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Leah Talks - Yoga, Motherhood & Self-Care

Leah Talks - Yoga, Motherhood & Self-Care

By Leah Hyne
Talking about all things Yoga, Motherhood & Self-Care Mums need self-care more than most, so I am here to inspire you to look after yourself through yoga and mindfulness, and find the calm in the chaos that parenting sometimes brings. Check out my YouTube Channel for short classes that you can fit in today. - Flexibility challenge -
9: 8 tips to improve your balance in your yoga practice
These 8 tips will help to improve your balance in your yoga practice. Don't forget to check out classes with Lakora Yoga on youtube -
September 29, 2022
8: Feeling Great As You Age with Nancy Candea
Today we are talking with Nancy Candea a yoga therapist who helps women in midlife regain their purpose. You can find Nancy on all socials @nancycandea and you can find her book at -
September 22, 2022
7: Gain Confidence With Yoga
Today we are gonna talk about how doing yoga can help to boost your confidence.
September 15, 2022
6: Self-Care and Parenting with Sarah Reddan
Today we are joined by Sarah Reddan of SRTT to talk about ways you can look after yourself especially if you are a parent. Having grown up children herself she has been through this and gives some great advice. Sarah is known for her Self-Care guidance and you can connect with her here on social platforms by searching @srttselfcare. Or join her Facebook group
September 08, 2022
5: 10 Tips to help you slow down
In today's episode I am going to walk you through ways to help slow down your mind, body and thoughts. This is a big problem for a lot of people so hopefully this will resonate with you and you can take these tips to help in these situations.
September 01, 2022
4: Lessen anxiety in yourself and your kids with Camille Devonne
In today's episode I interviewed Camille, a life coach who has worked with anxiety and stress and today she gives us her best advice for dealing with this and some shifts you can make. You can connect with Camille over on her website as well as on instagram
August 25, 2022
3: 4 reasons to work on your flexibility now
Today we are going over 4 reasons why you need to work on your flexibility. There are so many reasons but these 4 will majorly impact your life. Don't forget to join our flexibility challenge happening 22nd August -
August 18, 2022
2: Decrease stress and get a good nights sleep with Elizabeth Brothers
Today I had a talk with Elizabeth who was a naturopathic doctor and is now helping people with their sleep and health. Let's dive into the importance of a sleep routine and how to decrease our stress levels especially us mums who struggle with both of these things at some point in our lives. You can connect with Elizabeth on instagram
August 11, 2022
1: 8 tips to stay consistent in your yoga practice
Welcome to the first episode of Leah Talks - Yoga, Motherhood & Self-Care. Today we are talking yoga and how you can stay consistent on your practice. If you would like to join the flexibility challenge. Click the link -
August 04, 2022
Introduction to The Leah Talks - Yoga, Motherhood and Self Care Podcast
Welcome. I thought I would introduce myself and let you know why I am here and why I am sharing this podcast with you. I am Leah from Lakora Yoga, I have an online membership where I help mums find time for self care through yoga. As a mum and a yogi I feel like I have pretty good self care techniques that other parents can benefit from and Interviewing guests from all over the world will bring even more value to your self care routine. If you enjoy this podcast and find value I would really appreciate a share on social media. You can find me on Facebook, instagram and tiktok @lakorayoga . Don't forget to join me on YouTube for yoga classes -
July 14, 2022