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By Leah Dudgeon
This podcast shares stories of Filipino immigrants in the United States. Why we did it and how we did it. Leah Dudgeon shares practical tips and advice for new immigrants on how to navigate a new culture, career, family issues and even a new marriage.LIFE TAKE 2 (DITO SA AMERICA)
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Tips for job hunting when you are new in the United States.
In EPISODE 4, Leah Dudgeon shares practical tips and advice when starting a new career in the United States based on her personal experience.  I would like to hear your thoughts, feedbacks and suggestions on this episode and the series. Please let me know by visiting and leave a comment at the bottom of each episode's page. Thanks!
October 23, 2020
6 Tips for new immigrants to the United States
EPISODE 3: Moving to a new country is very stressful. Learn practical tips on how to blend well if you are a new immigrant. 
September 24, 2020
Should you migrate? Questions you need to ask yourself.
In EPISODE 2 I will share the 5 important things I did to prepare myself and my family before I left for the US. This 5 things made my life in the US easy. It also made it stress free for the 4 sons I left behind in the Philippines.
September 8, 2020
How I migrated to the US at age 50
In EPISODE 1 I will share how I found the opportunity to move to the US, the Eight important questions I asked myself and my family. I will also share the difficulties of the first 6 months in a new country.
September 8, 2020
Leah Dudgeon and other Filipino immigrants shares stories, practical tips, and advice on how to successfully migrate in another country. Join Leah on Life: Take 2 every week.
September 7, 2020