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Inspire N Intel with Leah Frazier

Inspire N Intel with Leah Frazier

By Leah Frazier
Award-winning journalist and entrepreneur, Leah Frazier, presents the podcast Inspire N Intel to not only inspire people to live the best versions of their lives, but to equip them with the tools also to do so purposefully - in business, lifestyles, family, and more.
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What is SEO Marketing? How to Increase Your Web Traffic with Charlene McCraney, The SEO Queen
Leah Frazier of Think Three Media sits down with "The SEO Queen" Charlene McCraney to chat all things "What is SEO Marketing" "What is SEO?" and how small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups can utilize SEO techniques to increase their web traffic, increase their Google Ranking and so much more!   Be sure to follow Charlene McCraney #TheSEOQueen on social media! Sign up for her FREE SEO Workshop! Ready for a 1 on 1 VIP Day for YOUR SEO concerns? Reach out to Charlene here to get started! Be sure to catch the full video version of this episode on Youtube here. Snag your free business gift from Leah as a Thank You for being a faithful Inspire N Intel Podcast Subscriber! -- and be sure to follow her on all social channels @TheLeahFrazier for more.
May 20, 2020
Advice on How to Go After Your Purpose with Passion and without All the Answers
Today's podcast is from an interview Leah did with Keri Stanley for the Global Women's Summit. The highlights discuss her journey into entrepreneurship, the support or lack of thereof when she made the leap from attorney to fashionpreneur, financial losses in going after her dreams + lessons learned, and how you have to surrender control in order to truly experience the fullest that God has for you in your life. Hope you guys enjoy this one.  Feel free to email me - DM Me - @TheLeahFrazier Access Your Free Gift Here Stay update by signing up for Leah's Newsletter Here!
May 2, 2020
Producing, Productivity and Performing During a Crisis with Dr. Kimberly Ellison
Leah Frazier of Think Three Media sits down with international speaker, author, and business strategist Dr. Kimberly Ellison, to discuss how individuals can be inspired to produce during a crisis. How can one remain focused to have measurable productivity and perform -- in the midst of so much negativity and chaos? View the YouTube version of this discussion here. For more on Dr. Kimberly Ellison visit, or follow her on social media @DrKimberlyEllison. Snag your free business gift from Leah here as a Thank You for being a faithful podcast listener -- and be sure to follow her on all social channels @TheLeahFrazier for more.
April 26, 2020
How Influencers and Brands Can Collab During Crisis feat. My Curly Adventures & Twillo Brand Influencers
Leah Frazier of Think Three Media chats with Dallas Influencer Jessica Serna of @MyCurlyAdventures and Adelaide Freeman of Twillo Brand Influencers to openly discuss how brands and influencers can collab during the COVID19 crisis along with these questions: How are brands viewing influencer marketing during the COVID19 crisis? What can influencers do to keep up their audience engagement and content with new and existing brands? Are brands looking to work with influencers during this time? What does the future of influencer marketing look like? Be sure to check Jessica out and follow her on Instagram here. Connect with Adelaide Freeman on LinkedIn here. Watch the video version of this interview here on the "Leah Frazier" Youtube channel and remember to SUBSCRIBE! Never miss an event, episode, workshop or session. Sign up for Leah's email list here.
April 22, 2020
Creating Opportunity During Crisis with Brent and Juan Reaves of Smokey John's BBQ
Second generation restaurant owners Brent and Juan Reaves of Smokey John's BBQ have endured some tough trials -- but despite everything, they keep coming out on top. With the use of networking, creativity, social media and faith -- the Reaves brothers are creating opportunities to survive and thrive throughout the COVID19 pandemic.  Tune in for inspiration, motivation and tips that you can use to pull through during this tough time.  Be sure to check out Smokey John's BBQ online here:  Contact Leah at or Follow here:  To watch the video version of this session, tune into Youtube and subscribe here:  Never miss an event, rant, video or resource! Join Leah's mailing list by subscribing here:
April 17, 2020
Social Media and COVID19: Why You Should "Chill" Less and Produce More
Social media views and engagement has skyrocketed for some brands, businesses and influencers due to COVID19. If you're a small business owner, entrepreneur, startup or personal brand, you should be increasing your content production to take advantage of the spike in numbers that are occurring right now.   *This was previously done as a Facebook Live #AskMeAnything Q&A. Additionally, please excuse the sections where I meant to reference IG TV versus IG Live - my brain was going 900 miles a minute and it was super late at night!*   For more info on social media trends or Think Three Media, visit For more info on Leah, visit   Reference these articles as well in support of what I'm saying: Vogue Business and D Magazine - Youtuber Sees Spike in Numbers Never miss an event, rant, video or resource! Join Leah's mailing list by subscribing here:
April 9, 2020
Managing Finance, Money and Debt in Times of Crisis (COVID19) with Rashida S. Thomas
Certified Financial Educator Rashida Thomas sits down with Leah Frazier of Think Three Media to discuss how to look at money, finances, debt and budgeting during crisis -- specifically the COVID19 pandemic.   Purchase Your "Faith and Finances" Budgeting Journal from Rashida Thomas: Follow Rashida on Instagram at:  Follow Leah for more at: See the video version of this podcast episode on Youtube here (and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE). Never miss a video, event or session! Sign up for our email list here:
April 8, 2020
Breathe, Move & Meditate Your Way To Success: Short Meditation Exercise Included from WOW15 Project
Award-Winning Entrepreneur Leah Frazier of Think Three Media, sits down with wellness professionals Olga Peskova and Amanda Johnson of the WOW15 Project to discuss the importance of proper breathing and meditation as a method of coping with the stress of COVID-19.   Enjoy a short guided meditation by Amanda learning techniques of breathing and relaxing -- sure to set your mind at ease!    Follow Amanda and Olga on Instagram at:  Follow Leah at: View the Youtube version of this podcast here - and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Never miss a video, event or session! Sign up for Leah's email list here:
April 1, 2020
How to Give Value without Devaluing Your Brand or Business with Ashley Cash
Currently during the CoVID-19 pandemic crisis, many small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs are suffering financially. In the wake of many state shutdowns and those transitioning to Work From Home (#WFH), many businesses have unfortunately resorted to giving their products or services away for free or at a steep discount in order to survive.  In this episode, award-winning innovator and entrepreneur, Leah Frazier, chats with six-figure salary negotiation coach Ashley Cash on how to give value and serve as a business owner versus devaluing your brand and business in a critical time. What can you do to maintain your value, bring money through the door AND remain calm without giving away your hard work for free? We tackle all these questions and more on this latest episode. Watch this podcast on Youtube and Subscribe for future resources. Read More on Ashley Cash: Follow Ashley on Social: Book Your POWER HOUR with Ashley:   Contact Leah: or Follow Leah on Social:
March 28, 2020
Mark Cuban Dallas Startup Week Keynote - Business Is The Ultimate Sport
In this episode, serial entrepreneur, Shark Tank superstar and business guru Mark Cuban keynotes Dallas Startup Week. In a rather entertaining yet informative chat, Cuban shares what he looks for in businesses he chooses to invest in plus tips off the areas & industries entrepreneurs should be paying attention to right now. Tip: Have a pen and paper ready as Mark Cuban also rattles off web resources and books that you’ll need to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level!
April 29, 2019
Tommy Hilfiger Keynote - From 20 Jeans and $150 to making fashion history
Legendary America fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger keynotes the 22nd annual FGI Rising Star Awards to a room full of editors, fashion icons, and industry professionals. In his keynote, he charts out his journey - where he began with 20 pairs of jeans and $150 in his pocket. Inspiring all, this short snippet should encourage all to stay focused, and to never give up on your dreams.
February 10, 2019
Why eSports and Gaming is THE top industry to watch for 2019 | w/ Kedreon Cole of XR Sports
The eSports and gaming industry is rapidly evolving and truly shaping the way we view traditional sports teams, pro sports and more. Leah sits down with Gaming guru Kedreon Cole of XR Sports to get the scoop of what’s going down in the industry, why it’s the career to watch, why Frisco, Texas (of all places) is the Gaming capital of the world, how video influencers and pro eSports gamers are raking in the dough, and if he truly thinks that eSports technology could replace traditional sports teams. All this and more on this latest, fascinating episode of Inspire N Intel.
December 28, 2018
Ivy McGregor - The Three Spheres of Influence: Are You Truly An Influencer?
Ivy McGregor, Director of Philanthropy for Parkwood Entertainment, delivers an inspirational talk on The Power of Influence at The Woman Thou Art Loosed Masterclass in Dallas (October 2018). During the discussion she outlines three spheres of influence and how everyday individuals can be true “influencers” for their communities. Take a listen to see if you have what it really takes to positively effectuate change and to promote influence within your industry or community.
December 12, 2018
Ava Duvernay - Our “Yeses” Need to Be Diamonds, Not Rocks
Are you a person that says “Yes” — a lot? Maybe you’re one that thinks you’re going to miss out on something or that the opportunity won’t come again. Specifically, a person of “Yes” can often feel overwhelmed, overextended and down right exhausted. It’s hard to believe that someone as successful as Academy Award-nominated Director Ava Duvernay struggles with these same things. Listen in as she visits the Dallas Women’s Foundation luncheon on November 7th where she discusses along with moderator/journalist Michele Norris, on how to say “yes” to the right opportunities and how in saying “no” to the smaller things, she made way for even bigger opportunities to say “yes” to in the future. As she notes, there’s self-care in “Yes” if you’re more selective with it. Tune in for more tips on conquering the best “Yes” with Ava Duvernay!
November 26, 2018
Depression Knows No Race Or Color | Conversation with Michelle Williams, Plus Chad Loves Michelle
Former Destiny’s Child Singer and award-winning gospel artist Michelle Williams chats her struggles with depression but tells the story from her perspective and in her way. In an open and candid discussion at the Woman Thou Art Loosed conference, Michelle gets real about the disease, what life has been like after seeking help, and what others can do to heal. Following her discussion, Michelle also dishes the scoop on her new show, “Chad Loves Michelle” debuting on the OWN TV Network November 3, 2018 at 9PM EST. Tune in to this exclusive Inspire N Intel scoop!
November 4, 2018
Life is About Mission and Money - Go Get the Money! Feat. Nely Galan
Leah chats briefly with media entrepreneur and New York Times Best Selling Author Nely Galan at the Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference to discuss the state of women of color in entrepreneurship and how they can propel themselves forward like never before. Nely dishes several tips and words of advice but ends with one solid motto - GO GET THE MONEY!
October 29, 2018
Being Single Is Not a Disease
Leah gets invited to speak at an area girlfriends' brunch on the topic of being single. Is it a badge of honor or an annoyance to always be "that single girl" all the time? Leah sits down with another married girlfriend Quiana McDaniel to chat dating in 2018, living your best life while single and if marriage is really what its cracked up to be....
October 13, 2018
The Hate U Give & The Law of Attraction with Bobby Sessions
Leah sits down with Def Jam recording artist Bobby Sessions to chat his new song "The Hate U Give" from the upcoming film “The Hate U Give” along with his theories on The Law of Attraction and how he has unapologetically manifested his current successes. The episode briefly touches on the film (without giving too much away), the role of Hip Hop in the black community, and finding yoir voice amongst adversity. So many topics, so little time!
October 3, 2018
Five Ways to Make a Difference Everyday with John C. Maxwell
Global leader and best selling author, John C. Maxwell, visits Covenant Church in Carrollton, Texas to chat about how to make a difference. Towards the end of the service, Maxwell dishes on five things he does everyday in order to make a difference in the world.
September 24, 2018