talk Twitter - leaguetalkblog
November 14, 2018
leaguE-talk #9 w/ Doruk Hacioglu - Becoming a coach, Personality management, Progression and NASG
In this episode of leaguE-talk we have former player turned coach Doruk Hacioglu on the podcast. We pick his brains as to how he became a coach, his journey to where he is now, the important aspects of coaching, enjoyment of coaching and the NA scouting Grounds. Had a blast recording this so a huge thank you to Doruk Doruk's socials: doruk_lol My socials: Instagram - league_talk Twitter - leaguetalkblog
November 11, 2018
leaguE-talk #8 - EU LCS franchising, Teams that made it, those who didn't and Benefits of this Mode
In this episode of leaguE-talk we go over EU LCS franchising. Talking about the teams that made it in, those who didn't make it and the overall benefits of the Franchising model. Including what the model did for NA. We also hit a milestone 50 views on the podcast so I'm super pleased with that and have some big news coming up in terms of guests! Instagram - @league_talk Twitter - @leaguetalkblog
November 7, 2018
leaguE-talk #7 - Why this was the Best World Championship to Date and sets up League for the future
In this podcast we discuss why this World Championships was the best to date and how it will set up the future of the league of legends scene. The unpredictability, the narrative, the viewership and the skill gap closing. Lets start a discussion and a community. I want to add as much value to as many people as I can. Instagram - @league_talk Twitter - @leaguetalkblog
November 4, 2018
leaguE-talk #6 - Communication, Its importance for Businesses, Players, Employees and Communities
In this podcast we go over Communication. How important it is in life, relationships, for businesses. We go over how businesses should communicate to both employees/players and communities and also how Players should communicate. Finally how to better your communication! I really hope you enjoy this podcast! Instagram @league_talk Twitter @leaguetalkblog
October 31, 2018
leaguE-talk #5 - 5 Top Tips from a Sports Coach to gain LP as the ranked season comes to an end.
This episode marks the 5th episode of the leaguE-talk podcast. Thanks for listening, I appreciate it an awful lot! In this hallmark episode we go over my 5 top tips to climb before the 12th of November to reach your ranked goals! Tip 1 - Play in comfort and know your strengths Tip 2 - Assess your previous game whilst in queue Tip 3 - Take breaks Tip 4 - Ensure your basics are on point Tip 5 - Make sure your pregame is perfect Instagram - @league_talk Twitter - @leaguetalkblog
October 28, 2018
leaguE-talk #4 - Quantity vs Quality, iloveoov’s approach and traditional Sports approaches
In this episode of leaguE-talk I discuss quantity vs quality in regards to practise. We see how the Afreeca Freecs practise and look into how that HAS to differ when looking at traditional sports. Instagram - @league_talk. Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Please do get in contact if you listen to this and let me know your thoughts!
October 24, 2018
leaguE-talk #3 - What's going on with 100Thieves? Background, Community issues and Nadeshot
In this episode of leaguE-talk I discuss the crazy 100T situation. I summarise the issues and where it started, I go over the community reaction and my take looking at it from a business Perspective. Instagram - @league_talk Twitter - @leaguetalkblog Discord - https://discord.gg/gH2r3W
October 20, 2018
leaguE-talk #2 - What makes the main regions fail and succeed?
This is episode two of leaguE-talk where I discuss NA, EU, KR and CHN. What makes each region succeed beside their player base. Taking into account infrastructure, culture and player pool among a few others. Instagram - league_talk Twitter - leaguetalkblog discord - https://discord.gg/nFWWuH
October 15, 2018
League Talk #1 - Mastercard, Business of Worlds and Coaching through losses.
This is the first episode of This Week in League. Please do get in touch and give me some feedback! Instagram @league_talk Twitter @leaguetalkblog
October 8, 2018
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